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VictronConnect Mobile and Dashboard

This is not a question, more of an idea for a dashboard specifically for the mobile app.

The mobile app (android) has two tabs. Local and VRM under the heading Device List.

Challenge: It is difficult to find the content all in one spot. Particularly if you cannot access the GX Touch console screen. VRM Portal is not particularly well formatted in a browser (and it polls data slower than glaciers move).

Add a Dashboard option. Let the available devices populate a series of widgets. And allow users to configure the dashboard with the widgets they want. The widgets will can connect via bluetooth or VRM Portal, whichever is available automatically. Data from VRM Portal should be close to real time. In a multi-cloud world these days, it isn't difficult to make this happen, at least for many of the important data points. (Bat Voltage, Solar, AC Input/Output, Inverter Mode, etc)

Widget Ideas:

  • State of Charge
  • Battery Voltage
  • Current
  • Power
  • Consumed AH
  • Time Remaining
  • Solar Voltage
  • Solar Watts
  • Solar Current
  • GX Touch Page 1
  • GX Touch Page 2

Let users configure Widgets there way (meter, counter, graph etc). And make this dashboard cloud configured. Meaning allow the Dashboard configuration to be stored in the cloud for this user so they don't need to reconfigure next time they reinstall app.

Make the Dashboard configuration a responsive design and therefore usable through the mobile app, and any HTML 5 browser. This will allow users to configure one way and still access it any way that is convenient.

If any one widget is offline line, indicate it as such, grayed out with offline in text below.

I recognize this is a considerable amount of work, but this will help users access the information that is important to them quickly and easily.

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VRM-portal: missmatch PV-power / battery / power / consumed power

As can be seen on the attached screenshot the dashboard shows illogical values.

  • The PV-power is verified and correct (power meter).
  • The battery power is verified and correct (BMS).
  • The grid power values are verified and correct (grid meter).
  • The values on the critical load tab are absolutely not correct.This same behavoiur can be observed every day. Sometimes during the day it suddenly shows the correct values. Up to now I could not find any reasons for when the values are correct/incorrect.

Any ideas? If this was already discussed and is a known topic I would be grateful for a link. I was not able to find anything...


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Color control GX as a monitor only?

I already have the color control GX from the original RV install a year ago. I would like to use the Cerbo GX in the new install to combine all the Victron devices and only run one connection to the Color Control inside as the display. I know it is redundant to have both. But I do not want to have to cut a new hole for a new screen install. Thank you!

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Dashboard Data

The battery on my Dashboard has suddenly started to show the Temperature along with the Voltage and Current . The data doesnt change and is several degrees out , even the "SOLAR BATTERY CHARGER TEMPERATURE widget which i know to be correct is nothing like the Dashboard figure . Can someone please tell me where the information is taken from and how do i remove it . Tried the battery Temperature Widget from the VE Bus System (276) and that is stuck at the same reading . Enabling DVCC just Voltage Sense and selecting MPPT a source but doesn't do anything , the MPPT regulates spot on from the Temperature it shows on its screen .

Another quick question is can i tee off the Battery Sense wire just before it enters my MPPT and connect it to my Multiplus 1200 also or would the voltage reading be less accurate rendering it less reliable to control Temperature compensation .

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integration of Solaredge SE10K-RWS in dashboard with MultiPlus-II GX and CG EM24

My installation comprises of a Solaredge SE10K-RWS, a MultiPlus-II GX with Pylontech Batteries and a CG EM24

How can I include the SolarEdge into the dashboard?

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Warum wird im Dashboard die PV Einspeisung vom Fronius Galvo und vom Microinverter YC600 in einer Summe angegeben


Guten Morgen,

vor dem Microinverter wurde ein ET112 RS485 installiert und in der Remote Konsole als PV Inverter definiert (PV Schuppen 680 Watt). Im Untermenü Erweitert werden beide Inverter angezeigt. Auf der Dashboard Oberfläche werden beide Inverter in einer Summe dargestellt. Wunsch ist es, beide Ergebnisse getrennt anzeigen zu lassen. Was tun?


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System view disappeared on VRM DashBoard

Until yesterday my VRM dashboard has always appeared as in the first, example, image. However, yesterday the dashboard is displayed as shown in the second image. Was this a software upgrade or the like or have I accidentally changed a setting to make this happen? I find it to be disorienting and not as useful as the original dashboard.


This is the new dashboard.


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Zeiten im Balkendiagramm des VRM stimmen nicht / falscher Netzbezug


Ich bekomme in meiner Verbrauchsübersicht jeden Tag ein bis drei Mal einen Netzbezug von exakt 0.1kwh angezeigt (was quatsch sein muss, da der Akku voll ist, zum Teil die Sonne scheint und kein großer Verbraucher angeschlossen ist). Es sind immer genau 0.1 kWh und als ich mir das mal genauer angeschaut habe, ist mir aufgefallen, dass der Zeitraum bei diesen Werten nie stimmt.

Normal ist ein Balken in der Tagesübersicht immer für eine Stunde. Bei den Balken mit dem Netzbezug von 0.1kwh ist der Zeitraum dann plötzlich von 00:00 bis 15:00 oder sonst ein beliebiger Zeitraum. Passt einfach garnicht ins Bild.


Hat jemand eine Idee woran das liegen könnte? Macht mir bei meinem generell niedrigen Verbrauch nämlich die Statistik kaputt :D


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Energy Meter EM24

Good day,

I've connected the energy meter and it shows on the gx, but doesn't display grid power (although the load draws power from grid)


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Dashboard zeigt Wechselrichter nicht an

Hallo zusammen, in der Victron App oder auch auf der Webside wird in der Remote Konsole mein Wechselrichter erkannt und alle Werte korrekt angezeigt. Allerdings hätte ich diese Info auch gerne im Dashboard der App. Dort taucht der WR aber nicht auf. Warum? Kennt jemand eine Lösung?

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Sum of powers far out of range (power disappears)

In the VRM Portal as well as on the display the sums of powers is far out of range

700W are consumed but 1600W are fed into the system from solar and battery, which means 900W disappear somehow.

Any clue where this could go to?


Another example with the display


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Bug in VRM portal dashboard - Inverter not visible

This is my current remote console display:


You can see the PV inverter "PV Wechselrichter".

This is my VRM portal dashboard:


No PV inverter :-(

But data is available in the advanced view:


What can I do to bring the inverter back to the dashboard?

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MPPT shows in App but not on Display/Cerbo


Problem: The MPPT shows up in the Connect App, the MultiPlus does not (OK, I use the USB converter)

But: the MPPT does not show on the Display nor the Cerbo Device list


Any clue how to make the system Scan and find or add the MPPT or any settings which makes it appear? (Tried all obvious things)


System with Cerbo GX, PowerMeter, MultiPuls II and MPPT

Fresh install, all FW updated, all conntected vie VE.bus and terminated. ESS assitant installed and configured.

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VRM Portal Display, Float, Absorb, Bulk (MPPT charging state) have disappeared

Dashboard used to say "Float" or "Absorb", or "Bulk". Please let me know if this is something I can fix?



IOS app:




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VRM portal dashboard not displaying?

Hi everyone, just joined the community to get involved but before I have a chance to provide information about my installation I commissioned last night, the VRM portal dashboard has stopped working. Any suggestions or is this a VRM server related issue?


Thanks in advance for reading and any help.

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