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Error 429 - no header value

Hi there

We are trying to get values via the API, but we get error 429, too many requests. What are the parameters of this restriction ? The documentation makes no note of what the limit is in seconds, and if it is too the API as a service, or to each of the nodes in our portal. Is there someone that can assist please ?

letabawireless asked
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Download GPS data with timestamps (and speeds) via VRM API?

When downloading historical GPS data using the API, I get a KML file (not JSON like the rest) containing only the coordinates. No timestamps nor speeds. Is it possible to get the full GPS data somehow? If not, please consider this a feature request :)

grasvezel asked

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Access specific device data from API (e.g., tank level)

Is there a simple way to access data for a given instanceId via the API? I'm trying to get something simple like a specific tank level. The only way I see to do this is via the /diagnostics endpoint and sifting through the large array of data points to filter the right one.

mjrobichaud asked

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Getting "Another export was started[...]" for every CSV download from specific VRM Installation

While trying to download CSV exports from the VRM portal for a specific installation, all I got in the export was the error message "Another export was started; since only one export may run at any given time this export was cancelled." I've confirmed that no one else with access had tried to download an export at the time, and tried re-downloading from this installation multiple times over 4 days with the same result. Interestingly, this problem isn't present in the other installations and I have been able to download from them just fine.

I also tried automating the downloads using a script and the VRM API which has downloaded every hour over the past 4 days with the same results: the downloads from the other installations worked except for this specific installation. I'm suspecting it's a system issue but still unsure. Would appreciate any input on this!

wvjug asked
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Cerbo GX relay control command via API


I have installed many Victron products in our test house including Multiplus II, LiFePO4, solar MMPT, and Cerbo GX. I am wondering if I can control Cerbo GX relays with commands using VRM API? I am planning to use Matlab for this purpose. Any thoughts about it? many thanks

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Example of active alarm in installations API call with extended=1

I am working in an web app that has to use the API to get the current alarms. I found that the installation calls provide the current alarms for each installation when called with extended=1:

"current_alarms": [],

"num_alarms": 0,

The issue I'm having is that I can not find a sample of the data returned when there is actually an active alarm, nor in the documentation nor in the systems I have to test. Can any of you provide an example of an api response with an active alarm, please?


Javier Vegas asked

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idSite value possible from API with user/pass login

Is this possible? I understand you can get it from the URL but I am building an app to utilize the API. I will have the user provide the username/password credentials. If that is sufficient to authenticate with the API can I get the idSite or "installation ID" from the API without having to have the user provide it? Otherwise I can try to login and get it from the URL for the user but I see this going badly and/or breaking when/if a change is made on the Victron side.

jimbo47 asked

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Anyone getting a 401 error from VRM API?

Suddenly with no software changes from my side, I'm getting a 401 error when I fetch:


Tokens are correct... Can it be a ACL/CORs change from Victron?

Any info/help is appreciated...

Thanks in advance!

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Ruuvi and VRM API


I have a Ruuvi tag attached to a VenusGX. In the VRM portal I can read both temp and humidity but when I request data via VRM API I cannot find any data for the humidity. Temp is however OK.



sailon asked

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temperature sensor data from Cerbo GX or Vcitron API

I have a water temperature sensor that is connected to the Cerbo GX. Is it possible to read the temperature data from Cerbo GX or through Victron API for external use?

If yes, please let me know how can I do that. Thanks in advance.

skabalavayi asked

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Pulse meter get data group by day on VRM portal

Is it possible to get data of pulse meter group by date on VRM portal api ?
it will be useful as it is possible for energy to get pulse count on a day or a period ( month, day )
for example , I use the pulse meter counter with a water counter an I would like to quantize water quantity consume by day .

s3b asked

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Abfrage Leistungsdaten - OHNE - VRM Portal


ist es möglich meine Multiplus-II GX direkt über die IP Adresse (Ethernet) abzufragen und Leistungswerte zu bekommen z.B. per PHP/Python/whatever... ?

So wie ich das verstanden habe, geht das über das VRM Portal.
Ich frage mich aber, wozu das ganze in die Victron Cloud schicken, um diese dann wieder abzufragen, wenn die Daten doch sowieso hier bei mir liegen, oder?


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Control MPPT programatically for oversized solar system

Hi all,

I currently have a decent working off-grid solar system (Multiplus, 2xMPPT, SmartShunt, Cerbo GX). I'm looking to add more solar because I have an electric car that is parked a lot during the day (when the sun is out).

The problem is that I'm already at my maximum solar array size because the battery can't handle any more Amps if the car would not be connected.

The solution that I can think of is to manually adjust the MPPTs battery charge current but of course I don't want to worry about doing this manually.

The car has an API so start/stop charging the car and even changing the charge Amps is no problem. The problem is I have no idea how to control the Victron equipment programatically.

2 questions:

1) Is there any way to control the MPPTs settings programatically either directly or by using the GX. (For example by connecting a Raspberry Pi which runs some logic)

2) Is there any way to read-out the Cerbo's data locally? For example, also by connecting a Raspberry Pi to it. (I'd prefer not to use the VRM API because I want it to work locally.)

Any starting points are more than welcome.

I'm perfectly comfortable in programming but not in talking to Victron hardware. Thanks!

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API chart endpoint always returning empty array


is always returning empty array

{ "success": true, "records": { "data": { "20": [], "21": [], "22": [], "40": [], "412": [] }, "meta": { "20": { "code": "OV1", "description": "Output voltage phase 1", "formatValueOnly": "%.1F", "formatWithUnit": "%.1F V" }, "21": { "code": "OV2", "description": "Output voltage phase 2", "formatValueOnly": "%.1F", "formatWithUnit": "%.1F V" }, "22": { "code": "OV3", "description": "Output voltage phase 3", "formatValueOnly": "%.1F", "formatWithUnit": "%.1F V" }, "40": { "code": "S", "description": "VE.Bus state", "formatValueOnly": "%s", "formatWithUnit": "%s" }, "412": { "code": "iST", "description": "Inverter state", "formatValueOnly": "%s", "formatWithUnit": "%s" } } }}

despite everything working fine both electrically and in the VRM dashboard.

What am I doing wrong? @Teun Lassche any advice?

Tommaso Girotto asked
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VRM API - List of all supported Product ID's


I've been able to deal with all the products connected to my Cerbo/VRM instance, but is there a list of all the Product ID's and Devices the VRM API currently supports?

Thanks & Regards,


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