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Working on batteries - Disconnect solar panels?

Hey, I plan on installing the Victron shunt. Do I need to disconnect the solar panel input from the charge controller first? I don't want to damage the charge controller or solar panels.

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Circuit Breakers for 500vdc @ 20amps

Sorry to ask but i want to ensure i get something good, i have looked around and read lots of posts but for here in the UK i can not find something suitable ( well recommend by someone i trust)

So with that said i need to put a Circuit Breaker on each PV string (x4) what is a good quality units to use please, it will be mounted in a barn but it is dry so weather proof is probably not required.

Thanks for your help and patience!


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Choix du Parafoudre DC devant MPPT

Impossible de trouver dans les doc VICTRON quelle tension max peut supporter en particulier un MPPT 150/35 et un SmartSolar 450/200 (et tous les autres bien sûr). C'est une info nécessaire pour choisir un parafoudre de type 2 qui "écrête" à une tension inférieure à cette tension recherchée sur le MPPT.

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ESS system with grid attached Solar PV running in 'micro grid' mode during Grid power failure

Hi All,

Scenario as follows. Grid attached Solar PV (SMA 3kw) installed 12 years ago. Quattro ESS system recently installed. Testing Grid failure when batteries are full and excess PV being generated. What should happen?

My understanding is that the SMA inverter was configured as grid attached (correctly) when it was installed i.e. frequency shifting will not work. This cannot be changed since my system has a bypass switch for the Quattro so the SMA inverter must always be configured as 'grid attached'.

What appeared to actually happen was the system tried to frequency shift (per the ESS parameters) and the SMA inverter noted the frequency was outside the acceptable 'grid-attached' range and decided the grid was faulty and stopped inverting. A few minutes later (i think there is a minimum wait time in the SMA config) , the system had restored normal frequency and the SMA inverter restarted. This cycle repeated many times - it did avoid overheating the system (not least because eventually somehow it caused the PV RCD trip). So, was this just lucky? I've seen other forum entries for similar scenarios where systems have overheated and shut down.


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Fusing Victron Solar panel arrays

Hi everyone,

I have a question about fusing solar panel arrays. My understanding from reading online is that you have to fuse individual panels in a situation where your arrays short circunt current is over the maximum series fuse rating. Also the fuse for each panel should be the same size as "maximum series fuse rating". However I couldn't find this information about Victron Bluesolar Mono panels (googled and looked through the datasheet). Is the information somewhere else or should I use somekind of different logic.

My previous experience is only with connecting panels to series so haven't had this problem before.

Thanks a lot!

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Voltage oscillating and trends indication mppt 100/20

Hi, I’m testing a new setup with 2 x 180w panel in series connected to an mppt 100/20. VMP 35v, VOC 45v. Have been two overcast day so there is little to no sun at all and I’m noticing a strange behavior of the voltage. It jumps up and down from 20v to 50v, up and down all the time in a matter of seconds. Power at this stage range from 0 to a maximum of 10w as there is no sun. I have a 20w panel here and just to test I connected it to the controller and the voltage is really steady to 17v and the power around 2w. In addition to this the trends are strange, it records the variable voltage from present time back to 2/3 minuts, so the graph is a zig zag up and down, if after 10 minuts I go back and check that point of the graph again seems like the line flattened making an everage of the fluctuating voltage, attached 2 screenshot of the same moment, the first made at present and one made after several time going back to the same exact moment. Any idea? Thanks in advance



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Can I add a IP65 charger to a SmartSolar MPPT and Phoenix Inverter setup?


I want to build a little inverter system for home usage (mainly to run a TV and wifi during loadshedding - Yes, I am in South Africa). So I am looking at the SmartSolar MPPT 75/15, Phoenix Inverter 12/500, 160W solar panel and 102Ah deep cycle battery. I want to set it up as per the picture below but was wondering whether I can add the IP65 battery charger to the battery terminals as shown in the image. Will that cause any issues with the battery?


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my controller is not seeing pv

Thank you all for answering my question so now my controller is not seeing the solar pannel or not detecting it I first conected the bat then the load and then pv but it shows charger off and I cant get it on or to show pv input from the pannel can you help please it is a 75/15 controller smart blue

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solar panels in series or parallel

Hi guys, I have a a campervan installation, I have to connect two 335W panels (Vmpp= 36.8V, Impp= 9.11A) each one to the victron MPPT 100/50, and I've seen that there are people who recommends placing them in series or others in parallel.

What would be the most recommended and why?

Thank you very much, regards.

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Anyone familiar with these solar panel mounting brackets?

The installer I went to used these brackets they are 2 identical parts per corner. So they are tilt upgradeable. I won't go back to them because of the mistakes they made with the Victron equipment. I've searched several weeks on Google and Solar websites and asked another Solar installer in town nobody has seen them before. They are probably generic for other uses. I want to add 2 more 200 Watt panels to the RV roof and stay consistent with the mounting brackets. Any idea where to buy these? Thanks


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I want to raise the amount of electricity I generate in the winter on a budget

Currently I have a single 270w solar panel connected to a smart solar 100/20 charge controller. This is then connected to 4 leisure batteries connected in parallel. At the moment (winter in England) I am hardly getting any power due to clouds and short days. Can I just buy and attach another solar panel to double the amount I get? Would I connect it in parallel It would be overkill for the summer but helpful for the winter.

I know this question might seem a bit basic but I just wanted to make sure before I spend a bunch of money on another panel.

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will I be able to conect a 340 watt panel to my 75/15 smart mppt charge controller 12 volt system

Can I connect a 340 watt panel to my 75/15 smart mppt controller

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Suitable sealant / screws

Hi. Can anyone recommend decent screws for attaching roof hooks to rafters? I had either of these two in mind...

The company that sold me the fittings said 6x 80mm but I will also have spacers of about 10-15mm, hence the 90mm screws.

Also what is a good sealant for sealing the drill holes. Is this any good...

Thanks in advance.


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Can I replace solar panel cables, or it will damege my warranty?

Victron blue power solar panels 175W/ 12V

Cables in those panels are 4mm and 90cm in length, so is not good for me. I would like to replace them for ticker and longer, but is this damage my warranty?

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Mini station on the balcony.

What is better, one 400W panel or four 100W panels?
I have an apartment. Accordingly, the place of installation of panels is limited. I want to use the free space effectively.

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