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Remote access via VRM to Venus OS Large and Node-RED

Question: How do I access Node-RED in safe mode via VRM, and also access the Dashboard, via VRM Portal?

New user here. I have an R Pi 3B+ running v2.82 upgraded to Venus OS Large V2.82-large-30. I can access this installation via the VRM Portal. I have Node-RED set to "Enabled (safe mode)" and I can access Node-RED over LAN following the instructions in 7.1 at http://venus.local:1880 . All of that part is working fine.

However, I cannot access Node-RED in safe mode via VRM unless I set Node Red to "Enabled." Then the Venus OS Large menu item does appear as shown in the manual section 1.1. Selecting that, the Node-RED button appears--but not the button for Node-RED Dashboard. If I set Signal K to Enabled then the Signal K button also appears.

If I revert back to safe mode, the button no longer appears.

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Venus Os Large " Flows stopped due to missing node types. influxdb"


first time using the Venus Os Large on my running RPI

i am getting this error

Flows stopped due to missing node types.

  • influxdb

Any help would be appreciated

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Connection to Victron MQTT - Node Red

I've read many threads but still cannot connect to Victron's MQTT server. I know I should be using mqtt62.victronenergy.com and have everything set as I understand it, including the venus-ca.crt but it fails to connect. Any help would be appreciated.



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Node-red dashboard access on Venus OS Large 2.80-11/20

I have flashed the large 2.80-11-20 file to an SD-card, put it into a Raspberry Pi 3 B+, enabled node-red in console, followed the instructions on how to install the dashboard in palette and made some test nodes. VRM portal all working fine, but when I want to access the node-red dashboard by changing "/dashboard" to "/proxy" I don't get any node-red button to click, it jumps to "installation overview".

What am I doing wrongo?

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Feature Request: Access to Node-Red UI via VRM-Portal

Node-Red is a fantastic extension to Victron's GX devices, and you are doing a great job that this is going to become a standard add-on to the GX-OS (as it seems to me from the discussion in GitHub).

As one can access the Remote Console via VRM portal, I was questioning, whether it would be possible to access the Node-Red UI (GX-IP:1880) via the VRM portal, as well. Do you think, such thing could be possible? Is there already some kind of workaround to see the Node-Red UI in a VRM session?

To my opinion, it would make the Node-Red implementation even more fantastic.

Thx & kind regards,

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