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AC disconnected on easy solar plus 2 GX

My easy solar 2 disconnected the ac loads and gave the message "AC disconnected". And now it only runs on battery's though the AC input is connected to the shore and also shows on the display there is a 230v on L1. (and measured it)

what can be the cause and solution?

Multiplus-IIEasySolar All-in-One
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Are you using virtual switch?

Are line and neutral from shore the correct way around?

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I’m not using a virtual switch that i know of.

Only installed an ess assistant about a year ago

And this installation has been running for more than a year and without me changing the line in cables.

I did have “float limit alarms” before.

Would a virtual switch stay active when triggered ?

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If you are running ESS then you dont have virtual switch they cant be configured together.

Sounds like a grid rejection. Check for loose terminals. Things change on their own so untouched means unchecked/maintained.

Are you running a particular grid code?

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I checked the neutral and phase and they are correctly connected.

I'm running the grid code of the Netherlands. and read a normal , mhhh was about to read the Hz of the L1 for you in VRM and see that it connected with the grid again a couple hours ago :D

Can this 2day grid rejection have been caused by maintenance work on the grid? They have been working on the grid nearby for the last couple weeks..

the herz was around 50,1 -50,4 when i checked yesterday

Also another question although maybe offtopic, is it possible to run the easy solar 2 GX without batteries when you use it without solar panels and set it on charge only mode? so it will not go to inverting or have to deal with DC. Or are batteries also required in pass through and if yes why?

Thnx so much for the help

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