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Cervo gx how to connect 4 ve bus devicea


I have:

Cervo gx

Mppt for solar panels

BMV 712 for battery monitor

Smart shunt as DC meter for boat engine alternator

Ve bus to nma2000 cable

SD card

USB gps device

USB bluetooth for ruuvi

Multiplus 12/1600/4800

4 ultra capacitor batteries

Albicombi for engine sensors

Bilge pump sensor

Fuel tank sensor

Water tank sensor

Relay to turn Aircon on/off

Relay to turn lights on/off

Ethernet cable to connect to raymarine MFD and rest of raymarine system.

I now installed silent wind wind generator with hit own controller and i would like to add a shunt as DC meter selecting wind generator

How do I connect the 4th be bus device to the cerbo


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Can a Multiplus 48v 800va be used as a charger only to supplement an existing ESS?

I currently have an existing Multiplus II GX 5kva with 20kWh, 48v batteries in grid connected ESS charging mainly solar and also a 4 hour off peak electric when the batteries are low. The issue I am starting to find is the 4 hour window is not long enough to charge the batteries (3.3kW max charge rate) so I am looking at other options on how to inject more energy into the batteries within that 4 hour window. The obvious cost effective solution would be another 48v charger timed to come on during this 4 hour period set to shut down at the same voltage bulk finishes on the Multiplus II GX.

My question is can this be done without issue or is anyone aware of any issues in doing this?

Is there a better solution? I do also have a cheap 24v 3kva inverter charger with lead acid batteries doing nothing much at the moment and I also thought about maybe using a 24v to 48v charger? Any way to connect a bus controlled 24dc-48dc charger to my existing Multiplus II GX?

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Multiplus II won#t charge and shows #6 and #7

I have a three-phase system with two multis on each phase. they are connected to the victron cerbo gx and to the batteries. I'm trying to control the system with ESS mode 3 through modbus tcp. the system info screen shows #6 and #7 on the buttom and the whole system is not charging or discharging the batteries. in addition the low battery LED is flashing on all of the 6 multipluses.

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What networking to use with Cerbo GX + MMPT + DC to DC + Multiplus II

So confusing. Simple question. If I have a Cerbo GX plus all other Victron components: Smart MPPT, Smart DC to DC and a Multiplus II.

WHICH networking do I use so they all talk to each other and so Cerbo GX controls them all ??

VE. BUS ? DVCC ? or other ?


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Help setting up 2nd alternator with Balmar 614 to work with my VE. Bus BMS

Hello, all.

Im currently doing a camper van conversion and I’m trying to set up my Nation’s 2nd alternator regulated by a Balmar 614 to work with my Victron system. I have four 200ah 12v Victron smart lithium batteries being managed by a VE. Bus BMS. I was advised that I could use a Battery Protect in Lithium mode connected to the “allow to charge” port on my BMS. The battery protect is connected to the ignition wire of the Balmar voltage regulator. If ever the battery was under or over appropriate temperature for charging, the BMS would open the circuit on the battery protect thereby cutting the ignition wire to the alternator.

I wired up the system last weekend and the alternator was working fine until today when I programmed the battery protect into Lithium mode and connected it to my BMS. Now the circuit seems open as the Balmar regulator is not powering on.

Any idea why I’m not getting power to my alternator now?

Hope all of that makes sense. I’m a newbie for sure so any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.


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remove/reset vebus system config to normal

Hi all,

I know how to set up a VEBUS parallel or 3 phase system without problem. I also know how to reset the system to default using the VE.Bus Quick Configure tool when onsite.

How do I reset the config back to standalone with the system configure tool?
Now disclaimer, I am not onsite so I am looking at the remote system file in VE.Bus System Configurator. Surely there is a way to do this. I have tried dragging the failed unit out of the phse to unconfigured devices but the software doesn't accept the config as there are unconfigured devices.

One of the quattro's has failed so the system is down.

The master is working fine but the slave has failed.

Can the system be reset remotely? Is there a reset method via the dip switched on the quattro.

There are people onsite but they do not have a MK3 dongle.

It's easter and this install is on an island. There has to be a way to remove the parallel config.

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