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Can I add victron datafields to my Simrad/Navico plotter?

Can I add datafields from Victron GX to the infobar on right side? I would like to have voltage value and solar PV charger value. Other NMEA2000 equipment can be implemented in the sidebars.


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Cerbo GX - Temperature activation of relay.

Greetings All , Question is . When using a Venus GX or Curbo GX . I need to activate one of the relays based off one of the Temp Sensors plugged in to the Venus or Curbo . I can get an alarm via the VRM as well as an email notification and that works fine but I need the relay on the Curbo to be activated . This is to enable a backup system for the refrigerator . Any advice would be great if this can be setup .

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Raymarine integration roadmap ?

Hi all.

I,ve read the Raymarine MFD integration docs, but had a question regarding the cheaper series than the Axiom versions. (Element HV and Element S versions)

Will they ever get supported ? First of all, the price is quitte big for the Axiom versions. Second, I do like the way that the E and the S series have physical buttons. I,ve tried some of the displays of Raymarine an a large boat shop in Zaandam (NL), but like the versions with physical buttons more.

PS, the Axiom Pro does have buttons, but that`s the most expensive of all versions.

Greetings and have a nice weekend


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Cerbo GX ethernet integration with Garmin 8417 MFD

We have a Cerbo Gx connected via the ethernet LAN port to a Garmin 8417 MFD. All latest software version. If the Cerbo is connected to a Wifi network the system works fine. If the Cerbo is not connected to the Wifi network the MFD prompts with a message that the MQTT server cannot be found. It also intermittently advises "An error occurred while rendering the application."

Are we doing something wrong?



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Wer hat es geschafft, eine Victron Installation (MultiPlus, Solarregler …) mit einem KABE Smart D System zu koppeln?

Halle zusammen,

ich fahre ein Kabe Travel Master Royal I760lgb Modelljahr 2020. Die Bedienungsanleitung zum Fahrzeug findet sich hier: KABE verbaut keinen klassischen Elektroblock sondern setzt auf eine digitale „smarte“ Steuerung, die sich KABE Smart D (ähnlich dem Cerbo GX mit Display) nennt. Das System basiert auf einer BUS Architektur. da ich nunmehr eine Solaranlage, nebst MultiPlus und Liontron Lithium Batterien in meinem Fahrzeug habe, würde ich die Victron Komponenten gern an das KABE System anschließen um alles von einer Stelle aus „messen, regeln und steuern„ zu können.

Da ich bisher keine Informationen gefunden habe, um die Victron Installation mit meinem KABE Smart D zu verbinden und auch niemanden kenn, der weiß wie’s geht, frage ich hier die Community.

Icb würde mich freuen, wenn sich Jemand meldet, der eine solche VICTRON <=> KABE Smart D Anbindung realisiert hat und mir entsprechende Informationen zur Verfügung stellt.

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Venus OS integration 'direction' - help required

I've been lurking here for a while and find the idea of running Venus OS (large) on a Pi an attractive option. However, my reading of the history (and documentation) of this impressive project has left me a little bewildered since there are so many options, some of which may now be obsolete.

I have N2K on my boat and have decided to replace some of my ageing electrical installation (from another dutch company :/ ) with the following: Multiplus II (12/3000), 2 x smartsolar MPPT, Smartshunt. My existing LiFePO4 is already protected by my own design BMS which speaks N2k.

It seems that I need to buy a bunch of to USB adapters and a Ve.Bus adapter. For the N2K, its unclear, I assume an available Pi hat - is data flow bi-directional? Will Venus OS pick up my BMS N2K messages and use them or will it prefer the Smartshunt values? Will the smartshunt values make it to the N2K bus so I can use them in my BMS (for comparison and backup)?

Sorry for the variety of questions :) Looking forward to a positive discussion.

P.S. I'm switching my purchasing decision towards Victron due to the open sourcing of Venus. I'm very grateful and find it very freeing to know that I can integrate whatever I want into my system now rather than being stuck with the straighjacket of closed systems offered by competitors

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Looking for engineering support

Hello, I have built a three phase 60Kw system with approximately 300 panels, four wind turbines. The system is based on 6 Victron quattros. This is a three phase system with two quattros in parallel per phase. 300KwH of batteries.

The system works well, but I would like to work with a real electrical engineer (aka not me) to document the schematic, move the DC system to a busbar system, implement a couple of automations, make sure all the system safety and managment are in place and ultimately make the system such that it can be built out in a container and shipped to specific sites.

Do you have any recommendations of individuals or companies who could help me ?

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AC Coupled Fronius excess to activate over heat command to heatpump

I have a Cerbo GX with a DC Coupled SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 (VE Direct), an AC Couple Fronius Primo 8.2-1, and am waiting for my Multiplus II 48/10000/140-100 230V. Batteries are 9 x US3000C Pylontech providing nearly 32kWh connected to the Cerbo GX via CANBus.

I recently installed a large Samsung Heatpump/Aerotermia which provides hot water and central heating. This Heatpump can accept commands via relays or Modbus to increase the heat of the water and central heating (when activated) by some 5ºC when excess solar is available to avoid or reduce night power draw from the grid.

The question is how do I configure or set this up?

On the relay side, it requires two relays which would work with the following commands;
Relay 1 Relay 2 Heatpump operation

closed open forced thermo off operation

open open Normal operation

open closed Heating/DHW setting temperature 1 step-up operation

closed closed Heating/DHW setting temperature 2 step-up operation

Can I use the 2 relays on the cerbo GX for this operation or would MODBus be a better option as I plan to incorporate a Genset to this later?

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3 ph Multiplus 2 Erratic behaviour

I have attempted to explain my predicament below. Apologies for the long story, but struggled to abbreviate and still ensure I cover everything I have seen thus far.

I have a 3ph system with 3 Multiplus II 48/5000, a Cerbo GX, three MPPT 250/100 and Pylontech US3000C battery system. I have also installed an EM24 grid meter that is connected via USB to the Cerbo GX.

I have installed approximately 20kW battery power and 13kWp between the three MPPT's.

The system seems to record incorrect data and this causes an erratic response. The EM24 seems accurate. I have a 6kW 3 phase element in the one geyser and can see when this comes on that the EM24 shows an accurate reflection of this power as can be seen in the picture below.


During the past hour the element was on while the MPPT's was charging the batteries. Midway though the time where the element was on, the system decided the batteries is sufficiently charged it can assist. As expected the grid will now reduce while the inverter is pushing back the power to the non-essential side on the AC Input of the inverters.

The concern is that AC Consumption (Total load calculated by the system) now spikes to almost 40 kW on L1 as well as on the other phases although little less. The grid meter is actually seeing that we feeding back into the grid on L1 and L2 although L3 remain stable (L3 now correctly replaced with the power from the batteries). Also the Multiplus AC Output power becomes extremely erratic, which I would believe is only the supply to the essential side and should not reflect the power drawn by the element.

Then as soon as the batteries go back to charging the system become stable again with the Grid meter showing the drawn power.

I have disabled the Grid feed-in (Both AC and DC) settings last night which seemed to have improved the situation, but it was still not stable this morning when the geyser switched on. Below is a graph from 3am to 6am


At 4am the geyser switched on and the noise started as the batteries still had capacity. Just before 5am the batteries got to minimum SOC (35%) and it started pulling from the grid. After noticing this I decided at 5am to change the Multiphase regulation back to all phases. This improved these peaks and dips seen on the both sets of graphs, but the issue still remain when the batteries are being utilized.

If anyone can give me some advice as to what to look at to improve stability during these discharging cycles of the batteries. Once I have this improved I would go back to Individualphase regulation to ensure I remain net positive on each phase as I have three single phase meters for my 3ph supply that I need to manage.


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Your evaluation before installation

Hi Folks

Before installing my system in my motorhome, I wanted to submit to your experiences on this installation.

The green part is the support panel. The cables pass through the rounds to pass to the rear. This forms like a door with a hinge to facilitate assembly and to carry out subsequent additions of elements. The dimensions of all elements are exact dimensions in mm. The thin cables are in 2.5mm2 or VE.Direct or USB, the medium ones in 16mm2, the batteries in 35mm2. The battery fuses are 175 ANL. The red lines are + or Line or Phase, the black lines are - or Neutral.

No cables cross and the support panel is 80 cm x 60 cm, made of fireproof wood. Did I miss something in this assembly diagram?

I thank you in advance.


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Portable generator recommendation - auto start/stop with GX - North America

I'm interested in the smallest auto start generator that easily integrates into the Victron ecosystem. I'd like to weigh as close to 100 pounds as possible. Can anybody recommend a brand, model and quick description of the integration?

I intend to us the relay on the CCGX to start and stop based on Battery SOC, Generator purpose is as backup.

System Description:

Cargo Trailer with 2200 Watts of PV Solar.

3 SmartSolar MPPTs

MultiPlus Compact 12/2000/80-50 120V

280 AH LifePo4 12V Battery (Heated using relay on BMV-712)



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OCTO GX - 4 BlueSolar MPPT - system voltage issue

Hi there

I have 2000W solar through 4 BlueSolar MPPT's 3x30 1x60amp with VE Direct cables to my Octo GX, also connected is my 12/3000/120 Multi.

Batteries are 2x RB300Ah Relion lithiums.

I have a BMV712 smart also connected to the Octo via VE Direct.

I am having the same issue as many with the MPPT battery voltage being different to the BMV voltage, I can see my controllers going to float as low as 70%SoC.

I have been told if I instal a Bluetooth sensor to the battery bank and network it to the BMV712 that this will become the default voltage for the entire system, has anyone done this with an Octo or can confirm it is correct.



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Using a charge/inverter with lithium ion

I'm starting to design a system for a camper I am building. I am looking into using the Multiplus 24/1200/25 with a Lithium Ion (NMC) battery and I have a lot of questions.

1) For the software, looking at the voltage range the inverter should work with the battery (with a BMS of course). I would rather not have the BMS do the load switching except in extreme conditions, or double failures. It seems like these systems have a lot of configurations but I just want to make sure that things like under voltage shutoff, and charge voltages are all configurable as it isnt clear in the data sheet which settings are configurable. Also I have seen some reference to needing a password to change some of the settings, is this this case?

2) The data sheet says there is a "battery temperature sensor", can this be used to disable charging when the battery temperature is too low? My BMS has this ability, but again I would rather have the inverter switching the load. My BMS will allow charge current between 0C and 45C, so I would like the inverter to only allow charge between 5C and 40C.

3) Finally a common problem I have seen when integrating lithium batteries with inverters in the inrush current welding the contractor on the BMS or damaging the FETs, do these inverter chargers have any pre-charge circuit, or other way to limit the inrush current?

P.S. Is there a programmable shutoff voltage for the Orion 24/12-70? If not can I use the remote on/off with the inverter/charger?

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delivered system assistance with opening and configuration

Hi, i just got the Victron system delivered. I need to open and configure it. How can i get support from victron?

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Looking for professional system designer to help with EV Refit of a 48' Motor Yacht


Looking to hire/collaborate with a system designer who has previous experience designing a system for a motor yacht or sailboat. It can be globally based. We can collaborate over the internet using I've created a rough diagram of my idea.

Please find my diagram here:

I've posted the job here on UpWork where you can define your hourly rate for this job and get started right away securely:

Looking forward tow working with you :)

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System Alarm Grid Lost

For a few days now we've been getting a system alarm that says "Grid Lost." I can highlight it on our CCGX screen, but it doesn't go away. (I.E. The warning triangle in the top of the screen keeps flashing no matter what I do.) It also does not register on the VRM site under Alarm Logs...

We have not lost grid power once in this time period.

I do however use the CCGX's relay and it's automatic Generator on/off rules to tell the Quattro when to pull power from the grid. (I do this so we can use the energy stored in our batteries first.) So while the Shorepower meter shows zero, we are still connected to the grid.

We also have a PV inverter connected to our Quattro's 230v output, which gave me a grid error once, but I've not seen that happen again. (Meaning it might have but then went away before I noticed it...)

Did something change in the firmware to cause us to get this alarm?

We were running 2.51 but it also happened when I updated it to 2.52.

Thanks to anyone that can help!


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Is there a System diagram example for boats?

Good morning,

I am looking for some system diagram examples. Our boat has:

* Two engines, with alternators and starter batteries. Separate charger for the two.

* Multiplus 12/3000 with a house battery.

* GX display, battery monitors, etc...

Specifically what I want to improve is charging from:

* either (in case of failure) or both alternators to starter and house battery. Optimally, I would prefer the starter batteries to be charged first.

* solar

* Multiplus. It already charges the house bank, can I use its extra trickle charge output for the two starter batteries with a Citrix combiner?

Naively it feels like there should be individual charge controllers for all batteries? Diagrams I have seen put in protection for a lithium house battery, but not for starter batteries?

Looking forward to getting pointers to similar installations.



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Addition of Orion Smart DC to DC Charging

Here is my configuration thus far: LiFePO4 House bank, AGM (or SLA) Start Battery. Alternator is 120A non-smart (one option considered is the Balmar retrofit kit but cost is more than the Orion Smart DC Charger) The House was an AGM bank before and both batteries were connected through an electronic battery isolator for charging (diesel engine alternator and shore powered charger and Solar MPPT).

I've read that it may be advisable to keep the Lead-acid start battery from a starting CCA capability AS WELL as a safety consideration -- should the BMS ever disconnect the LiFePO4 bank (over or undervoltage) and say the engine is running, I am concerned the alternator could burn out or excess voltage be pushed through my DC system, damaging electronics.

Since I will have to disconnect one bank from the shore power charger (it can only be set to Lithium or Lead Acid charge profiles) I was wondering if the Orion Smart Charger would help to provide Alternator charging to the House bank through the Start Bank.

The rationale for leaving the Lead Acid connected to the alternator is that 1. Serve as protection from overcharging as it is cheap(er) to replace, 2. the chemistry prefers to be at a higher SOC and can sustain higher/longer levels of charge should we motor for longer periods.

Thoughts? I've seen others who charge from house to start bank. Or is there a product that provides 2 bank DC to DC Charging (using different charge profiles)?

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System Power displayed on GX does not balance

I have a system with a Quattro and Solar Charger. All loads are connected to the critical load output. No energy meter. The power as displayed on the remote console does not balance:

E.g. now:

Grid feeds 802 Watt

Loads draw 568 Watt

Batteries draw 120 Watt

So where is the other 114 Watt?

Running ESS / Keep Battery Full.

energy asked
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Questions regarding buck-boost integration with CG controller and how/where does buck-boost sense battery voltage

I have 3 questions below.

1. Does the buck-boost integrate with the CG controller - ie will the charging from the alternator that is controlled / facilitated by the buck-boost show up on the energy summary inside the CG controller or is it simply assumed to be a "DC load"?
2. Is there a way to change the settings of the buck-boost using one of the Victron components or do you have to use a windows computer and a USB cable to do so? Specifically, I would like the ability to increase the maximum allowed charging from the buck-boost in case of higher than normal demand for a short while and then change it back. Ideally this would be accomplished through the CG controller and not a windows computer.
3. Where is the buck-boost output voltage (item 20 in the configuration screen) sensed? Is it at the output terminals of the buck-boost or at the battery. For example, I want to place the buck boost in the engine compartment next to the alternator and use the buck-boost to increase the voltage to 24 volts to charge a 24 volt Lithium battery. The cable run from the buck boost at the front of the vehicle to the battery in the back would result in a .4 volt loss along the cables when charging at maximum charge rate (and a small or zero voltage difference at low charging rate). Would the battery receive the voltage set in the buck-boost configuration (item 20), or would it see .4 volts less than this value? If the buck-boost does sense battery voltage and not output voltage, how is this information sent to the buck-boost?

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Adding extra MPPT and Inverter to EasySolar 24/3000

Hi Everyone, this is my first post here, hopefully, I can find some answers to my questions, any help is appreciated.

I am looking at installing an EasySolar 24/3000/70-50 MPPT 150/70 as this seems to be a very economical system to get started with, but am wondering if it is possible to expand this system easily in the future or not? as this will determine if I go with this initially and then expand as required later, or, use independent components to allow for easier expansion later.

Will it be possible to add another MPPT, and, of a larger size? - Blue/Smart Solar 150/100 for example.

Also, is it possible to add another inverter? - A Phoenix 24/3000 for example.


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Different Manufacturers

Can I ask if mixing different components from differing manufacturers is ok? For example I have a Stirling B2B charger, a victron inverter/charger, an Epever MPPT and a couple of Valence lithium batteries. Sorry if I sound a bit naive- I'm new on configuring things out!


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Complete system architecture for campervan (640W solar + 320Ah battery)


I am currently converting a van to a campervan and I am currently designing the electrical system. My estimation for a full day consumption is around 250Ah @12V. I was considering installing 640W of solar panels with 320Ah of battery. But to ease the initial investment I want to be able to initially install only 320W of solar panel and a 160Ah battery.

My requirements are in line with the general requirements for this kind of application, batteries to be charger by solar power, shore power and alternator.

After some research on Victron website I got this list of critical items:

Initial setup:

  • 2x 160W-12V Mono 1480x673×35mm series 3a
  • 1x LiFePO4 battery 12,8V/160Ah - Smart
  • 1x SmartSolar MPPT 150/45
  • 1x MultiPlus 12/3000/120-16
  • 1x VE.Bus BMS
  • 1x Smart BatteryProtect 12/24V 65A
  • 1x Cyrix-Li-ct 12/24V-120A combiner
  • 1x BMV-712 Smart


  • 2x 160W-12V Mono 1480x673×35mm series 3a
  • 1x LiFePO4 battery 12,8V/160Ah – Smart (in parallel with the first one)

Any advice regarding my setup?

  1. I considered the use of a Multiplus instead of a charger + inverter, is it the recommended approach for this kind of builds?
  2. Are the monocrystalline solar panels recomended for this kind of application instead of the polycrystalline?
  3. Is there any component on this list that is optional for this kind of setup? Or any critical component that I missed out?
  4. Can I mount to lithium batteries in parallel, considering that they will have different characteristics? The second one could be bought years after the first one.
  5. Is this setup valid if I use AGM batteries instead of lithium batteries?
  6. The use of only one smart battery defeats the purpose of a BMV-712 Smart? Is the same information available is a connect to the Bluetooth of the battery?
  7. How can I extract the raw information of all these devices to a server running in the van?

Thank you.

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Quattro three phase system shut down

Two years ago, we install an three-phase-system with three Quattros 8000 and some B-Boxes on Mallorca. The system works fine until monday this week. Then it shut down. On VRM the remote console display: ve.bus error #3 and system status "off". If our customer switch on his diesel generator, then the system run properly. If he switch the generator off, then the system shut also off.

Now we have a lot of questionmarks in our had`s.

Greetings Hardy

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