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Location on VRM using a N2K connected GPS

Hi all,

I have a Cerbo GX connected to my NMEA2000 network. On the network also is a Furuno N2K GPS.

The N2K connection works; On the GX I can see the GPS as a device. I can also see the status of some tanks that are also on the N2K network, so I know the connection between the Cerbo and the N2K network is working. I can also see Victron data on the N2K side, so it works both ways.

However, I cannot see the location on the VRM Portal. When I select location is shows a location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (and I know I am not there).

What am I doing wrong?


arnouddeweijer asked

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Download GPS data with timestamps (and speeds) via VRM API?

When downloading historical GPS data using the API, I get a KML file (not JSON like the rest) containing only the coordinates. No timestamps nor speeds. Is it possible to get the full GPS data somehow? If not, please consider this a feature request :)

grasvezel asked

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Extract velocity from VRM gps track data?

I have extracted the .kml file from VRM and import that into Google Earth but I can't find a way to show velocity. Velocity is reported on VRM's Advanced page but it does not appear to be included in the .kml file. It looks like the file contains a string of latitude and longitude values for each sample.

Any ideas how to get velocity and where to display it?

Kevin Windrem asked

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GPS With GX Devices

We have an installation on an Itama 75 the main components are an 8KW Quattro, and a Cerbo GX. The Cerbo is connected to the NMEA2000 system and displays tanks etc perfectly, it also displays the vessels position speed etc and also works perfectly. The GPS is a Raymarine Raystar 150 GPS as well as inbuilt GPS in all three Axiom screens.

Our test boat also has a Cerbo GX, a Multiplus and links to the NMEA2000 system and whilst tanks etc are all displayed well the GPS position is not available on the VRM portal. In terms of GPS the only difference is that the position currently comes from the Axioms built in GPS.

Can any one help explain this? The GPS function on the VRM portal is excellent when it works, the vessel in question is now in Egyt and is working fine, we are also monitoring a wheel chair built be Mercedes AMG F1 (to whihc we have fitted Victron Lithium batteries, and we need to track a Golden Globe vessel which we are fitting out with Victron equipment so reliable GPS fnctionality on the VRM portal is important.

Chris Dobson asked

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Best way to setup alarm for low battery and feed GPS location into VRM?

Hi there,

I am using a Cerbo GX, MutiPlus, BMV-712 and SmartSolar charger combination and was wondering what the best method would be to setup those two things:

- Create an alarm, that notifies me, when the battery runs low (e.g. we have 200Ah, receive a notification when like 70Ah are reached)

- Is it possible to feed the GPS position into the VRM from a different source somehow? We have a separate GPS solution already in place and I want to avoid installing the USB GPS dongle for the Cerbo

Thank you,


chrispelzl asked

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Geofence - GPS / no GPS notifications


Does anyone know the parameters for information update to VRM?

I have a new instillation on my boat.

(3x 315w panels / MPPT 100 |50 / BMV 712 smart / Color GX / 2x 300ah Relion LifePo4 )

Geofence looks very useful to me to know where the boat is or if it has moved.

I was trying different USB GPS modules and unplugged one that was working and fell asleep before I received notification of no GPS signal. When I plugged in a new GPS it was only a matter of minutes to come back online.

It would be interesting to know how the geofence parameters are set

kiwidiver asked

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CANVU doesn't see USB GPS


I have tried three different usb GPS devices and none of them is identified.

The root of the problem that there is no tty device created.

Did anyone manage to connect any GPS that works under canvu?

I have tested these:

P: Vendor=1546 ProdID=01a8 Rev=03.01

P: Vendor=1546 ProdID=01a7 Rev=01.00

eliott asked

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