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Big voltage difference between Pylontech BMS and MultiPlus-II GX

Hi all,

ESS-system details are: MP-II GX 3000, Pylontech US2000C and 2 MPPT

Wiring and setup according to pylontech_phantom.


But currently it is not connected to grid because we wait for approval of grid company.

Issue is that MP-II and Pylon BMS are showing constantly different voltages as shown in dashboard

49.78V (BMS) vs. 52.36V (MP):


Impact is that Multi doesn't allow the battery to be charged by MPPTs because it is sharing the wrong voltage with them, and 52.4V is the charge limit. For example 1 MPPT has:


But the battery does actually have only 49.78V


GX-system setup battery monitor is autoselected with Pylontech.


I could not find any hint why this is happening. Does someone had similar results and what could be done to get Multi to use BMS voltage ?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Déport GX Touch

Bonjour Chers Victroniennes et Victroniens,

Quelqu'un a-t-il déjà eu besoin de déporter le GX Touch dans un autre emplacement que celui où se trouve le CERBO?

Utilisation de rallonges HDMI-HDMI + USB-USB ou bien via KVM IP?

A vous lire

Victronement vôtre

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v2.90 problems - how to revert back to v2.80? - 2nd Smart Shunt missing from VRM and alarm log full of low battery warnings.

As per the title, We have an EasySolar II 48/3000 in parallel with two Multiplus II 48/3000. I upgraded the built-in GX device to v2.90 specifically to get the generator start/stop functionality. Despite every piece of Victron information I could find saying this would work - it turns out that the EasySolar range of products do not have the additional relay required.

I have also now discovered that since the upgrade, our 2nd Smart Shunt that monitors our wind turbine has disappeared from the VRM Dashboard. I can connect to it remotely using VictronConnect and it otherwise works as it should.

The second problem is the alarm log for the battery is solid orange with low battery warnings - something that has only started since the upgrade.

Is it possible to revert back to v2.80 as this update has caused so many problems for us - and didn't give the extra functionality promised.

Thanks, Ben.

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Battery not recognised by GX System (Pylontech US2000C, Victron MultiPlus 2 3000 GX, 2xMPPT)

Hello Community,

build a new offgrid system with Victron & Pylontech. Started with on Pylon US2000C to get it running but the Battery is not recognised by the Victron system. First we had the wrong Cable (Typ B) and in this case the battery was visible in RemoteConsole. Problem was that voltage reading between Victron and Pylontech was different. After changing it to Typ A Cable between GX and Pylon the reading was still wrong, so we made a factory reset of GX module and build up from scratch. Now the battery is not recognised at all. Firmware is up-to-date for all Victron components. Firmware of US2000C I cannot see. Any ideas?



Some more details:
This is how it looks like in VRM dashboard.


VRM Device list says:

  • Gateway, Product MultiPlus-II, Firmware version v.2.90
  • VE.Bus System, Product MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 (ACOut2 switchable) , Firmware version 497

Pylontech US2000C, Run LED ist flashing:


(Edit 2)

This is how everything is connected to MP2 GX:


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Quatro 5kW 110 V AC output 2 not active

Hi team,

I am looking into a strange item. The Quatro is connected to shore power and to a generator, the AC1 is going to my ship and I planed to use AC2 for the watermaker and heater.

All is setup and I can use the AC1 output. But I do not see the AC2 output.

I do not have the interface but I have a GX connected to the victron network.

How can I activate the AC2 and set limits to the input? or is this AC2 broken and should it always be activated? or is it only working when AC2 input is there and not AC1 input...


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Networking Many MPPT Controllers

I am installing a larger array on a boat. I intend to use a MPPT controller for each panel, but maybe one controller for every 2 panels. This means 6 or 12 MPPT controllers. I have a Multiplus and may buy a Cerbo GX... Or do a Venus on Pi Solution. Also in the system are several Victron LFP Batteries and a Lynx BMS, possibly a BM-712 Shunt.

This seems to hit the biggest area of weakness in Victrons lineup-- everything uses a different interface. But the MPPT controllers should coordinate so that they are all charging the batteries in sync.

How do I do this in a reasonable space? Do I have to use the Ve.Can controllers just for this feature?

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multi shunt on victron energy portal

I have two batteries each with a smartshunt. I would like to see both smartshunts on the victron energy portal and on my victron gx running on raspberry pi. How should I do this ?

I already configured both shunts to be visible but only one is showing in the energy diagram while the other is just below it just as a text box.

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Multiple GX devices on one ‘installation’

I currently use VRM to monitor a Venus GX and the various things connected to it.

If I add a second GX device as a second ‘system’ to track energy in/out on a second battery (plus additional temp sensors etc), can this be viewed via VRM under the same installation? And if so will the various devices, widgets etc from each system be displayed together in VRM?

Many thanks,


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Orion product development for GX integration

Hi All,

Let me start by saying that I work for an official Victron installer, and I love everything Victron related, and will use nothing else. This question is not a rant by any means, and more a question as to future development.

My question is regarding the Orion series of DC-DC chargers and the integration to GX devices, in the scenario of Motorhome using an Orion as a charging source from the truck alternator.

In a fully integrated system we are able to show on the Touch50 screen all the functions of the battery, MultiPlus, MPPT, and all AC input/output. However, the Orion chargers do not connect to the GX device, and thus show nothing on the Touch50. There is a "DC power" option on the display, which works to see if the Orion is working in terms of Watts, however, we aren't able to see the charger status etc.

We also have requirements to disable the Orion based off Low-Temperature cut outs, which is currently not possible (without a complicated workaround). An integration to the GX device and the existing temperature sensors connected to the GX device could possibly disable the Orion in future.

Thank you.

Matthew asked

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Kann man einen Multiplus 2 mit dem Cerbo programmieren

DerPc erkennt meinen Cerbo nicht mehr, nachdem ich den Multiplus zur Anlage hinzugefügt habe.

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1 Answer

CANBus interface on GX
I have mainly a Victron system installed in a 5th Wheel RV; 1020W of Solar panels thru a 105V/100A MPPT solar controller, and a 12V/3000W/120A Inverter/Charger for shore side charging with a Bluetooth VE buss smart dongle. I installed it myself and used a MK2-USB to set up the Mulitiplus for the 500 Amps of AGM batteries I have. I also have a BMV-712 to monitor the system. I'm interested in upgrading to Lithium batteries and also adding one of the GX devices to be able to remotely monitor my system (I currently only use bluetooth locally).

I'm looking at Lithionics batteries, their internal BMS models have an output cable that supports RVIA RV-C and CANbus information, specifically it provides battery Voltage and Current data, battery Temperature and SOC data, remaining Ah capacity, desired charger state and charge specs, HVC and LVC status, total Ah capacity and current Power, accepts ON/OFF/Charge-ON commands and a few others. The link for the information specifications and protocols is here.

I've tried asking and looking around, but can't find anyone with answers. I would like to know if any of the Victron Venus GX or Color Control GX or Cerbo GX interfaces can accept this data from the Lithionics GTX12V315A batteries internal BMS using the CANBus data interface. And if all I would need is the Lithionics cable (75-H1FCR-CS2 Ampseal 8 Harness Kit), to plug into one of the GX's.

Also, is specific programming required for the GX?

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Victron Color Control GX compatibility with LG Chem M4860P2S and Victron Quattro

I would like to replace a faulty controller (Blue Hybrid Energy controller) IMG_0550 conv.jpeg in an existing system that has been in operation for 5 years. The system has Victron Quattro inverters IMG_0551 conv.jpeg and LG Chem batteries IMG_0554 conv.jpeg IMG_0545 conv.jpeg.

The system also has a generator and air conditioning that needs to be controlled by the controller IMG_0548 conv 1.jpegIMG_0553 conv 1.jpeg

The idea is to replace the existing controller with Victron Color Control GX. Issue is compatibility with existing system.

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FeatureRequest: EasySolar2 GX & MP2 GX 2x16 Display Customisation - Show Tanks & Temperature Sensors On Built-In 2x16 Screen (For Offline Use)

Hey Everyone,

I dont think what we need can be done, so asking on here to double check and maybe get some upvotes in the hope Victron add to their dev list.

Open to suggestions for possible DIY modifications, if that is possible, but would prefer to avoid modifications to Victron GX products under warranty.

Snip below is from ES2GX manual - GX Device Display - lists no possible options for customisation


I have 2 client systems, both are mobile systems in RV's utilising a EasySolar2 GX 48/3000 at their heart. Both Systems have a USB Hub with BT dongle for Ruuvi's and a GX Tank 140, which is used to connect 24v 4-20ma Tank senders.

The problem comes from them being mobile installations, as the 4G signal can be patchy and is occassionally unavailable for their chosen location.

When they are offline, they have no way to access the Tank information without resorting to remote console on LAN, which is not really suitable for all types of User.

Connecting to a wifi network that doesnt have internet, to get to the remote console on LAN, to then be able to look at the tanks seems a bit crazy, as the GX device has an inbuilt display to provide the essential information at a glance.

Primary use of this display, IMO, would be for when there is no internet, so would be handy to be able to see all of the relevant information to the system on it, not just a set of defaults.

Whilst the Tank's not being displayed is the primary complaint, it would be nice to be able to display the Ruuvi tag information on this screen also, but tank information is most important.

As the GX device is integrated and internally connected to the multi & MPPT I cannot even swap it out for a Cerbo & GX Touch, so am a bit stumped on how to proceed.

At present the only option I have to resolve both customers complaints is to purchase a tablet/ipad, mount locally in Kiosk mode, then use this to display the remote console.

This is only marginally better than using remote console on a phone, if this is how it has to be done then I would have to use GuiMods to customise the remote console to show the info on the home screen.

Any suggestions on how else this could be done would be very much appreciated, cheap tablets are almost always trouble!

If these features can be added to Venus OS then they would be useful to all systems containting a ES2GX, MP2GX or MaxiGX.



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GX Touch screen lock

For the GX Touch screen is it possible to completely lock the screen only allowing data to be displayed. We need to stop the end user from making changes to the settings locally from the screen. I know we can set the access level to "User" in the Cerbo GX which will restrict what can be changed and we can password protect the VRM but is a complete screen lock possible?

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GX 50 Touch Rebooting progress?

@mvader (Victron Energy) in the post for the link below you advised that the issue with my touch 50 rebooting was being looked into……then you closed the thread!

Can you please advise if this is being looking into as it’s still doing it.

Thanks for any reply


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