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Graphing information on soc vs active soc

Anyone know how to use the portal to graph the active soc over time?

obiwan asked
seb71 commented ·

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Failed swapping Color Control GX. Is it already transferred?

Is there anyone who can help swap vrm installation after repelacing cerbo as I am getting "Failed swapping Color Control GX. Is it already transferred? "

vincegod asked
vincegod commented ·

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VRM shows System ESS battery life state as Restarting when No ESS present

My system is not configured for ESS (does not apply in my case), but when I see the system in the Advanced section, the System ESS battery life state shows as Restarting.
Is there a way to eliminate this from the view?
Should is say "not enabled" as opposed to Restarting?
Is is taking resources to try to restart or is just a display issue?

The system is in a boat with 40kWh Victron battery bank, lynxs BMS and distributor, Cerbo Gx, 2x Multiplus 48/3000/35 in split configuration, 2 MPPTs and 1800W solar panels.

Thanks in advance for any help.

chelo122 asked

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VRM Portal on Smartwatch

will there be a smartwatch app to monitor the VRM Portal Systems on the smartwatch ?

Does anyone created such an app, or will victronenergy provice such an app in future ?


nroeding asked
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unexpected PV-inverter display within VRM-portal

in a 3-phase Multiplus II (48V, 5000) there is a SMA inverter connected to Output-1. That works like expected. Now I switched on the TCP- and UDP-Server in the SMA inverter. The actual PV-data is now displayed within the VRM-Portal, but on the wrong side (Input-1). In Device panal the VRM-portal shows inverter is connected to Input-1! That gives unexpected sumary data within the VRM portal. And yes, the SMA-inverter is configuered as connected to Output-1 in the system configurator.

What can I do?

george07 asked

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VRM downloaded data metering points

Can someone tell me where the metering points are to better understand losses? I'm trying to do annual power balances on my system & need to understand the lossess (5KW Easy Solar) e.g. PV input - is that output of the charger or PV input; consummers - is that DC input to the inverter or AC output? If there's a document available explaining the metering that would be great. Thanks.

jeffu asked

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bug vrm portal trends from fronius in custom widget

I wanted to signal a bug found in the custom widget creation in VRM portal advanced view.

If I select any values from victron environment : no issue

If I select values from my fronius inverter, then with the 1st selected value : ok

but then when I reopen this widget for editing, I find my selected fronius value twice and from that point the widget cannot be saved anymore unless I have deleted all values from fronius

If I add a value, then colors are messed up and cannot be changed either.

jeanmarie asked

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VRM Custom charts, number of values plotted


Please consider the merits of being able to display 6 values at a time on the custom widget charts. With 3-phase systems, it is common to want to plot 2 values of all phases at the same time. Example: L1, L2 and L3 Currents on the energy meter and the ACin of the inverter cluster. This would be 6 values.


anieuwstadt asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) commented ·

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VRM additional shunt not visible

I have added additional smart shunt via ve-direct to cerbo to be able measure accurately charge current from additional charger. Shunt is configured as DC source and named as AC Charger. It is visible in VRM device list but not in dashboard or in the list of devices at Advanced page. So I can see status and history only through Cerbo but not via VRM.

Is there way to refresh VRM to get additional shunt data to shown in advaced page so I can export statistics?

All devices in the system have newest FW. VRM instance ID 48e7da89e12d


janieronen asked
pwfarnell commented ·

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VRM Advanced data download xls not working

I'm trying to download my data from VRM advanced this current month in Xls format. The process starts and is presented with the message the data is downloading and an email link will be sent shortly, but this process just hangs at this point, i.e. no email and no completed message.

raymiller asked

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VRM gone crazy

What has happened to VRM dashboard.

It used to be a nice intuitive display and now it is garbage!

Here is the list of issues -

1. displayed time is incorrect - it displays as 02:09 when it is actually 12:09

2. it is never displaying anything in real time anymore

3. there are 4 'boxes of display that have no rationale ...why?

4. My 2 Victron solar controllers used to display separate volts, amps and watts - now just a crude lump xx W

5. The Quattro used to display the output volts, watts etc - now just a crude xx W

6. There is a temp gauge icon next to the work "battery" as if this is an important feature - who cares?...and it displays all sort of temp data...why?

7. Then there is a box headed "charging" with a battery icon next to it - this is crazy illogical stuff. And all it shows is xx% which I assume is State of Charge and nothing to do with charging!

Why has this happened?

I used to boast to my colleagues how the Victron VRM display was so intuitive and factual in real time display of my system.

Now it is am illogical disgrace!...why??????

Please can we get it back out of this chaos!!!!

daniel1957 asked
Matthias Lange - DE commented ·

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VRM data missing in solar voltage/amperage widget


Quite often the Amperage data is gone missing in the solar charger PV. Disabling the widget and reactivating it brings it back. Please see image

erald56 asked

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