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RS450/100 internal error 201 immediately after firmware update V1.05

Are there more people with a RS450/100 that had internal error 201 after the latest firmware update?
Now I have to sent the unit back to Victron.
Unit is connected to 30kW BYD lithium batery, color control and Quattro 15kW.

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Victron Connect failing to pair - latest version bug?

Victron Connect V5.47 installed on an Android smartphone and Android tablet: When using Victron Connect to access a new Phoenix Smart 12/2000 - connected first time (using the six zero login). After exiting the App and then trying to re-connect later it fails when the pin is requested (at 85%) with the comment "unable to pair". Re-starting the App, checking all settings (location etc) makes no difference. Re-installing makes no difference. Same problem trying to connect to a SmartSolar MPPT. Exactly the same problem trying to connect via a Samsung (Android) tablet to the same products and we have 2 other customers this week reporting the same issue. Is there a bug in the latest version of Victron Connect or the latest implementation of bluetooth?

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SmartLithium Battery (200ah) Temperature Offset - very confused

Cold last night, about freezing, 32F, no heat in the van at all, and I was not in it. This morning, still freezing out, I checked the battery temps in the Victron App, and each showed ~66F. I also noted the temperature offset setting, and mine showed +38F and "Resulting temperature: 124F. I have never touched that setting on my three batteries. I thought maybe I could adjust it to match the ambient temperature, so I tried. I could adjust the offset down to 20F, but the "Resulting temperature" then read 106F. Sorry, but none of this makes sense to me. Any suggestions? I do not want to be charging if below 40F.

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Forum Slow/time outs

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

For the last couple of days, forum performance has been very slow, sometimes timing out with a 504 gateway error.

Please check

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Remote console fails in Samsung Internet browser


I recently updated the Samsung Internet browser (version on my Samsung S8 phone. Suddenly, reading my CCGX locally over LAN does not work. It does however work by using my PC or Chrome for Android which both work over my local network browsing to the same IP address. For the updated Samsung browser I get this:


I guess the software in the GX device does not like the new browser's user agent, just a guess. Hope this can be fixed!

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VE Config III User Defined Battery Type Problem

Sadly this App does not have settings for Victron Lead Carbon Batteries.

System is Easysolar 24/1600/40, 4xVictron 12V 106Ah lead carbon, BMV712, Victron Battery Balancer. PC is running Win 10.

Problem has been present since installation, over 12 months ago.

I've been entering values manually in the app based on the datasheet (guessing the temp compensation :-( ) manually, but decided to create a user defined battery type.

So as per the help, I created a new definition. According to the help it is supposed to take the manually input parameters and create a new named definition. Battery type setting remains 'No corresponding default'. But the new type appears in the list.

So far so good.

Selecting the new type causes a pile of errors come up (almost too fast to read), and all the manually input settings are lost. My system is 24V, Absorption/float voltage are set to 24V, not the 28.2 I entered, temp compensation is lost etc. One error I could read was that absorption must be higher than float, which it was already.

I've tried this a few times, same behaviour every time. DVCC was set off, setting it on did not affect this problem.

Including the app hanging frequently.

Can someone can point me to what I'm doing wrong


1 - Lead carbon should be there already.

2 - User defined types not working.

3 - App hangs fetching data from the system. (seems to clear by clicking the X in fetch window. At this point Win Task manager is showing 0CPU for the app.

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VE Configure Warning!

Just connected to my Easysolar with the mk3 interface.

Was offered a software update for configure and accepted. Installed. Connected again and it wanted to update the MK3 as well. Accepted.

VE Configure retrieves the readings as expected. But will go no further. Locked on general tab. Does not respond to keyboard, mouse. Had to use Win10 task manager to close the program

Suggest you do not update!

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BUG in MP II Charger when Pylontech Battery is Connected? Batteries overcharging!

The Victron Pylontech guide https://www.victronenergy.com/live/battery_compatibility:pylontech_phantom states:

When DVCC is enabled, the battery (via the CAN-bms) is responsible for the charge voltage. The Pylontech battery requests a charge voltage of 53.2V. We have however found that in practice this is too high.
The Pylontech battery has 15 cells in series, so 53.2V equates to 3.55V per cell. This is very highly charged and makes the system prone to go overvoltage.
It should also be noted that a LiFePO4 cell stores very little additional energy above 3.45V.
For this reason we opted to override the BMS and cap the voltage at 52.4V. This sacrifices almost none of the capacity and greatly improves the stability of the system. 

This makes a lot of sense. However, by error I found out that it is not implemented that way. The clamping seems to be implemented the wrong way round!

When I configure the absorption voltage in VEConfigure to 54 V, then it will charge the battery up to 54V and receive overvoltage alarm or destroy the batteries. The clamping to 52.4V is NOT THERE!

However, if I configure the absorption voltage in VEConfigure to 52.0 V, then it will ignore the 52.0 V and charge to 52.4 V. So, in fact, the clamping is implemented the wrong way. If the user sets something BELOW 52.4, shouldn't the user values be obeyed?

In fact, the same guide cited above says that the user should set the absorption voltage to 52.0V (see table!) If you do that, it has zero effect! The MP II will still charge to 52.4V absorption voltage.

I think this is a bug. If not, what would be the rationale behind this behavior?

I'm not sure where to report this type of bug, if not here please advise.

System Info: MultiPlus II 3kVA 48V, Pylontech US2000, AC coupled PV on AC_OUT, no other Victron devices except the MultiPlus, no DC connected chargers. Firmware v2.64, 20210227...

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Multiplus II 48/5000/70 - 60Hz. Issue after updating to V489

Hello Victron Energy,

After updating my MP II 48/5000/70 to V489, I am facing a frequency issue. I changed it to 60Hz. and save the change, but it still shows 50Hz. on the V.E Configure 3, problem that I did not have with the V487. This frequency issue causes all UPS backups to beep a lot because the frequency is 50Hz. instead of 60Hz. Maybe the V489 came out with a bug.

Please, fix it asap!

Best regards.

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During scheduled charge if there is sun so MPPT is charging, Voltage charge level is wrong of 200mV


I am in ESS mode

During scheduled charge on daylight, if MPPT is charging i notice that the Voltage charge level is wrong of 200mV compare to night.


clouzis asked

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Victron Updated VRM Portal Dashboard


I have an Multiplus II 48/10000, AC coupled to a Fronius Primo 8.2, full offgrid setup. On the new VRM Portal Dashboard update i have noticed that the voltage flow graphic has changed from the Fronius, it used to go straight into the blue Victron inverter icon, now it goes straight into the AC load flow line graphic, hence now it does not give a graphic representation of bidirectional flow from the Fronius back into the Victron inverter, just a continuous flow from the Fronius to the AC load regardless of the AC load demand and battery charge state. Where the Fronius AC output & Multiplus II output graphic flow lines intersect there should be bidirectional graphic flow of the animation blocks both to & from the Multiplus II as is the case still on the input graphic from the Battery & MPPT DC coupled side. Maybe I’m being a bit picky just though I’d bring it up. It’s like the new graphics from the Fronius are only setup for an ESS system not off grid system that should take into consideration the bidirectional capabilities of the Multiplus.

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Victron VRM ESS consumption data is not matching meter readings for 3 phase system after firmware update


i have a Victron installation with 3 quattros 10k, grid connected with PV connected on AC out; i have 2 energy meters one connected on Grid and the other on on PV; Everything was ok for about half year and 2 weeks ago ive decided to upgrade quattros via VRM to v487 around the time ive made the update the VRM started showing bad data for Grid, consumption, PV output.

Im checking daily the data from metters and it shows around x2 more than vrm; as an example yesterday ive consumed 96kw from grid but vrm shows 46; keep in mind this is data from victron metter connected to the system, and this worked ok for months.

thank you


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VRM not showing tracker details MPPT RS 450/100

In the past I could see the values of the individual trackers of my MPPT RS on the VRM portal. But this has now disappeared, in the advanced dashboard i can still see the details. Is that something that has been removed a gain or a bug?


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Bug report: Pylontech 2500 Battery-Remote Console-Details &VRM data errors

I'm commissioning three Pylontech 2500 batteries with a new Cerbo GX and came across two problems with the remote console "Details" display of data and the data reported by the VRM data widget. (the battery operation is working nominally)

1/ the Details screen (remote console) description has the first two labels of the "Lowest cell voltage" and "Highest cell voltage" reversed. The VRM widget display also has these labels reversed.

2/ Something is very wrong with the display of the Lowest and Highest cell temperatures.
The Details screen is also reporting the "Minimum cell temperature" and "Maximum cell temperature" incorrectly. For an ambient temperature of 24C and battery temp of 24C and a small charge current 7.5A @ 26.88V for 3 units (333Ah) the reported max and min cell temperatures are -33C and -43C. The next day when the ambient temperature had dropped to 21C, reported -63C & -73C.

I tried each of the brand new batteries separately (i.e. not connected together via RS232 cable) moving the CAN cable to each in turn and each of the "Cell temperatures" was the same i.e -33C. I would have expected the cell temperature should have been (under the operating conditions) to have been very close to the battery temperature at 24C plus/minus no more than 1C.

I also have observed that the reported battery temperature resolution is 1 degree C (no problem with this), with the cell temperature incremented in units of 10C. This might hint at the possible cause of the problem.

The battery otherwise seems to be operating nominally and the local LED display is not showing any problems. Otherwise, the Pylontech 2500 BMS CAN bus connection to the Cerbo GX was simple and quick commissioning, complements on making it so easy.

I'll try to post screenshots of the problem, for some reason the current session does not allow images.

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VRM : Bug in Advanced

Hi, there is a bug in the Advanced options and MPPT State. It remains displaying all the charging data as "BULK", even when Absorption or Float states are reached. Checked on Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome. On the Android App, through the Devices connection it is correctly displayed in history. Thanks, Michel


michelg asked
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VRM mppt state graph incorrect
Today I have discovered an interesting problem with VRM. I have achieved float on both SmartSolar chargers and VRM reports this. When I look at the advanced graphs, I am getting different outputs for the MPPT state graph depending on whether I display the last 24 hours or today.
The 24 hour display displays correctly where the today display says one of my chargers is off and the other one has never left bulk.
I have no idea how to report this anomaly to Victron as it is obviously a change that has happened in the VRM webpage.


Today display


Last 24 hours

As you can see, the last 24 hours shows charge yesterday and today and reaching float on both days. The Today shows on charger not charging today and the other not getting past bulk.

Stuart Smith asked
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Absoption not shown in VRM

Does anyone has the same issue that Absorption period is not shown in the MPPT state graphs in VRM?


muro asked
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VE Bus State for Multiplus not showing correct Information in VRM

Hello all

VE Bus State for Multiplus ok on VRM dasboard but not in VRM advanced

The correct state is Absortion as showing in dashboard but the state is OFF in the advanced view



steve777 asked
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VE.Bus State wrong in VRM-Portal

VE.Bus State is displayed incorrectly when I select "today" as the option. With 2 or more days, the display is correct. What is wrong?



maha asked
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Bug in Multiplus 2 when switching to Float

I use three MultiPlus-II 48/3000 in grid-tie ESS setup.

I charge the batteries to 56V (absorption), it sits there for a while while batteries balance.
After a set time it enters Float at 55.40V.

When the multis change to Float they discharge at maximum inverter capacity for a few seconds, in my case over 6000W.
On a sunny day when my PV inverter is already exporting 15000W, an additional 6000W is a little too much.
The jump from absorption to float ignores grid-set-point, it ignores the ramp up/ramp down settings. It goes from 0 to MAX in a millisecond.

I cannot see this discharge in any of the widgets in vrm, but it is there, trust me. I see it in real-time if I look at vrm and I also see it in my other monitoring system. 18900W was exported at 11:27 (5/6-2021) exactly when multiplus went into float.

It is not a one-time thing. It happens everytime absorption changes to float.



I guess discharging to reach float is by design, but could it be done a little slower?

Magnus Pernemark asked
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BUG!!! MPPT 450/200 detailed history identical each day

Love this new MPPT, but not impressed with the detailed history, is this a bug? I highly doubt I've had the exact same yield every day.... etc... have rebooted my ipad pro and remains the same. Version of VictronConnect is v5.47, firmware on MPPT is 1.04 (bootloader 1.02).




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bug report - vrm data visualisation discrepancy

Hi there,

I have noticed recently that the figures I am shown for consumption and production differ depending how I am grouping the data. For example if I look at my production for yesterday (14th September) using the "yesterday" filter I see 27Kwh production but if I use the "last 7 days" filter I will see 31Kwh for the same day and that is currently increasing with todays production. I think this might be a timezone issue, I think UTC time is being used for aggregated data (ie last month) but a local timezone conversion is being done on the more granular data (ie intraday).

The above doesnt fully explain the data inconsistencies I am seeing though, I also noticed that recently when using the "yesterday" filter I get a warning, it seems to be including the last few minutes of the previous day in the returned results which invalidates the aggregate figures. This has only recently started happening so I think an update has introduced a bug with the tz conversion itself. This might also explain the strange inconsistencies.

In New Zealand we have daylight savings time which may have something to do with it, I'm not sure which DB is being used by Victron but in MYSQL this can be handled by storing the data in UTC time and always using the convert_tz function on displayed/selected data ie SELECT convert_tz('datetime_field', 'utc', 'pacific/auckland')

Is anyone else experiencing this?



zac asked
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Victron Connect v5.48beta1-Some bugs or just my missunderstanding??


I am testing the beta version, mainly ineterested in the new feature of keeping the loging of the data. I had installed the cell phone apk and the windows version too, both related to the smartShunt baterry monitor.

What I had notice is that when you reconnect the app in the cell phone, some times the logging starts just from that moment, not showing any of the data logued before, and other times, just going back and forth with the time increment/decrement keys, suddenly all the previous data apperars in the trend.

The question is...is that the way it should be?? is there an special way to make the old data appear, Any gesture or setting?? Maybe i am just not doing the right thing..

In the windows version, is even worst the problem, because after closing the program and opening it again, some times you never can get the data back.... (again..is any special key/function/setting/keyboard combination not documented for retrieving the data logued??)

And finally...Is not clear for me how or where in the program set the amount of samples to keep, (or period to store) acording the info in the change log of the Beta version :

"BMV-712 and SmartShunt store Battery voltage, Current, State of Charger % as well as the Aux input (battery temp, or mid voltage, or starter battery voltage).

Interval configuration is equal for above products, and in detail is:

2m at 1s interval (RAM only)

2h at 30s interval

1d at 5m interval

45d at 30m interval"

Can please anybody explain it to me?

Thanks in advance for any help, and excuse the long post...and my english


Bs As


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VRM Konsole Anzeigefehler

Hallo, ich habe auf meiner Remote Konsole über einen Cerbo GX , 2 Anzeige Fehler.

1. Das PV Ladegerät überlagert das Logo vom MPPT

2. Die Punkte für die Energieflussrichtung fehlen, egal wie Groß die Last ist und in welche Richtung sie geht. Im Dashboard wird alle richtig angezeigt.

Kann man sowas irgendwo anpassen?


atomicix asked
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VictronConnect linux bug report - temp compensation setting

Changing temperature compensation value in Multiplus-II 24/3000/16-70, BluePower IP67 12/25 and BluePower IP67 12/17 settles as "disabled" what ever is typed into the value field.

Tested with above mentioned equipment.

mrhappy asked

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smart mppt 100/20 goes up and down like a Yoyo and crashes output to zero



My setup:

1 solar panel Wattstunde WS200SB (200W, Umpp 19.8V, Impp 10.1A).

Attached to a smart solar MPPT 100/20 with the latest firmware 1.56. Victron Connect thinks it is a 48V version as well as my Raspberry Pi. The label on the device tells otherwise (ie no 48V written on it)

Four 75 Ah LiFePO4 in series with BMS. (Home made pack)

(Sidenote: is there a physical difference between the two MPPT models? Or are they the same?)


Main problem is that the mppt crashes its output to zero and starts up again. see the attached pictures. I have no clue why. I checked the BMS. No problems with it. It does not trip any error coditions.

I want this to be resolved. MPPT crashing all the time to zero output is not good.

What is going on? Is this the same bug that ought to be resolved in this firmware revision?

Is my MPTT broken and need to be replaced?

Or is it a problem that there is 1 solar panel attached with an output of only 5V above the battery? Do you have the same problem with 1 panel?

Any help is appreciated.

Victron experts can have a look at the VRM data Portal ID: b827eb30b15f



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Firmware update 2609486 for MultiPlus 12/3000/230-16

Is it just happening for me, or is there a bug in the latest firmware for MultiPlus?
I just updated it, I think it’s only the name because I can see the inverter still says 230V.

But according to VRM and GX Devices, it’s now a MultiPlus 12/3000/120-16.



sebastian-w asked
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MPPT 100/30: Please explain how the temperature compensation works?

I found out that the temperature compensation does not work correctly. It is too high by a factor of 6! I tried out some things and found out that I need to enter the compensation value per cell and NOT per battery bank as the app is asking for.

Test situation:

  • The manufacturer of the used lead acid batteries prescribes a compensation value of -4mV/°K per cell.
  • I have 6 cells, thus I use the MPPT controller at 12V.
  • The floating voltage is set at 13.36V and the controller is in floating mode.
  • Temperature and battery voltage is measured directly at the battery through a BMV-712 battery monitor and send to the MPPT via bluetooth. They are interconnected with each other (which is a pretty cool feature anyway).

The app is asking the temperature compensating coefficient explicitly as per bank and not per cell.

Thus I multiplied the -4mV/°K per cell by 6 and get -24.00mV/°K per bank which I entered in the app.

Today the battery temperature was measured at 19°C. This is 1°C below 20°C (20°C means no compensation).

Expected result:

13.36V + (19°C - 20°C) * -0.024V = 13,384V

Observed result:

13,50V (which is obviously too high for a lousy delta of 1°K)

Then I entered the coefficient as per cell (-4.00mV/°K) and got 13,39V which is what I wanted all the time but never got.

For testing, I also tried to switch off the compensation and got exactly the configured 13.36V.

It looks like the controller is multiplying the entered value internally by 6 as it knows I am using the controller at 12V with lead acid cells (can only be 6 cells as 12V / 2V = 6).

Because of this I killed my new bank last winter as the voltage was too high all the time!!!


0°C in winter means (0°C - 20°C) * (-0.024V * 6 [6 because of the bug]) compensation

= -20 * -0.144V = 2.88V (WTF?!?)


Floating voltage: 13.36V + 2.88V = 16.24V

Absorbing voltage: 14.40V + 2.88V = 17.28V

Balancing voltage: 15.10V + 2.88V = 17.98V


I updated the MPPT to FW v1.50 today which has still the same bug. :-(

Did anyone noticed the same?

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Gap between changing from absorption to float mode


i recognized there's sometimes a gap of pv power when my mppt 100/50 (actual firmware) change from absorption to float. I remeber some firmware versions ago this was a problem and there was a fix in a newer one. Sometimes the complete system load comes from battery while this happens. I don´t know the duration of the gap or if it happens everyday because i write the solar data only every 30s into my database.

How can i contact the support of victron to report this issue?



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Passthru bug CCGX?

Setup: two multiplus 3k in parallel. No assistants. No BMS. No ESS. No DVCC. Powerassist is disabled on both inverters to allow input current setting lower than powerassist minimum.

Problem: If I set the input current limit to 0, inverter goes to passthrough. Perfect. But then input current limit setting greys out and I cannot adjust it again.

Only known resolution: get into VE config, re-enable powerassist. Then input current becomes adjustable again. Then I can disable powerassist and as long as I stay above 0 input current limit, it operates fine.

Seems like a software bug. Am I missing something?

Also. it used to be that setting input current to 0 would ignore AC input. Please bring that back!!!

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