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bug vrm portal trends from fronius in custom widget

I wanted to signal a bug found in the custom widget creation in VRM portal advanced view.

If I select any values from victron environment : no issue

If I select values from my fronius inverter, then with the 1st selected value : ok

but then when I reopen this widget for editing, I find my selected fronius value twice and from that point the widget cannot be saved anymore unless I have deleted all values from fronius

If I add a value, then colors are messed up and cannot be changed either.

jeanmarie asked

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VRM Dashboard scrolls back to the top by itself preventing access to history

Hi if i scroll down and select Consumption/Solar then the page will randomly snap back to the top?

So basically i can not watch the historical data because of that. Has anyone encountered this as well?

mryoshii asked
sharpener answered ·

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VRM temperature display bug

VRM webpage and VRM app on Android do not refresh temperature.

I keep the website open, i come back after a few hours to check things, temp is the same, only when i reload page the temp gets updated.


jj-o-jj asked
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Bug report: Victron EV charger unreachable at times


I have been using the Victron EV Charging station for two months now and it is installed close to an Wifi Access point. My problem is, that the unit becomes unresponsive over the network at times and the solution is to reboot it. Now for example, the dashboard looks like this in my browser. It never finishes loading the page. When the problem occurs it is sometimes possible to ping the unit.

Installed fw is 1.23.


On my Gx device screen the following is shown, where it says that the EV charger is not currently connected:


I hope that this is resolved in the coming firmware, something is making the unit really sluggish!

//Sven F

s-forsberg asked
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Schematic visualization in VRM dasboard missing

Today I took a look into my VRM dashboard and I noticed, that the schematic visualization of my system is missing.

Do you know something about this?

re18 asked
Alexandra commented ·

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VRM Historical data - incorrect date range when selecting Previous Month

The Previous Month option isn't showing the correct date range. For example, today is 10th Nov but when I select Previous Month from the date range selector, the graph shows data from 25th September to 6th November. On all counts this is wrong.

Clicking the left arrow shows data for 1st September to 30th September which is what I would expect. Similarly clicking the right arrow now shows the correct period - 1st October to 31st October.

Where should VRM bugs be reported?

paulcooper asked
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75/15 MPPT and insufficient PV error with Firmware 1.59 issue

Hi folks,

I have a victron 75/15 MPPT hooked up to a 160w panel and 200ah AGM leisure battery, the system has been working flawlessly for years, battery replaced when needed but no issues at all, however, suddenly after upgrading to firmware version 1.59 I constantly get the insufficient PV error.

I have tried using a different panel, and different battery to no difference, having discussed this on Reddit in the victron community there,‘I’ve come across two others who also seen the same issue after upgrading to 1.59

Is there anything I can do about this, have victron issued any statements about faulty firmware, or is there a way for me to roll back to previous version which worked without any issue at all?

David Kennedy asked
amplituded answered ·

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Multiplus-II all lights on and no operation

Hi there

I hope you're well.

I've got an un-usual challenge on A Multiplus-2 on its installation date as the installer switched it on, all 8 LEDs came on and it doesn't operate. What could be the issue?

Please find attached image.

Thank you


Prince Mthembu asked
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bug d'affichage VRM "deux derniers jours"


Depuis quelques jours, l'affichage des "deux derniers jours" sur la page aperçu du système est devenu quasiment inutile, il n'est plus détaillé du tout.

Un bon exemple valant mieux qu'une explication peu claire, voilà :

Avant :


Et maintenant :


A noter qu'il n'est plus vraiment possible de voir de manière détaillée les dernières 48 heures comme avant, même en sélectionnant la plage manuellement (ce que j'ai fait pour obtenir la vue détaillée "avant") : il faut être à moins de 47h pour que la vue reste détaillée, je pense que le bug d'affichage vient de là, il doit y avoir un paramétrage du site qui a été changé lors d'une des deux dernières mises à jour.

yann asked
Thierry Cortassa (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Feature Request: Change default behaviour of DVCC override

I use the DVCC override feature on my Cerbo to effectively put my boat's battery into "Storage Mode." When I know I will not be using it, I'll use the DVCC functionality and "Limit managed battery charge voltage" to 13.2v and allow my battery to drift down to around 62% and stay there. Then, the day before I'm about to head out, I'll remote in and turn that off, letting the system fully charge the battery overnight.

The change in behaviour that I would love to see is that the default value for that DVCC voltage should be whatever voltage is being directed by the BMS. Right now, when I turn that feature on, it initially sets to 56.6v, which I then have to adjust down 0.1v at a time to get it to 13.2v. Additionally, that 56.6v would be dangerous/invalid on a 12v nominal system (or 24v nominal for that matter).

hjohnson asked
nickdb answered ·

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Victron connect shows starter battery even though it has been set to midpoint


My smartshunt 500a shows midpoint set aux input as starter battery. I think its a bug. Am I only the one? Latest firmware btw.


Emre asked
jperez (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Bug report: Pylontech 2500 Battery-Remote Console-Details &VRM data errors

I'm commissioning three Pylontech 2500 batteries with a new Cerbo GX and came across two problems with the remote console "Details" display of data and the data reported by the VRM data widget. (the battery operation is working nominally)

1/ the Details screen (remote console) description has the first two labels of the "Lowest cell voltage" and "Highest cell voltage" reversed. The VRM widget display also has these labels reversed.

2/ Something is very wrong with the display of the Lowest and Highest cell temperatures.
The Details screen is also reporting the "Minimum cell temperature" and "Maximum cell temperature" incorrectly. For an ambient temperature of 24C and battery temp of 24C and a small charge current 7.5A @ 26.88V for 3 units (333Ah) the reported max and min cell temperatures are -33C and -43C. The next day when the ambient temperature had dropped to 21C, reported -63C & -73C.

I tried each of the brand new batteries separately (i.e. not connected together via RS232 cable) moving the CAN cable to each in turn and each of the "Cell temperatures" was the same i.e -33C. I would have expected the cell temperature should have been (under the operating conditions) to have been very close to the battery temperature at 24C plus/minus no more than 1C.

I also have observed that the reported battery temperature resolution is 1 degree C (no problem with this), with the cell temperature incremented in units of 10C. This might hint at the possible cause of the problem.

The battery otherwise seems to be operating nominally and the local LED display is not showing any problems. Otherwise, the Pylontech 2500 BMS CAN bus connection to the Cerbo GX was simple and quick commissioning, complements on making it so easy.

I'll try to post screenshots of the problem, for some reason the current session does not allow images.

raymiller asked
ich10 answered ·

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Not receiving alarm alerts from VRM


An interesting problem.

I have set a few rules for alerts on a number of sites.

These are ranging from Grid lost alarms on the GX to battery SOC warnings. An example is the one attached now.

I did to two GX file uploads recently for offline sites and they had a high number of alarms on it (over six months of data) and the VRM did disable alerts for a time. (I cleared the status from that). However that was for a totally different site to the one attached. And now on checking none of the sites have sent alerts despite having logged several alarm states.

Not sure if it is a bug or something related to the two big data uploads


Alexandra asked
Stefanie commented ·

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CCGX not showing MPPT 150/70

I have lost the MPPT 150/70 on the colour control. I have changed the cable,tried connecting another device through MPPT and the second device shows on CCGX but not the MPPT 150/70

leigh horton asked
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VRM Widgets on Android don't auto update anymore

VRM Widgets on Android don't auto update anymore.

They didn't on launching, but this was fixed, now it is broken again since ca 1 week

harold asked
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