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Load-Anschluss bitte Stromstärke künftig einstellbar

Ich mag die kleinen Laderegler, wie z.B. den 75/15 usw. Der Ladestrom für die Batterie lässt sich begrenzen. Das ist eine sehr gute Eigenschaft! Leider ist eine Begrenzung der Stromstärke für den LOAD Anschluss bisher nicht möglich. Doch genau das hätte ich schon öfter gut gebrauchen können und wünsche mir diese Möglichkeit sehr.

Es wäre super, wenn künftige Modelle diese Fähigkeit hätten. Dazu muss wahrscheinlich die Hardware geändert werden.
Aber ich wollte mir schon immer einen weiteren Victron holen und warte gerne, bis es einen solchen Laderegler von Victron gibt. :-)

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I'd like to propose a change to VRM and venus-OS system diagram DC bus

Please see the attached image for details. Thanks

Edit 2022-09-16
thanks dagamma and Eric M for your comments - the mods community looks awesome, hopefully someday I'll get round to properly delving in there!

My beef is only that I find the current diagram to be misleading (or dare I say straight up wrong?) in that it implies that somehow the DC element somehow goes into the battery first before then being extracted. When in fact the electrical currents balance on the DC bus (Kirchhoff’s Current Law, if memory of my long ago school days serves me right?)


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Comworks SuperSense TireCheck (TPMS)


I'm really pleased with the Comworks SuperSense tank level sensors. They fit perfectly into the Cerbo installation of my camper van.

Also the Ruuvi Tags do.

Now I'm wondering if one could also integrate the Comworks SuperSense TireCheck (TPMS) sensors, which are bluetooth devices like the Ruuvis.



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(Thermal Runaway?) VE.Smart Network Support on Blue Smart Charger IP67

Pretty sure this was asked a few years ago but wondering if anything has changed...

Any chance of VE.Smart Network coming available to the Blue Smart IP67 chargers?

Could really use that actual Battery Temperature reading...on these cool sunny days right now the ambient temp of the charger outside in the shade and the temp of the battery in a black plastic box is quite a big spread after a big charge (88f vs 61f - I think..the Blue Smart doesn't actually show temp- Another feature request to display Blue Smart temp?)

This leaves the MPPT on the VE.Smart Network to think that we are overcharging because it has temp compensated the voltage down for the warm battery (its probably right) while the BlueSmart IP67 is doing the opposite and temp compensating up for the cool charger.

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VictronConnect Improvement Requests - Offline mode, history metrics, dashboard, background mode

Hello VictronEnergy,

I'm a big fan of your products, I use the SmartSolar, the SmartShunt, the Phoenix Inverter and the LoRaWan Module happily.

As many before, I do also have feature suggestions to improve the usability of the VictronConnect App. I strongly believe you should invest more UI development resources into the App, as todays mantra is "mobile first" when it comes to building UIs. Don't get me wrong, I like the Apps structure and easiness of use, but I believe some crucial things are still missing for a happy user experience.

Many other such posts where made before this, so I'm sorry if there are a few duplicate requests.

Some of these other posts reported a flawed bluetooth connection and thus the app constantly needs to re-connect. I must say the App is most stable and very smoothly useable with Iphones. I tried several Android Phones and even with Victrons suggested Samsung Phones, the app runs far slower and not as smooth as with an Iphone.

Anyways the troubles of us VicrtonConnect users are still always the same, no matter which phone, the pain is only amplified on Android. So here is my which list:

* general offline mode

* more history metrics

* remove trends - replace with daily metrics

* Dashboard

* background mode

Let me elaborate in detail:

general offline mode


I think that's pretty obvious: I want to access my harvest history and all the relevant historic statistics, even when I'm not connected via bluetooth. I'd also like to see how "old" the history data is, so to speak, when was the last update.

Currently the "Status" tab is the Entry tab when connecting to the device. I would change this to the history tab and grey out the Status tab. When clicking on the status tab, the app could try to reconnect via bluetooth while still showing the history data.

I would consider this to be very important, with only little difficulty.

more history metrics


Some other posts mentioned some missing metrics, here is my wish list:

I'd like to see the current temperature (in Status) and also the historic values (Minimum, Maximum, Average).

I'd like to see daily average values for the solar power and the battery voltage.

I'd like to see the minimum, average and maximum power on the load port (on MPPT with Load connectors).

I consider this medium important, with only little difficulty. Not sure if the MPPT firmware would need updates to calculate the averages and send the temperature information.

remove trends - replace with daily metrics


I'd really like to see a solar, battery, and power output curve for the last and current day. more or less similar to the ones from the VRM but with a slightly higher resolution (e.g. every 15 minutes).

The trends functionality is rather useless, as many suggested before, as it requires the app to run constantly in foreground. I would completely remove this function.

I consider this to be medium important and medium difficult. This would surely require firmware upgrades and changes to the app.



When using multiple Smart Victron Products It would be fantastic to have a status dashboard which includes the most important stats into a single page. I'd like to see the current Solar Yield, DC Load Power, AC Load Power, Batter Fill level for my setup. I can imagine other metrics could be interesting in such a dashboard too.

I consider this to be less important and rather difficult as it might require multiple parallel bluetooth connections, which might be different on each platform.

background mode


This has been requested often, and I would request it once more. I'd like to have a background mode which leaves the bluetooth connection open even when the app is in background, so that the app doesn't need to reconnect and load all values again when switching to it.

I consider this to be medium important and difficult as it might be different on different platforms.


I understand it is a lot work to improve the app, build the firmware test everything and finally release it for multiple platforms. Some of these features might be very difficult or even impossible to add. But keep the mantra "mobile first" in mind.

I always recommend your products to friends and colleagues. It would be much easier if I could show them my real offline data with my mobile. I know there's the demo function, but still I'd like to share my stats with them, so they can learn how much energy they can harvest with a similar setup like mine.

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US 60hz versions for EU only multiplus and easysolar?

Not sure if this is a good place for this, but I'm kinda dying for some US 60Ghz versions of the smaller multiplus and easysolar models. These are exactly what I need but they only come in 50hz 230V.

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Feature Request - Add built-in programmable delay timer to Battery Protect

Hi Victron Team

I Currently run a Battery protect that has a positive trigger to the remote port so when i turn my ignition on the BP goes active, but I Would love to have a delay on this, currently i am running a timer relay inbetween that then activated the BP after 30 seconds of the ignition being turned on, but would be awesome and a lot less clutter of devices, if the BP could have a turn on and/or turn off delay


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Are there any plans for BlueTooth connectivity between the Cerbo GX and SmartShunts / SmartSolars?

Given that the Cerbo GX, SmartShunts and SmartSolars all have BT capabilities, it would eliminate a while lot of cabling if these capabilities could be harnessed to transfer data between the devices and the Cerbo. It would also overcome some of the limitations imposed by the number of physical inputs on the Cerbo.

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Victron Glossary of Terms: Does it exist?

Good day all.

Frustrated. Does Victron have a glossary of terms I can use to make sense of all the manuals? Exhausted by endlessly Googling (with marginal success) exact definitions. Time is just not that readily expendable.

Any help would be wildly appreciated.



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Temperature alarms should not need relay assignment

Currently, the alarm for a temperature sensor is not available unless the condition is assigned to a relay. I would like the alarm conditions to be available even if a relay is not assigned to temperature.

What good is an alarm if it is not assigned to a relay? Answer: the alarm status can be displayed where the actual temperature is shown (like in GuiMods mobile overview and flow overviews). A notification could also be generated but that is currently not happening.

Also the location of the alarm settings is a bit odd as it's in the relay configuration page, not in the temperature sensor setup itself.

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Monitoring of non-PV DC generation through CCGX

This has been mooted as a possible new feature for some time. Is there any prospect soon? I have three systems that could do with this, or a better work around than the 'Has DC System' fudge.

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

@Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff)


@48V on 56North

@Chase Martin

@Sam Salwei

Any news gratefully received!

Similar posts:



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Powerassist in ESS system development

In an ESS system, the powerassist function is disabled by the ESS assistant.

In Belgium the government is going to charge a tax based on the peak power, besides the existing taxes on the amount of imported energy.

This will make the powerassist function of the Multiplus II or easysolar important.

Now we are dependent on integrators to add the powerassist software on a raspberry pi-based module that adds this function to the ESS.

I find it disappointing that Victron is not willing to integrate this function in the ESS assistant.

Is there really nobody in this community that is able to make this work? I am willing to pay a fee for that...

I have a 9kwh battery pack that is set on min SOC of 25%, to be able to deliver backup power when necessary, like an outage of the grid, or the grid voltage raising above the max allowed grid parameter, making the inverters disconnect from the grid.

But there are 2 situations I can think of, in which I want a deeper discharge of the battery.

  1. Powerassist: When the AC input grid power of the house exceeds 4KW, the battery should assist the grid with extra power, so that the input gridpower stays below 4kW. After the power demand in the house gets lower again, the battery may charge back to 25% SOC with low charging gridpower. By the way, Charging the battery with grid power must always keep the total import ac power below 4kW, which is not the case now when setting a higher SOC for instance... A button in the ESS control with a boost charge power would be handy though, when you want to charge the battery asap.
  2. Weather forecast-based deeper discharge: Nothing to do with powerassist. But the battery may discharge deeper in the evening, when the next day a lot of sun is predicted.

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ESS Feature request - Only power critical loads from battery


I have a grid meter on the grid feed in and I split my DB between critical and non critical loads. From what I see, ESS doesn't distinguish between PV DC and Battery DC and will power all loads from DC power available.

I would like the option to feed excess PV into the non critical loads, but not drain the bank when powering those loads, in effect prioritising the grid above the battery for non critical loads. I don't think this is currently possible?

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Have a wish suggestion for improvement for programmable relay


is there a way to bring suggestion for improvement to Victron?
I‘l would have the possibility Switch on/off the programmable Relais if the inverter works or not works.

In my mind feature request for the VictronConfig assistances.


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MultiPlus SOC dropping when charger in Storage mode and inverter is off


I recently set up a small UPS using a MultiPlus 12/800 and a 105AhC20 AGM battery. Everything works as expected and I'm also running Venus OS on a Rpi 3B to be able to monitor the system.

The MultiPlus is working as standby UPS (no ignore AC settings), so it only uses the battery/inverter if AC goes down or misbehaves.

Battery Monitor on Venus is set to MultiPlus on VE Bus.

I noticed that SOC keeps dropping about 0.5% every day. This should not happen as the battery voltage is 13.4V (temp. comp.) and no load is applied. I also see a strange random load of 1A being drawn from battery. This is probably related.

I was able to catch one, see below...


I been thinking...

Is this maybe caused by temperature compensation? (temp raising so charger lowers the voltage maybe causing false current readings?) If so, this can also confuse SOC calculation?

Any thoughts and help would be very much appreciated.


So, if we had solar/external chargers or loads connected we shouldn't use the MultiPlus to calculate SOC, but if we have a basic setup like mine, with no external charger/loads, I think that would be a good idea that internal calculation could hold SOC at 100% after entering storage mode and if inverter was not being used, so it would ignore 'noise' readings like the ones I get that I think are caused by temperature compensation adjusting voltage.


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