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VRM Portal - How to remove old "Control" entrys?


How can I get rid off old and entries in my Control section? These entries are not even installed anymore and I reinstalled Venus OS and reset all devices. Still these entries dont go away. For example Go-eCHarger is completely uninstalled. Still shows up. And I installed a second Multiplus II, the old setup is removed, but Multiplus still shows up (cant control it of course).

Please help!

Thank You!!!




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EES mode and continue discharge battery with DC loads

I have the problem with ESS mode - the algorithm do not calculate the DC loads and continue to discharge battery. When the Victron team will start to calculate AC + DC loads and send to the inverter to cover both loads - not only AC ones?

Please see the pictures - today is cloudy no power and the battery falls down again,


Galin Radoslavov asked
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Start and end timestamps in CSV/XLSX export do not match with "From" and "To" of custom range

Hi Victron Energy,

if I initiate a CSV download in the advanced view of VRM portal with the range of a whole month, then sart and end timestamps in the CSV/XLSX export file do not match with "From" and "To" of custom range. The curious thing is that the data presented in the diagrams corresponds to the expected result, but the export contains a slightly different data slice. Even the generated file names contain different time specifications.

I would expect to have timestamps with values greater than or equal to "From" and less than "To", but the start and end timestamps in the resulting file will vary depending on the selected month.

Some examples:

Sep 2022
From: 2022-09-01 00:00 To: 2022-10-01 00:00

Filename: XXX_kwh_20220901-0100_to_20221001-0059.csv (expected: XXX_kwh_20220901-0000_to_20220930-2359.csv)
First timestamp: 2022-09-01 01:00:00 (expected: 2022-09-01 00:00:00)
Last timestamp: 2022-10-01 00:45:00 (expected: 2022-09-30 23:45:00)

Oct 2022
From: 2022-10-01 00:00 To: 2022-11-01 00:00

Filename: XXX_kwh_20221001-0100_to_20221031-2359.csv (expected: XXX_kwh_20221001-0000_to_20221031-2359.csv)
First timestamp: 2022-10-01 01:00:00 (expected: 2022-10-01 00:00:00)
Last timestamp: 2022-10-31 23:45:00 (ok)

Nov 2022
From: 2022-11-01 00:00 To: 2022-12-01 00:00

Filename: XXX_kwh_20221101-0000_to_20221130-2359.csv (ok)
First timestamp: 2022-11-01 00:00:00 (ok)
Last timestamp: 2022-11-30 23:45:00 (ok)

Dec 2022
From: 2022-12-01 00:00 To: 2023-01-01 00:00

Filename: XXX_kwh_20221201-0000_to_20221231-2359.csv (ok)
First timestamp: 2022-11-01 00:15:00 (expected: 2022-11-01 00:00:00)
Last timestamp: 2022-12-31 23:45:00 (ok)

Can this behavior be fixed?

kire asked
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On the advance I can not select data for widgets

I can not select or deselect any of the items, if they are blue or not. I wanted to graph the AC Consumption.


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VRM Advanced Widgets

Has there been an update to VRM that changed the way it displays the widgets on the Advanced page , when i hover over any widget there is no corresponding data shown in any of the others , until last week hovering over one widget would show the information for that moment in time on all of them which i always found extremely useful for cross referencing .


ako asked
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Feature Request - VRM - add large buttons to controls to improve access on Mobile phones

I ask you many times to add this symbols so it will be more easy to navigate the ESS value, but nobody answer me.

When you plan to do this?

It is easy to program in your VRM portal. You add symbol minus and plus so when we use phone easy to change the value.

Please see the pictures



Galin Radoslavov asked
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3 Answers

Monitor grid usage to charge battery

Hi all

Wonder if someone can point me in the right direction please on how to monitor the amount of grid energy used to charge batteries. I have a Multiplus 2, with grid tied PV on AC in, no circuits on AC1 out but do have some circuits on AC2 out

At night, I have a cheap rate tariff which I use to charge the batteries (schedules charge) on poor solar production days, but would like to see how much is actually used by the inverted to charge the batteries if possible.



simon-jukes asked
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1 Answer

Using programmable relay on GX on loss of internet connectivity to the VRM servers

Has anyone been able to program a relay (be it GX or MultiPlus or BMV) to function when the GX loses contact to the VRM server (same as the reboot function of the GX on loss of internet)

I have a NBN (internet provider) NTD (network termination device which is a LTE wireless connection) that often freezes up and requires rebooting to re-establish connectivity to the internet - I want to program the Victron system to restart the NTD on loss of internet ( detected by the GX) by using the programable relays to open then close long enough to cut power to the NTD and restart it

i cant use the remote switching of the unit as one the internet goes down i dont have the ability to turn it back on remotely

ideally if the remote switch function of the MultiPlus could have a restart timer (so off for say 2 mins then automatically restarts again) this will work as the NTD is powered by the MultiPlus

is there a work around to do this?

using the generator stop start function may work with a min run time of 1 min doing it but it would have to be automatic on loss of connectivity as you cant manually control it when internet is already down

Nigel Charlesworth asked
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VRM re-ordering widgets by itself?


today i noticed that my widgets in the advanced section have been reordered. So I ordered them again and locked the widget section.

But no VRM has re-ordered it again.

Does anyone else have this experience?




baxter asked
Graydon answered ·

2 Answers

VRM "advanced" not storing layout

Been following a mates VRM for 6months, and had my own for 1 month.
The advanced tab used to stay in the layout selected, now every reload it defaults to its own order.
Its always done that for the phone, but the laptop has always stayed.
Noticed both mine and my mates advanced tab layout issues this last few days - any idea's?

kev-duckworth asked
Alex Imbrea (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

5 Answers

Cannot move MPPT State widgets in VRM Advanced tab

Hi All,

does anyone else have the problem that the widgets for the MPPT State cannot be re-arranged on a PC?

The icon to move them around is not there or it seems all three icons which are usually in the top right corner are on top of each other on these widgets:


I tested with MS Edge and also Chrome with the same result.

This is a problem only with the MPPT State widget.

Andy asked
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Failed swapping Color Control GX. Is it already transferred?

Is there anyone who can help swap vrm installation after repelacing cerbo as I am getting "Failed swapping Color Control GX. Is it already transferred? "

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Which data is more accurate

I have replaced my 16 assorted 18 year old Poly panels with new 4 large Mono panels and would like to know 2 things

1/ What output am I getting from the panels

2/ What charge are my batteries now receiving from my MPPT

I have an old style Blue Solar Charge Controller with the screen and 4 buttons on the front and im also using VRM and understand how to do widgets if necessary but confused which options I should be looking at on both the MPPT and VRM . I dont have a Shunt

Trying to find the information I need is proving to be very confusing , firstly using the History option of the MPPT I have been seeing a 10-15% discrepancy between it and VRM , even when zooming in on the peaks . VRM , Charge Controller current shows mid 40s while the MPPT History shows Daily Battery Current Maximum to be high 50s .

VRM Data , Charge Controller Maximum Charge Power Today shows high 1600 Watts and the MPPT History is identical but I cant see any other graph where the Watts are shown that high , Maximum I can see is just before changing from Bulk to Absorption Charge Controller PV Power where it peaks at1300 Watts .

The other question I have is which setting do I use for Absorption times , the MPPT uses a method where it looks at the voltage during the hours prior to charging and set to a time depending on how low the voltage has been . Normally my voltage during these hours is between 24.6 – 24.7 and the adsorption time matches the battery manufactures recommendations but some nights a motor has cut in and momentarily reduced the voltage to below 24.4 then almost immediately returning to normal , the momentary drop sets the adsorption time into the next bracket requiring 10 hours rather than the normal 5 hours, Im not sure if the programming of the MPPT intend for any drop in voltage to have such a drastic effect or not

Is there a manual or somewhere that gives a explanation of the various data produced by the MPPT and VRM for dummies .

Any advice gratefully received .

ako asked
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3 Answers

VRM - User reset

Hi All.

I am attempting to assist a customer with a residential Victron setup, and need some assistance on VRM issues.

The customer and the original installer of the system have had a fall out and the owner of the system cannot get access to the VRM, which the installer does have admin access to. The installer is not forthcoming in adding the owner to the VRM portal as an admin user.

Is there a way to reset the VRM user list so that the owner can gain access to the VRM portal of the system he owns? Surely there is a way that the physical owner of the components can have the sole right to the VRM platform.


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Mppt starting new day at history tab everyday @ 15:00 o'clock


I did something I guess Im not supposed to do and upgraded my solar charger's (BlueSolar Charger MPPT 75/15 (large micro) A042) firmware via vrm portal to the latest 1.61. Update is not published via victron connect yet.

After updating device acts weird. Starts a new day while its around 15:00 o clock locally and sun is still shining. In addition to that vrm connected victron connect app(android or windows doesnt matter) changing charge settings are saved and shown with green thick but does not effect the charger. What I mean is I am turning of the charger but it does not stop charging. (etc).

My question is where can I find one step older firmware? Even victron professional portal is only offering the latest firmware. Are there any github like archive of device firmwares so I can revert it back?


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