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vrm firmware update

Mppt starting new day at history tab everyday @ 15:00 o'clock


I did something I guess Im not supposed to do and upgraded my solar charger's (BlueSolar Charger MPPT 75/15 (large micro) A042) firmware via vrm portal to the latest 1.61. Update is not published via victron connect yet.

After updating device acts weird. Starts a new day while its around 15:00 o clock locally and sun is still shining. In addition to that vrm connected victron connect app(android or windows doesnt matter) changing charge settings are saved and shown with green thick but does not effect the charger. What I mean is I am turning of the charger but it does not stop charging. (etc).

My question is where can I find one step older firmware? Even victron professional portal is only offering the latest firmware. Are there any github like archive of device firmwares so I can revert it back?


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Firmware update from VRM returning error 1300


This started today, I never had this issue before. I logged in today to check if there are any new updates and got the below:


This usually checks for the Quattro 48/8000/110-2x100 rev2 firmware and the two BlueSolar Charger MPPT 150/45 rev3 firmware.

Everything else is working for me. VRM is fine, local connectivity with modbus to homeassistant is fine as well.

Any ideas?

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Can not log into VRM

Hi All

I am having trouble signing back into VRM portel after not using it for a few weeks.

I can not remember which e mail account / password I used when I set the account up.

I have tried to do a password reset using a e mail account I believe I may have used.

I get the return e mail to it as shown below.

On trying to use the link to reset all I get is a blank screen .

I have tried this x3 times with same result.

Any ideas what is happening.

Thank You

Graham O


A password reset for your account was requested through the VRM website.

If you did not request this email you may disregard it, no changes will be made to your account.

To reset your password, visit the following link:

Please note that this link is only valid one time, once it is used you will have to request another one.

Kind regards,

Victron Energy

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Parallel single phase Multiplus II VRM Firmware update

Can I update the firmware on 2 Multiplus in parallel in a single phase system over VRM or do I have to go on site with the laptop? 48/5000's on 2623 waiting for 497


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How to confirm if CCGX can update VE.Bus firmware via VRM?

Instructions for remote verification of CCGX ability to update VE.Bus firmware via VRM are ambiguous.



3 options listed:

I am offsite and unable to verify my serial number.

The serial number is not listed in the VRM device list.

I find the last option ambiguous. What needs to say MK3? Does it need to be the items on the left or the right?

Maybe a better example would be to show a CCGX that DOES meet the requirements and identify the specific criteria?

Here's what mine shows:


This was purchased in 2019, so I would hope it's newer than 2017, but given the instructions, I can't confirm if it meets the serial number requirements per the example.

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