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Multi RS 48/6000 ACIN1 relay does not close

Have a customer with a Multi RS 48/6000 in a truck, connected to generic 48V CANbus batteries. No problem charging from solar (via separate MPPT) but the batteries will not charge from the Multi RS when connected to shore power. The message on screen says ACIN1 relay open which would explain why its not working but I can't find any settings that relate to this relay, or any reason why it would not close when connection is active.

There are no faults in the log except battery voltage low (its currently at 45V so desperately needs charging asap). I've tried with DVCC enabled and disabled and with battery canbus cable unplugged so I'm 99% sure its something internal to the RS Multi. Any ideas?

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Multi RS Solar AC PV Coupling

Hi There

First post so be gentle please:)

I am considering a Multi RS Solar as part of a solution here in sunny South Africa. The product is compelling, a good alternative to the default option(in South Africa) of the all in one Sunsynk/Deye HF inverters.

From ploughing through questions and answers on this forum I am aware that the lack of parallel/3phase support is being worked on and I imagine that I am not the only one waiting with bated breath for it to be launced.

I can see examples of DC coupled additional PV, the sample schematic provides an easy to read/understand template of DC Coupling.

What I have not seen is an example of anyone getting AC coupling to work on the Multi RS Solar 48/6000. Is it possible, can it be done? There are lots of examples with the Muliplus II / Quattro and for example Fronius, even good guides, zero feed in options etc. Those devices I am aware use VE Bus and the Multi RS Solar does not, can AC PV coupling be achieved via Victron Connect?

Perhaps this is also in development?

Kind regards


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How to connect two Island Log-cabins via 230Vac?

I have a Log-cabin in the Alps with 2x SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 VE.Can, CCGX, 1x Victron MultiPlus-II 48/5000, 48Vdc 9kW Batterie, 4.2kWp PV Array.

Now my Neighbor (70m Cable-Distance) would like to link in.

The Idea is to bild a separat Island System a the Neighbors Log-Cabin and link both Island-Systems via 230Vac.

Should we link both Inverters via VE.Can over the 70m distance or does there exist a solution to just use the AC-Line?

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Multi RS solar connection problem


I have a multi rs solar 48/5000 since august, and I’m experiencing some convention problems.

Sometimes during the night, when I charge my pylontech batteries, I lost the connection with my multi rs, in the vrm app, internet and localy by Bluetooth.

The way I found to solve it, is by restarting the multi rs, (switch on and off) but today, after many attempt it refuse to connect again even with Bluetooth.

Try to « forget Bluetooth pairing » but when I enter the ping code, it asks me in a loop to enter it.

I didn’t change anything.

Anyone has an idea how to solve this problem? Or do I have to send it back ?

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How do I get the Multi RS solar to accept my AC IN from the generator.

Hi there, I have wired my setup virtually identical to the one shown in the manual for the Multi RS solar, with the exception of the BMS i/o but this is not relevant here.

I'm trying to get the multi rs solar to start charging my batteries, (and / or pass electricity through the multi) from the AC supplied by a generator.

However when It's all connected I get just a few watts being registered if any, - AC IN relay states that it is open, and I get a flashing plug icon on the multi RS.

I have tested the ac and all seems as it should, save for a small amount of voltage detected between neutral and earth. - So I gave the system a dedicated clean earth to eliminate this and still have the same issue.

I have also looked at the knowledge base for similar issues and scoured the web - and any answers that seem like they could solve my problem dont seem to apply for me.

For example, on other units there seems to be a tick box option to accept lower quality AC from generators. which is not available on the menus for the multi rs solar from the victron connect app.

I don't have solar connected at the moment as my panels haven't arrived. and am not sure if that's in any way relevant.

What is it that the multi is looking for in order to accept the AC that i can provide?

Many thanks in advance for any advice here


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Câblage et fonctionnement du nouveau Multi RS Solar 6000

Bonjour à tous après avoir parcouru le forum et les excellents webinar de Thierry Cortassa

Je me lance dans mon projet photovoltaïque malheureusement je trouve peu d’explication technique sur le nouveau matériel multi RS Solar…

je souhaiterai avoir une confirmation sur les connections CAN avant la mise en œuvre

D autre part j ai pleins de petites questions d’éclaircissements technique sur le fonctionnement interne des onduleurs

Mon matériel :

-Multi RS Solar 6000 avec 1 tracker mppt

-PV Hyundai 400w shingle

-Batterie pylontech US5000

-Cerbo Gx

Mon câblage de communication est le suivant :

Pylontech (can)- Cerbo (can bms)

Avec câble can bms type À

Et Cerbo (Ve can) - Multi rs solar (can)

+ terminaison can

  • Apparement pas besoin de shunt car Le bms de la pylontech en possède déjà un en interne mais cela fonctionne t il aussi bien avec des consommateurs DC externe ?
  • La configuration doit être faite par Victron Connect ou directement sur cerbo ?
  • Apparement le multi rs ne gère pas les protocoles d’injection réseau , peut il fonctionner comme l’ESS d’un multiplus sans injection ?

J’ai aussi plusieurs interrogations pour ma compréhension personnelle si une âme charitable aurait le temps de m expliquer…

  • le multi rs utilise Bus dc interne : à quoi serre le convertisseur dc/dc entre le mppt et la batterie ?
  • La technologie haut fréquence possède t elle dés avantage/défaut comparé à la basse fréquence (multi plus ) sur le facteur de puissance et le rendement des consommable avec alimentions à découpage ex :alimentation pc - chargeur voiture électrique
  • Je me demande comment le puissance réactive est gérée par l inventeur , par exemple un projecteur led de 100 watt avec un Cos Phi de 0,5 consommera t il 100w ou 150 w sur la batterie ?
  • Et finalement sachant que le multi rs possède un ve can il possible de relier directement le BMS pylontech si configuré à 500 kbits ?


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Multi RS Solar Posible Improvements

I have just installed my Multi RS Solar and have noticed a few features which would make this unit more useful. Most of these features should be available with tweaks to the firmware and VictronConnect app.

  • The battery SOC should be available in the trends
  • AC1-IN relay should be able to be energized on the following to allow AC charging without being connected all the time due to a 250W draw just for being connected.
    • Battery low voltage setpoint (with relay off after time setpoint)
    • Low SOC setpoint (with relay off after time setpoint)
    • High battery current setpoint (with relay off after time setpoint)
  • Battery temperature should be available even if temperature compensation not selected

Also, is there any decent documentation for these units? I feel as though these have been rushed to market without the usual Victron finesse.


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Multi RS Error 54 Fuses Blown No AC Out





This is a really a problem solved, but one to be shared. The on screen error report may be misleading. The online documenation has the error listed and was the gide to solving the problem. Qudos to Victron for this recently updated document.. Our customer had an error 54 appearing on a Multi RS. The problem was the two 240V 15A white ceramic fuses inside had blown. Its a very simple fix. Our first on a Multi or Multiplus. Because the Multi RS is planar, the ride through current on overload or inrush is less than the metal donut transformers. As a result it is probably more susceptible to blown fuses. Can the trusted community comment on this hypothesis?

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Multi RS Solar "Battery state of charge alarm" won't clear and won't start charging?

I let my batteries run down below 10% last night for the first time. Overnight the 'Battery state of charge' alarm triggered which I'd expected and this has happened lots of times before. The only difference this time was the batteries went down to about 8% and about 45V.

At 00:30 the unit is switched to 'Keep batteries Charged' which I do each night to charge with cheap electric, however it refused to charge. I tried all sorts this morning, checking all the voltage thresholds I could find in the system but nothing would persuade it to charge. Eventually, the external MPPT controllers charger the batteries to over 48V but it still has the alarm and won't charge. Eventually I power cycled the RS and it immediately started charging and the alarm cleared?!

I'm running version 1.11 firmware on the RS and the Cerbo GX is on 3.00~14. oh, I also have a smart shunt that the GX uses for battery monitoring rather than using the RS. I also don't have a BMS connected to the GX as they don't have external contacts (Eco-Worthy 12V 100Ah).

Any suggestions what caused this? Obviously I think the trigger was allowing the batteries to go below 10% but I'm worried this may happen again one day and I'll be left with flat batteries on the morning. The obvious candidate is a bug but I'm open to suggestions.


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Multi RS Solar with Auto transformer

I am thinking through a lithium/solar upgrade with increased inverter power for my RV. I love the design of the Multi RS Solar but need 120v loads for my US based Rv. Seems the autotransformer would work to solve the output, since you can adjust the RS to be 60hz and 240. I assume I would likely need two autotransformers to also enable15/30/50 amp shore power.

Does he Multi RS Solar (48/6000) work with the autotransformer?

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Globallink 520 Multi Rs Solar Dashboard
Greetings to the community, I have a Globallink 520 and Multi Rs Solar and BMV712 installed, how can I see the overall view from the dashboard the setting with overview disappears immediately and can't see anything as the overall view like in this image?
Thank you



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Victron Multi RS Solar 48/6000 connect to VRM (CCGX or RPi)

Hi everyone,

Can someone give a bit more clarity on how to bring the Multi RS in VRM?

The manual is... limited in this regards.

I have a CCGX (on my existing quattro installation) and just bought a RaspberryPi on which I installed VenusOS and I also purchased a MK3 adapter.

From what I can tell, only VECan is available on the Multi RS, but when I connect to CCGX it won't show anything. Do i need the little RJ45 end plugs (which didn't came with any device...) ?

What would I need to connect it to RPi?



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Multi RS Solar 48/6000 setup

Hello everyone.

I'm just setting up my first victron based domestic system in a flat in London. I've made the following "design setup" ... can you critique it?

Since I'll be running "off grid with AC input" - i.e. no feedback to grid possible. I don't need a DNO declaration (as far as I know!).

I decided to mate the high-voltage Maxeon3-400 Panels (5 panel string) with the high voltage Multi RS-Solar 48/6000... hoping to achieve decent efficiency from dawn till dusk... time will tell if it works out.


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Do I need a shunt with Multi RS Solar?

Is there any advantage to using a Lynx Shunt in combination with Multi RS Solar? Will the shunt provide SOC information to the Multi RS Solar?

Is a GX unit necessary in this configuration?

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Multi RS Solar Power Assist

Hi guys
Is Multi RS Solar able to Power Assist? as specs show capability but don´t find enabling box as in Multiplus II. Also a question about of Multi RS Solar supporting Weak Signal and other features related to enable Genset smooth operation.

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