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Cerbo - NMEA - Raymarine MDF

I have several Raymarine Axiom+ MDF screens in my boat. The Cerbo is connected via Ethernet and NMEA to the system. There is a problem with the NMEA 2k network when the Cerbo is connected. If I try recording NMEA messages via the MDF, the MDF crashes after approximately 1 minute. The same happens if the engine gateway is sending data. (Powered up). All the other devices on the NMEA network does not cause this behaviour, meaning that if the Cerbo and/or engine gateway is off, the system is stable and MDF does not crash during NMEA messages logging/recording.

Raymarine thinks this has something to do with the Cerbo. The Cerbo is running firmware 2.9 large.

Any advice is much appreciated.

slapperia asked

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CerboGX and Raymarine Axiom data

I have connected my CerboGX to my Raymarine Axiom with the Raynet cable and the Victron App on the Axiom works fine.

I’m wondering if it is possible to get the data from the various tanks on the NMEA system from the Axiom to appear on the Cerbo Touch?

Essentially, can I get data from Axiom to CerboGX as well as the other way round through the Raynet cable?

sweyn asked

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Raymarine eS LightHouse 3 and Color Control GX?

The eS & gS Series multifunction displays which have been upgraded to LightHouse 3 are not compatible.


Question, can I get the sensordata from my Raymarine-units to my Color Control GX via the Ethernet-network or is this only one way?

tomas-sailing asked

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