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Reduce charge current based on SOC Multiplus

I want to reduce the charge current from the Multiplus II based on SOC from smartshunt using NodeRec via Cerbo.

I have tried in NodeRed but cannot find a setting to change charge current.
Have anyone tried this?
I see that I can reduce charge current via an analog in and use an assistant in the MP, but this is not a desired solution.

Any advice?

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Obligation passage consuel installations semi-autonomes


Une question ambiguë sur le passage obligatoire ou pas du consuel.

Installation : Multiplus, panneaux solaires, MPPT. Toute la consommation sur le OUT du multiplus, et le réseau public sur IN.

Grâce à node-red, nous programmons le multiplus pour de pas utiliser du tout le réseau public quand le niveau de batterie est suffisant. Dans ce cas, un réseau indépendant est généré et le réseau public n'est pas du tout utilisé (relais IN ouvert dans le multiplus). En cas de batterie faible, le multiplus ferme le relais IN, laisse passer le réseau pour alimenter les consommateurs et recharge les batteries. Il se comporte comme un fil pour alimenter les consommateurs et comme un simple chargeur (il n'a pas le droit d'injecter sur le réseau).

Sur une situation comme ça où l'installation est soit déconnectée du réseau, soit vue comme un consommateur lambda, le passage du consuel reste-t-il obligatoire ?

C'est une question ambiguë car cela dépend de la programmation...

Peut-être que quelqu'un de ce forum s'est déjà posé la question ?

(Une installation 100% déconnectée du réseau ne nécessite pas leur passage)

Merci d'avance,


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Node red : Multiplus II primary relay

Dear all,

My installation consists of solar panels, Pylontech batteries, a Multiplus II, and a Solar Charger MPPT 450/100. This set is controlled by a CERBO GX. I have installed Venus Large and Node-RED.

I already control a hot water tank from a CERBO GX relay programmed with Node-RED.

I would also like to program the primary relay of the Multiplus II via Node-RED. I can do this with the Relay Assistant but cannot find it with Node-RED. Do you have an idea?


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Node red, ideas to force AC2 out on with grid failure

Fairly sure the answer is no, I am trying to find a way to force AC2 out on during grid failure via node red dashboard.

The current nodes don't seem to have this ability and the assistant in the multi is cumbersome.

Would be cool to be able to control that relay via node red.

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how to disable Multiplus 2 charger from NodeRed

Hello together

and many thanks for the venus OS port to raspberry pi and also the large image with node red. Great work!

So here's an overview over my project:

I already have a PV on the roof and some different battery and inverter in the house which is running fine. Also we have an EV which can be charged while the sun is shining. But usually the car is on tour when there is sun on the roof. Therefor I'm building a kind of energy buffer before the wallbox using a Multiplus II 48-5000-70 and some LiFePo4 batteries with BMS in the garage. The Multiplus is connected to the house grid via the input and the wallbox is connected on output 1.

So the plan is, when the house battery is full and the energy goes to the grid I want to load the garage battery with the Multiplus charger and load the EV from this battery when it comes home until the garage battery is empty. Then I want to switch back output to input. So far I manages to adjust the charge intensity to follow the power coming from the roof. But I did not manage to stop the charger completely. I only can deactivate the whole Multiplus.

At the moment I do not have any assistant running.

Maybe someone can give me a hint how to implement this.

Thanks a lot!


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setting up multiplus for solar priority with external grid-linked solar?

Due to irritating conditions with my grid provider, I can't touch my grid-linked inverters - they can't be moved behind my multiplus-II or the grid provider will terminate my feed-in contract and replace it with a very rubbish one..

So - my question..

I have two inverters (physically separate sets of panels) feeding the grid, I have rs485 metering on the solar feed to grid as well as the overall grid. I am happy and allowd to feed to grid from the inverters, but not the multiplus (else the above feed-in rate change), but want to prioritise battery charging and self-consumption.

What is the best way to do this? I plan to setup a Raspberry Pi with Venus OS and the Node-red image.


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Two Multiplus II in series


I am working on installing a Multiplus II 48/5000 at my home, where I already have an on-grid photovoltaic inverter SMA Sunny Boy 4kW and I have some questions I haven't found answers anywhere:

1. Is it possible to install two Multiplus II inverters in series (one of them connected to the other critical loads output) with non-shared batteries? How should I configure them? That would enable me to add a new Multiplus II in the future with another new battery on grid-parallel mode connected to first Multiplus II critical loads output.

1.1 If 1. question is possible, should I configure second one to not exporting to grid? Or first one could use frequency shifting (or similar) to control how much energy could export the second one?

1.2 Continuation of 1.1 question. Would be possible to have SMA Sunny Boy 4kW connected to the same critical loads output than second Multiplus II, having both controlled by frequency shifting? Or that is not possible as maximum power would exceed Multiplus II maximum power?

It appears a similar configuration could be done by using CerboGX large firmware, to be able to use Node-red to control some inputs:
- first Multiplus II critical loads frequency (could be updated depending on first Multiplus II is able to receive more power from critical loads or it cannot accept many more
- first Multiplus II AC In grid status (availabe/not available)
And to be able to control some things:
- second Multiplus II power exportation limit, being configure to 0 power exporattion into second Multiplus II if grid on first Multiplus II is disconnected

I've seen some other questions about similar solutions, but they were trying to control batteries load between two Multiplus II at the same time at the same battery load. I'm not interested on that. What I'm looking for is to:
1. If second Multiplus II (with AC In connected to first Multiplus II critical loads AC OUT) has batteries fully loaded, then it will share power with the other one if the other requires it; if the other doesn't require it and external grid is connected, power could be exported to grid; and if the other doesn't require it and external grid is disconnected, 0 power export should be configured into second Multiplus II
2. If first Multiplus II (connected to grid and with second Multiplus II connected to it's critical loads AC OUT) has batteries fully loaded, if second Multiplus II requires power, first Multiplus II can provide that power as if it were coming from real grid

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No Output nodes available on multiplus

Hi! Just started a new Node red system on a Cerbo with a Multiplus -II 3000.

I've used both Node red and Multiplus-II before but with this installation its fighting back.

I can read input nodes from the multiples just fine, but when I try to use an output node on it, there's is none. The Solar charge output node works just fine.

What am I missing? The firmware is 481 (Newest is 489)

Skærmbillede 2021-11-02 kl. 13.55.54.png

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Force charge/discharge of Multiplus using VenusGX & Node-Red

What am I trying to achieve?

Charge the battery, or discharge the battery based on external input (via MQTT, but ultimately based on variable electricity tariff status)

I am up and running in Node-Red on the Venus GX 'large' image and am able to set the Multiplus to the following modes;


However if I set the multiplus to 'charger only' it obviously won't charge if I'm not in a scheduled charge slot.

If I set up a scheduled charge slot to be active at all times, then I can charge / not charge on demand by setting the 'Disable Charge' flag to either 0 or 1.


However when in the 'don't charge' state, it also won't discharge the battery as I'm in a scheduled charging slot.

I've tried setting the AC power setpoint instead of charging within a scheduled charging time, but it doesn't seem to do anything if I try the following;


Can anyone offer any recommendations on how I can switch between charging or discharging to meet my requirement?

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Help with using Node-Red with Venus GX

Could anyone please give me a bit of support in gettig started with Venus GX interfacing via Node-Red?

I've got Node-Red installed on a Raspberry Pi & am looking to switch on / off my Multiplus II based on certain input conditons.

I've loaded in the Victron nodes to Node-Red but am stuck on step 4 of the Installation Instructions;

enable d-bus over tcp in your Venus device if you want to use dbus over TCP, otherwise skip this step. Edit /etc/dbus-1/system.confand add the following directly above <policy context="default">:


How do I actually go about doing this? How to I connect to the Venus GX in a way that allows me to edit the files?

Any advice of next steps would be greatly appreciated too, as the instructions are not clear for me.

Many thanks in advance

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Control MultiPlus II via MQTT

Would it be possible to control a MultiPlus II via MQTT ?

What I'm thinking is to disconnect the mains in relay off between 16:00 - 19:00 this would be because on the Octopus Agile tariff here in the UK is the very expensive period. During this period my house would run from batteries via the inverter in the MultiPlus II. The control would come from Node-red.

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