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GPS Sample Rate

I have a 4GModemGPS fitted with an external antenna connected to a Cerbo GX. When downloading my GPS track history KML file through VRM, Google Maps shows only some partial blue tracks. Do I need to increase the sample rate and if so, how do I do this?

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Set location (lat/long) using third party device?


In my trailer I have a WiFi access point with a couple of SIMs in it (one for roaming and one for home) which also has GPS. I currently feed the GPS into a homebrew system I run, but it would be quite nice if I could add it to the VRM portal as well. The API looks like it's read-only and there doesn't seem to be a way of injecting the data any other way.

I really don't want to have to buy a Victron LTE gateway and two more SIMs just to get the data in, so any other way would be very helpful (and considerably cheaper).

So, can I get lat/long information into VRM?

Cheers. Nicholas.

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Raymarine GPS to Cerbo GX

How do I connect a Raymarine RS-130 GPS (Seatalk - STng) to the Cerbo GX. Another threat indicated it is possible, but not sure what adaptor is needed and which connection port in the GX. I have an older Raymarine C series, so can't use the MFD sync.

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Hi folks,

I read in the v2.6 release notes that:

the ability to read GPS (location, height, speed) from the N2K network has been added.

I can't get this working with my CCGX running v2.66. It can see the other devices on my n2k network. I unplugged my USB GPS and rebooted.

Any tips on where to look or if there are any configuration options that need to be set? I couldn't find any.



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Kaufempfehlung GPS Modul Cerbo GX

Welches GPS Modul ist gut und günstig, für den Dach verbau?

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Tracking stolen Multiplus II GX

Good Day

I had a incident where they stole some stock from my shop.

Is there a way to track a stolen inverter if you have the serial number? Is it possible for Victron to flag the inverter and check to what account is it registered when/if it comes online? Is there a GPS in a Multiplus II GX? Can I add it to my VRM using a serial number (with the help of Victron if needed)


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Cerbo - How to remove manual Time Zone setting after GPS Addition?

Hello, I just added a GPS to my Cerbo and see in VRM it will use the GPS to update the time zone automatically if its not set manually. How do i remove the manual setting that was configured prior to the GPS?


Thank you,

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VRM GPS location - Google maps interface down

Since the weekend 15-11-20 the Google maps interface on the advanced tab is broken.

Am I the only one seeing this:


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VRM Shared Site Location

In my VRM shared site settings I have “Hide my exact location” turned on, and in the shared site the map is effectively disabled, but the exact GPS coordinates are still listed.

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Can I retrieve GPS data (KML files) from VRM?

After a long trip and i get home, when i download the KML files from VRM "advanced" "Download the GPS tracks", the KML data only shows a portion of the trip. Is there a way to get the continuous GPS track off VRM for the last week?

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GPS With GX Devices

We have an installation on an Itama 75 the main components are an 8KW Quattro, and a Cerbo GX. The Cerbo is connected to the NMEA2000 system and displays tanks etc perfectly, it also displays the vessels position speed etc and also works perfectly. The GPS is a Raymarine Raystar 150 GPS as well as inbuilt GPS in all three Axiom screens.

Our test boat also has a Cerbo GX, a Multiplus and links to the NMEA2000 system and whilst tanks etc are all displayed well the GPS position is not available on the VRM portal. In terms of GPS the only difference is that the position currently comes from the Axioms built in GPS.

Can any one help explain this? The GPS function on the VRM portal is excellent when it works, the vessel in question is now in Egyt and is working fine, we are also monitoring a wheel chair built be Mercedes AMG F1 (to whihc we have fitted Victron Lithium batteries, and we need to track a Golden Globe vessel which we are fitting out with Victron equipment so reliable GPS fnctionality on the VRM portal is important.

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USB GPS detected but not working on Venus


I'm running Venus firmware V2.6 and today I plugged in a USB GNSS Receiver (Navilock NL-602U u-blox 6).

The OS has recognized the GPS but still after 2 hours still no GPS fix.


So does anyone has suggestion on how to fix.

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Best way to setup alarm for low battery and feed GPS location into VRM?

Hi there,

I am using a Cerbo GX, MutiPlus, BMV-712 and SmartSolar charger combination and was wondering what the best method would be to setup those two things:

- Create an alarm, that notifies me, when the battery runs low (e.g. we have 200Ah, receive a notification when like 70Ah are reached)

- Is it possible to feed the GPS position into the VRM from a different source somehow? We have a separate GPS solution already in place and I want to avoid installing the USB GPS dongle for the Cerbo

Thank you,


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Geofence - GPS / no GPS notifications


Does anyone know the parameters for information update to VRM?

I have a new instillation on my boat.

(3x 315w panels / MPPT 100 |50 / BMV 712 smart / Color GX / 2x 300ah Relion LifePo4 )

Geofence looks very useful to me to know where the boat is or if it has moved.

I was trying different USB GPS modules and unplugged one that was working and fell asleep before I received notification of no GPS signal. When I plugged in a new GPS it was only a matter of minutes to come back online.

It would be interesting to know how the geofence parameters are set

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Venus GX GPS Sampling rate

I'm using the Venus GX device in my Expedition mobile. A GPS antenna is connected via USB to the device. Everything is working fine. Is it possible to change the sampling rate from 60sec to a higher rate like 1sec? For tracking use this would be much better and accurate. As well the export function to KML is just an export including Lat, Lon, Alt, but no speed. The general *csv export shows all other channels but the csv has to get modified to convert it to a proper track file. As well the speed is set to km/h, but the exportis m/s.

Does anybody know what to do, or wether it is possible?

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Venus GX - GPS Speed Units


I have changed the units used for GPS speed to mph from m/s using Remote Console. It still shows as m/s when viewing from the VRM dashboard and the ModbusTCP states that the units are m/s in the spreadsheet. Does this unit change not transmit through to VRM and ModbusTCP?

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CANVU doesn't see USB GPS


I have tried three different usb GPS devices and none of them is identified.

The root of the problem that there is no tty device created.

Did anyone manage to connect any GPS that works under canvu?

I have tested these:

P: Vendor=1546 ProdID=01a8 Rev=03.01

P: Vendor=1546 ProdID=01a7 Rev=01.00

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