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Node Red /VebusSetChargeState to Float, Cycles Back to Absorption

Using Venus OS Large v3.13.

Created this Node-Red flow to see if I could force "Float" to 2 MPII 48/3000/32 in parallel using the Custom Control Output Node.


Watching the LED's on MPII shows them going to Float briefly, then to Bulk then back to Absorption.

Confounding factor could be that battery is under External Control via Dbus Serial Battery from Louis Van Der Walt.

MPII Absorption & Float Voltages are the same as are configured in Dbus Serial Battery. MPII Absorption Time is set to minimum 1 hour.

The only reason to do this is to ensure that the LED's match the actual battery state - Float. Plan was to monitor Dbus Serial Battery Charge Mode and set MPII to Float when Dbus Serial Battery switches to Float.

Bulk LED corresponds to Dbus Serial Battery Charge Mode but MPII LED seems to switch to Absorption a bit earlier than Dbus Serial Battery Charge Mode.

MPII LED then never exits Absorption even when battery has fallen below Float voltage. mentions that using Vebus Set Charge State to 3 will Force to Float, for 24 hours.

Couple of questions:

  1. Is what I am trying to do supposed to work?
  2. Why would MPII cycle from Float to Bulk to Absorption?
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