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Does Victron have a Apple CarPlay solution?

Does Victron have a Apple CarPlay solution? It would be a great feature.

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Feature Request: Multiplus +GX device-Automatic Generator Switchover

Currently Installed System:

Mutliplus II



4ea 100ah Battleborn Batteries

ATS (no onboard generator yet)

So, I have an opportunity to add an onboard generator to my already factory "Generator Ready" fifth wheel travel trailer. I have been using an external Champion Inverter Generator simply plugged into my shore power plug, and it's worked fine without me notifying the MPII. From what I can gather from hours of searching here is, if I install an onboard generator utilizing the already factory installed ATS and my CCGX for start/stop and automation with assistants, the MPII won't have a clue it's getting power from a generator. Again, If I'm understanding correctly, I would need to further manually select generator from the CCGX menu and modify L1 input characteristics accordingly? Now I understand why the ATS has no way to communicate with the MPII or CCGX, but what I can't understand is why, when using the CCGX to start/stop/automate the generator, I then have to tell the CCGX the generator is on. "CCGX, turn generator on, and oh yeah, you're getting power from a generator."? I don't understand why I would have to tell it the same thing twice.

So, to the feature request (if I'm understanding everything correctly, which is rare lol), is to implement a simple logic into the UI that when one starts or stops the generator using the CCGX, that the CCGX then implements Generator Display and functionality on L1. Admittedly my limited experience may be blinding me, but I don't understand why any additional hardware would be necessary. I use the CCGX to turn the generator on and off, why would I have to then tell it again a generator is on/off?

As I've seen during my searches, this seems to be a popular scenario (Multiplus and ATS), and simply saying buy a "Quattro II when it comes out" isn't necessarily a fiscally viable option, especially when the CCGX device seems more than capable of the necessary function with a software tweek.

Thanks for any thoughts, clarifications, or consideration on this topic.


example of issue:

Multiplus II ESS with generator and transfer switch aux contacts - Victron Community (victronenergy.com)

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Feature Request - GX and VRM - Ve.direct devices tracked through serial/unique identifier NOT the device ID

It seems to be pretty well documented that there are issues with ve.direct devices shuffling around device IDs in a system. This is an extreme nuisance for multiple reasons. Firstly, your device history in the GX and VRM essentially get lost. Secondly, if you have a well defined Advanced view in VRM with many widgets, these have to be redone every time the device IDs get shuffled which is a considerable pain due to the interface. While a pretty interface, it is NOT at all an enjoyable process to arrange your widgets in VRM.

I have had this happen twice now in my system in the last 3 days and it is very frustrating and really breaks your historical data used for trending and analysis.

It seems that currently, devices get tracked by their ve.direct device id (288+). This is a transient value that appears to get assigned to devices when they are connected/on power up (or if a random reshuffle occurs?) and is simple a bus communication port. Given that every device has a unique serial number (and likely other under the hood identifiers as well) why isn't data logged against that vs against the device ID which seems to change randomly without reason. This would represent a much more "stable" view into your data and allow me to trust the long term trends much more.


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Feature request BMV's and SmartShunts

The "Time To Go" calculation is great to have as an indication. I like it although I would prefer it goes beyond 240h, but that is not what this feature request is about.

It is about, though, adding a similar but reversed calculation. Something like "Time To Charged", "Time To Full" or "Time to 100%" when charging to get an estimate of how long it will take to reach 100% with the amp input at the current moment.

This would mean a new dbus address, it could send out null when discharging and 0 when fully charged. I have no idea about the possibility or difficulty of doing this, so take it for what it is, a simple idea.


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How do I submit a product feature request to Victron?

Specifically, the user needs the ability to disable "repeat absorption" on Victron Chargers when using LiFePO4 batteries. Repeat absorption is a lead-acid battery requirement to mitigate sulfation. It is completely inappropriate for lithium batteries. There currently is no way to turn it off. It can only be set to repeat every 45 days maximum.

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Reset history on BMV-712 remotely (Apps)

Could we had this feature on the Apps?

Reset history on BMV-712 remotely (Apps)

i know we could do it on the BMV-712, it would be cool to do it remotely

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Allow Orion TR Smart to use temperature data

I built a system in my trailer with 3 sources, all Victron: MPPT solar, wall charger, and DC-DC 18 amps. All are smart and in the same network with a Victron battery sensor.

My battery is lifepo4 and does not have a low temperature cutoff feature in its BMS. I am using the Victron battery sensor as a way to read temperature and set my chargers to stop charging under a certain temperature threshold.

All can do this, except my smart DC-DC 18 amp charger. Since it's already in the same network and talking to the battery sensor, I would imagine that a temperature switch could be added to the firmware, and this is also something that the brochure itself mentions.

Are there any plans or timeline for this? It would greatly simplify my setup, as right now I'm relying on an Arduino and temperature sensor controlling a relay on the remote input of the charger.


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BMV-712 Feature Request

Still would like to see ability for 712 to log and report High Amperage draw value and allow setting of a High Amperage alarm.

With most popular Lithium batteries having protections built in that limit discharge amperage, it would be nice to be able to set an alarm to alert the user before the batteries disconnect all together.

Also logging the High value would help a user identify if there may be a problem with one of the loads.

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DVCC in off-grid DC installation - "dynamic charge current"

Good day!

Looking at https://www.victronenergy.com/media/pg/CCGX/en/dvcc---distributed-voltage-and-current-control.html#UUID-34a4601f-5b47-faa7-9b06-dc557696f5fc

Point 8.4.1 - sub-point "3"

"DC Loads are not accounted for. Even when a BMV or other battery monitor is installed. For example, with a configured maximum charge current of 50 Amps, and DC Loads drawing 20 Amps, the battery will be charged with 30 Amps. Not with the full allowed 50 Amps."

When or how can we change this? I cannot see why the DVCC cannot increase the current from chargers to compensate the loads and keep charging current at for example 50A.

Offcourse the idea works flawlessly in ESS configuration, but we do not have any inverter in the setup - but we do have high DC loads.

Any input or ideas will greatly be appreciated!


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Feature Request Cerbo GX/Venus GX: Combo Load Shunts for Power Monitoring

I've seen other monitoring systems that have 4-in-1 shunts to measure loads or voltage sources. Does Victron have plans for that? I'm very much sold on the Victron ecosystem, but this seems to be a feature "hole." It would be great if we could see how much power our A/C, refrigerator, lighting, etc. are consuming, or how solar strings compare to each other in generation, etc.

Thanks for making awesome products!

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Feature Request: Relay Assistant to include Low/High Voltage Disconnect values when required.

Can the following feature be added to the Relay Assistant when selecting AC input either available/not available.

When programming a Relay Assistant using the AC Input criteria it only gives the option to select AC available/not available. In situations where the AC drops to below the configured AC Disconnect value of the Multi the Relay Assistant does not activate.

I've programmed, and tested, this on a basic system with no assistants. If the grid voltage drops to below the AC Disconnect value then the ACOut 2 relay disengages as per design.

I then program a Relay Assistant to do exactly the same, and selecting AC not available for 0s and AC available for 120s. The behavior, when the grid voltage drops to below the preset AC Disconnect, value is to NOT disengage the ACOut 2 relay.

*Note: On a total Grid Failure the Assistant works as designed. It's during a Brownout (below configured AC Low Disconnect value, and I suspect above the AC High Disconnect value also) that this does not work.

Some Captured Data:



*Note: The ACOut 2 Relay 'State' is wired to a Digital Input on my GX to capture state changes used in this investigation.


*Note: The 235V blue line represents the RMS value of the grid voltage, not peak value, it's only drawn there to illustrate the differences between the Grid RMS and the wave during brownout RMS value.


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VictronConnect Improvement Requests - Offline mode, history metrics, dashboard, background mode

Hello VictronEnergy,

I'm a big fan of your products, I use the SmartSolar, the SmartShunt, the Phoenix Inverter and the LoRaWan Module happily.

As many before, I do also have feature suggestions to improve the usability of the VictronConnect App. I strongly believe you should invest more UI development resources into the App, as todays mantra is "mobile first" when it comes to building UIs. Don't get me wrong, I like the Apps structure and easiness of use, but I believe some crucial things are still missing for a happy user experience.

Many other such posts where made before this, so I'm sorry if there are a few duplicate requests.

Some of these other posts reported a flawed bluetooth connection and thus the app constantly needs to re-connect. I must say the App is most stable and very smoothly useable with Iphones. I tried several Android Phones and even with Victrons suggested Samsung Phones, the app runs far slower and not as smooth as with an Iphone.

Anyways the troubles of us VicrtonConnect users are still always the same, no matter which phone, the pain is only amplified on Android. So here is my which list:

* general offline mode

* more history metrics

* remove trends - replace with daily metrics

* Dashboard

* background mode

Let me elaborate in detail:

general offline mode


I think that's pretty obvious: I want to access my harvest history and all the relevant historic statistics, even when I'm not connected via bluetooth. I'd also like to see how "old" the history data is, so to speak, when was the last update.

Currently the "Status" tab is the Entry tab when connecting to the device. I would change this to the history tab and grey out the Status tab. When clicking on the status tab, the app could try to reconnect via bluetooth while still showing the history data.

I would consider this to be very important, with only little difficulty.

more history metrics


Some other posts mentioned some missing metrics, here is my wish list:

I'd like to see the current temperature (in Status) and also the historic values (Minimum, Maximum, Average).

I'd like to see daily average values for the solar power and the battery voltage.

I'd like to see the minimum, average and maximum power on the load port (on MPPT with Load connectors).

I consider this medium important, with only little difficulty. Not sure if the MPPT firmware would need updates to calculate the averages and send the temperature information.

remove trends - replace with daily metrics


I'd really like to see a solar, battery, and power output curve for the last and current day. more or less similar to the ones from the VRM but with a slightly higher resolution (e.g. every 15 minutes).

The trends functionality is rather useless, as many suggested before, as it requires the app to run constantly in foreground. I would completely remove this function.

I consider this to be medium important and medium difficult. This would surely require firmware upgrades and changes to the app.



When using multiple Smart Victron Products It would be fantastic to have a status dashboard which includes the most important stats into a single page. I'd like to see the current Solar Yield, DC Load Power, AC Load Power, Batter Fill level for my setup. I can imagine other metrics could be interesting in such a dashboard too.

I consider this to be less important and rather difficult as it might require multiple parallel bluetooth connections, which might be different on each platform.

background mode


This has been requested often, and I would request it once more. I'd like to have a background mode which leaves the bluetooth connection open even when the app is in background, so that the app doesn't need to reconnect and load all values again when switching to it.

I consider this to be medium important and difficult as it might be different on different platforms.


I understand it is a lot work to improve the app, build the firmware test everything and finally release it for multiple platforms. Some of these features might be very difficult or even impossible to add. But keep the mantra "mobile first" in mind.

I always recommend your products to friends and colleagues. It would be much easier if I could show them my real offline data with my mobile. I know there's the demo function, but still I'd like to share my stats with them, so they can learn how much energy they can harvest with a similar setup like mine.

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FEATURE REQUEST: Distinguish Grid Loss from Grid Rejection

When a Multi / Quattro rejects the grid because it is non-compliant, VRM reports a Grid Loss.

Strictly speaking, the grid is still there - and as my clients would say, "The oven still works, why doesn't your inverter?!". So, I suggest this be distinguished from a Grid Lost alarm and be reported as Grid Rejected. This makes it easier for us to explain to clients that the grid is not up to scratch and help them understand why their essentials are running on backup while the non-essentials are using the grid.

This is especially with the MultiPlus-II that implement local grid codes eg. NRS-097 in South Africa.

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Setting Tank Monitor Values Manually via API

I have a Color Controller in my motorhome and want to show the state of my tanks on the display. This has been a lot more difficult to figure out that I thought it should be.

Now as you can imagine, I don't want to spend $800 on the resistive tank level adapter, and even then I couldn't figure out what devices to buy to make it work. (It would be cheaper to by a Venus! Why are the adapters so expensive?!)

However I do have a raspberry Pi and could easily program it to tell the CC what the current levels are via an API or Modbus. I couldn't see how to change the values, or even make the tank levels show on the screen. It looks like on Modbus the values are read only.

My feature request is:

- Make it easy to set the values of the tank levels via an API (preferably), SSH command line or Modbus.

Or let me know if this is already possible, but I simply missed it.

I'd also like to see clear instructions on what products to buy for to make it work. Which senders work, what type of senders, which adapters needed for the CC etc. I asked the Victron dealers here in NZ but they didn't know anything about it. There also seems to be a disconnect between the language used by Victron (i.e. resistive, voltage or current type senders) and the products sold in NZ. None of which use any of those terms. e.g. https://www.marine-deals.co.nz/ultrasonic-tank-sender or http://www.rvsupplies.co.nz/products/view/electronic-tank-probe-290300

Any help welcome!

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Any plans to release a Victron dual input charger (solar/PV and DC) or even triple input (PV/DC/AC)?

Can anyone from Victron advise whether you have plans to release a line of dual input chargers that would accept both solar (PV) and DC from an alternator, or even triple input to add AC to these? I'm currently feeding my SmartSolar 100/30 from 12V-28V DC-DC converter when I'm not using my portable solar panel set, and while it works beautifully, and while separate DC-DC chargers obviously exist, and while I could opt for another device, it would be delightful to have a single unit of Victron quality and BT convenience that would accept both PV and DC as input for battery bank charging, or even also AC from mains power.

A couple of manufacturers already build dual input units for PV and DC--Renogy and REDARC, for example. I'm very happy with Victron's ultra-fast MPPT operation, however, and dual or triple input seems like a great product line to add not only for those with limited space, but for better control.

A dual input option should include the ability to default to PV if present, but have the option to flip to DC if present and a user-defined minimum PV input power is not met. Say you always want to charge your battery at maximum rate, or never want to "waste" gas when you're not in a hurry. Might even be nice to base this choice on battery level as read automatically from a BMV unit with BT. (Now THAT would be slick! If battery bank below 50%, charge with fastest method available, otherwise, save gas and go green!) It should support 12V alternator input, and include minimum voltage detection to eliminate charging when engine not running.

A triple input model would follow a similar model to flip to AC when available (connected to shore power) and PV below a user-defined minimum.

I opted to power my SmartSolar with the DC-DC converter when not using solar because I just couldn't buy yet another charger. I've already got a Blue Smart IP67 12/25. And I have a ham radio-related device that can charge from DC or PV that I wired up in my portable battery box with a manual switch that allows me to toggle between DC output from an AC power supply in the box and external DC input from my alternator, which defaults to PV if available, but it's only a 10A charger and not ultra-fast MPPT. Redundancy and options are good. Tinkering is fun! But compact and less wiring is also good.

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Feature Request - VRM Widget Settings - keep Sum of all phases showing if I select it (instead of individual phases)

In my Windget in PV Inverter Yield, the default is that L1 / L2 / L3 is shown.

But I like to see the sum of all phases. One may configure that, but it keeps resetting to L1 / L2 / L3 after closing and reopening the page.

Would be fine to see personal options in future releases.



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Generator Auto Start Feature Request

I have routinely been using the Battery SOC as the trigger to start and stop my generator, and it works great, with one issue. As a long term off grid system that is a hybrid of generator and solar, the system can go several cycles without synchronizing the SOC function of the battery monitor. This has only a minor effect on the generator start function, but it can have a significant effect on exactly when the generator shuts down.

It would be great if there was an option to shut down the generator based on the tail current into the batteries. At a constant absorption voltage, this will result in a more consistent REAL battery SOC at the end of the generator run cycle than relying on the battery monitor which might be out of synchronization.

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Accessing excess power off-grid with a SmartSolar MPPT charger (for the R&D folks)

In solar battery charger systems, the battery requires less power when nearing the end of charge, but the solar panels (or turbines) can still deliver useful power. This could be exploited for heating, cooling, pumping, lighting etc. However, most potential power consumers draw a fixed power, often more than is available, so a system will cycle or tend to draw power from the battery, depending on how it is configured. For resistive loaded (eg heating elements and led lights) a "dimming" function could be implemented to match the excess power to the load. The dimming PWM output is already available in streetlight mode.

What I am proposing is a software addition that comes into play when the battery reaches float charge. It would implement a control loop to adjust the PWM output so as to maintain the float voltage while maximising the power into the load. The SmartSolar MPPT chargers already have all the input data required to generate the control signal.

The PWM signal could drive a standard dimmer, but might also a Victron new product opportunity. For example, I have a need to direct surplus energy to an 800W 240Vac heating element in a camper-van.

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RELAY controlled easily over VRM

It would be useful to be able to change the state of a relay via VRM for example that could control a load remotely. IE - turn an airconditioner if it had been left on accidentially . At the moment a customer is using the relay in the MPPT to do this function but this is not ideal.

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Feature Request : Public IP Address of Venus shown in VRM

VRM shows already the LAN/WiFi Address of the Venus device (in the device list), It would be good if it could also show the last public address as seen by VRM.

Help a few use cases for remote access type things on dynamic IP address internet connections.

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How can you control relays using temperature data?

As lithium batteries become more popular and they are inherently more sensitive to temperature (both hot and cold), there is an increasing need for relay controls to manage it.

These controls should be accessible via Venus and the Multi programming. They should be able to use the various temperature sensors, either provided by the multi's-probe, temp sense connected to VGX, BMV-712 temp sensor, or that communicated from the battery BMS via CANbus.

This relay can then be used to trigger airconditioning, fans, heatpads, alarms or other circuits and contactors.

Each battery has different temperature requirements, so the programming function needs to be flexible, eg on/off at specific degree, minimum time open/closed, option for time based control, also state of charge thresholds (so you don't flatten a nearly empty battery running a heater when it's not needed).

Advanced next level features could include things like only activate when there is surplus solar available, so batteries are not discharged themselves.

Can anyone think of any other elements of importance when thinking about designing a feature like this?

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Feature Request: Auto-Import Settings on Firmware Update

Maybe it does this already after flashing. But I don't know because I've never saved a Settings file before. (Until now.)

So, I had tweaked my MultiPlus settings the way I liked them. Then a firmware update popped up.

Okay, stupid me - I should have saved my Settings file before updating the firmware. But I didn't.

So, FR #1: How about a prompt before updating firmware, asking "Do you want to save your current Settings before updating?"

But more importantly (and I knew, from prior experience that Victron does this), when I flashed the new firmware, all my Settings return to default. That includes a whopping 50A charge to my batteries. Yikes!

So, FR #2: How about if, after the firmware is done (or probably before it starts, given the nature of a firmware update) if VictronConnect asks if you would like it to pre-load an Imported Settings file before the until re-initializes?

I realize that, if there's a major change to the firmware, some of the old Settings might not transfer over one for one to the new. That's okay. Anything is better than going back to Default.

(Edited to add the word "not" to the last paragraph.)

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Request: Blue Smart - Add tail current to expert mode

Can the devs please add the ability to set end of absorption tail current in the Blue Smart charger lineup when in expert mode? This would be extremely helpful to prevent premature switch to float without relying on fixed absorption and the risk overcharging when doing that.

It appears that this was at least thought of at some point given in the Absorption duration settings it directs a user to disable the tail current setting when using fixed absorption.

If this is done PLEASE allow tail current setting to be dropped below the .50% level that is in the smart shunt (and maybe other products). Odyssey batteries want to see .02% of tail current to end absorption.

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MultiPlus SOC dropping when charger in Storage mode and inverter is off


I recently set up a small UPS using a MultiPlus 12/800 and a 105AhC20 AGM battery. Everything works as expected and I'm also running Venus OS on a Rpi 3B to be able to monitor the system.

The MultiPlus is working as standby UPS (no ignore AC settings), so it only uses the battery/inverter if AC goes down or misbehaves.

Battery Monitor on Venus is set to MultiPlus on VE Bus.

I noticed that SOC keeps dropping about 0.5% every day. This should not happen as the battery voltage is 13.4V (temp. comp.) and no load is applied. I also see a strange random load of 1A being drawn from battery. This is probably related.

I was able to catch one, see below...


I been thinking...

Is this maybe caused by temperature compensation? (temp raising so charger lowers the voltage maybe causing false current readings?) If so, this can also confuse SOC calculation?

Any thoughts and help would be very much appreciated.


So, if we had solar/external chargers or loads connected we shouldn't use the MultiPlus to calculate SOC, but if we have a basic setup like mine, with no external charger/loads, I think that would be a good idea that internal calculation could hold SOC at 100% after entering storage mode and if inverter was not being used, so it would ignore 'noise' readings like the ones I get that I think are caused by temperature compensation adjusting voltage.


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Feature Request - Set MPPT max current value in 0.5A steps or decimal value

I can set the max current value of my 75/10 MPPT in VictronConnect for Windows to a whole number only, but I would like to set it to a decimal value e.g. 2.5A. Can I do this somehow or could it be implemented in a future release?

Especially batteries with lower charging rates need at least .5A steps for efficient loading with bigger(ish) panels while not charging with overrated current.

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(Thermal Runaway?) VE.Smart Network Support on Blue Smart Charger IP67

Pretty sure this was asked a few years ago but wondering if anything has changed...

Any chance of VE.Smart Network coming available to the Blue Smart IP67 chargers?

Could really use that actual Battery Temperature reading...on these cool sunny days right now the ambient temp of the charger outside in the shade and the temp of the battery in a black plastic box is quite a big spread after a big charge (88f vs 61f - I think..the Blue Smart doesn't actually show temp- Another feature request to display Blue Smart temp?)

This leaves the MPPT on the VE.Smart Network to think that we are overcharging because it has temp compensated the voltage down for the warm battery (its probably right) while the BlueSmart IP67 is doing the opposite and temp compensating up for the cool charger.

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MPPT Limit Max Abs V after Temp Compensation in extreme cold?

I recently got my MPPT + BMV w/ Temp Sensor configured to match my battery specs. Some are:

  • Abs Voltage: 15.00V
  • Temp Compensation: -37.8 mV/*C
  • High Voltage Alarm: 15.3V
    • Conservatively set...I think 16V is the operating limit of most of my 12V devices

Its winter here and it's bright(ish) but cool today in Michigan (33*F)... I noticed my High Voltage alarm had triggered and it was Abs charging at 15.5V off the panel!

I thought something was wrong and then realized that Temp Compensation is likely the culprit. Did some math and sure enough, I hadn't considered what Temp Comp will do at our frequently low temps.

I'm ok with the temp comp doing its job, but what worries me is that through some math I've determined if the temp drops below 20*F and the sun comes out, it will be ABS charging at 16.0V and I'm in danger of frying a device!

Is it possible to set a max voltage in the MPPT that it's not allowed to exceed no matter what the compensation computes to? It's not uncommon for temperatures to reach 0* here when its clear skies. That would be 16.6V output!

Or..do I need to add a voltage regulator before house loads to prevent from frying my electronics during Abs charge??

Edit: Should also add that this is a lead-acid battery so I should be good to charge down to -4*F but that would be an Abs charge voltage of 16.5V!

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Request kWh Daily count for each phase to my displayed on the new VRM Dashboard

It would be great to have a daily kWh count associated with each item thats on the VRM Dashboard.


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Request battery Temp to be added to VE Bus Device icon on the new VRM Dashboard

The great new VRM dashboard does not seem to include battery temp as recorded by my Multiplus . The data is shown in the advanced screen where histrorical data is shown . I have seen that you do show battery temp for CanBus controlled batteries where this example is from


merlepeter asked

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Feature Request: Provide Support for Modbus/dbus switching of Multiplus AC-Out2 relay

I would like to request a feature request to support controlling the AC-Out2 relay in the Multiplus/Multiplus II via modbus.

At the moment, AC-Out2 can be controlled a number of other ways, but there is no modbus register address exposed to allow it to be controlled with scripts.

I am aware I can switch a GX relay connected to the Multiplus and control the AC-Out2 relay that way, but this is sloppy in that it requires extra wiring and also wastes a GX relay (of which there is only 2), and we need the relays for other functions.

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