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Easysolar II gx: solar array, fusing and grounding

Hi! I’m a bit of a solar energy newbie, trying to install a 5000w off-grid system. I’ve got the Easysolar II gx 5000 which has the MPPT 250/100 inside, 10 Trinasolar Vertex 505w panels and 3 Pylontech US3000c batteries. I thought it would be simple to connect but I’m struggling a little with the following question. Would greatly appreciate your opinion here!!

1. How do I best connect these panels? I now realise with 10 panels I bought a silly number. 2 parallel series of 5 panels exceeds the 250v limit (Vmpp 43,0, Impp 11,75, Voc 51,9 (- 0.25%/°C), Isc 12,35 (0.04%/°C). 5 parallel series of 2 panels leaves me with a very high current, probably needing a quite massive bar to connect them and thick cables (am I right here?). I’ve used the online calculator and it says 5x2 is okay though. What would you do? Or shall I rather put them as 3x3 and leave one panel off or buy 2 more and make 3 parallel series of 4 panels. This would potentially give me over 6kW PV array, whereas the manual says max 5.8kW, nevertheless the online calculator says it’s okay.

2. How do I fuse the system? So far my understanding is that best practices would be:

* One 20amp DC fuse (this is the panel’s max series fuse rating) for each parallel series of panels to avoid too much current flowing in from the other strings in case of short circuit.

* From there I lead the parallel series together and add a DC fuse/switch before going into the Easysolar. Am I correct in understanding it should be a 70amp fuse as the MPPT’s max PV short circuit current is 70A?

* Should I add a DC fuse/switch to the batteries? I’m off grid so I normally won’t want to disconnect the batteries unless I need to replace them. The manual says the recommended fuse is 200A, just for my understanding why would it be this high if the max output current is 100A?

* I will connect de AC out to my small house the house has a regular fuse box in place with a 32A main fuse and after this, several groups for the different areas with 16-20A fuses. I assume I don’t need to change anything here?

3. How do I ground the system? My house is grounded from the main fuse box, so every plug etc has a ground wire coming into the fuse box and one thick wire goes to the pin in the ground.

* Should I add a ground wire from the chassis of the Easysolar directly to the same pin?

* Should I add a ground wire from the chassis of the solar panels to the same pin?

* Should I add the ground wire in the AC out and where does it go? Should this be added to my house’s grounding system or should it replace it (ie instead of my house’s ground wire to the pin, I redirect it into the AC out of the Easysolar (and the Easysolar redirects it via the chassis to the pin??)

* Do I need to add any grounding to the batteries in any way?

Many questions, I know! I hope someone of you is kind enough to spend her/his precious time in writing me an answer and I also hope this may help others who may have similar questions. Thanks so much in advance!!

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Solar Panel - appropriate MPPT

Hello - My name is Thomas and I am planning to built a small electricity backup system for our house.

I have just bought a 200AH Lifepo4 battery (12v) and I am planning to purchase a solar panel from Jinko (Jinko Pro 460W -> max power). This panel has a voltage of 33.7v (open circuit 41v) and power current of 13A (short circuit current) 13.7A.

My plan was to purchase a victron MPPT 100/20.

As far as I understand this combination should work. Could someone pls confirm that my assumption is correct.

Many thanks in advance.

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Isolateur galvanique

Bonjour, lorsqu'il fait orage après de forte chaleur les différentiels des onduleurs sautent. c'est le phénomène de galvanisation je pense que l'on dit comme ça. peut on utiliser un isolateur galvanique pour se prémunir de cela ou je me fourvoie?

J'ai une puissance de 10,5 KWc de panneaux


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2s2p will this reduce the effect of shading

Hi all, were building a small off grid office / craft room solar setup , i work from home and have pc / mac / laptop on from 8am to at least 5pm, currently powered by mains from the house, we will keep that facility but have additional wall sockets wired independant of the mains supply, thinking of installing 2 panels, 400w each on the roof facing sss east, and 2 on the ground attached to the summer house at about 47 degree angle. The sun moves from right to left during the day, so i was going to wire both left hand side panels in series and the right hand panels in series and have 2 charge controllers one for each string, hoping to reduce the effect of shading as the sun moves accross the sky by doing this, if i instead went for a 2s2p, setup so keeping the 2 strings as above would i get the same effect. hope this makes sense.

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Why isn't the solar panel registering on the charge controller?

I bought a 2021 Coachmen Sportscoach. I believe Jaboni set up the solar system (100W s. panel on the roof and Victron PWM 10A charge controller in the basement near the batteries). Question: Why isn't the solar panel registering on the charge controller? I took the two + - leads off the controller and receive 19.2 V on my multimeter. Yet when connected, it doesn't show the solar and thus not charging the house batteries.

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Can I set a delay on the AC Out?


I am currently trying to add a solar setup to my house using the Victron Multiplus 12/3000/120 unit. The power company has told me that as part of their commissioning test my unit needs to have a 5 minute delay, after they turn the disconnect switch back on, before the inverter starts to send power to the house. From what i gathered they want to be able to turn the external disconnect switch to off and then back to on, but there needs to be a 5 minute delay between when they turn the switch back on and when the inverter sends power to the house. How would I set the inverter to do this?

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Cable connections between Solar Panels, MPPT and battery.

I’m aware that an MPPT controller should first be connected to the battery before connecting to the solar panels, but is this on first use only to let the system know the battery voltage, or will an MPPT be damaged by later disconnection from the battery whilst power is being received from solar panels?

The reason I ask is that there are circuit breakers/fuses between the MPPT and the batteries and it seems pointless to have protection that will kill the MPPT if it actually works.

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what size fuse between 200w solarflex panel and MMPPT 75/15 smartsolar charge controller

I have an Ampere Time 12v 200Ah battery
Renogy 2000w inverter
all for my tow trailer

One of your other replies was 15A DC rated circuit breaker or a 15a PV fuse with disconnect switch.

Many thanks

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solar Panel Manufacturer Denim Solar

Hi Guys,
Have you ever heard about Denim Solar from Salarclarity Group in NL ? Do you have any opinion on their glas-glass panel ?
Thanks a lot.

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panel output question

Hi guys

I've read a couple of threads so think this may be a quick answer but...

yesterday I fitted and connected 3 x LG 365 solar panels to the roof of my bus in series.

I will have lithium ion battery bank of 530 Ah (2 x 200 and 1 x 130) run through the Victron VE Direct Smart 150/70 MTTP. I connected the system yesterday just to check the wiring was good etc before cracking on with the bus build.

As I haven't joined up my 3 batteries in parallel yet, I used just the small one - 130ah - to test the system was correct. I duly expected the watts to read somewhere IVO 900, but it sat around 300. We are


currently in Oman so plenty of sun available!

A previous thread talked about the battery SOC being the driving factor in drawing what is needed from the solar array, but is there a way of seeing what the total draw *could* be, or dues that involve wiring up the whole system?

Thanks in advance.


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Victron Multiplus 3000 + Solar Edge Single Phase Inverter Error: F-L1 Max


Config Docs:

Victron Inverter: Multiplus 3000

Solar Edge Inverter: Single Phase HD Wave 2.2KW

Solar Edge Inverter Error 'F-L1 Max'

Hello all.

I am hoping to get to the bottom of a high frequency error which is triggering my Solar Edge inverter to disconnect. My Solar edge inverter has been configured in APS mode (AC-Coupling) using the above documentation.

When producing power my Victron inverter is charging successfully in "absorption" before my Solar Edge inverter disconnects. From viewing my Solar Edge SetApp "status" page app i can see the error and a frequency level of 53hz.

I believe the frequency bandwidth config for my SolarEdge inverter and VE.Bus Config is the reason for this disconnect.

When contacting the Solar Edge support they said:

The error shown on the inverter display indicates a Voltage Value too high from the AC.
When the PV is generating more energy than the consumption, it starts exporting energy to the grid. What happens is that if the grid cable is not big enough, this energy flowing to the grid let the AC Voltage raise.

There is also the below note on the above docs which i am no sure is still relevant. My Solar Edge inverter firmware is 4.16.19

Note: In addition to the settings above it is important to contact SolarEdge Support to change a parameter in the backend to allow the frequency shifting with APS mode.

Can anyone help me figure out a solution to this issue?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Blocking diodes

I'm just about to fit two Victron 305w panels in parallel. Do I need to fit blocking diodes anywhere in the circuit?

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Solar controller with 96v output?

Hello, I am putting a 96v EV motor on a sailboat. I need to run the motor at 96v. I will have 2kw of solar panels on the boat and would like to have the solar controller output 96v and not 24 or 48. Does anyone know how I could achieve this with Victron?




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