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Peak Power Pack and SmartShunt: can I tie all grounds together?

I would like to track the state of charge of my Peak Power Pack, something which is sorely lacking (for the price I kind of expected something like this to be included, actually!). The difficulty is the different current paths, I have the charger connected, the car/solar connector is also connected, and of course the load is connected to the "mover" output. Can I tie all the "minus" connections together (charger, car/solar, load, and possibly even ground), connect this to a smartshunt, and then connect the smartshunt to the PPP? In other words: the minus of the charger adapter, the car and the load are connected to the load side of the shunt, and the other side of the shunt is connected to the mover output minus of the PPP.

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Supported VE.Direct Commands/Register for the Peak Power Packs

I try to get as much information as possible from a Peak Power Pack. What I see is a different behaviour than what's documented. E.g. "VE.Direct-Protocol-3.32.pdf" states in the Introduction: "On power up, a VE.Direct interface will always be in Text-mode, and continuously transmits
all run-time fields. As soon as it receives a valid HEX-message,..." But I've never seen any text message from my Peak Power Pack. I use the software from to read Peak Power Pack with a USB cable. But I only get the main_voltage and the temperature right now. And a message I can't find any documentation:

Parsing data from main_voltage [ED8D] = 13.530

Parsing data from temp [EDEC] = 313.000


So where can I find specific information about how to "talk" to a Peak Power Pack. I need to know if it's charged and the SOC (I know that's a hard question).

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Peak Power Pack stellt nach gewisser Zeit automatisch ab (Hochleistungsmodus ein)

Hallo Zusammen

Ich habe das Peak Power Pack 20Ah 12V und wenn ich den Hochleistungsmodus, welcher nach Anleitung nach 2s Knopfdrücken immer eingeschaltet sein müsste aktiviere, habe ich in der Nacht das Problem dass das Power Pack dennoch nach gewisser Zeit ausschaltet. (Angehängt ist eine Standheizung mit max 2.4 A --> Theoretisch müsste die Batterie 8.33 Stunden halten. Jedoch war es bei aufgeladener Batterie und an den Strom via Netzteil angeschlossen dennoch bereits nach wenigen (3-4) Stunden der Fall, dass das Power Pack ausgeschaltet hat und sich danach mehrere Minuten nicht mehr aktivieren liess. Das Power Pack ist Brandneu.

Mache ich etwas falsch? Ist es eine versteckte Funktion? Vielen Dank für Ideen, Hilfen, Tipps :)



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PP30 need to use with Phoenix Inverter 12/500 120V Ve.Direct Nema 5-15R - sugestions please !

Need a 120V source in my car for some camping usage. Is it a good solution to connect theese two for inverting É


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Solar Capacity Clarification


I currently oversee an off grid PV/Diesel hybrid system that consists of x15 10KVA/48 Victron Quattros, 150kW PV array, 700kWh FLA battery bank and a 200KVA Diesel generator. I have had solar companies tell me that the system is at solar capacity and no more PV power can be added.

In my mind additional solar can be added with the only caveat being that if generated PV power exceeded the sum of 150KVA charging capacity AND the loads then the inverters would be throttled down and the system would be "wasting" PV power.

Currently looking to expand the system and move away from running the generator every night. Daily consumption is around 1100kWh with peak load being 70kW.

Any insights/advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Site Survey etc

Can I use a Cerbo GX , EM112 to monitor site power consumption. I am looking for a way to get Data onto VRM, without Victron Inverter Chargers etc, to help specify Victron equipment.. I would then have continuous data and would be able to demonstrate to customer that " I can get you 200A from an 80A supply " !

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"car/solar" connector type of the Peak Power Pack ?


If anyone could tell me what is the name of the plug/connector type model I would be much happier person :-)

I did check documentation also looked at different connector types and could not find a simple thing - what is the connector type model. I also can't find Victron cable that is meant for this port.

Here is the photo of the port itself:


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Expand Victron Smart 12.8/200Ah LiFeP04 House Bank

Our flooded lead acid house bank is at end-of-life. I would like to start a new 12V bank with 1 or 2 new Victron Smart 12.8/200Ah model BAT512120610, then expand it up to 6 over the course of six months to a year (for a total of 1200Ah) if this is possible.

At the time of capacity expansion, if:
1) all existing batteries are wired in the Posts style (see diagram below); AND
2) the existing bank is fully charged; AND
3) the new battery is also fully charged (via separate IP65); AND
4) voltage is identical on the existing bank and the new battery prior to connection,

is there any reason why this plan would not work?

I understand that the ideal is to have ALL the batteries exactly the same age and SOC from the very beginning, but this isn't always the case.


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Battery choice - guidance requested

So I have a small travel trailer with limited space for a battery. Have a Victron Solar controller and SmartShunt but looking for a better capacity battery than the cheap one that it came with. Draw is a handful of LED lights, USB ports etc - no need for large current draw but capacity and lifespan are king

The current battery box is 280x175x244mm so want to look for something that sits inside the same footprint

I am looking at the BAT412110081 AGM Super Cycle or the BAT412600104 Deep Cycle Gel as the two that will fit.

Which would people recommend as the better choice and which has the larger capacity?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Can you put the PPP in storage mode with the victronconnect app?

We store our PPP in our house during the wintertime (normally it's in our RV). I'd like to charge it full now and wan't to put it in storage mode afterwards. Is that possible with the app or do I have to buy a second "button" to do it the way i can do it in the RV?

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PPP40 Crashes

PPP40 with BT dongle keeps crashing. It read temperature of -150 Celcius, then +50 C, then the high and low power alternate in on/off in the app and in real life both are on while unit is in standby. Unit has been in hybernation for 3 months until today when I wanted to use it for powering a satphone charger. Just a few seconds ago anothet message popped up. "Short circuit". But nothing is connected but the BT dongle.

What is the waranty on a PPP40? Is it 2 years because it is a battery or 5 years because it is more than a battery? Also the shop I purchased doesnt believe they can do anything because the product is 2 years old. But Victron only deals with dealers, how will I get waranty if I am still entitled?

I can do electronic repairs but would hate to void existing waranty.

Many thanks

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Charging via Domestic-Output (10A max.) and via car/solar Input


currently my solar panel is connected with a Victron MPPT 75/10 solar charger directly to the "domestic output/input" (10A max). This setup has the advantage to use MPPT instead of the builtin pwm charger.

Two questions:

  • Is it possible to use the car/solar Input with the domestic or mover output as input) with the MPPT-charger at the the same time?
  • Is it possible to use a 230V- LifePo- Charger connected to mover- or domestic-output/input an have the car connected with the car/ solar input at the same time?



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Phoenix sinusmax technology and peak power

We have a Phoenix 3000 and we need to power a compressor of a refrigerator that has high starting currents. In the datasheet you can read that the Phoenix is supported with sinusmax technology but I haven't found clear explanation of how it works. Also the datasheet shows that the peak power of the inverter is 6000 W. But How long this power can be handled by the inverter? There are capacitors inside but how many seconds can be covered?

We need to know how much can we push the inverter before it goes in overload condition.

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SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 Charge controler

How many watts can the SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 Charge Controller handle from solar panels?

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BMV 702 battery capacity change

I have one starter battery of 105 amp hours capacity and a two battery house bank of 210 amp hours capacity total. I have set the capacity to 210 which I presume will give me accurate readings for the house bank but how does the monitor know the state of charge for my starter battery? Does it presume that also has 210 amp hours capacity? Wouldn’t the state of charge for the starter battery always be off by 50%? My battery switch isolates the starter from the house bank and I am never drawing on all three so I presume I should not set the capacity to 315 amp hours.

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Is it possible to have 2 AC input and 2 outputs on MultiPlus?

I have a MultiPlus 3k inverter that replaced an old xantrex inverter when I upgraded to a lithium battery bank. The Xantrex was a 2 in 2 out and the victron is a 1 in 2 out. How am I supposed to hook up the other leg so my new inverter stops overheating and dropping power to 1/4 of my rv? Why did victron make this a 1 in 2 out? Is there a way to expand/add a component inside to facilitate my other line in? Is there an actual troubleshooting guide anywhere?

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Peak Power Pack 40Ah LED

Peak Power Pack 40Ah LED flashes red once every 10 seconds. Battery not waking up.

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How can I connect a standalone quattro to a 3 phase quattro system

I want to connect a standalone quattro connected to a 500 ah power bank and solar panels to a 3 phase quattro system with 200 ah power bank. I connected the standalone to the ac input 2 of the master unit of the 3 phase system but it did not charge the battery bank. You can see the voltage and frequency on the ccgx but there is no current. How should I connect it to charge the 3 phase system battery bank?

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specs of PPP 40Ah differsfrom manual en prospect. what is true?

max loading voltage and amp.:

manual 14V and 40A

prospect: 14,2V and 20A

Thanks for answering

Ben Bos

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AC IN above inverter peak? Need help

Would appreciate your input on the following to double check it would work.

4 kw solar panels- MPPT CC - 48v/200a battery bank - quattro 48v/5000 - AC In available from Grid . NO Feed in to the grid - Generator 7 kva . Bmv700 - ccgx color control.

Small eco lodge with 6 cabins.

Settings. AC in to supply the loads if batteries are low. No charging from AC. Generator start if batteries are low and no AC IN available on quattro AC IN #2.

Most of the time the loads will be around 3 kw during day time so fed by solar via batteries.

Sometimes the peak will reach 10 kw . This is if and when all fridges and water pressure pumps start simultaneously . But it can and will happen.

My understanding is that the system should be able to supply more than the inverrter peak by using the AC in supply.

Ex. Loads = 9 kw

System will supply close to 5 kw from the quattro/batteries and the rest ( 9 - 5 = 4 kw) from the grid AC IN. This without tripping or shutting down the inverter .

Is this correct ?

Thank you for your feed back.

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Peak Power Pack car/solar input max 20V or 25V


I just bought a Peak Power Pack 8 Ah. This seems like a very versatile product!

In the online documentation is stated max 25V on the car/solar charge input. However in the manual I got with the product it states max 20V. The difference is of big impact since many solar panels have an open voltage of about 21-22 V.

Can I hope that it is an error in my manual, or does the delivered product support max 20V?


Version 00, February 2016

Product marking:

PN: PPP012008000

SN: HQ1616LU24Y


Thanks in advance!


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Peak Power Pack, remote control cable with push button
Hello. Since last summer I own a PPP40 as power supply for my Moover. The remote control push button is permanently installed in the caravan, the battery is now in my basement for the winter. With the "VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle" and the associated app, I have put the battery pack in the storage mode. Now I've noticed that the storage mode also disables the communication of the dongle. Since my remote control push button is installed in the caravan and this is now far away in a barn for winter, I can not "wake up" the battery. So I need another remote control connection - according to the data sheet is called the part:  "Druckknopf mit Kabel (2m) und zweifarbiger LED". Unfortunately, I can not find this part as a spare part in the documentation. Is there any other way to get the battery out of storage mode? Maybe with the "VE.Direct to USB interface" cable? I would be very happy to receive a feedback. Greetings from Munich, Hans79

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Peak Power Pack, System Schematic, Circuit diagram
I would like to have a power plan / circuit diagram from my PPP40. 
Is it possible to publish it in the download area or send it to me by e-mail? Many Thanks.

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PeakPowerPack Shows wrong Status

After reconnection to the PeakPowerPack 40 with the VictronConnect App (iOS), the actual Status shows ON (30 Minutes), but the output is set to ON. Also the Status LED shows this status.

Has anybody an idea what is going wrong?

Peak Power Pack 12,8V/40Ah Firmware: v1.08

VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle (Rev2) Firmware v2.12 with Bootloader v1.06.

VictronConnect v5.1 (iOS)

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Monitor for Peak Power Pack 40Ah

I want to measure the capacity of my Peak Power 40Ah. I do not want to install the Bluetooth dongel. I would like to install a monitor like the BMV 700 or BMV 712. Can I connect these monitor directly via VE-Direct or do I need to install a shunt ? Many thanks for your support

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How can I check the capacity status of my Peak Power Pack full /half or empty?

I have the 40Ah version and the Bluetooth Dongle. But there are no informations About the state of charge.

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