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GPS With GX Devices

We have an installation on an Itama 75 the main components are an 8KW Quattro, and a Cerbo GX. The Cerbo is connected to the NMEA2000 system and displays tanks etc perfectly, it also displays the vessels position speed etc and also works perfectly. The GPS is a Raymarine Raystar 150 GPS as well as inbuilt GPS in all three Axiom screens.

Our test boat also has a Cerbo GX, a Multiplus and links to the NMEA2000 system and whilst tanks etc are all displayed well the GPS position is not available on the VRM portal. In terms of GPS the only difference is that the position currently comes from the Axioms built in GPS.

Can any one help explain this? The GPS function on the VRM portal is excellent when it works, the vessel in question is now in Egyt and is working fine, we are also monitoring a wheel chair built be Mercedes AMG F1 (to whihc we have fitted Victron Lithium batteries, and we need to track a Golden Globe vessel which we are fitting out with Victron equipment so reliable GPS fnctionality on the VRM portal is important.

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