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VE.Bus Smart dongle with Ruuvitag

Hello, I like to connect an Ruuvitag to my Multiplus II GX 48/5000. According to the specs the Build in GX doesn,t have bleutooth.

The Ruuvitag runs with bleutooth, can I use an bleutooth smart dongel or Ve direct smart dongel?

Or is there a other way to connect the Ruuvitag?

The reason i want to use the Ruuvitag is to monitor the temparature and to receive an warning if the enviroment gets to hot.

I'm mounting the Victron installation in an inclosed cupboard with ventilation and to secure all I need to control and manage the temparature.

Thanks in advance.

rodney-aardse asked
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RUUVI - Void in VRM curves

Hello everyone,

Following an exchange with RUUVI support, it seems that the CERBO GX cannot retrieve the history stored on the RUUVI sensor (for info 10d max).

Because of this, there will always be holes in the curves. :(

However the RUUVI support (and me too) thinks that it would be a good idea of evolution to add this functionality even if it had to be manual. From my point of view it could also be programmable, it would be simpler.

What do you think?

Isn't this forum a melting pot of good ideas???

To read you


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Je souhaite mettre un RUUVI TAG PRO ETANCHE au fond d'un réservoir d'eau.

Quelqu'un a-t-il déjà fait cette manipulation, vos conseils/expériences/avis sont les bienvenus.


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CerboGX v2.86 Bluetooth Issues

Updated from v2.84 today to v2.86 and lost all Ruuvi sensors. Rolling back doesn't restore them. Cannot add new Ruuvi sensors either as they are not "seen" by the Cerbo.

It seems that bluetooth not working on this version, and slightly worrying that rolling back doesn't fix the problem. I notice multiple other posts from users reporting similar issues when updating.

If there is not an update planned to fix this soon could someone explain what I need to do to reset the bluetooth adaptor (perhaps using command line)? Thanks

Miles Carter asked
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How to enable bleutooth on a Cerbo GX device. The bleu light went off.

The Bleutooth light on my Cerbo GX device went off and my Ruuvi sensors are not being updated.

How can I enable the bleutooth on the Cerbo GX devide?

Can anybody help me?

metz-producties asked
Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

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Cerbo GX Relay on Ruuvi Tag Humidity %

Hey folks,

I've seen numerous how-to's on setting up a relay to close with temperature, but is it possible to do it with humidity data provided by the ruuvi tag?

Thanks for any help!

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Ruuvi tag sensor as Battery Temperature alarm

Now it is possible, I would like to set a Ruuvi tag temp sensor as alarm for my battery temperature.

As I have 2 x 230Ah lead acid batterys (24V), in 1 metal closed box, should I do:

  • 2 sensors? 1 sensor on the top of each battery? or
  • 1 Sensor at the centre of inside of the metal lid?

Thanks for your advise!

harold asked
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Ruuvi with Cerbo GX & v2.84 not working

I bought the Ruuvi tag recently. My Cerbo software was older than 2.80 so I upgraded (v2.84 at the time). The bluetooth sensors option showed up, but I never saw the sensors - even if they were located right next to the Cerbo. I'm also using the touchscreen.

Any suggestions?

jamesn2 asked
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Ruuvi Tag Pro doesn't show humidity.

Hi! I have 3 Ruuvi Tags and 1 Ruuvi Tag Pro linked to my cerbo that I monitor via VRM. The 3 normal tags, show everything, but the tag Pro, only shows the temperature. Am I missing any settings here? Can't find anything on Remote Console that I can change.


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Ruuvi Tag Temperature adjustment for VRM Portal

Hello All-

We just installed some Ruuvi Tag temperature sensors in our DC Fridge/Freezer in our RV. In the Ruuvi App, you can manually "adjust" the temperature. For example, the fridge reports 45 degrees, when it is actually 35 degrees. So, in the app, you tell it to be -10 degrees from the reported temperature.

However, the "adjusted" temperature does not get reported to the VRM portal. It shows up as the 45 degrees. Is there a way to do this temperature adjustment for the VRM portal also?

Thank you-


bradtal asked
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Connect ruuvi to CCGX or Venus GX

Hi Victron Community

I‘m using a CCGX and I like to add some Ruuvi Temperature sensors. Since the CCGX has no bluetooth I‘m wondering, if it is possible to add them via adding a bluetooth dongle?

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cerbo + ruuvi logic issue

Hello, I'm struggling to get desired behavior out of a Cebro with a Ruuvi.

I want to close the NO relay 2 when temperature drops below a certain number, and then deactivate when it gets over a certain number. ie, to heat a battery box.

I have the ruuvi connected and reading 21C. I've set the relay to activate at 23 and deactivate at 25. Just for testing.

The Cerbo can see that it's at 21C, but it shows active with the range of 23-25.

Now, flipping the logic. Activate at 22, deactivate at 0. Shows active, but if I reduce the activate to 16 it should deactivate the relay. However, it does not. Still shows active.

Am I doing something wrong here? Can someone straighten me out on the logic?

dandenson asked
Stefanie (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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cerbo + ruuvi logic issue

I'm having trouble getting the temperature relay logic to work. I have a ruuvi, visible in cerbo, showing 21C right now. I'm trying to set this to trigger if the temp drops below 21C to turn on a heater. However, I cannot get that logic to work. I will want it to ultimately be, turn on relay at 2C and turn of relay at 10C. I'm using 21C now because it's room temp and it's easy to warm it up or cool it down to trigger.

For example, right now at 21C but with activation at 24C and deactivation at 39C, it's 'active'.
Activate at 25C, deactivate at 0C. this active
20 and 0, still active, 1C and 0C, still active. 1C and 1C, deactivated.
Activate at 0C deactivate at 30C, inactive. ??

Any help on this appreciated,.

dandenson asked

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EasySolar-II GX 24/3000 with USB BT dongle for Ruuvi and Mopeka sensors


I'm trying to build a solar system around an EasySolar-II GX 24/3000 and I'd like to attach a USB Bluetooth dongle to it, like TP-LINK UB5A, or something similar.

I need this for connecting to Ruuvi temperature sensors and Mopeka tank level sensors and the internal GX module of the EasySolar does not have BT.

The ultimate goal ofcourse is to have all the information nicely available in VRM.

Anyone tried or knows if this can be done?

Thank you,


alin asked

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Cerbo and Global link 520

Can Ruuvi, SmartShunt and MPPT controllers connect at the sametime to my cerbo on ve.bus and bluetooth (Ruuvi) as well as with Global link 520 via bluetooth? thanks

Daniele Calabrese asked
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