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Alarm when vehicle or boat moved? Not exactly geofence

I’d like to be alerted when my van leaves a parking spot that it has been in for more than a few minutes for theft prevention. For example, I park at a campsite or stop to do an errand.

It appears that the geofence functionality is just for a preset home location. Changing this every time I park would not be practical.

Any way to do this?

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Trouble sourcing and troubleshooting GPS for Cerbo GX

I bought a cheap NMEA0183 compatible GPS, and the current GPS location on the map is not updating. My van install location does not have the best line of sight and I am using a USB extension cord as well.

For troubleshooting purposes, how can I determine that the Cerbo is actually seeing the GPS and getting some kind of useful data from it if I just plugged it in directly? A good location on the "set location" screen (mine is off by 2 miles) or just that it shows up in the settings?

I want to confirm that I have a compatible GPS and if not, quickly try some other ones.


As an aside, Victron recommends GPS receivers that I find difficult to source. When I google the model numbers, I cannot find the exact item. Instead, I see several model number variants ranging in price from $40 to $80.

The only verified working products that I found on this forum were:

1) Navilock NL-8022MU USB 2.0 Multi GNSS, See this forum post, $140! (I like that it is a bulkhead install though)

2) Globalsat BU353S4, mentioned in this post, and here, $60

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GPS topics in MQTT

I am looking to build a homeassistant system for my RV and I would need the GPS coordinates for different automation.

I know that the CerboGX have the possibility to be linked to a GPS to provide the GPS coordinates but my problem is I looked in every Topics documentation, DBUS documentation and nowhere I have been able to find what is the MQTT topic that the VictronOS publishes the information.

Would anyone have the infiormation ?


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Cerbo GPS priorization

I ran through a strange GPS issue while installing the CERBO on my boat. I used the VE.CAN cable to interconnect with the NMEA 2000 network. On the NMEA2000 network there is a Furuno GP33 GPS which is a low power device and is the basic GPS of the boat when chart plotters and RADAR are off. When chart plotter (Furuno Navnet) are on, there is a 10 hz rapid update GPS coming on to support map with radar overlay and autopilot.

Upon connecting the VE.CAN i saw immediately the NMEA 2000 data coming but no position. Ok i found out the GP33 doesn't supply a 129025 PGN. No problem i picked up another GPS which is a USB BU353 and voila i got two GPS connected to the CERBO but only the BU353 give position.

Now in the VRM things are different. I have done several test and concluded that CERBO prioritize the information of the NMEA2000 GPS and not the USB. When both GPS are connected, no position is sent to VRM. If only the BU353 is connected, VRM receive position and geofence work. If only the NMEA2000 GPS is connected then no position in VRM.

I don't mind feeding the CERBO with the USB GPS but i'm losing all the integration with NMEA 2000 by disconnecting the VE.CAN cable. The GP33 is an old device (as is the BU353 by the way) and Furuno won't modify it to support 129025. I wonder if there is a way to "prioritize" the position information that is arriving on the CERBO when multiple GPS are connected ? If one position is blank in a GPS feed and the other is not blank, then use the non-blank.

Or would it be possible for Cerbo to support the PGN 129029 which is another way of getting a position. The 129025 is a rapid update which is not required on the Cerbo, we are not displaying map and radar in real time here...

This would enable GPS failover scenario as well.

thanks for any advice on this situation.

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Coordonnées GPS via Cerbo GX

J'ai un Cerbo GX avec un GPS supporté par Victron. A travers l'application VRM, je vois la localisation du véhicule.Je cherche a télécharger/extraire les coordonnées GPS. Je n'y arrive pas..Quelqu’un a t il une idée ?


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usb multiple ports for cerbo

I have a port extension usb with switch and I connected a usb tp-link bluetooth 4.0 (reccomended) once the internal bluetooth stopped working and servicing the 4 ruuvi devices and a sub gps devices. the second port I use it for a ve.bus/usb for my shunt connected to wind generator. However what is happening is the my usb gps now appears and dissappera. 1) can you suggest usb port extension that works with cerbo? 2) can I use the 3rd port usb on the cerbo?

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VRM GPS data no elevation

When downloading my GPS track history KML file through VRM, the elevation data is not show?

Is there a way to get that info?


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GPS needed for Victron Connect driving me nuts!

I have read different reasons (excuses) for the location to be activated on my mobile phone, and one of them is the change of android mobile. I have the same mobile for many years and the 'need' only occurred after an update from Victron, the mobile connection worked fine and then one day simply refused unless I accepted the update from Victron, and then it worked fine after the update was downloaded and of course the GPS was activated, after this my phone kept freezing as others have found, and as I also used my tablet to access the Victron unit, this too had the same 'update or you cannot use the remote access' message. And whilst my tablet did not freeze it DID require the GPS to be activated, to this end I not accept this a requirement on some Android devices if at all. As far as I am aware there had not been any warning, simply 'do this or it will not work' kind of attitude.

To add to my theory that this is not an Android 'need' mobile phones are used to track people anyway, but instead something that Victron themselves decided to add.

If I am wrong (having tried to access using three different mobiles and two different tablets), then allow me and others I have spoken to revert to the pre 'update' software version that the system used to have and worked perfectly without 'checking up' on customers whereabouts.

Further, I could think of other reasons to use location need, but that is not for me to say.

If I sound annoyed then yes, but see that as an understatement.


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Cerbo - How to remove manual Time Zone setting after GPS Addition?

Hello, I just added a GPS to my Cerbo and see in VRM it will use the GPS to update the time zone automatically if its not set manually. How do i remove the manual setting that was configured prior to the GPS?


Thank you,

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Location on VRM using a N2K connected GPS

Hi all,

I have a Cerbo GX connected to my NMEA2000 network. On the network also is a Furuno N2K GPS.

The N2K connection works; On the GX I can see the GPS as a device. I can also see the status of some tanks that are also on the N2K network, so I know the connection between the Cerbo and the N2K network is working. I can also see Victron data on the N2K side, so it works both ways.

However, I cannot see the location on the VRM Portal. When I select location is shows a location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (and I know I am not there).

What am I doing wrong?


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Download GPS data with timestamps (and speeds) via VRM API?

When downloading historical GPS data using the API, I get a KML file (not JSON like the rest) containing only the coordinates. No timestamps nor speeds. Is it possible to get the full GPS data somehow? If not, please consider this a feature request :)

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GPS funktioniert plötzlich nicht mehr?

Guten Morgen

Ich habe vor 2 Wochen auf meinem Dach eine GPS Empfänger angebaut. Diesen per USB in den cerbo angeschlossen. Es hat alles funktioniert, im Untermenü wurde er mir direkt angezeigt. Nun seit gestern aktualisiert sich der Standort nicht, und unter dem Reiter GPS kann ich nur noch das location Format und die Geschwindigkeit einstellen. Alles andere über das Gerät ist weg.

Woran kann das liegen? Oder hat er nur 1 Woche gehalten und ist nun defekt.

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Can I receive GPS location over the LoraWan dongle?

At this moment I use a Victron LoraWan dongle to receive information from the BMV battery monitor to the VRM portal. Now I also want the location of my boat is that possible with the same LoraWan dongle?

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Extract velocity from VRM gps track data?

I have extracted the .kml file from VRM and import that into Google Earth but I can't find a way to show velocity. Velocity is reported on VRM's Advanced page but it does not appear to be included in the .kml file. It looks like the file contains a string of latitude and longitude values for each sample.

Any ideas how to get velocity and where to display it?

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Feature Request: Ability to turn NMEA 2000 GPS off

Just like the title says, would love to see the ability via a toggle switch in the GPS sub-menu to turn off/block the NMEA 2000 GPS PGNs.

I would like to turn the GPS off while still retaining the ability to output on the N2k network.

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