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Multiplus-II GX and 230v AC with no neutral (still distributed in some part of Italy)

It Italy there still areas where distributor provide 230v AC without neutral (based on distribution of 3-phase 230v with no neutral)

In this situation, to connect the AC to a Multiplus-II GX in with no neutral it is enough to disable ground relay? (and connecting the ground to device chassis)

There is a specific procedure to do so?

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Powercontrol prioritization

I'm about to get AC current sensors for grid (Victron external sensor) and for AC PV (Victron ac sensor) next week.

If I've understood correctly, this makes my Easysolar 2 GX aware of AC PV grid feed and I can utilize it to charge my batteries or power my "critical loads" or AC loads that are in my ACout (I've just now come to assume that without a "real" grid meter I cant really see them separately?).

However, I'm not sure if this will lead to also battery power being expended for my non-critical ac loads where I wanted to only use excess solar for them? Is there another measurement for ACout or how will this work out after all? Is it in any way possible to use both the external AC sensor (as "grid meter") and the internal one in ACin (critical loads)?

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AC- Lasten?


warum werden im VRM Portal eigentlich AC- Lasten und kritische Lasten aufgeführt.

Kritische Lasten ist ja alles was an AC Out 1 hängt. Was sind denn dann noch die AC Lasten?

Hab vor den Multis keinerlei Verbraucher zu hängen, geht direkt zum EM 24.

Kann mir das jemand erklären?

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How can I have AC in details on Venus OS?

Thing is, I have in my system only these Victron products:

  • Phoenix Inverter 12V 500VA 230V
  • SmartShunt 500VA
  • SmartSolar Charger MMPT 75/15

And this is what I can see in my Venus OS setup which is ok:


Is there a posibility to add something from Victron, other then a big inverter that accepts AC IN, so that I can see AC IN in top left corner of my screen? My 500VA inverter does not accept AC IN because is too small and also does not have charge function for battery.

My only choice is a Multiplus device?

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Ac breaker enclosure

Installing multiplus. Ac breaker on input. I got a blue sea enclosure but there is no way the 6ga wire is going to work in this enclosure with the breaker.
what box have you guys used?

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Multiplus Compact 12/2000/50 has no AC output

I have turned on my DIY campervan electrical system for the first time (Multiplus Compact 12/2000/50 with Multi Control Panel, 300Ah Li-ion Batteries, Lynx distributor, BMV 712, Smart Solar MPPT 100/50, Orion Tr Smart 12/12/30). There is no AC output from the inverter. 14v DC input from Lynx is fine. The 15A shore power charged without any problem. Have updated the firmware and connected to Victron Connect. Any suggestions on how I can trouble shoot this?

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How does a multiplus-ii handle large variations in input AC voltage?

Putting a multiplus-ii in my camper. I see many suggestions to use an EMS to protect my camper. I'm considering just using a circuit breaker instead. And I'm wonder how the multiplus-ii handles those variations in input vs its output.

I can see from the datasheet that the inverter I'm using can handle 90-140VAC of input. How is the output AC voltage affected by this? (especially if there's no battery to back it up?) I have seen reports of campgrounds sending out voltage as low as 100V.

Thank you

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Multplus (s) rejecting AC Current, not allowing Bulk Charge

I have a 10 LG PV Panel, 385-415W, solar array, set up as 2s2p x 2, and 2s,. Each array has its own charge controllers, Victron MPPT 250.100, MPPT 150/100, and MPPT 150/35.

I also have 8 SOK LFP 12.8v/100Ah batteries, set up as 2s2p x 2, for a 24v / 400Ah system

The above feed in through a Lynx Power in, Lynx Shunt and Lynx Distributor.

I have the system monitored through a Cerbo GX and a VRM account on the internet.

Originally, I had one 24/3000/50-70 Victron Multiplus, supplying power to a subpanel that normally draws about 500-600W. On sunny days, this system runs without needing to use AC bulk charging from the mains to charge up the batteries.

I also had assistants running on the Multplus to start charging at 20% to 25% SOC during daytime, 7am to 7pm; At nights, it would start charging at 30% to 40% SOC. The charging worked perfectly and I could also manually turn it on, when needed via the VRM app on the phone or Internet

I had been able to run my pool pump during the days when it was sunny, to use up surplus energy. I am planning to add another 6 panels next summer and another 8 batteries. My hope is to be able to run the pool and home air conditioning on hot sunny days. Thus, I needed to add a split phase system to run the air conditioner. (It uses 1600W to run, so 800W per leg of the subpanel)

I bought the 2nd Multiplus (24/3000/50-70) last week, and hooked it up Tuesday to Thursday. During the setup process, both Multplus’s need to be upgraded to the newest firmware, 4.90. After the firmware upgraded, I set it up in split phase, tested it, it worked fine and saved the settings. I set it up in parallel phase, tested it, it wonted fine as well, and saved the settings.

I loaded the split phase settings and let it run. Then I went to test the bulk charging, and this is where it did not work as expected.

After reloading the assistants to allow to SOC monitoring of charging, I manually tried to charge the batteries. I heard the usual ‘clunk’ but the system did not start charging. I thought maybe this was because the assistants were not on the 2nd Multiplus, so I loaded assistants on that, and it still did not charge.

I spent all day Saturday going over all the wiring, testing the voltages and phases. The voltage from the battery terminals, matches the DC wiring to the Lynx, and the Lynx voltage matches the same.

On the AC side, the 120v from the main panel is consistent from the panel bus, through the breaker, through the cable right to the AC in of the Multipluses.

The inverting continues to work fine. MY only regret is not to have tested my Multplus, that has been working fine for a year, to see if the new firmware had stopped it from working (ie. a firmware bug?)

I even reset both Multiplus to default factory mode, and tried to use my original Multplus the same as I haven the last year, and it refused to bulk charge .

Manually switching the Multiplus to charge only mode, does nothing.

I have attached a short video, showing VE Config, and the blue line that runs along the monitor window, as it reaches the end, you can heard the 'clunk' of the Charger starting up..then it just stops, and the process bar goes back to start again. This is one clue.

The next photos show the Victron Connect app snapshot of the system, then some VE Config snaps shots, the first series on the Main, L1, Master, Multiplus and the next series, the Second, L2, Slave Multplus.

My subpanel is basically off lien from the solar an batteries and running off my mains until I can fix this. thank-you

This appars to be a similar problem, without a solution:








this next set is of Multiplus L2






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What is the meaning of the green frame 'AC loads'?

What is the meaning of this green box (AC loads)?


Is this the difference between the measurement of the energy meter and the Multiplus?

Energy meter: ET340
Multiplus: 3 x MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48 (3 phase)

What could be the reason for this difference?

There is no consumer connected between the energy meter and Multiplus (only a fuse to switch off AC-IN)?

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Quattro AC Input RCB tripping


I Have an 8kVA Quattro inverter suppling a residential house. The problem that I am facing is that the RCD on the AC input of the inverter is tripping randomly.

PS: I have a neutral to earth connection on the AC input of the inverter.

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Blue Smart IP22 Charger 12v 30A UK Plug Fuse

Hi - I have a Blue Smart IP22 Charger 12v 30A charger hooked up to 3 95aH AGM batteries in parallel. This has been used on shore power without issue to charge batteries from around 95% to 100% without issue, however when I've used this at home to charge from 85% it seems to have blown the 5amp fuse in the UK plug, has anyone else had issues with this, or can suggest any reasons why it would be blowing this fuse? To me it seems like 5amp for this fuse is small on a 30amp charger but I'm trusting it's right as that's what came from the supplier? Thanks!

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My multiplus is charging but AC Panel has no power on shore power. Hanse 415

Checked on my boat and my shore power breaker was tripped on the dock. Was running a small heater. AC Panel was not working, and did not work after I reset the breaker on the dock. The charger worked and battery started charging. Could not get the AC panel to work. It is a 2014 Hanse 415. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Multi Plus Compact: 12/2000/80

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Can a GX access information if 2 Multiplus are on the same bus, but driving two separate AC loads

I have situation where the client wants 2 Multiplus II inverters from the same solar and battery yet want to feed the AC to separate locations. Reason if one inverter overload other should continue supplying power.

If one GX can't control then you need 2 energy meters, 2 GX, 2 BMV. Basically 2 separate systems.

Are there another solution. Want to use 1 batterybank, 1 PV array and still know my SoC.

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Multiplus AC Coupled Fronius and DC Coupled MPPT - Export Ability

If I have a hybrid setup with a 5kW AC coupled Fronius on the AC Out of a 5kVA Multiplus II (within the 1:1 rule), but I also have 3kW of DC coupled solar via MPPT and communicating on VE.Direct, what is the export ability?

Is it only ever a maximum of 5kVA (as this is the power rating of the Multiplus), or can the Multiplus 'pass through' the export of the Fronius along with the 3kW of DC coupled solar, to give a total of 3kW + 5kW = 8kW export?

I've had a quick read through the ESS manual, and also the 1:1 rule document but I can't find a definitive answer.


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Ignore AC Input 1 But Not 2

Hey Guys hope all is well

I need Some assistance on the following:


15Kva Quattro

2 x 450/100 Mppt

1 x 40/32 Freedomwon Lithium

Prepaid Utility Eskom AC input 1

Gen AC Input 2 (Manual Start)

I Need to Configure the following:

OFF Grid Site with Utility AC Input 1 as backup

Generator when started to be pulled in if ac 1 input is available or not

AC Input 1 Must be ignored until Battery is on 50% Then AC1 must come in to 54Volt or 60%

but if client starts Gen it must be Priority whether AC 1 is avaliable or not or if Battery higher than 50% OR NOT

Thanx in advance

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