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Powerassist in ESS system development

In an ESS system, the powerassist function is disabled by the ESS assistant.

In Belgium the government is going to charge a tax based on the peak power, besides the existing taxes on the amount of imported energy.

This will make the powerassist function of the Multiplus II or easysolar important.

Now we are dependent on integrators to add the powerassist software on a raspberry pi-based module that adds this function to the ESS.

I find it disappointing that Victron is not willing to integrate this function in the ESS assistant.

Is there really nobody in this community that is able to make this work? I am willing to pay a fee for that...

I have a 9kwh battery pack that is set on min SOC of 25%, to be able to deliver backup power when necessary, like an outage of the grid, or the grid voltage raising above the max allowed grid parameter, making the inverters disconnect from the grid.

But there are 2 situations I can think of, in which I want a deeper discharge of the battery.

  1. Powerassist: When the AC input grid power of the house exceeds 4KW, the battery should assist the grid with extra power, so that the input gridpower stays below 4kW. After the power demand in the house gets lower again, the battery may charge back to 25% SOC with low charging gridpower. By the way, Charging the battery with grid power must always keep the total import ac power below 4kW, which is not the case now when setting a higher SOC for instance... A button in the ESS control with a boost charge power would be handy though, when you want to charge the battery asap.
  2. Weather forecast-based deeper discharge: Nothing to do with powerassist. But the battery may discharge deeper in the evening, when the next day a lot of sun is predicted.

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ESS Feature request - Only power critical loads from battery


I have a grid meter on the grid feed in and I split my DB between critical and non critical loads. From what I see, ESS doesn't distinguish between PV DC and Battery DC and will power all loads from DC power available.

I would like the option to feed excess PV into the non critical loads, but not drain the bank when powering those loads, in effect prioritising the grid above the battery for non critical loads. I don't think this is currently possible?

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Have a wish suggestion for improvement for programmable relay


is there a way to bring suggestion for improvement to Victron?
I‘l would have the possibility Switch on/off the programmable Relais if the inverter works or not works.

In my mind feature request for the VictronConfig assistances.


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MultiPlus SOC dropping when charger in Storage mode and inverter is off


I recently set up a small UPS using a MultiPlus 12/800 and a 105AhC20 AGM battery. Everything works as expected and I'm also running Venus OS on a Rpi 3B to be able to monitor the system.

The MultiPlus is working as standby UPS (no ignore AC settings), so it only uses the battery/inverter if AC goes down or misbehaves.

Battery Monitor on Venus is set to MultiPlus on VE Bus.

I noticed that SOC keeps dropping about 0.5% every day. This should not happen as the battery voltage is 13.4V (temp. comp.) and no load is applied. I also see a strange random load of 1A being drawn from battery. This is probably related.

I was able to catch one, see below...


I been thinking...

Is this maybe caused by temperature compensation? (temp raising so charger lowers the voltage maybe causing false current readings?) If so, this can also confuse SOC calculation?

Any thoughts and help would be very much appreciated.


So, if we had solar/external chargers or loads connected we shouldn't use the MultiPlus to calculate SOC, but if we have a basic setup like mine, with no external charger/loads, I think that would be a good idea that internal calculation could hold SOC at 100% after entering storage mode and if inverter was not being used, so it would ignore 'noise' readings like the ones I get that I think are caused by temperature compensation adjusting voltage.


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TR Smart Manual Improvement

Specifications pages show values for no load input current and standby current. Good.

But there's no description of how it goes into standby, or how to identify from the LEDs.

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[Feature Request] VRM pressure unit choice?

Loving the new Ruuvi temp sensor integration. Great work!!

Any chance the VRM portal could allow multiple units of measure? Inches of Mercury please.

..For us American aviation types :)

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Feature Request: Smart BatteryProtect

I use a Smart BatteryProtect to control the charging of a high amperage charger to my battery bank.

It would be really useful to have a mode to disconnect the Smart BatteryProtect when my battery bank is at max soc (14.4v) and to connect it again whenever the battery is at a predefined voltage say for example 13v. That way my battery doesn’t stay floated at max soc

This wouldn’t be hard to implement. The only thing that would need to be changed in the app is to allow the “Shut down” voltage setting to be higher than the “Restart” voltage setting.

so for example I could enter 14.4v in the “Shutdown” setting and 13v in the “Restart” setting.

I figured that the reason this feature isn’t currently implemented could be that it would be confusing to a user.

This could be remedied by having a dialogue box pop up the this VictronConnect app whenever a user sets the shutdown voltage higher than the restart voltage.

Or to add an extra mode for this feature in the mode select dropdown. It could be named “external charger control”.

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Viewing Temperatures of ruuvi sensors

First, I like to thank you for the ruuvi integration! What a great feauture. Today I installed three of them in my RV, and it was so easy to do! Great !

… but it would be VERY nice to have a temperature-overview page on the gx touch !

… like a the „tanks overview“ page (sooo nice)

… or maybe like a „weather-station“ (*joke)

i know it could be done with a GUI mod, but I am not that familiar with programming, and have no idea how to do that …

thank you!

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Cerbo GX , Remote Konsole , Vorschlag an Entwickler


ich betreibe meine Anlage (MultiPlus 12/1600/70, SmartShunt 500A, MPPT 100/30, 176Ah LiFePo4, Daly 150A BMS und Cerbo GX) im Wohnwagen.


Das läuft alles zur vollsten Zufriedenheit, ich habe aber einen Wunsch an die Entwickler.

Wenn wir auf dem Campingplatz stehen, haben wir Landstrom angeschlossen, wobei der Kühlschrank im Wohnwagen und die Kühlbox im Wohnwagen an der Autark Anlage vorbei, direkt an der Landstrom Versorgung angeschlossen sind. Jetzt kommt es auch mal vor, das der Landstrom ausfällt (Sicherung am Stromkasten des Campingplatzes gefallen, Stecker dort rausgezogen, etc.). Das wird dann leider erst spät bemerkt, weil ja im Wohnwagen alles, unabhängig vom Landstrom, auf 12 Volt läuft.

Der Cerbo weiß ja, wenn Landstrom anliegt, auch wenn der MultiPlus ausgeschaltet ist. Das kann ich im VRM Portal in der erweiterten Darstellung sehen.


Es wäre aber sehr hilfreich, wenn diese Information schon in der Remote Konsole, unabhängig ob der MultiPlus eingeschaltet ist, zu sehen wäre (so auch direkt auf dem Display im Wohnwagen). Ich habe dazu mal einen Vorschlag erstellt.


Da ich eine separate Tankanzeige habe, fände ich es auch schön, wenn ich in der Remote Konsole stattdessen z. B. die Temperatur anzeigen könnte. Das aber nur als kleines Extra.

Danke für eine evtl. Rückmeldung und Grüße


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TINY FEATURE REQUEST: Make x icon for close remote console bigger

The x in a circle icon to close remote console is really fiddly on an iPhone. I just click 10 times hoping it will close … if you made it twice the size : problem solved!


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My Lynx distributor has no led lights yet everything is activated??

My Lynx distributor has no led lights yet everything is activated. Using Victron Smart Shunt .This is a simple setup with just a V 3000-12v inverter hooked up to the distributor. Using Cerbo GX and Touch Display thay work fine??

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Toolkit LED definitions

I know having a GX is the best way to find out what errors your system is showing to you in plain language.

But I was thinking having the front of the Quattro or multi and selecting which LEDs are flashing or solid on might would it easier to define the error being flashed. The the app can match it to the error defined.

Sometimes scrolling through all the definitions has to be repeated. And the one you have is not always seen.

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VictronConnect Feature Request

My Victron setup is installed in my motorhome(RV), I would like the Victron app to list the devices such that those that are already paired/known appear at the very top of the list.

This is so that when I am parked near other motorhomers with Victron kit installed (it happens regularly) - that *my* devices are at the top of the device list.

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How do I filter on the Connect App Devices screen so I only see my devices?

I am currently drycamping with a plethora of other RV's (400) using Victron hardware in Lake Havasu and have to scroll two or three pages of devices to find mine in that sea of listings. I have named the first five letters of each of my controllers, SBS and the BMV to be the same but my devices are all over the place. It appears VC's default sort is by type of device. I am guessing that the folks writing/doing systems analysis of this software have never used it in a crowded vicinity of their own devices? Maybe boats don't get very close? Anyway, am I missing something obvious or am I, and every other RV'er around me having the same issue? -Bill

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Multiplus mit Venus OS


Wie wird ein Raspberry mit Venus OS mit einem Multiplus verbunden?

Ich möchte mir einen Multi zulegen und habe noch einen Raspberry rum liegen. Nun überlege ich ob es nicht möglich ist den Raspberry mit Venus os anstatt eines gerbo zu nutzen. Ein Ve.direct zu USB Adapter habe ich Original von Victron gefunden. Aber wie kommt die Verbindung zum Multiplus Zustande?

Anfangs war die Idee einen Multiplus als GX Version zu kaufen. Nun musste ich aber feststellen das dieser nur einen Ve.direct Anschluss für einen Laderegler hat. Ich gehe aber davon aus das ich in Zukunft auf jedenfal zwei Ve.direct benötige. Deswegen die Idee mit Venus os. Oder ist der USB Anschluss vom Multiplus gx mit einem Ve.direct zu usb Kabel zu benutzen? Energiemesser wird der Em24 als ethern version.

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