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Can I use a "Cerbo GX + GX Touch 50" instead of "Digital Multi Control 200 + BMV-700"

Hi, I am installing a new system with the core components being a Multiplus 12/3000 inverter/charger, 2 x LiFePO4 Smart Batteries (12V/200Ah) & a VE.Bus BMS. I have been recommended to include a "Digital Multi Control 200 + BMV-700", but I'm wondering if it would be better to replace those 2 items with a "Cerbo GX + GX Touch 50". I would like the ability to monitor/control things remotely, and I have read (in other posts here) that you cannot change any settings remotely (nor via the touch panel), that can be set via the physical switches on the DMC (which takes priority).

So my question is really, can you do everything via the Cerbo GX & Touch 50, thus doing away with the need for the DMC & BMV altogether?

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GX or not GX

I'm planning to install a new system with a multiplus-II 5000 but I think that power will be not enough within some time (in a 2 years time frame). I'm planning to pass to a parallel configuration in two years. I will be able to add additional PV modules and batteries (Pylontech) and use more power and also to have a level of redundancy

Considering that is possible to have only a GX device what do you think is the better option:

1. Install now a multiplus-II GX now and then install a second multiplus-II GX, disabling the GX part

2. Install now a Multiplus-II and a Cerbu GX and the install another Multiplus-II

3. Install now a Multiplus-II GX and then, in parallel a Multiplus-II NO-GX

4. Redundancy is not required, use a Multiplus 8k or 10k now and a Cerbu GX and upgrade only batteries and PV modules


Kind Regards!


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Strange characters on Multiplus-GX screen: auus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A customer of ours has a Multiplus-II GX with this very odd display on LCD display. Firmware has been updated and everything seems to work otherwise. Has anybody seen this before?


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Multiplus 2 5kVa 48v GX, issue with AUX1 with CT sensor & ESS - Round 4

So I have been going round in circles with this issue from shortly after I got my Multipllus II GX 5kVa 48v unit. I connected a CT sensor to AUX1 as per the Victron instructions, set the dip switches to 1,2,3, set the CT sensor in the assistant in VE configure 3 as per my arrangement with PV on AC1 out and set it to AUX1, as how I had connected it. All was fine for the few hours before the option to download the Remote VEConfigure files had disappeared from the VRM portal. Found some info about how a firmware update was required, which I did and form that moment ESS stopped working.

After 2 days and 3 posts on this Victron Community page, @Rob Duthie came to may aid and between us, we worked out that it was the sensor was the issue. I has assumed that after the firmware update it had removed all assistants, that stopped the CT sensor form working correctly after the firmware update. I unplugged the CT sensor form the AUX1 and ESS started working again. Brilliant, I thought we knew what the issue is and I'll fix another day.

I ordered another 40A CT sensor assuming the sensor was damaged or I did something to it to prevent it from working correctly, reconnected it to AUX 1 as per the instructions, set up the current sensor in the VE Configure 3 app, uploaded the file and then restarted the system, but again ESS stops working.

Maybe I am missing something but if I have following the instructions to the word, can some one help me and shed some light on why ESS is not working when I connect the 40A Victron CT sensor to either AUX1 or AUX2? Am I doing something wrong?

I have now connected the sensor to AUX2, of which I still have no reading for the PV input as I did before the firmware update but at least ESS is working. Could I potentially have a faulty unit? 2 weeks of having this unit running and a 50% down time, I am quickly losing faith.



The reason for not not trying AUX 2 previously as first I did not know the issue was with the Multiplus II GX unit and also I had other uses for AUX2 already wired in.

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Testing AUX1 & AUX2 to identify faults - Multiplus II 5kVa GX 48v

Does anyone have a link to where I can find guidance on testing the Aux contacts on a Multiplus II GX unit? I have 2 non-operating Aux contacts. The only thing that has been connected is 2 Victron 40A CT sensors and after a firmware update the unit appeared not to be working to its full capability. No VRM graphic any longer for the PV and no working CT sensors.

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GX Touch 50 shutsdown/reboots when switching on/off a certain breaker

Hi all, i have a GX Touch 50 hooked up to a cerbo. The Cerb power leads are connected to the primary DC service switch - connected to the side from the batteries so the switch does NOT interrupt the power to the Cerbo.

It isn't 100% of the time, but it happens maybe 20-30% of the time when i switch the breaker on my DC panel for my USB outlets(the most common switch i switch on/off), my Touch 50 will shut down and reboot. I dont believe the cerbo is actually shutting down but being it is in a different location, i can't fully confirm this but i dont seem to get disconnected when connected via bluetooth. I"ve gone through all the connections and everything is tight as should be.

Anyone have an idea on whats going on? Just an annoying thing thats occurring at least 1-3 times a day

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MPPT shows in App but not on Display/Cerbo


Problem: The MPPT shows up in the Connect App, the MultiPlus does not (OK, I use the USB converter)

But: the MPPT does not show on the Display nor the Cerbo Device list


Any clue how to make the system Scan and find or add the MPPT or any settings which makes it appear? (Tried all obvious things)


System with Cerbo GX, PowerMeter, MultiPuls II and MPPT

Fresh install, all FW updated, all conntected vie VE.bus and terminated. ESS assitant installed and configured.

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Show Starter Battery Voltage on GX Touch


we have a Cerbo GX with GX Touch 50 installed on our boat and are desperately looking for a setting to display the voltage of the starter battery. We have a Smart Shunt 500 in the system and can only display the voltage of the starter battery via Bluetooth. Is there also a way to display the voltage in the system overview on the Touch 50?

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Solar PV generation meter - can this be used with the Multiplus for recording system generation?

I currently have a secondary electric meter on the outlet of the solar PV inverter measuring the amount of generation. As a generalisation, can this meter be used in conjunction with the Multiplus 2 GX for recording the solar PV input into the system as opposed to a 40A current sensor?

Can these meters have an output that can be utilised by the Victron systems for recording power generation and if so does anyone have any experience in making this option work?

My basic understanding is its a no as I think I am correct in saying the meters only have a pulsed output for recording energy consumption in kWh and not power in kW in real time, but thought to ask before dismissing the idea.

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Victron Energy GX Touch 50 unresponsive

I just installed a Victron Energy GX Touch 50 in tandem with my new Cerbo GX. The touch screen was working fine but then I used the remote console. After that, the touch screen will only show the last thing I did in the remote console and is unresponsive to touch gestures.

Is this a known issue?

How can I get the touch feature working again?

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'Tank overview' page with Cerbo GX tank level inputs only

In the manual for the GX Tank 140 there is a beautiful 'Tank overview' page that can be enabled. The Cerbo GX have four tank level inputs that I want to use and I don’t want to add a separate GX Tank 140.

Can the 'Tank overview' page be enabled when I just use the Cerbo GX tank level inputs and don’t use the GX Tank 140?

Or must the the GX Tank 140 be connected to the Cerbo GX to be able to activate the Tank overview' page?


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Dual Victron Multiplus, same battery bank, separate AC out.


I need some assistance. I´m installing a setup composed of a battery bank (lithium), 2 smartsolar MPPT, 1 Cerbo GX, two Multiplus II - 48/5000. (240VAC)

The system is installed and it is working fine, but I can´t find a way to only have one inverter/charge working. I understant that when configuring the inverters in split/parallel/three phase, if one shuts down, the other one also turns off.

But one this case, I don´t need to combine the power of both inverters. I have the AC-out´s connected to a swich on the AC switchboard in which we use either one inverter, or the other. So we would like to use the inverters as indepent as possible.

Right now, I have them connected to the Cerbo GX, each with their own VE.BUS cable. I´ve tried chain one VE.BUS cable from one inverter to the other and then to the Cerbo GX, but it is the same, I cannot use one inverter without the other.

Is there any workaround to this? We just want to have more redundancy with the setup, we don´t need to have the combined power of the inverters.

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Looking for input - 4 to 20mA and 0 to 10V senders

Hello Community!

We’re considering to add a USB accessory to our GX product range, to add 0 to 10V, as well 4 to 20mA inputs.

But since all of us have very limited experience with 4 to 20mA tank senders, we're looking for some input:

  1. Is it always 4mA = tank empty, and 20mA is tank is full? Or do the empty and full levels need to be configurable in a software setting on the GX Device?
  2. And how important is it that the transducer can be powered by our device?
  3. Anything else we should keep in mind when designing a 4 to 20mA input? Good features you have seen else where?

Also, if you are using 4 to 20 mA senders, please post a link to a datasheet or specs below. And if you have an opinion on the sender, what you like/don't like, welcome to add that.

Lastly, most questions above are for 4 to 20mA, not for 0 to 10V - but if you have special comments about 0 to 10V, welcome as well - obviously. The product we have in mind will have inputs that can be used for both types.

Note, that this is quite early in the product development, I can’t say anything for now with regards to availability dates.

All the best and thank you! Matthijs

ps. just to prevent any question about this: we'll soon launch a new Venus OS version that can work with irregular tank shapes, as well as naming tanks and some more features: all those features will also available for the 0 to 10V and 4 to 20mA inputs. Details here.

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Replacing GX card on EasySolar-II GX

I need to replace the GX card on an EasySolar-II 48/3000 GX because of the rebooting problem discussed in this thread: https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/82963/multiplus-ii-gx-reboots-every-2-min-on-its-own-bro.html The dealer is ordering one for me. Before I get to site, can someone tell me whether I can do this from the front or will I need to take it off the wall? I have not done this before. Anything I should be careful of?

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GX touch 50 need (display) flexibility

I have a system realized with several VE products to cover charging and monitoring of a 12V and 24V system. Although I could connect them all to CERBO GX, I was pretty disappointed realizing that the available views (widgets) on GX touch 50 are predefined and not flexible. Therefore, on the main screens, I can monitor the 12V system charging through solar (mppt) and discharging through BMV712. But I can also see the inverter part, which I don't have in my system. On the other hand, I cannot display data on the 24V battery system that is monitored via another BMV712 (connect to CERBO GX). Also, on the main screen screen I must see tank level status although I don't have tank sensors attached, but I can't see temperatures for the sensors that I have attached. So, this is a question for VE stuff. Are you considering providing more display flexibility (main screen displays) in some future firmware releases for GX touch?

Kind regards, Alberto.

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