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PPP 40Ah defect?


i load my PPP40 via Car 12V or Solarpanel (switchable, all poles) via the car/solar input. Last summer i noticed that my PPP does not longer load properly when connected to Solar. While under perfect conditions a max input power of 90Watt was reached, it is now about 50W. The input voltage drops down to 10,6V. That isn't normal, right? I am quite sure it was above 13 volts before but i can't remember the exact value. I recently replaced the solar panel but the defect is still there.

My suggestion is defect in the batterys input. Does anone have an idea what else it could be or how to test it better?



marcole asked

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PPP via USB on Cerbo GX?

Hello to the Forum

My question is:
- can i use the Peak Power Pack with the VE.Direct to USB Interface on the USB input of the Cerbo GX to get all Information there in place the APP?

Greetings, Mike

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"car/solar" connector type of the Peak Power Pack ?


If anyone could tell me what is the name of the plug/connector type model I would be much happier person :-)

I did check documentation also looked at different connector types and could not find a simple thing - what is the connector type model. I also can't find Victron cable that is meant for this port.

Here is the photo of the port itself:


sq8ijk asked
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control output of peak power pack with VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle

I have a Peak Power Pack. Is is possible to control the outputs via app if I buy a VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle?

stealth asked
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How can I check the capacity status of my Peak Power Pack full /half or empty?

I have the 40Ah version and the Bluetooth Dongle. But there are no informations About the state of charge.

sky asked
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Peak Power Pack stellt nach gewisser Zeit automatisch ab (Hochleistungsmodus ein)

Hallo Zusammen

Ich habe das Peak Power Pack 20Ah 12V und wenn ich den Hochleistungsmodus, welcher nach Anleitung nach 2s Knopfdrücken immer eingeschaltet sein müsste aktiviere, habe ich in der Nacht das Problem dass das Power Pack dennoch nach gewisser Zeit ausschaltet. (Angehängt ist eine Standheizung mit max 2.4 A --> Theoretisch müsste die Batterie 8.33 Stunden halten. Jedoch war es bei aufgeladener Batterie und an den Strom via Netzteil angeschlossen dennoch bereits nach wenigen (3-4) Stunden der Fall, dass das Power Pack ausgeschaltet hat und sich danach mehrere Minuten nicht mehr aktivieren liess. Das Power Pack ist Brandneu.

Mache ich etwas falsch? Ist es eine versteckte Funktion? Vielen Dank für Ideen, Hilfen, Tipps :)



sirnixon asked
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Push-button with dual-colour LED for Peak Power Pack

Hi, I need the pin assignment of the 4-pin push-button because the cable is completely broken off.

juergen225 asked

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PPP with solar and car

I have Peak Power Pack installed in my camper. what do i need to be able to charge by car and solar at the same time.

dragert asked
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Charge Peak Power Pack PPP-40 with Orion-TR Smart 12/12-30 via high-current output

The Orion delivers an output current of 30 A.
The PPP manual gives different values for the maximum charging current (40 A and 20 A): What maximum charging current is now permanently permitted?
Do I risk damaging/destroying the PPP with a charging current of 30 A?
Additional question: can the maximum charging current be set for the Orion?

juergen225 asked
Stefanie (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Peak Power Pack PPP-40 mit Orion-TR Smart 12/12-30 über Hochstromausgang laden

das Orion liefert einen Ausgangsstrom von 30 A.

Im Manual vom PPP sind unterschiedliche Werte für den maximalen Ladestrom angegeben (40 A und 20 A):

Welcher maximale Ladestrom ist jetzt dauerhaft erlaubt?

Riskiere ich mit 30 A Ladestrom eine Beschädigung/Zerstörung des PPP?
Zusatzfrage: lässt sich beim Orion der maximale Ladestrom einstellen?

Manual PPP Seite1

Schnelles Aufladen über Eingang 1 möglich (Hochstrom-Ausgang)

An den Hochstrom-Ausgang kann zum schnellen Laden ein

Batterieladegerät oder ein Wechselrichter/Ladegerät angeschlossen

werden. Der maximale Ladestrom beträgt 40 A und die absolute

maximale Spannung beträgt 14 V (eine höhere Ladespannung kann

die Lithium-Ionen-Zellen bei einem Ungleichgewicht der Zellenladung


Manual PPP Seite 17

Ausgang 1: Hochstromausgang

Max. Eingangs- (Ladestrom) 20 A (nicht geschützt).

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Peak Power Pack and SmartShunt: can I tie all grounds together?

I would like to track the state of charge of my Peak Power Pack, something which is sorely lacking (for the price I kind of expected something like this to be included, actually!). The difficulty is the different current paths, I have the charger connected, the car/solar connector is also connected, and of course the load is connected to the "mover" output. Can I tie all the "minus" connections together (charger, car/solar, load, and possibly even ground), connect this to a smartshunt, and then connect the smartshunt to the PPP? In other words: the minus of the charger adapter, the car and the load are connected to the load side of the shunt, and the other side of the shunt is connected to the mover output minus of the PPP.

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Supported VE.Direct Commands/Register for the Peak Power Packs

I try to get as much information as possible from a Peak Power Pack. What I see is a different behaviour than what's documented. E.g. "VE.Direct-Protocol-3.32.pdf" states in the Introduction: "On power up, a VE.Direct interface will always be in Text-mode, and continuously transmits
all run-time fields. As soon as it receives a valid HEX-message,..." But I've never seen any text message from my Peak Power Pack. I use the software from to read Peak Power Pack with a USB cable. But I only get the main_voltage and the temperature right now. And a message I can't find any documentation:

Parsing data from main_voltage [ED8D] = 13.530

Parsing data from temp [EDEC] = 313.000


So where can I find specific information about how to "talk" to a Peak Power Pack. I need to know if it's charged and the SOC (I know that's a hard question).

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PP30 need to use with Phoenix Inverter 12/500 120V Ve.Direct Nema 5-15R - sugestions please !

Need a 120V source in my car for some camping usage. Is it a good solution to connect theese two for inverting É


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Solar Capacity Clarification


I currently oversee an off grid PV/Diesel hybrid system that consists of x15 10KVA/48 Victron Quattros, 150kW PV array, 700kWh FLA battery bank and a 200KVA Diesel generator. I have had solar companies tell me that the system is at solar capacity and no more PV power can be added.

In my mind additional solar can be added with the only caveat being that if generated PV power exceeded the sum of 150KVA charging capacity AND the loads then the inverters would be throttled down and the system would be "wasting" PV power.

Currently looking to expand the system and move away from running the generator every night. Daily consumption is around 1100kWh with peak load being 70kW.

Any insights/advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Site Survey etc

Can I use a Cerbo GX , EM112 to monitor site power consumption. I am looking for a way to get Data onto VRM, without Victron Inverter Chargers etc, to help specify Victron equipment.. I would then have continuous data and would be able to demonstrate to customer that " I can get you 200A from an 80A supply " !

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