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possible to use DESS as "PowerAssist" to prevent main gid fuse to blow and support peak loads only?

I folks,

I need to get my head around a problem with an insufficient grid supply in my new home.

The problem: A house with 6 flats, each flat is fused with a 35A SLS (3ph) and each flat has a 18kW (3ph) flow heater for hot water (stupid builder).

After moving in, when the flow heater is running and additional 1ph loads (stove, washing machine, dishwasher, tumble-dryer) is kicking in, the SLS will sometimes, eventually trip/blow.

Question: can a 3ph multiplus-II system in ESS mode be setup in a way to support the additional 1ph loads in the flat only (i.e. when being set-up as DESS, GX configured to supply individual phases and grid-setpoint set to +26A (26Ax230V=18kW ... the flow heater, when running .. all loads connected to AC-In) in order to prevent the SLS to trip/blow?????


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