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How do I remove an old temperature sensor from the VRM Dashboard

I have an old temperature sensor on my VRM dashboard that I would like to remove. How do I remove Battery [24]?


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VRM Suggestion - Display dates in Local Format (i.e in the WHATS NEW panel)

The WHATS NEW pop up panel in VRM is great - However it doesn't seem to display dates in our local format - Currently its bugging me because the dates are in US format: MM/DD/YYYY.

Surely you can format depending on the viewers location :-)

Pretty Please.

David asked
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VRM dashboard schematic visualisation

The new look VRM dashboards is great and the schematic visualisation with connected lines and "moving ants" saves me the effort of having to select "Remote Console" on my Android and then turning it into landscape view to have a quick overview of my system's overall performance. Well done Victron!

This worked well until about a day or 2 ago. I can no longer see the schematic visualisation which shows the connected lines and "walking ants". Also, I am no longer able to view my data in real time with the update every 2 seconds.

The VRM manual states the following:

1.4.1 Schematic visualisation


The information shown adapts itself to the system installed. For systems without an inverter/charger, separate blocks of information are shown, without connected lines and 'moving ants'

My dashboatd now ony displays the separate blocks of infotlrmation instead, even though my system contains an inverter. It used to display the schematic visualisation until a day or 2 ago. My system did not change in the meantime.

Are there any settings to correct this? The problem exists on both my Android phone as well as PC internet browser (Google Chrome) dashboards.

My dashboard currently looks like this:


I really hope that someone can assist me so that I can again enjoy the new VRM dashboard.

Thank you in advance.


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Vrm dashboard not displaying values

Battery and mppt values on the dashboard are displayed


Mark asked
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EasySolar-II GX Display "Solar: ESS"

I've installed a EasySolar-II GX 48/3000 off grid with only a generator, solar panels and a BlueNova BN52v-125amp-6,5k LI battery connected via CAN port and BMS. Communications between EasySolar and batteries seems to be fine.

On the display circle of EasySolar, it shows "Solar: ESS". What does that mean? Batery SOC is 74% but MPPT is not charging. It is cloudy, will this result in solar displaying ESS?

Ve.Connect APP shows under settings, ESS: "No ESS Assistant found" which is right because I'm off grid.

The way I understand is that ESS is a function related to the grid and not to the MPPT.

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How to remove AC Input and Loads from VRM Dashboard?

Is there a way to remove these AC Input and AC Loads from the dashboard as I am not using them? I tried to remove them under Remote Console/System Setup/AC Input=Not Available. However, the setting always reverts back to "Unknown". Am I stuck with these two useless widgets in my case? Thanks in advance.




aslanhobbes asked
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Does the dashboard view show actual Solar PV Wattage?

Dashboard showing a very low PV wattage, and its a clear sunny day.

Is this because the MPPT controller is throttling the energy input into the batteries?

Running a 48V system, AGM battery bank, Mppt 150/100


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Two questions on new arrived SmartSolar MPPT RS - 450/100

Dear Sirs, I have just installed today the new arrived SmartSolar MPPT RS - 450/100 . The smartphone app is delicious !

I have two questions :

- why sometimes, during the normal charging service, the display blinks ?

- I tried to set-up the relay output to "Float" status, but it doesn't works. The relay doesn't change, even if the status of Smart Solar goes to Float. Why ?

Many thanks !!! Antonio

partenope asked
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Display screen options


I am looking at getting an Orion DC-DC isolated charger and a Smart Solar 100/30 MPPT to charge my camper van leisure batteries. My question is around a display unit. Obviously both these items are bluetooth and connect to my smartphone, but I would also like an option of a separate display. Is anyone aware of a way of connecting one?

After looking at the manual for the Smartshunt 500A, a schematic implies that a Victron Energy GX touch 50 screen can be connected via the direct cable from the Smartshunt. Would this work with the above DC-DC/MPPT chargers? Is there a cheaper way of connecting a touch screen like the GX without the shunt?

Thanks in advance.

ekul asked

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Dashboard showing incorrect solar generation

I have installed a 5kVA Multiplus with a 5kW Fronius Primo, monitored by a Cerbo. The Multiplus is programmed with the ESS assistant, and feeds excess power back to the grid.

Although the data is captured for the consumption and PV generation in the advanced tab, it does not reflect on the dashboard. Below data from April 20 on dashboard and advanced tab. Around 20kWh generated, but only reflecting 8.4kWh. The consumption data is also incorrect.



The ESS is set on "with battery safe" and battery at 100%. I'm experimenting with lowering the value to 85%, and this seems to allow the correct new information to be captured on the dashboard, but not historic. There are 4 x US2000c batteries.

Has anyone experienced this before? If the Fronius lost comm's it could make sense, but there is no missing data.

j-n-wise asked
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How many tanks can the Cerbo GX display?

i have six tanks to monitor. Planning on using the 4 resistive inputs on the water tanks and NMEA2000 for the fuel tanks. Will the Cerbo Touch 50 display them all?

asea asked
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Missing Dashboard data

I have just added two temperature probes and two tank level monitors. All the readings are fine in the settings and in VRM advanced, but none appears in the dashboard.

And yes everything is up to date.

vincefarrar asked
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Data presentation on VRM App

Is it possible to have the battery display on the VRM App show actual power available in addition to the % of battery? This would make it easier to appreciate just how much energy is stored not just the % of the battery's capacity.

Perhaps this could be managed through a Setting entry by the user for the battery size installed. For example, we have 28kwh so that the App display could show its % charge and have a series of measures on the Historical Data tab showing both the % and actual, such as 50% 14kwh.

This could also sit under the battery icon on the realtime tab.

walganup asked

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Die Temperatur wird in VRM nicht angezeigt --- was mache ich falsch?


in meinem Reisemobil wird die Batterietemperatur vom BatterySense-Modul mit VE.smart Networking an

- ein BMV-712

- zwei MPPT100/20

übertragen. Der BMV-712 und die MPPT's sind mit VE.DirectToUSB-Kabel an einem Raspi (VenusOS) angeschlossen.

Die Kommunikation mit VRM funktioniert prima. Daten werden übertragen und in VRM angezeigt.

Leider erhält VRM keine Temperaturdaten. Siehe nachstehenden ScreenShot:


Warum ist das so? Was mache ich falsch?

Ich hoff, dass Sie mir helfen können.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Nachstehend noch einige ScreenShots zu der Temperatur und der lokalen Geräte-Kommunikation:







gherzog asked
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VRM Dashboard problem - bars not displaying values when hovering over them?

As of today, the dashboard no longer displays the individual values numerically, but only as bars.

Bug or feature?

Click on "Sep 20" and nothing happens...


maha asked
Teun Lassche answered ·

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Dashboard error with 3 phase system ?

Hi Community,

i recently updated my single phase system to a 3 phase system. There is no grid connection anymore. Everything is working as expected. I am not able to remove the energymeter. Maybe this is the reason for the dashboard problem. Exceeding Solarpower is show as "AC Input" and my house loads are zeroed out (solar is feeding the loads). Should't the house loads be shown under "AC Out" ? -> Solarpower - Charge Power. House Loads are only shown, if the load exceeds the solar power on a single phase. (L2 in this example)

I also defined "no AC-Input" for the MP2.

System Information:

- No AC-IN

- LOAD L1,L2,L3 on AC-Out1

- Nothing on AC-Out2

- Solar is AC Coupled (AC-Out2)

- No energy meter any more

- AC-IN and Generator -> disabled in Venus GX

Is there a problem on my side ?

Here is a screenshot:


Thanks a lot


Jens Rephöhler asked
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VRM problem no energy consumption is shown

I have actual two MPPTs for two solar strings in my car (RV/Overlander)

And a smart shunt plus the Cerbo GX.

For some weeks everything worked very well, I could see all data at the VRM homepage.

If Saturday only the solar data are displayed, but not the energy consumption any more.

The actual consumption is still shown on the Dashboard side, but not in the graphs and statistics any more. What could be the reason? I have changed nothing in between.

On the remote console display I still can see all data. Solar and energy DC consumption.

I have restarted now the Cerbo GX two or three times, but nothing changed.

Thx for a hint

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AC1 on GX screen


I had error 7 on the display of my GX unit, then after configuring it it now displays AC1, how do i correct the fault


paulw asked

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Charge controller display

Good morning,
I’m unable to find if there is one available but I’ve recently purchased a SmartSolar charge controller 100/30 MPPT and am looking for a display/control panel to attach to the unit, I did find one but it stated it was compatible with the 100/50 controller, do you stock a product that is compatible with the 100/30??



wade asked
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Solar Widgets not displaying in VRM portal

Hi All,

I have selected all the widgets for the solar controller (Easy Solar) and all are showing no data. The solar charger summary widget shows all. Have I missed something in the setup

Thanks in advance

bushy asked

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Battery voltage graph and SOC% on vrm

I have been trying to get both battery voltage AND SOC% to display on the VRM dashboard without success. If I select Enable SOC in the inverter programming, I get SOC displaying both on the ccgx and the portal dashboard, if I unselect it, I get a graph line showing battery voltage instead. Can I have both? Inverter is a 15kW Quattro. Tia!

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