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Victron system in combination with dynamic pricing?

Hi all,

I'm new here and tried to search for the question above to no avail.

In the Netherlands it is possible to get a electricity contract based on dynamic pricing on an hourly basis (1 day forward). I'm thinking of a system where I charge a battery during very low pricing using net feed in and discharging during peak pricing (morning and evening).

Is it possible to set times where the battery will be charged with net feed in? For example 2pm if the battery is below let's say 80% SOC?

Is it possible to set timed activation where my home goes "off-grid" during peak electricity price (morning and evening) and switch this off at 10% SOC?

I've scanned the "Smartgrid II" manual for timed activation/deactivation but couldn't find something that resembled this fucntionality.

P.S.: what topic is this? offgrid doesn't seem to cover it?


EDIT: see as a data source for 1 day ahead "planning" of dynamic electricity pricing in NL.

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GX-less Multiplus II with support from the Grid doesn't work as expected.

I just completed a Multiplus-II 5000/48 installation.

The grid is on AC-in, while all loads are on AC1-out. The MPII is connected to a DC BUS, where two SmartSolars and a bunch of LFP batteries are also connected. There is no GX device on the installation, for now.

The goal is to be able to use all available solar production (4kWp installed) and have the grid as support, for when the solar production is slim. Since there is no GX device, smart shunt, nor can-connected batteries, I have adjusted "DC input" voltages accordingly in "Inverter Settings", so as to not run down the batteries excessively.

However, it seems like this setup doesn't work exactly the way I want it to: Starting up the MPII with no AC-in works fine, however as soon as AC-in is electrified, the MPII goes into "Passthrough" mode and inverting stops, hence not using any of the solar production.

Only way I was able to make it work (kind of) the way I want, is to fiddle with the "AC Input Control" settings, in which case my loads are being fed by either the inverter, or the grid. I was aiming for true parallel feed from inverter and the grid at the same time.

I suspect that I will be able to make more adjustments if I put a GX Cerbo into the mix, but I was hoping I could set it up as originally intended without one. Is there something I miss? Some secret setting, or a jumper cable I missed somehow during installation?

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Round Trip Efficiency

I have 3 x Multiplus II 48/3000 with 2 x 16 x 280 Ah LiFePO4.
I use this only as a ESS for buying in hours when the electricity is cheap (and then charge the cells) en sale in hours when prices are high (and then discharge the cells).
I stay within the healthy ranges of my cells (SOC >= 15% and SOC <=95%)

My average load is 4,5 kW for charge and discharge (every Multiplus takes 1,5 kW)

During charging the battery current is about 38 A, during discharge about -48 A.

I have calculated my AC round trip efficiency(RTE) in the month december 2022:

  • import from grid: 608 kWh
  • export to grid: 474 kWh
  • RTE = 474/608 = 78%

Import and export quantities are measured by Multiplus/gx (grid meter is still in backorder)

My questions are:

  • is 78% a normal quantity (I hoped this was 85%)?
  • if not: where should I look for errors and mistakes in my configuration to improve my efficiency?

Thanks in advance!

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How to stop Grid using electricity while I am 100% on PV and Battery

Good day all,

I noticed that the Grid is using 2kwh per day.

My system is completely running off PV during the day and battery during the night with 40% plus in the morning when the sun starts coming out.

My installer is talking about reactive power between Grid and Inverters....

2 x Multiplus II 48/5000

1 x RS 450/200

2 x Solar MD 14.3kwh batteries

28 x 400W IBC panels



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Mix Victron and non-Victron parallel on DC and AC On-Grid

I now have a non-Victron Hybrid inverter, (2xMPPT+Charger+Inverter) connected to my 200Ah/48V LiFePo4 battery bank and connected as an On-Grid system.

Main purpose is to trade with electricity (charge when price is low, discarge when price is high) and supply the house if grid price is high. We got every hour different prices.

For my purpose the max (dis)charge current of the current inverter is to low. Also one string of PV is below the rated capacity of the inverter, so I don't get the max benefits out of it.

Can I:

- Add a SmartSolar MPPT to my DC system parallel;

- Add a MultiPlus II to my DC and AC system in parallel;

And if yes, do both systems need to communicate between them?

The only Victron gear I have, is a SmartShunt to monitor everything.

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What load capacity will I have with this solution

Morning everyone. Ive searched for an answer on this for a couple of days but not been able to find anything. Please can anyone tell me what kind of continuous KW discharge rate I can expect using a MultiPlus 2 48/5000/70-50, with my 7.6kw array, and with a 7kw PV inverter ( to handle my 2 strings) and the 5kva MultiPlus2 48/5000/70-50, along with two Pylontech-US5000 batteries (~9kwh), in a "grid parallel" setup, both when the grid is up and also what the continuous discharge rate is when theres a powercut?

During normal operation, when the loads are big and exceed the Multiplus2 capacity then I'm hoping in a grid parallel setup the mains grid will takeover to meet our surplus demand? Our peak loads in our house can reach 5 to 6kw in our house with 11kw max being reached when I did a test with all ovens, heat pump and appliances etc are going at same time, but generally 6kw would be our average peak loads for half an hour or so in evenings. My question is, when the grid is up and running, how much grid power will I be importing with our loads potentially reaching 6kw and what about our absolute max of 11kw or will my proposed solution meet most of those loads (assuming I have plenty of charge in my two batteries)? And the same question when there is a powercut?

What is the actual continuous kW discharge rate I can expect from my solution? And will I have a "power assist" ability where short peak load demands can be met and if so how much kW and for approximately how long, before the grid takes over?

Thank you for any help and info. I really appreciate it.


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Multiplus II no longer approved for Austria grid?


I have just noticed, that Victron Multiplus II approval is limited to 31.01.2023 for Austria according to the official site:

It seems, that it does not complain to OVE R25.

What is the plan from Victron side here? Will it be solved by a firmware update?
We need an urgent answer, please.

Thank you in advance!

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If a quattro is connected to the grid just to charge batteries , do I need to comply with grid code?

If a Quattro inverter is connected to the grid only for charging batteries and not to export to the grid, do I need to comply with grid codes?

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Victron Quattro-II 48/5000/70-50-50 QUA482504010 Certifications for Austria Grid?


we would urgently need the R25 Certification for Austria Grid. Is there any Information when this is available for Quattro-II 48/5000/70-50-50 ?

Many thanks in advance!


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EM24 Grid meter shows as AC-Load

Hi together,

I'm completely new to Victron-World and setup my first installation: Grid -> EM24 -> MP II (x3) on AC-IN, parallel the load. So a parallel installation of the MultiPlus II to the "grid" (no AC-Out is used).

Unfortunately it shows the pages a little bit strange: Grid is not available. The EM24 is configured as Grid meter. Instead the AC load shows the values of the EM 24. But the AC-Load should be: Grid + Inverter. But it looks like, that the control works fine (200W from Grid as minimum adjusted).



Is there a way to change this?

Thank you and best,


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Why multiplus II 48/5000 reject the public network when configured every 03 in parallel with the ESS

Hi guys, I urgently need your help!!!

I installed a single-phase system with 03 multiplus II 48/5000 configured in parallel, a BYD 15kWh battery, a cerbo GX, 02 150/85 regulators and 30 330Wp solar panels.

The problem is the converters reject the public network (connected to the AC in) when installing the ESS. However, I followed all the instructions for the installation of the ESS (I specify that I have already used the same configuration on other installations and it works). I also checked individually for each converter if with the ESS installed the covertisseur accepts the AC in and it works.

The other point to emphasize is that when I configure only 02 multiplus in parallel with the same configuration, the AC in input is not rejected by the converters.

In summary, the system works correctly (accepts the AC in input) when using the ESS configuration with 02 multiplus II 48/5000 in parallel, but not when configuring the 03 multiplus in parallel.

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EASY SOLAR 2 GX, max. wattage feeding back to grid?


We are looking at the Multiplus 2 48/5000 with separate smart MPPT 150/60 or the EASY SOLAR 2 GX 48/3000

Maybe a silly question, but when the 48V batteries are full, how much of the exces PV can be

feed "directly" back into the grid using the EASY SOLAR 2?

I see the mppt inside the EASY SOLAR is a 250/70 can handle 4000W PV input,

but the inverter on the 48/3000 model can only supply 2400W at 230V so this would be the max wattage that can be fed back into the grid correct?

We are looking at installing a 3200W PV array btw.. lets say 80%of that figure on a decent day that's 2560 Watts
So that is close to the rated 2400W inverter power. But at max performance of the PV we lose at lot.

Maybe the EASY SOLAR 2 5000 or the Multi2 5000 with separate MPPT would be a better match
as they can most likely feed back 4000W into the grid..?
Or am i missing something?

Thanks for your reply!


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Multiplus II AC IN vs AC out ramp up speed

I have my ESS system on a simple grid parallel setup with all the loads on the AC IN of the Multi, with an ET112 as grid meter. When there is a change on the loads, the ramping up/down of the inverter takes a few seconds to match it, resulting in overshoots of the grid setpoint. Heard someone mentioning on an youtube video that if the loads are instead installed on the AC outputs the ramping up/down is almost instantaneous resulting on much smaller overshoots, but found no info on it. Does anyone know if this is the case?

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ESS scheduled charging issue with high grid load on grid parallel setup (EV Charging / Time of Use Tariff)


I have a grid parallel setup with ESS working perfectly, apart from when there is high grid load during a scheduled charging window.

Setup is as follows:

  • Multiplus-II (48/3000-35-32) inverter AC In connected to Grid, no connections to AC outs, with AC coupled PV on input side. CT clamp on meter tail connected to Multiplus-II for grid consumption monitoring.
  • Cerbo GX setup with ESS (With Batterylife Optimisation on) with scheduled charging setup to take advantage on my low rate overnight time of use tariff.
  • Batteries are 3 x Pylontech US2000C

Scheduled charging works fine until my EV charger kicks in (same window) and suddenly grid load is ~9.5kW with charger, baseload and EV 7.2kW charger, the charging then stops and the batteries start to discharge even though this is a scheduled charging window.

Is this expected behaviour? Surely the inverter should realise this is not current following through the inverter itself, just the AC side of the setup?

My idea for a 'quick' fix is to relocate the CT to my distribution board, as my EV charger is supplied from a separate DB directly from a distribution bus before the main DB, however the cables are tricky to access so keen to know if this will work before making access.

Any advice appreciated!


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Fronius Primo an MP2 ESS Grid resynchronisation

Hi There,

a question is bugging me:

assume the following setup:

MP2 5000 in ESS setting with Fronius Primo 4.6 (with 4.4kwp) on AC1

Fronius is set to MG50

pylontech battery

What happens when the Grid fails ? --> Multi is taking over and is regualting the Primo via Frequency.

So Far so good.

But when the battery is nearly full or full, and the grid is comming back online ?

I think the multi needs to synchronise back to the grid. It goes back to 50 Hz. But what will the primo do ? When the primo output power goes up and the battery is full and the grid is not yet connected via the ess relays ?

Will there be a DC Ripple problem an system shutdown ?

Best Regards


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