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VRM login issues "Invalid Credentials"

I can only log on to VRM portal using my main computer and I can see my system remotely from my house, but when I try to log into vrm.victronenergy.com using the same name and password on ANY different computer or phone, I get a popup red box that says "invalid credentials." I am using Windows 10 laptops and and Android phone with current software. I am not using the 2FA because that looks like it could be even more of an issue.

I tried the alternate email address 'solution' (creating a second email and using gmail to authenticate) and was able to log in via my android phone, but it worked for only ONE day; now I cannot use it with my phone to see my system remotely anymore, which is the whole reason why I upgraded to the Cerbo GX, to have remote access.

I can be on the same wireless network that accesses the internet that my system Cerbo GX is connected to, or I could be separately using the Phones data connection and accessing it from a completely different IP route and address, but I still get the same issue with the "invalid credentials." I'm not doing it at the same time my main computer is logged in. I can access the GX via bluetooth or it's internal WiFi (which I had to shut off as it was disconnecting from the local wifi when this was turned on).

I got one response from Guy for my initial post here and he said he'd follow up because this shouldn't be happening, but it has been about a week now and I still can't remotely access the system from my phone. Other commenters have said they have no issues, but I can't figure out what I'm doing that is any different.

I wish there was a phone/email/person I could contact about this issue, as it is VERY frustrating and while my dealer can help with equipment issues, but cannot help with login issues to Victron's VRM site.

And this is going to become a much bigger problem if I ever have to change my main computer.

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VRM Portal "invalid credentials"

Trying to log on to VRM portal using a different laptop and also my phone. My main computer logs in fine and I can see my system remotely, but when I try to log into vrm.victronenergy.com using the same name and password on ANY different computer/phone, I get a popup red box that says invalid credentials. Not sure what the problem is. I can be on the same wireless network that accesses the internet that my system Cerbo GX is connected to, or I could be just using the Phones data connection and accessing it from a different IP address. Same issue. Is there a limit of only one login 'computer'? I'm not doing it at the same time my main computer is logged in. I can access the GX via bluetooth or it's internal WiFi. Very confusing.

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VRM gone crazy

What has happened to VRM dashboard.

It used to be a nice intuitive display and now it is garbage!

Here is the list of issues -

1. displayed time is incorrect - it displays as 02:09 when it is actually 12:09

2. it is never displaying anything in real time anymore

3. there are 4 'boxes of display that have no rationale ...why?

4. My 2 Victron solar controllers used to display separate volts, amps and watts - now just a crude lump xx W

5. The Quattro used to display the output volts, watts etc - now just a crude xx W

6. There is a temp gauge icon next to the work "battery" as if this is an important feature - who cares?...and it displays all sort of temp data...why?

7. Then there is a box headed "charging" with a battery icon next to it - this is crazy illogical stuff. And all it shows is xx% which I assume is State of Charge and nothing to do with charging!

Why has this happened?

I used to boast to my colleagues how the Victron VRM display was so intuitive and factual in real time display of my system.

Now it is am illogical disgrace!...why??????

Please can we get it back out of this chaos!!!!

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Remote configuration without VEConfigure

I would like to change the configuration of multiplus remotely without using VEConenect. The idea is that a code under some conditions trigger the new configuration file load, without human intervention.

My configuration includes Cerbo GX.

Can I do that?



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Advanced Line charts on one VRM site not working. Way to reset?


I am having a problem with one of several VRM sites not displaying the advanced line charts. It was working correctly until a few days ago. Text charts and binary values like relay states work. Also resizing of charts does not persist after a refresh. Not browser related as several browsers have been tried on different devices.

Tried removing charts and adding them back. No change. Dashboard is working correctly.

Any ideas?

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Widget settings

What happens when the " SHOW RANGE VALUES " slider is selected and where would someone see because i tried and cant see any difference same for the " RESET GRAPH ZOOM " they must do something but i cant see what or where .


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VRM advanced do not shows size of tank and remaining volume


I have a tank of 40 liters, and with 49% left, the remaining volume must be 20 liters.

See picture below


VRM shows 0 liters in size and 0 liters in remaining volume. I have rebooted my Cerbo GX. There is running the newest firmware.

At the remote console, I can see both the tank size and the remaining volume.


What can I do to get these values at the advance tab, for tank


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VRM data missing in solar voltage/amperage widget


Quite often the Amperage data is gone missing in the solar charger PV. Disabling the widget and reactivating it brings it back. Please see image

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VRM advanced tab widgets are blank

Since some time widgets in advanced tab are not working correctly. They are blank, can't remove some, can't save created custom. Before all worked correctly.

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PV charger status in VRM Dashboard

PV charger status lollipop (eg Bulk, Absorption, Float), has now gone from the VRM dashboard...Why??

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Smartshunt to monitor solar panels

Ok crazy question. Can I use the smartshunt in dc energy mode in-line with my solar input to measure my solar on the high voltage string? 250vdc? I see that it seems to have an option that leads me to think that this may be an intended feature, but what are the limits of the shunt? I mean clearly it can handle the 64vdc batteries I have, but what is the MAX VOLTAGE it can handle on its VBATT+ input? I can’t seems find this info anywhere.

The reason I want to do this is so that that I can relay the info from my solar array into the Vrm as solar power in. I run two all in one units so I can’t put the smartshunt in-line with the output as it is internal.

Ideas? Thanks in advance.

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VRM tanks on advanced - wrong titles, capacity, remaining values

I have a SeeLevel N2K tank system connected to my Cerbo GX and all is working well locally. On VRM however, the tank tiles have incorrect titles

The first tank is my fresh water tank but the title is simply "Tank summary" and "Tank Level". These are for the summary and level tiles, respectively. The summary properly lists the fluid type as Fresh Water.

The second tank is the gray/waste tank. It's titles are Tank Summary - Gray [1] and Tank Level - Gray [1]. Fluid type is listed as Waste Water. All correct.

The third tank is the black water tank. Titles are Tank Summary - Fresh [2] and Tank Level - Fresh [2]. Fluid type is correctly listed as Black water (sewage).

With the tile titles wrong, showing the tank level graph provides totally incorrect information.

In addition, tank capacity and current level are incorrect. I have 30 gallon tanks and with 6 gal in the fresh tank, VRM reports capacity as 0.11 Gal and level as 0.01 Gal. Interestingly, the tile is initially drawn with the correct values, but changes to the incorrect values after a second or two.

I also have another tank [29] that appears in the widgets list. I have no idea where this comes from. It is NOT in the Device List so I can't delete it. (Last seen 9 months ago). It is not shown on Cerbo's device list nor in dbus-spy.


Venus OS v2.84

Mac OS 11.6

Safari v15

VRM portal ID d41243d31965

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