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Balance entre GRID et SOLAIRE VRM EM24

Le CERBO GX fait-il la balance entre la production solaire du système et l'entrée GRID via le compteur EM24

Si la donnée sur l'EM24 est juste la balance entre l'entrée GRID et la consommation, comment différencier ce qui est injecté pour avoir l'information sur le VRM ?


touteslesbatteries asked

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bug vrm portal trends from fronius in custom widget

I wanted to signal a bug found in the custom widget creation in VRM portal advanced view.

If I select any values from victron environment : no issue

If I select values from my fronius inverter, then with the 1st selected value : ok

but then when I reopen this widget for editing, I find my selected fronius value twice and from that point the widget cannot be saved anymore unless I have deleted all values from fronius

If I add a value, then colors are messed up and cannot be changed either.

jeanmarie asked

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Victron VRM Presentation: VRM Push Notifications on iPhone - Not Working

@mvader (Victron Energy) I really enjoyed the presentation yesterday on what the VRM enhancements are and what it can do. So many great new features. I am excited about the push notifications so I went through the steps you outlined in the presentation, but upon downloading the Victron VRM app, it did not ask me about push notifications at all. And in the VRM, I do not see any way to add push notifications to my phone at all. I'm running the new iPhone 14 Pro Max. Just downloaded it, went through the steps. Isn't working for me. The new Preferences selection inside the app is not there. There does not seem to be an update available in the App Store.

Please can you clarify if the app has not yet had this feature enabled since the presentation was only yesterday?

I'm also not seeing in the app the ability to add those custom widgets. I'm only seeing the widgets from my Advanced page, but not in the same way as was shown in the presentation.

Thanks for your contribution to the community!

: )



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No Battery Temp in VRM: Using SBS, Smart Shunt, Multiplus, Cerbo GX

For the life of me I cannot seem to find a way to figure out how to get the battery temperature to show on the VRM. I can't get it on the main Dashboard, nor can I make a custom widget for it on Advanced. I have a temp sensor connected to the Cerbo GX but it's not reporting so I purchased the Smart Battery Sense. Seems that is only reporting in the Victron Connect app but I need the data on my VRM as well.

In the DVCC section on the Remote Contols I don't have any other choices than Automatic or None but still, no way to figure out where the Automatic setting is pulling the data from and how to visualize it.







allswell asked
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VRM Advanced Page Items Description


I have two battery banks and temperature sensors in a system with Cerbo GX, etc.

Those items have specific descriptions on their individual setups but when viewing on VRM advanced page those descriptions get lost and a more generic device type name is displayed. This makes it hard to say which one is which. Any way this can be modified?

Similar problem on Remote Console.



Here's an example:


js2401 asked
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VRM Custom charts, number of values plotted


Please consider the merits of being able to display 6 values at a time on the custom widget charts. With 3-phase systems, it is common to want to plot 2 values of all phases at the same time. Example: L1, L2 and L3 Currents on the energy meter and the ACin of the inverter cluster. This would be 6 values.


anieuwstadt asked
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Is there anyway to customize the VRM portal!

Is there anyway to customize the VRM portal? To add and delete elements as needed!

Thanks in advanced!

alawwirbilal asked
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VRM additional shunt not visible

I have added additional smart shunt via ve-direct to cerbo to be able measure accurately charge current from additional charger. Shunt is configured as DC source and named as AC Charger. It is visible in VRM device list but not in dashboard or in the list of devices at Advanced page. So I can see status and history only through Cerbo but not via VRM.

Is there way to refresh VRM to get additional shunt data to shown in advaced page so I can export statistics?

All devices in the system have newest FW. VRM instance ID 48e7da89e12d


janieronen asked
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VRM login issues "Invalid Credentials"

I can only log on to VRM portal using my main computer and I can see my system remotely from my house, but when I try to log into vrm.victronenergy.com using the same name and password on ANY different computer or phone, I get a popup red box that says "invalid credentials." I am using Windows 10 laptops and and Android phone with current software. I am not using the 2FA because that looks like it could be even more of an issue.

I tried the alternate email address 'solution' (creating a second email and using gmail to authenticate) and was able to log in via my android phone, but it worked for only ONE day; now I cannot use it with my phone to see my system remotely anymore, which is the whole reason why I upgraded to the Cerbo GX, to have remote access.

I can be on the same wireless network that accesses the internet that my system Cerbo GX is connected to, or I could be separately using the Phones data connection and accessing it from a completely different IP route and address, but I still get the same issue with the "invalid credentials." I'm not doing it at the same time my main computer is logged in. I can access the GX via bluetooth or it's internal WiFi (which I had to shut off as it was disconnecting from the local wifi when this was turned on).

I got one response from Guy for my initial post here and he said he'd follow up because this shouldn't be happening, but it has been about a week now and I still can't remotely access the system from my phone. Other commenters have said they have no issues, but I can't figure out what I'm doing that is any different.

I wish there was a phone/email/person I could contact about this issue, as it is VERY frustrating and while my dealer can help with equipment issues, but cannot help with login issues to Victron's VRM site.

And this is going to become a much bigger problem if I ever have to change my main computer.

green-monster asked
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VRM Advanced Page Widgets Feature Requests

I am so impressed by the outstanding reporting available via the VRM Advanced Page. Two feature requests please, that I think could offer even better implementation:

1) If data from multiple devices are displayed, the multi-coloured data source text labels immediately below the white Widget title do not show the correct device names. Instead they show generic defaults and can be difficult to distinguish if there are multiple instances of similar devices. It would be much better to use custom device names as per the Dashboard.

2) Please can similar data (for example temperatures from 3 different Ruuvi sensors) be plotted on one common scale, rather than each on its own auto-scaled y-axis. They way it is done now makes comparison difficult.

Of course if there is a way to fix these problems in the current release version (Cerbo GX running firmware 2.92 build 20221016213031) please let me know.

regards from Northumberland in the UK

Max Whitby

maxwhitby asked
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Mppt starting new day at history tab everyday @ 15:00 o'clock


I did something I guess Im not supposed to do and upgraded my solar charger's (BlueSolar Charger MPPT 75/15 (large micro) A042) firmware via vrm portal to the latest 1.61. Update is not published via victron connect yet.

After updating device acts weird. Starts a new day while its around 15:00 o clock locally and sun is still shining. In addition to that vrm connected victron connect app(android or windows doesnt matter) changing charge settings are saved and shown with green thick but does not effect the charger. What I mean is I am turning of the charger but it does not stop charging. (etc).

My question is where can I find one step older firmware? Even victron professional portal is only offering the latest firmware. Are there any github like archive of device firmwares so I can revert it back?


Emre asked
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relais du BMV 712 smart est il pilotable par le VRM (Globalllink par exp)

Bonjour, le relais du BMV 712 smart est il pilotable par VRM et Globallink ? En effet ce relais est propre au petit moniteur du BMV (et pas au shunt) et le BMV n'est pas relié à Globallink par un câble VE direct comme le sont les convertisseurs ou le shunt. Merci. Pepet.

Rousset Michel asked
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VRM Portal - How to remove old "Control" entrys?


How can I get rid off old and entries in my Control section? These entries are not even installed anymore and I reinstalled Venus OS and reset all devices. Still these entries dont go away. For example Go-eCHarger is completely uninstalled. Still shows up. And I installed a second Multiplus II, the old setup is removed, but Multiplus still shows up (cant control it of course).

Please help!

Thank You!!!




peregrines asked
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VRM Hybrid generator report for multiple sites

We are running multiple sites and I have to run regular reports off the system. Although the scheduler is great want to know if there is a way to combine multiple sites for one customer in a single report?

powere asked
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VRM Advanced data download xls not working

I'm trying to download my data from VRM advanced this current month in Xls format. The process starts and is presented with the message the data is downloading and an email link will be sent shortly, but this process just hangs at this point, i.e. no email and no completed message.

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