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How do you get widgets on iOS?

I have watched the video on the new widgets several times. But just can’t get it.

the video says hold an empty space on screen till widgets vibrate. Then press the + at top corner. I can do that but when I search for victron there is no widget.

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Equalisation Voltage won't disable in VictronConnect

Hi, so I can't disable the equalisation voltage. I've been told to set it to 0 to disable, but it will only go to 9. Even when I type 0 and press save, it immediately changes to 9. Any thoughts?



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Older Multiplus with BlueSolar HUB-1

Hi there,

This is my first post on this forum, and I'm quite new to Victron products, solar power and electronics in general.

I have an old (donated) MultiPlus 24/3000/70-50 and BlueSolar 150/85 from years ago. The Multiplus is product code 1910 with firmware version 209 (I updated this myself, it was running 1xx).

Currently, the inverter and MPPT are connected to the batteries, but there is no intelligence. I'd like to run the HUB-1 assistant on this device to allow the MPPT to serve AC loads when the batteries are full. I'm starting to think that this is not possible on the older MultiPlus that I have. Is that correct?

My ultimate goal is for load-shedding/grid-blackout resilience and to NOT feed back to mains. Ideally, the inverter will run from solar, failing which it will run from mains, failing which it will use the batteries. Solar -> mains -> batteries.

If this device can not run the HUB-1 assistant, is there another way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

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Victron BlueSolar MPPT 100/20 - Load output is always on

The load output on my Victron BlueSolar MPPT 100/20 wont turn off and is always on.

What happened before:

  • Update to the newest firmware v1.54 for the Smartsolar and v2.25 for the Bluetooth interface.
  • Connecting an inverter with 4kW total max power to the load output, but with no load to the inverter. The MPPT was giving error codes which I didn't write down.
  • Reset to factory values

Setup and beheaviour rigth now:

  • App on the phone will let me set load output to always off and always on.
  • No measure on power and current on load output
  • Fuse on the smartsolar is ok / not broken
  • No jumper set
  • Street light function off
  • Everything else is working just fine

I was thinking of an update error, but the inrush current of the inverter might have damaged the load output possibly.

Did anybyody experience a similar effect and have hint on what might cause / how to solve this?

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HTML5 App on Axiom plus 12's, upgraded to 4.1.75, The Victron App disappeared!

I was having issues connecting the Raymarine HTML5 victron app, to the CCGX, (Connected properly, as I can see the Victron devices on the NEMA 2000 list), but the Victron App failed to connect.

So I updated the Raymarine Lighthouse app to the latest version 4.1.75, and now the Victron HTML5 app disappeared from the available apps on the Raymarine 12 MSD's?!

So, anybody know where I may download the HTML5 available app from Victron for the Raymarine?

I go to the necessary links, but they are circular, Victron sends me to Raymarine, and Raymarine send me back to Victron.

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PVSyst Victron OND files

Hi all, seems there's is no such info available (OND files) to upload Victron products data base to PVSyst. It turns that there is a lot of demand on those products but is not possible to run simulations with out data.

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How do I get my Victron Quattro to charge batttery bank at maximum 140 Amps?

I have a Victron Quattro in my grid tie in system in which is also a Fronius 8kva Solar Inverter feeding an 800ah battery bank and a 13 kva generator. A Color GX allows online monitoring and control of the system.

The problem I have observed is that my Victron Quattro does not charge my batteries at the maximum amps possible (DC 140 amps) when it can. The maximum I have observed (during bulk and absorption charge states) is 80 amps. This happens no irrespective of the mains supplier (Grid or Gen). On VEConfic "General" tab, I have set my "Shore limit on AC 1 (grid) and AC 2 (gen) to over 60 amps and 55 amps respectively which is more that sufficient to meet the charger's demands.On the "Charger" tab, the charge current is also set to 140 amps. I have the ESS assistant running because i don't want any Feed in to grid when the PV is running. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Quattro Software Incompatibility?

Good Evening!

Looking for some insight and suggestions. I'm currently running a 3-phase mobile power system consisting of a (6) Quattro 48/8000/110 230V inverters, a Lynx Ion+Shunt, with lithium batteries, and a CCGX.

Long story short, we had an inverter that started acting up, going into overload, and shutting everything down. We procured a new Quattro, and installed it in the system. The new firmware was pushed to all the devices (v497). However, I am getting Error 25, stating "One of the other Multis has too old a software version to work together with this Multi." In VE System Config, I am unable to send the new configuration to the devices, as I am seeing a system check message stating that "only devices of the same type are allowed."

The original system was purchased and installed in late 2016; I just got the new inverter in April of this year (and just got around to installing it). Are there mechanical or software-related differences in the newer units that would prevent it from functioning in phase with the older five? For the life of me, I cannot troubleshoot this, and I see no option or ability to update the "software" of any of the units. Unfortunately, everything I am seeing uses "firmware" and "software" almost interchangeably, which in this particular case is no help.

My next step is to order five other new Quattros, but at the same time that's a hefty pricetag and a lot of down time. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm not a novice at this, and have gone through every manual and troubleshooting avenue I can think of, but this one has me stumped. Is there a chance that we just got a "bad" new unit out of the box? Thanks!


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Bug? Phoenix Inverter 12/500 - zero percent load displayed, but graphic gauge shows load

Dear Victron energy,

I have a brand new Phoenix Inverter 12/500 230V. There is always "0 Load %" displayed, when the load is connected. Graphic gauge displays load correctly, see image. I tested iPhone iOS app and Mac OS app, both are acting the same.

I disconnected inverter from battery twice for many seconds to force restart, nothing has changed.

Inverter firmware: 1.21

Bluetooth dongle Rev3 firmware: 2.36, bootloader: 1.15

Is it a bug or what I can do to resolve this issue please? Thank you in advance for your support.



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Sun Inverter 12/250 ECO-mode - how to make persistent

After a totally rundown and reload of the battery or switching the rocker from off to on, the inverter goes in inverting-mode not in eco again as it was before.
Why shows the connect app (android) at solar power a value which is just 5watts above the load, even if it's more (36va load 40/41w solar but incoming 65w not shown). Does it shows the difference like 36 to load and 4/5 to battery or selfconsumption.

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Getting "Another export was started[...]" for every CSV download from specific VRM Installation

While trying to download CSV exports from the VRM portal for a specific installation, all I got in the export was the error message "Another export was started; since only one export may run at any given time this export was cancelled." I've confirmed that no one else with access had tried to download an export at the time, and tried re-downloading from this installation multiple times over 4 days with the same result. Interestingly, this problem isn't present in the other installations and I have been able to download from them just fine.

I also tried automating the downloads using a script and the VRM API which has downloaded every hour over the past 4 days with the same results: the downloads from the other installations worked except for this specific installation. I'm suspecting it's a system issue but still unsure. Would appreciate any input on this!

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Need Schematic software

I asked Victron community for schematic for my expedition vehicle. However, I didn't get positive feedback and I am going to draw myself. I was wondering if Victron does provide a software that I can select products and do schematic .

if it does, how can I get it?

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Modeling Software

Does anyone know of a modeling software in the Helioscope vein that has all Victron products in its library? Helioscope, Sighten, PVWatts, and others don't support off-grid design. I'd like to know of a software that can incorporate charge controllers, off-grid or hybrid inverters, battery banks, etc. Any help would be much appreciated!

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VictronConnect not accepting password, where is PUK?

I have controller MPPT 75 I 15. Have a pairing problem. All of a sudden the software stopped accepting default password. I must reset it. Where is a PUK code located on this unit? On the back?

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