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How do I get the Multi RS solar to accept my AC IN from the generator.

Hi there, I have wired my setup virtually identical to the one shown in the manual for the Multi RS solar, with the exception of the BMS i/o but this is not relevant here.

I'm trying to get the multi rs solar to start charging my batteries, (and / or pass electricity through the multi) from the AC supplied by a generator.

However when It's all connected I get just a few watts being registered if any, - AC IN relay states that it is open, and I get a flashing plug icon on the multi RS.

I have tested the ac and all seems as it should, save for a small amount of voltage detected between neutral and earth. - So I gave the system a dedicated clean earth to eliminate this and still have the same issue.

I have also looked at the knowledge base for similar issues and scoured the web - and any answers that seem like they could solve my problem dont seem to apply for me.

For example, on other units there seems to be a tick box option to accept lower quality AC from generators. which is not available on the menus for the multi rs solar from the victron connect app.

I don't have solar connected at the moment as my panels haven't arrived. and am not sure if that's in any way relevant.

What is it that the multi is looking for in order to accept the AC that i can provide?

Many thanks in advance for any advice here


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AC in to Multiplus 2

So we are installing the Multiplus-II into our boat. The AC shore power is 16amp and the cables are 4mm2 (12 AWG) the book says that the AC cable into the Multiplus should be 16mm2 (6 AWG) I just want to check that there is no benefit to it being 16mm2 and that 4mm2 will be ok as it is matching the rest of the incoming cable?

Thanks :-)

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Why multiplus II 48/5000 reject the public network when configured every 03 in parallel with the ESS

Hi guys, I urgently need your help!!!

I installed a single-phase system with 03 multiplus II 48/5000 configured in parallel, a BYD 15kWh battery, a cerbo GX, 02 150/85 regulators and 30 330Wp solar panels.

The problem is the converters reject the public network (connected to the AC in) when installing the ESS. However, I followed all the instructions for the installation of the ESS (I specify that I have already used the same configuration on other installations and it works). I also checked individually for each converter if with the ESS installed the covertisseur accepts the AC in and it works.

The other point to emphasize is that when I configure only 02 multiplus in parallel with the same configuration, the AC in input is not rejected by the converters.

In summary, the system works correctly (accepts the AC in input) when using the ESS configuration with 02 multiplus II 48/5000 in parallel, but not when configuring the 03 multiplus in parallel.

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Quattro AC Inputs Fail - As in did work, then suddenly do not.

I've had TWO units fail in the last 2 years.

One was covered under warranty. yes we did all of the diagnostics to insure the unit was malfunctional. Victron DID honor their warranty. It was 2 days worth of labor to get it out of the space, and re-install the replacement.

So here we are, about a year later, almost to the day... The warranty unit has failed in the same way, first the generator input, and now the AC Input.

This is most definitely a design flaw.

I'll be engineering my own solution for AC Input to go straight to the DC Bus via some power supplies. But I'm SERIOUSLY disappointed in this product due to the design flaw. Had I known that this would be an issue, I would have definitely gone with something much more simple.

PKYS was the dealer, whom mis-informed me about the capabilities of the quattro 10K. He indicated I could go down to 15A, which it cannot, but only comes down to 19A. Furthermore, when the AC Input started to behave flakey (as in refused to take power in), instead of having a discussion about it, he'd rather argue. Also indicating that ESS was supported, but turns out that cannot happen here in the USA.

Thanks much to Victron corporate for helping me sort it out and troubleshoot and finally getting the unit replaced. That being said, here we are again... A year later, and the same problem, which is enough for me to conclude it is a design flaw, and not a fluke unit. As such I'll be designing my own variable AC->DC solution since even if it were to be replaced AGAIN, the unit would inevitably fail AGAIN. It's less labor (but more cost) to engineer a different solution which won't fail due to normal use, and modular in nature such that a single failure would not cause a loss of power such as is the case now.

I do love the Victron stuff. And the warranty and such is spectacular! Big applause there! I wish they'd look farther into this problem, and come up with a solution, and perhaps a new board without the desgn flaw. Replacing the board is probably a lot easier than removal/replacement of the whole unit. Yes, it's really crammed in there, safe and sound, plenty of circulation, and lots of protection.

This is my ONLY complaint so far... Unfortunately it's a big one. I wouldn't use these units anywhere you cannot have an AC Input failure due to normal use. When they fail, it's slow, and then suddenly.

It could be, and this is just speculation on my part, but it could be that the Virtual Switch is what causes the unforeseen problem that causes failure to surface. In both units, the virtual switch was enabled shortly before failure occurred. Virtual switch is used because ESS in the USA is not an option.

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How can I have AC in details on Venus OS?

Thing is, I have in my system only these Victron products:

  • Phoenix Inverter 12V 500VA 230V
  • SmartShunt 500VA
  • SmartSolar Charger MMPT 75/15

And this is what I can see in my Venus OS setup which is ok:


Is there a posibility to add something from Victron, other then a big inverter that accepts AC IN, so that I can see AC IN in top left corner of my screen? My 500VA inverter does not accept AC IN because is too small and also does not have charge function for battery.

My only choice is a Multiplus device?

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