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Victron Multi RS Solar 48/6000 connect to VRM (CCGX or RPi)

Hi everyone,

Can someone give a bit more clarity on how to bring the Multi RS in VRM?

The manual is... limited in this regards.

I have a CCGX (on my existing quattro installation) and just bought a RaspberryPi on which I installed VenusOS and I also purchased a MK3 adapter.

From what I can tell, only VECan is available on the Multi RS, but when I connect to CCGX it won't show anything. Do i need the little RJ45 end plugs (which didn't came with any device...) ?

What would I need to connect it to RPi?



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Multi RS 48/6000 - victron connect issue on reported output power

Hi *

I just got my Multi RS up and running - solar charger & inverter are working fine at least.

While connecting to a windows PC running victron connect and an (official) USB to VE-direct dongle I realized that AC output power reporting is not working : there is simply no data; not even the unit is showing ! Input power monitoring is working fine.


This is only reporting so it's not critical, but it certainly feel like a bug. Any idea how to get this to work ?

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Multi RS 48/6000 + cerbo gx pylontech battery. incorrect SOC in MultiRS

Hi All

I have a "pylontech" (reality unbranded but shows up correctly in cerbogx CANBUS). connected to cerbogx

also multi RS connected to the VE.CAN on cerbo gx.

Cerbo GX shows correct battery state of charge.

however, the Multi-RS still shows the incorrect "state of charge" for the pylontech battery in its own "victron connect connection".

how do I rectify?

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Does the Multi RS Smart Solar feed back into the grid?


Is it possible for the Multi RS Smart Solar inverter to feed energy back into the grid?

If yes, how can this be disabled in order to make it impossible to feed back?

The VictronConnect demo of this inverter shows an example where 600W of power is feeding back into the grid. So I suppose this inverter feeds back automatically into the grid?

Thank you!

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Running 2 x Multi RS Solar's in series

I know the multi rs solar doesn't support parallel running of units but would two of them operate in series?

1) How would this work in VRM? Would only one show up?

2) would they be individually available in NodeRed?

3) I know the units frequency shift the mains slightly to see if there is any mains input. Would two of them interact in a strange way?

4) am I likely to get the combined output of 5.3KW x 2 at the output continuously or would there be a lower limit?

The only thing in my house not running through the multi at present is a shower which would likely be 8.5KW or 9.5KW. I'm partly curious if two units would run this for 15 minutes. Also, I've got plenty of battery storage that two units could use but at present any load over 5.3KW is supplemented by DNO which i'd like to avoid as I also have plenty of solar in the summer.

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Multi RS Solar Posible Improvements

I have just installed my Multi RS Solar and have noticed a few features which would make this unit more useful. Most of these features should be available with tweaks to the firmware and VictronConnect app.

  • The battery SOC should be available in the trends
  • AC1-IN relay should be able to be energized on the following to allow AC charging without being connected all the time due to a 250W draw just for being connected.
    • Battery low voltage setpoint (with relay off after time setpoint)
    • Low SOC setpoint (with relay off after time setpoint)
    • High battery current setpoint (with relay off after time setpoint)
  • Battery temperature should be available even if temperature compensation not selected

Also, is there any decent documentation for these units? I feel as though these have been rushed to market without the usual Victron finesse.


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Multi RS Solar - AC 2 Out for Geyser using excess Solar

Hi All,

I have an Multi RS Solar running my home as a backup for heavy loadshedding (18-20 hours at a time!). System is performing great, and before midday my Pylontech batteries are fully charged. I would like to try have the excess power generated during the rest of the day channeled to heating a 1500W Geyser. If the solar is insufficient, it should revert to using the Grid to heat the water. Just means i'm not wasting excess solar when it could be used to keep the Geyser somewhat warm to hot... I'm guessing this would be done through the AC2 Port, but with the lack of a fully functional ESS on the Multi RS Solar, just wondering if that would be possible, or if there is another way to do this cleverly?

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Multi RS 48/6000 not reading battery SOC correctly

I've recently installed a Multi RS 6000/48 with a Freedom Won Lite 10/8 48V Lithium Battery

We are having an issue where the Multi RS won’t pick up the SOC from the cerbo/bms.

This means that when I try to program the inverter to shut down at 20% to protect the battery it automatically shuts down because it thinks battery SOC is 0%

It's also causing an issue in that I can't use it as an intentional island being able to set it to call on a generator or the grid when it battery drops to a certain SOC say 25%.

All devices are connected to a cerbo gx with Freedom plugged into battery bms port set at 500kb/s, Multi RS into VE.can port set at 250kb/s.

Everything is reporting as it should to the cerbo gx, I can see battery SOC on the cerbo however the Multi RS is not picking this up

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.


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How to reset Multi RS SOC?

Is there a way of resetting the SOC readout on the Multi RS Solar? As can be seen, Voltage is at 58V and charging current now down to 2.4A. Batteries are brand new 200Ah LiFeP04.

The inverter went into low battery volts on the start of a 1.5kW pump with no AC IN connected. SOC meter went from 86% to 1%.


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Multi RS Error 54 Fuses Blown No AC Out





This is a really a problem solved, but one to be shared. The on screen error report may be misleading. The online documenation has the error listed and was the gide to solving the problem. Qudos to Victron for this recently updated document.. Our customer had an error 54 appearing on a Multi RS. The problem was the two 240V 15A white ceramic fuses inside had blown. Its a very simple fix. Our first on a Multi or Multiplus. Because the Multi RS is planar, the ride through current on overload or inrush is less than the metal donut transformers. As a result it is probably more susceptible to blown fuses. Can the trusted community comment on this hypothesis?

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Multi RS smart 48/6000/100 + cerbo + pylontech (solar not feed in loads)

Hello! I have a problem with my installation on Multi RS smart 48/6000/100 + cerbo + pylontech us5000 . Solar power don't feed my loads, without using battery. But this is problem, because i need to keep a maximum reserve battery, and not use battery cycle. The Multi RS can do this or not? Or am I doing something wrong?







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Multi RS Solar - VRM Power Reporting Inaccurate

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone else is seeing the same behaviour in VRM from their Multi RS?

It seems that whenever the Multi RS is charging the battery, from Solar or Mains or both, the charging power is being reported by both the Solar or Mains charger to VRM, but is also being shown as additional DC charging power, pressumably from the battery?

The figure seems to be consitently double the actual charging power, like VRM does not know how to subtract the power coming from the different elements of the Multi RS from the total power going to the battery, so is accounting for both as 'additional' DC charging power as well as individually.

System in question has a fairly large DC system so it is as important to account for that as the AC system, removing the DC system from VRM is not really practical.

Up to now the system had been getting limited Solar or AC charging because UK solar sucks in winter and Generator support has only recently been added, so I had been putting the discrepancy down to measurement tollerances to now.

Now @WKirby has helped out with the generator settings for the Multi RS, i am pretty certain that this must be some kind of reporting bug, interested if you have seen this with your system?

Batteries are Pylontech US5000 which are selected as the battery monitor, as they are pylons DVCC is automatically forced on with SVS & STS forced off, not really sure what else to try to get the reporting to be vaguely accurate, any suggestions welcome


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Multi RS Solar panneaux différents

Bonjour a tous,

Je possède le fameux multi RS avec 8 panneaux en séries 410 wc, dirigés plein sud 35° d'inclinaison, 46,6v de voc et 11,07A d'isc. On est donc proche du max mais pas au taquet, je pensais rajouter deux panneaux identique sur le deuxième entrée du multi rs mais avec une inclinaison différente pour parer au lever du jour.

Je voulais donc en mettre un plein est a 90° et l'autre en parallèle plein sud également mais cette fois ci en façade qui comble dans problème jusque là fin de journée, donc les deux panneaux devrai fonctionner surtout en milieu de journée en même temps. Ça serai juste pour lisser la production surtout l'hiver.

Donc les deux serai en parallèles sur le seconde entrée. Donc voltage identique mais intensité différente en fonction de la journée, mais je dépasserai les 30A au max je pense en plein été ou faudrai les couper à cette période. Ou alors dois je prendre un 150/35 pour ajouter ces panneaux ?

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Multi RS Solar AC PV Coupling

Hi There

First post so be gentle please:)

I am considering a Multi RS Solar as part of a solution here in sunny South Africa. The product is compelling, a good alternative to the default option(in South Africa) of the all in one Sunsynk/Deye HF inverters.

From ploughing through questions and answers on this forum I am aware that the lack of parallel/3phase support is being worked on and I imagine that I am not the only one waiting with bated breath for it to be launced.

I can see examples of DC coupled additional PV, the sample schematic provides an easy to read/understand template of DC Coupling.

What I have not seen is an example of anyone getting AC coupling to work on the Multi RS Solar 48/6000. Is it possible, can it be done? There are lots of examples with the Muliplus II / Quattro and for example Fronius, even good guides, zero feed in options etc. Those devices I am aware use VE Bus and the Multi RS Solar does not, can AC PV coupling be achieved via Victron Connect?

Perhaps this is also in development?

Kind regards


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How do I get the Multi RS solar to accept my AC IN from the generator.

Hi there, I have wired my setup virtually identical to the one shown in the manual for the Multi RS solar, with the exception of the BMS i/o but this is not relevant here.

I'm trying to get the multi rs solar to start charging my batteries, (and / or pass electricity through the multi) from the AC supplied by a generator.

However when It's all connected I get just a few watts being registered if any, - AC IN relay states that it is open, and I get a flashing plug icon on the multi RS.

I have tested the ac and all seems as it should, save for a small amount of voltage detected between neutral and earth. - So I gave the system a dedicated clean earth to eliminate this and still have the same issue.

I have also looked at the knowledge base for similar issues and scoured the web - and any answers that seem like they could solve my problem dont seem to apply for me.

For example, on other units there seems to be a tick box option to accept lower quality AC from generators. which is not available on the menus for the multi rs solar from the victron connect app.

I don't have solar connected at the moment as my panels haven't arrived. and am not sure if that's in any way relevant.

What is it that the multi is looking for in order to accept the AC that i can provide?

Many thanks in advance for any advice here


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