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What's going on with VRM?

VRM has not worked properly for weeks and today I've lost my installation from the menu, it's just a blank screen saying Add Installation.

Does anyone at Victron have an idea of timeframe when it will be back or know how I can see my system in the meantime? I guess I do need a backup of some sort.

Does anyone have a Node-RED dashboard showing ESS basics for example. Most of my flows are solar forecasts or modifying ESS behaviour for utility tarrifs, I didn't expect to need to use the dashboard to see VRM-like stats.

markess asked
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Venus, VRM, Node-RED - all not working

VRM hasn't connected all afternoon for me. I can't get a remote Console either. I also just noticed Venus is showing as offline by my router.

Unfortunately this means that I can't control my system without being physically present. I have Node-RED code running for example, but can't access it.

Any thoughts on how I might connect? All has worked since install last year.

Is something still going on at Victron to cause this? Why would venus be offline in that case. It's like it doesn't connect to WiFi anymore.

markess asked
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Access to nodered via vrm portal is very slow

Hello, I am trying to develop an application in nodered but access to it is very slow from vrm, sometimes it accesses quickly and most of the time it is too slow that some idea cannot be accessed. Thank you very much for your attention.

I already restarted the cerbogx, but still the problem persists

polonioli68 asked
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Feature wish: Node Red links on main VRM page

Just another user happy with the direction of the Victron software direction.

Here is a feature request/wish: Some Node Red links on main VRM page.

A refinement and extension of what is already there would be very nice and useful:

1. The ability to have a direct link from the main VRM page and app to go directly to the NR dash with one tap.

2.The ability to have a few custom text fields that could be set up in Node Red and be displayed on the main VRM page. Thanks for listening.

houser asked
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value from Node-RED to VRM

The VRM Dashboard and the widgets are really great.

I have calculated a custom value in Node-RED, is there an easy possibility to show this in VRM?

I think it should be possible. I hope it works without special dbus-service. (something like the temperature dbus-service)

Is there an easy way to alter an existing VRM value with Nod-RED?

I think it’s more difficult. Because I think it’s written by the system and by Node-RED.

It would be great if there are some custom values...

Thanks, Markus

max78 asked
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Permanent (not proxy) link to a node red dashboard possible? In the future?


Just wondering if there is there a way to set up a permanent link (not an expiring proxy) to a node red dashboard? I have not found a way or any info on this. Is there any? Many thanks.

houser asked

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Remote access via VRM to Venus OS Large and Node-RED

Question: How do I access Node-RED in safe mode via VRM, and also access the Dashboard, via VRM Portal?

New user here. I have an R Pi 3B+ running v2.82 upgraded to Venus OS Large V2.82-large-30. I can access this installation via the VRM Portal. I have Node-RED set to "Enabled (safe mode)" and I can access Node-RED over LAN following the instructions in 7.1 at http://venus.local:1880 . All of that part is working fine.

However, I cannot access Node-RED in safe mode via VRM unless I set Node Red to "Enabled." Then the Venus OS Large menu item does appear as shown in the manual section 1.1. Selecting that, the Node-RED button appears--but not the button for Node-RED Dashboard. If I set Signal K to Enabled then the Signal K button also appears.

If I revert back to safe mode, the button no longer appears.

airtime asked
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(Non Victron hosted) Node-RED connecting to Victron VRM

Is it possible? I have an Node-RED running at home on an Raspberry PI and I would like to connect to my sailing yacht's via VRM...



I manage to install the Victron-node into my NodeRED but I cant configure...


the large option installs an NodeRed on VRM... but this isn't what I am looking for.

tomas-sailing asked

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Venus Os Large " Flows stopped due to missing node types. influxdb"


first time using the Venus Os Large on my running RPI

i am getting this error

Flows stopped due to missing node types.

  • influxdb

Any help would be appreciated

fenix asked

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Connection to Victron MQTT - Node Red

I've read many threads but still cannot connect to Victron's MQTT server. I know I should be using mqtt62.victronenergy.com and have everything set as I understand it, including the venus-ca.crt but it fails to connect. Any help would be appreciated.



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Node-red dashboard access on Venus OS Large 2.80-11/20

I have flashed the large 2.80-11-20 file to an SD-card, put it into a Raspberry Pi 3 B+, enabled node-red in console, followed the instructions on how to install the dashboard in palette and made some test nodes. VRM portal all working fine, but when I want to access the node-red dashboard by changing "/dashboard" to "/proxy" I don't get any node-red button to click, it jumps to "installation overview".

What am I doing wrongo?

mrhappy asked
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Feature Request: Access to Node-Red UI via VRM-Portal

Node-Red is a fantastic extension to Victron's GX devices, and you are doing a great job that this is going to become a standard add-on to the GX-OS (as it seems to me from the discussion in GitHub).

As one can access the Remote Console via VRM portal, I was questioning, whether it would be possible to access the Node-Red UI (GX-IP:1880) via the VRM portal, as well. Do you think, such thing could be possible? Is there already some kind of workaround to see the Node-Red UI in a VRM session?

To my opinion, it would make the Node-Red implementation even more fantastic.

Thx & kind regards,

Thomas Pfeifer asked
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