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Victron Connect y-axis scaling


I‘m using the Victron Connect App on iOS to read data from a Smart Battery Sense. I find it very irritating that I cannot move or scale the y-axis. Am I missing something? An autofit button would also be very nice. Sometimes the app doesn‘t show the data or cuts partly off due to wrong scaling. In that case the only fix seems to be to switch the axis to temperature or none, then change it back to voltage.

Its also kinda sad that I cannot export the trend data but I already commented on another thread regarding that problem: https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/161552/export-battery-sense-data-from-victronconnect.html



gearloose asked
mvader (Victron Energy) answered ·

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ESS Feature request - Only power critical loads from battery


I have a grid meter on the grid feed in and I split my DB between critical and non critical loads. From what I see, ESS doesn't distinguish between PV DC and Battery DC and will power all loads from DC power available.

I would like the option to feed excess PV into the non critical loads, but not drain the bank when powering those loads, in effect prioritising the grid above the battery for non critical loads. I don't think this is currently possible?

mcwidowmaker asked
Robert Boerescu commented ·

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START/STOP generator in controle menu

Always so nice to see that victron listens to there costumors. I've seen a lot of things change after a proposal has been discussed on the forum.
After my question last year for having a switch to turn on/off the AC2 on the VRM and after a testrun seeiing that the switch is here to stay now.
I have a next proposal. Is there a possibility to have a switch to start/stop the generator in the controls menu.

So we don't always have to enter the remote console to start/stop the genrator

Eager to hear the reaction of you guys at victron.

Thanks for the wonderful products

Ls Design

ls-design asked
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Feature Request - MPPT Calculator share your config button issue

When helping some members of this community, i noticed that the url that the MPPT Calculator "share your config" button generates on the English site, directs to the Dutch calculator. As there is no Header and because of that no navigation-bar it could be difficult for some users.

I think it's not a difficult thing to resolve.

daver-1 asked
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Feature Request / Documentation Enhancement

Please place the "http://www.victronenergy.com/upload/documents/manual-VE.Bus-firmware-versions-explained-EN.pdf" file into the proper directory in dropbox for use during upgrades in the field.

Background/repro steps:

  1. Firmware on the pro site can be linked via Dropbox to my local computer via this site: Connect with Dropbox - Victron Professional (victronenergy.com)
    1. This allows for easy upgrades when I am at a site with no internet connectivity.
  2. Firmware updates and the decision tree for VE devices can sometimes be tricky with references to chip versions etc.
  3. Firmware versions are listed here:
  4. Dropbox/Apps/VictronEnergyCMSSync/Firmwares/VE.Bus (Multis, Inverters and Quattros)/VEBus firmware numbers.txt
    1. This document wisely tells you to reference http://www.victronenergy.com/upload/documents/manual-VE.Bus-firmware-versions-explained-EN.pdf
  5. If I am at a remote site I have NO access to the Internet so I have no access to this reference material.
  6. I do not want a local copy on my hard drive.
    1. This document may change.
    2. I use dropbox as a single source of truth regarding Victron firmwares for VE Devices.
  7. I do not want to ask my customer to remove panels to give me information regarding chipset etc.
    1. This could be dangerous.

Thank you for the consideration

rspott asked
mvader (Victron Energy) answered ·

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Feature Request - All - Internet or VRM based backups of configurations

If a Victron device is attached to VRM via a Venus-type device it should send configuration data to VRM for backup and versioning.

If a new like-device is installed at an end user site, the end user or installer should be given the option to download and put in place an existing backed up configuration.

I am not a professional installer, I am an enthusiast that uses your equipment extensively.

When I consider the amount of time and effort required to re-program a replaced Cerbo or other Victron device (especially in a warranty replacement that is not normally reimbursed by an end customer) it prompts me to write this feature request as a time and sanity saver.

I was also prompted to write this request after I rented a Mercedes SUV. The infotainment system asked me if I wanted to upload all of my comfort and radio presets to the cloud for safe-keeping and installation on any future Mercedes vehicle. (If the Germans can do it, then the Dutch can do it better!)

rspott asked
harold answered ·

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Feature Request - Venus OS / VRM: Alarms/thresholds on any decimal number presented to Venus/VRM

Any decimal number presented to Venus-type device /VRM should be alarm-able via a threshold.

VRM allows the tracking and graphing of decimal numbers sent to it from various devices attached to a Venus-type device. An example might be a Ruuvi sensor sending temperature or humidity data for storage and graphing.

At the current time, there is no way to set an alarm either on the Venus-type device or VRM for the Ruuvi (or other) devices not specifically called allowed by Victron Firmwares.

rspott asked

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Feature request: Add LAN connection to EV charging station

Is it possible to add a LAN (Ethernet) socket to the EV charging station. I have already run power and ethernet cables to where a EV charging unit with be fitted. It is outside the range of my WiFi. It would be prefered to be able to fit the Victron charging point and intergrate with my existing system.

Many thanks,

(Enjoying recent changes to vrm, especially the improved custom widget axis/scale options.)


assyntdavid asked
derrick thomas answered ·

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Feature Request: A NEVER, EVER CHARGE FROM THE GRID flag, please.


I have a single-phase MultiPlus Compact 24/2000/50 which is AC-coupled to a 2kW Fronius MPPT.

After a cloudy day, the charger will kick in at sunset to top-up batteries from the grid. Or a cloud will come over during Absorption and charger will start importing power to continue Absorption during the day. [More than the 1A I have set as AC current input limit - why?]

I NEVER want my batteries charged from the grid - far too inefficient!

I looked at the Charge Control Assistant but it doesn't seem to be the solution.

Please can we have a flag to disable charging from the grid under any circumstances?



cajanus asked
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FEATURE REQUEST - Phoenix Smart Inverter - Seperate DC Low Voltage Shutdown & Restart Setting

Hi All

I have a new Phoenix Inverter Smart 24/3000.

There is a a combined setting, for Low Battery restart and Alarm:


This means that, when your battery gets low, the inverter shuts down.

It then restarts almost immediatly, while the battery is still flat!

This is because the Restart Voltage is the same as the Shutdown voltage.

On the Multiplus, you have separate settings for 'DC input low-shutdown' and 'DC input low restart'


This allows you to shutdown the inverter when the battery gets low, and then have the inverter not restart until the battery is fully charged.

Please could the settings on the Phoenix Smart be changed to 2 seperate settings, like the Multiplus.

Thank you very much for your time!

mattc asked

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Victron Connect: Show summary in home screen for DC/DC chargers

Hi I'd love it if you guys could get a summary view on the home screen of Victron Connect for your DC/DC chargers. Similar to what the BMV battery monitor does.


burnzau asked
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Are there smoke alarms that work with the Cerbo GX > VRM like Ruuvi sensors do?

For people like us who live off grid full time but leave our homes to go to town for supplies now and again, it sure would be great to have smoke alarms connected to the Cerbo GX > VRM dashboard system so that I could get push notifications to my phone that there is an activated smoke alarm at my property while I'm away (or while I'm home for that matter!).

Sure would be a great safety feature of the system. Can anyone please tell me if the Nest or Ring smoke alarms would work, or if there are any other out there that would? If Ruuvi can tell me the temperature of my monitored area, it seems a little stretch for a smoke alarm to do the same if there is smoke?

Thanks Community!

allswell asked
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VRM Custom charts, number of values plotted


Please consider the merits of being able to display 6 values at a time on the custom widget charts. With 3-phase systems, it is common to want to plot 2 values of all phases at the same time. Example: L1, L2 and L3 Currents on the energy meter and the ACin of the inverter cluster. This would be 6 values.


anieuwstadt asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) commented ·

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TINY FEATURE REQUEST: Make x icon for close remote console bigger

The x in a circle icon to close remote console is really fiddly on an iPhone. I just click 10 times hoping it will close … if you made it twice the size : problem solved!


Warwick Bruce Chapman asked
zaxvagen answered ·

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GX touch dark / night mode

I know it is a feature request which has been stated already. But I want to underline that a dark mode for GX touch would really help in the following two situations an I hope Victron will develop it:

1. minimizing light emissions (important for example in a vehicle or in a sleeping environment)

2. preserving night vision (I use it on a sailboat and looking on the GX touch during navigation kills your night vision for a couple of minutes - therefore, all boat instruments have night modes which are predominantly black/red).

An automatic day/night mode switching, depending on the ambient light conditions, would of course be the non-plus-ultra solution. Thank you, Victron, for all the good things you do.

drpaedu asked

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