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node-red firmware v3.00-15 dashboard problem

When I power on the RPI the dashboard function always asks a UI redeployment. A small modification (move a node for a few mm) and deploy restarts the dashboard. How can I avoid that?


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FeatureRequest: EasySolar2 GX & MP2 GX 2x16 Display Customisation - Show Tanks & Temperature Sensors On Built-In 2x16 Screen (For Offline Use)

Hey Everyone,

I dont think what we need can be done, so asking on here to double check and maybe get some upvotes in the hope Victron add to their dev list.

Open to suggestions for possible DIY modifications, if that is possible, but would prefer to avoid modifications to Victron GX products under warranty.

Snip below is from ES2GX manual - GX Device Display - lists no possible options for customisation


I have 2 client systems, both are mobile systems in RV's utilising a EasySolar2 GX 48/3000 at their heart. Both Systems have a USB Hub with BT dongle for Ruuvi's and a GX Tank 140, which is used to connect 24v 4-20ma Tank senders.

The problem comes from them being mobile installations, as the 4G signal can be patchy and is occassionally unavailable for their chosen location.

When they are offline, they have no way to access the Tank information without resorting to remote console on LAN, which is not really suitable for all types of User.

Connecting to a wifi network that doesnt have internet, to get to the remote console on LAN, to then be able to look at the tanks seems a bit crazy, as the GX device has an inbuilt display to provide the essential information at a glance.

Primary use of this display, IMO, would be for when there is no internet, so would be handy to be able to see all of the relevant information to the system on it, not just a set of defaults.

Whilst the Tank's not being displayed is the primary complaint, it would be nice to be able to display the Ruuvi tag information on this screen also, but tank information is most important.

As the GX device is integrated and internally connected to the multi & MPPT I cannot even swap it out for a Cerbo & GX Touch, so am a bit stumped on how to proceed.

At present the only option I have to resolve both customers complaints is to purchase a tablet/ipad, mount locally in Kiosk mode, then use this to display the remote console.

This is only marginally better than using remote console on a phone, if this is how it has to be done then I would have to use GuiMods to customise the remote console to show the info on the home screen.

Any suggestions on how else this could be done would be very much appreciated, cheap tablets are almost always trouble!

If these features can be added to Venus OS then they would be useful to all systems containting a ES2GX, MP2GX or MaxiGX.



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VRM Dashboard Showing Incorrect Data

Hi, I have a Multiplus 2 10/8 with 2 by 250/100 Smart Solar MPPT and a cerbo GX with Touch Screen. The Victron stopped feeding back to grid. We updated the Firmware and reprogrammed the system. Currently it seems to feed back but the numbers on the Dashboard are incorrect and the analysis shows that it is not feeding back.


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WIDGET BUG REPORT Solar on widget misreporting PV info

I have ET112 on grid and and a second one on PV through a CERBO GX. It's all working fine except the "quick glance" data on widgets and dashboard of VRM is not getting updated correctly.

Zero actual solar pv shows 2715 watts all the time, and when the sun hits the panels, the widget seems to be adding 2715 to the total.

Note that I'm still awaiting batteries so the inverter has yet to be powered on and set up, it's just CERBO monitoring the AC loads and PV on the roof till the batteries show up.

Is this a bug?

Screenshots below

Widget on screen


Click open VRM app on Android, get the same errors


Open the dashboard and it first shows wrongly then self-corrects to the actual data. Widget remains in error


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why is current going/come to/from nowwhere in dashboard

I always had inaccuracy in my systems between the current the REC-BMS shunt shows and the Multiplus2 DC current, although inbetween there are no loads or other systems. So i bought i victron smart shunt to check it in more detail. Now the shunt shows that the battery delivers 47Amps, but the Multiplus means, that 48,4A arrives. If you switch on in VRM the DC Loads, than it shows the missing 1,4Amps coming/going from/to anywhere which does not exist. So what is here wrong??

The battery delivers 47A, a not existing DC generator delivers 1,8A and the DC current sense of the Multi measures the 48,8A althoug only 47A exist.

I always see those differences between BMS current and MP current and it looks like it could be a source of relevant inaccuracies?

Can someone explain this? This is just a test system without grid meter installed. Values from "grid" are the AC-Out measurement from the MP2.


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Globallink 520 - Internal temperature - only random/rear samples

I noticed there is an "Internal Temperature" for the Globallink 520, but it seems like its not sampled on each report? Only randomly/rearly. You can find it on Custom Widget and use it as an Alarm reference.

Is there any plan to fix this sampling issue Victron?

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VRM installation map - Globallink 520 - map won't center in full screen mode / add terrain mode ?

When using the PC browser with it's VRM "All installation" dashboard and press the full screen map button and go full screen, every time you hover a site in the map with your mouse cursor, the sites jumps to the top part of the screen and "adjust" the map to center as it was still in window mode / dashboard with map on the very top part.

It won't center the site to the center of the full screen page...

Very annoying as you always have to drag the map down, again and again...!!

Screenshot below is hovering the site with the red arrow...



And can we add the possibility of "terrain" mode of the map?

The terrain map is much better for static sites with more details etc.


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Why does the PV Yield for a certain time (10:30/32) differ every few hours?

Document.zipEvery time I look at the Advanced page - PV Yield the value is different

The measurement of the PV yield at 10:30 should be the same in every graph thereafter

It ranged from 4002 to 4767 today



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Kostal plugin leads to incorrect VRM dashboard (rounds to full kWh)


We're using a Kostal Piko 7.5 with the plugin (https://github.com/schenlap/venus_kostal_pico), which works great locally. I set the interval to 5 seconds for polling the Piko.

But, in the VRM portal, it looks like only rounded kWh values arrive from the Piko, which leads to wrong production and wrong consumption values.


This is the setup (single phase ESS with EM24 as grid meter, 3 phase Piko and grid, MultiPlus II connected to L1 of AC input).


I'm not sure if I missed something in the config of the plugin?

Thanks for any ideas and hints!

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No sum value for the AC grid section on the left top of the VRM dashbaord?

Hello together,

why there is no sum value for the AC grid section on the left top of the VRM dashbaord?



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How to Set Alarm Rule at a Set Absorption Amperage

I'm learning that on my 24v system, when the genset is charging the battery bank, that it is fully charged when my batteries are showing at least a 28.8v and drop from the higher amperage of 44a+/- to instead the range of 18a to 24a. I'd like to set an alarm to alert me to when this range is hit, or when a target is at least hit within it. How can I do that?

And if I can do that, can I get the alarm to send me an sms notification? This would save me sitting around for hours and hours, waiting while charging and watching screens for progress.

Thanks Community!

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How to get rid of AC Output in Display

MP2's 3h, Series with the Grid. ESS system. Nothing is on this AC Output.


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VictronConnect Mobile and Dashboard

This is not a question, more of an idea for a dashboard specifically for the mobile app.

The mobile app (android) has two tabs. Local and VRM under the heading Device List.

Challenge: It is difficult to find the content all in one spot. Particularly if you cannot access the GX Touch console screen. VRM Portal is not particularly well formatted in a browser (and it polls data slower than glaciers move).

Add a Dashboard option. Let the available devices populate a series of widgets. And allow users to configure the dashboard with the widgets they want. The widgets will can connect via bluetooth or VRM Portal, whichever is available automatically. Data from VRM Portal should be close to real time. In a multi-cloud world these days, it isn't difficult to make this happen, at least for many of the important data points. (Bat Voltage, Solar, AC Input/Output, Inverter Mode, etc)

Widget Ideas:

  • State of Charge
  • Battery Voltage
  • Current
  • Power
  • Consumed AH
  • Time Remaining
  • Solar Voltage
  • Solar Watts
  • Solar Current
  • GX Touch Page 1
  • GX Touch Page 2

Let users configure Widgets there way (meter, counter, graph etc). And make this dashboard cloud configured. Meaning allow the Dashboard configuration to be stored in the cloud for this user so they don't need to reconfigure next time they reinstall app.

Make the Dashboard configuration a responsive design and therefore usable through the mobile app, and any HTML 5 browser. This will allow users to configure one way and still access it any way that is convenient.

If any one widget is offline line, indicate it as such, grayed out with offline in text below.

I recognize this is a considerable amount of work, but this will help users access the information that is important to them quickly and easily.

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Why don't VRM dashboard consumption and production figures add up?

Dear all,

IN VRM dashboard i found that option to see power consumption , From grid , To grid , production. what i wonder is grid in 183kWh ,from grid 801 kWh , production 507kWh and consumption 1074kWh.

My question is

consumption - production = grid in

1074 - 507 = 567

but here instead of 567 it shows 801 , i want to how its 801kWh.

here below i have attached the scree shot of vrm page

Thanks in advance

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No temperature displayed in VRM Dashboard

I used to be able to see the battery temperature on the main Dashboard. I recently made a few changes to my setup and now the temperature has disappeared. The changes made were:

1) Removed BMV-702 and installed SmartShunt

2) Installed a BMS and connected to the VenusGX via CanBus

3) Updated MultiPlus firmware to latest and enabled ESS

The MultiPlus, SmartShunt, and BMS each have a sensor and are reporting temperature. I can see it in the Remote Console and on VRM if I configure an Advanced Widget, but I can't seem to make it show on the Dashboard. Appreciate any advice, thank you!



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