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Multiple Batteries Displayed on Axiom Pro MFD - NMEA 2000 Integration Issue

I'm reaching out for assistance with a configuration issue I'm experiencing while attempting to integrate my CerboGX with a Raymarine Axiom Pro MFD via NMEA 2000.

Setup Overview:

  • CerboGX connected to the NMEA 2000 bus
  • Two devices for battery voltage measurements: Smart Shunt and Multi Plus 2 inverter
  • Two battery banks: Start bank and House bank


On the Axiom Pro MFD, the battery settings screen displays six batteries instead of the expected two. I suspect that the CerboGX, Smart Shunt, and Multi Plus 2 inverter are all sending NMEA 2000 messages, causing the duplication.


  1. How can I ensure that only the relevant battery information from the CerboGX, Smart Shunt, and Multi Plus 2 is displayed on the Axiom Pro MFD?

  2. Is there a specific configuration or setting that needs adjustment to resolve this duplication issue?

Documentation Consulted:

I have referred to the Victron integration documentation but haven't been able to find a solution to this specific problem.

Additional Information:

Any insights, guidance, or step-by-step instructions on resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. If you have successfully integrated similar devices with the Axiom Pro MFD, your experiences could be invaluable.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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