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Can a GX access information if 2 Multiplus are on the same bus, but driving two separate AC loads

I have situation where the client wants 2 Multiplus II inverters from the same solar and battery yet want to feed the AC to separate locations. Reason if one inverter overload other should continue supplying power.

If one GX can't control then you need 2 energy meters, 2 GX, 2 BMV. Basically 2 separate systems.

Are there another solution. Want to use 1 batterybank, 1 PV array and still know my SoC.

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Multiplus AC Coupled Fronius and DC Coupled MPPT - Export Ability

If I have a hybrid setup with a 5kW AC coupled Fronius on the AC Out of a 5kVA Multiplus II (within the 1:1 rule), but I also have 3kW of DC coupled solar via MPPT and communicating on VE.Direct, what is the export ability?

Is it only ever a maximum of 5kVA (as this is the power rating of the Multiplus), or can the Multiplus 'pass through' the export of the Fronius along with the 3kW of DC coupled solar, to give a total of 3kW + 5kW = 8kW export?

I've had a quick read through the ESS manual, and also the 1:1 rule document but I can't find a definitive answer.


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Ignore AC Input 1 But Not 2

Hey Guys hope all is well

I need Some assistance on the following:


15Kva Quattro

2 x 450/100 Mppt

1 x 40/32 Freedomwon Lithium

Prepaid Utility Eskom AC input 1

Gen AC Input 2 (Manual Start)

I Need to Configure the following:

OFF Grid Site with Utility AC Input 1 as backup

Generator when started to be pulled in if ac 1 input is available or not

AC Input 1 Must be ignored until Battery is on 50% Then AC1 must come in to 54Volt or 60%

but if client starts Gen it must be Priority whether AC 1 is avaliable or not or if Battery higher than 50% OR NOT

Thanx in advance

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Multiplus 2 5000va to two separate consumer units

Currently running our static lodge off of solar with 4 pylon tech batteries and the multiplus 2, no grid connection. I want to run power my workshop as well as we have plenty of spare capacity. Obviously ac out 2 is only functional under certain conditions, would it be ok to run another 6mm swa from ac out 1 to the consumer unit in the workshop?? Is there another way to do it that would be better/safer/easier

Any help appreciated


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Is it possible to measure AC output of a 3rd party Inverter using CT clamps?


I have a 3rd party inverter DC/AC and would like to keep using it since its not broken.

System will have Victron SmartSolar MPPT, Cerbo GX and SmartShunt, is there any way I can measure AC output of my 3rd party inverter and feed that back to VRM?



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MultiPlus Compact 12/2000 does not charge

Hi guys,

When AC is connected, after 10-15 seconds Multiplus Compact tries to switch on charger (as usual) and then immediately relay switches it off (almost simultaneous relay clacks). Looks like protection.

1) Wiring is correct (grounding, live/neutral)

2) AC is pure and fine (was working 3 days with it)

3) Boat installation

4) Checked with disconnected ac output - same behavior

5) Issue appeared after some rewiring work on the input side (connecting everything back as before did not help either).

6) Battery is 12.8V. No other chargers connected.

7) Invertor works fine (means DC and AC output lines are correct), AC output is working fine.

Question - what is going on with MultiPlus and how it can be healed? Does this mean unit is broken now?

Kind regards, Serhiy

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Blue Smart IP22 Charger 12v 30A UK Plug Fuse

Hi - I have a Blue Smart IP22 Charger 12v 30A charger hooked up to 3 95aH AGM batteries in parallel. This has been used on shore power without issue to charge batteries from around 95% to 100% without issue, however when I've used this at home to charge from 85% it seems to have blown the 5amp fuse in the UK plug, has anyone else had issues with this, or can suggest any reasons why it would be blowing this fuse? To me it seems like 5amp for this fuse is small on a 30amp charger but I'm trusting it's right as that's what came from the supplier? Thanks!

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AC in 2 not detected.

I have a setup with two quattro 48/3000/35 in an mobile application setup for north American split phase 120/240v. The system inverts off batteries just fine and it will switch to mains when I connect a 240v source to both units. When 240v is not available i tried to connect 120v single phase to the master unit. I was expecting the master to switch to mains while the follower unit stayed in inverter mode. However, both units remain in inverter mode. I have verified there is no voltage on AC IN 1 and there is 120v on AC IN 2. The AC IN 2 on the follower is not connected. I use two assistants to change the charge current based on power on AC IN 1 or AC IN 2

Is there a setting that is expecting power on both units to switch to mains or something else?.

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Off Grid Solar with 240v charging

Hi guys,

I have a setup in my expedition trailer as follows: -

1x 120w solar

1x smart shunt

1x smart solar charge controller

2x 110ah batteries in parallel

Occassio ally I can connect the batteries to and an AC electric supply to give them a boost, especially if the sun has not been shining for a day or two.

So I wondering which of the Victron battery chargers would integrate best with the devices I already have?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Can setting low temp cutoff in BMV-712 stop AC converter charging?

I am running the BMV-712, Battery Smart Temp Sensor and the MPPT 100/15 with a 2x LiFePo4 200amp hour battery bank. The battery bank has BMS onboard but a low temp cutoff is not included unfortunately. I have things set with the MPPT to cutoff charging at 3deg C but that is only when charging from solar. It looked like if I set the BMV-712 relay low temp cutoff setting to 3deg C, it would cut charging regardless of whether it was from solar or the AC charge converter but my tests are showing the relay closed when it's supposed to be, however the AC charge converter is still charging the battery bank. Any thoughts or ideas? Thank you in advance.

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Continuous Air Conditioning operation

I purchased a dedicated 280 amp alternator for my Sprinter van. It is so I can run an air conditioning unit via a Victron 3000 alternator/charger while I'm going down the road. There will be situations where it will run constantly for hours. The unit will draw as much as 2000 watts on a continuous basis. Does anyone see any issues with overheating or durability?

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measuring separate AC power usage from inverter via VRM

This may have been asked before but in different language so I wasn't sure.

I want to have a multi or quatro fully off-grid system with let's sasy 20kW of panels feeding a few different buildings with AC 240V such as small house, shed, separate office, greenhouse etc.

Ideally on my Cerbo/Octo/whatever I'd love to see what is using what, or even when there is load (like if a building should be empty/off). I can't see an obvious way to separate AC loads but i think this would be a kiler feature and with current sensors should at least be hackable perhaps.

Is this possible to do such that it would display on a GX touch 50, or mobile dashboard/VRM?

Or does it need some serious coding via VenusOS or something else?

If a Victron employee reads this I think you should consider adding this feature as I can see it becoming increasinly common for offgrid solutions, even if it's just for house and shed, but 2+ would be ideal, and put a current senson on each circuit you have! Even in a house: lights/oven/power points/hot water heater etc. The data satistic uses are immense.

Thanks :)

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N/####/system/0/Connected Not accurate / changing & N/####/system/0/Ac/Alarms/GridLost

Hi all

With a Grid dropping this is not changing... seem to always get a 1 back


N/###/system/0/Ac/Alarms/GridLost seem to have disappeared ?

VRM FW: 2.6

Build: 20200906142058


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Victron Multiplus Ground Issue?

I have a Victron Multiplus 12v 3000w Inverter / Charger. I wired the AC output into the 120v AC Circuit Panel in my RV and it's not producing an output that makes any sense.

Using a multimeter, I have measured that there is 120v and just under 1 amp that makes it to the circuit panel where I have installed a new 50amp single pole breaker. I have validated the voltage on the bus bar in the circuit panel as well (I forgot to check for amperage).

The Multiplus via VictronConnet shows 120v output on AC1 but Power is 0w, Current is 0.00A (sometimes it shows -0.02A) and 60.0Hz frequency.

I'm stumped because nothing in the circuit panel seems to be getting energized.

Could this be a bad ground? A bad neutral? I'm having some difficulties making good connections with the heavy gauge 6/3 wire into the panel but it should be good enough to make something light up.


The AC output L1 is a 6/3 AWG stranded wire with a run length of about 8 feet with no junctions between the multiplus and the circuit panel.

The Multiplus shows a "Inverting" state in VictronConnect

The battery shows 13.46v at 0.0A Current at 56 degrees F.

AC Input is 0v, 0.00a, etc.



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How to synchronize AC output of two offgrid systems

There's an existing offgrid installation using 2x 24/3000 Multiplus in parallel. In order to charge an EV the owner plans on installing a 2nd offgrid system (with separete panels and battery) based either on 48V/5000 MP (one or two units in parallel - TBD) or a 8kVA Quattro.

For several reasons, the owner would like both AC outputs of the two Offgrid systems to be synchronized, that is, the voltage difference between both AC live wires = 0 V.

Offgrid 1 and offgrid 2 will have separate AC board, but may share conduits. There is (backup) GRID available both to offgrid 1 and offgrid 2 systems. How to achieve AC output synchronization?

I was thinking in using grid as input to both systems (even if not used) in order to the inverters synchronize. Or even feed one Inverter to the other.

Has anyone tried something similar?

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