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question about MK2/MK3 protocol for setting AcPowerSetPoint / ESS 'Grid Setpoint'

Hi, i am programming some simple functions on top of the MK3 USB interface. I have read the 'Interfacing with VE Bus MK2 protocol' pdf from the site and i have most of the thinks working. My goal is to implement the AcPowerSetPoint via the MK3 interface.

Does anyone know that the correct MK2/MK3 protocol variable is for setting and getting the AcPowerSetPoint? (aka Grid Setpoint)

When i look at 'RAM variables' from the MK2 protocol pdf, i see ID 's 14,15 and 16 and that could be what i am looking for. Unfortunately these ID's don't seem to give the right values.

(Does anyone know the difference between ID 14 and 15? The text is the exactly same for both ID's but they return a different value..)



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best Windows version to run Victron Configure on?

I have spent way to much time trying to get the V-configure app to run under Parallels on an apple OS X time to move on and buy a machine that will run the V-configure app with out any issues. i will most likely by a used machine with a freash install of a version of the Windows operating system. could some one please tell me a Windows version that they know will work?

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Multiplus does not turn on after VE configuration

Multi 24/5000 went off during running quick VEconfigure and does not appear in VE-bus anymore.

Three units in three phase configuration. Neutrals attached. No load or AC-IN connected. Battery negatives connected first and last rj45. Fuses, contacts, cables swapped and still that one unit is blank. Other two are working normally.

Reset by keeping fuse out 10mins without luck.

Any other ways to reset multi?

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MK3 Drivers

I cannot get the MK3 drivers to install on my Windows 10 machine. I have followed every tutorial, downloaded VE Config 3 and created the USB drivers. Tried to manually install them with no luck. Windows says it cannot find the drivers. Yellow triangle will not go away. I have rebooted, restarted, uninstalled, reinstalled. Any ideas? What is the exact filename for the driver?



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MultiPlus 12/1600/70 - MK3 USB - How to connect

I have one question. If I want to change or adjust the charging of the Multi with the MK3-USB interface, I always first disconnect the Cerbo GX from the Multi (pull out the network cable). Then I connect the PC with the MK3-USB interface. Can I keep the Cerbo GX connected (in parallel) when I connect the PC? Or is it better to only connect one device to the Multi at a time?

Greetings, Markus.

Sorry for my bad English. My mother tongue is German.

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Interface MK3-USB

Is there a setting that I could change using the MK#-USB to put generator into float if I am running it to charge my battery bank and forget it is on?

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Split RJ45 connector on multiplus?

Is it possible to use a RJ45 connector splitter on the multiplus?

Its 2 RJ45 connector on my multiplus.

one is connected to Lynx Smart BMS and the another one is connected to the remote control.

I would like to also connect my MK3-USB between the multiplus and my cerbo gx.

is there any way to do that?

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VE Configure 3 MK3 USB but only MK2 drivers show

We loaded VE Configuration Tools; opened VEConfigure3; created a USB directory. The directory only shows a MK2 folder not a MK3 folder. With the MK3 device attached, I do not see the MK3 in Device Manager. There is an Unknown USB Device with a triangle under System Devices - Universal Serial Bus Controller; trying to update it fails with it saying it is the best (but I don't even know if that is the MK3 device to begin with). The Alienware laptop is Windows 11 would that be an issue? Also, my husband did this without the MK3 being hooked up to anything; would that be the issue?

I have searched the forum and seen a bunch of MK3 issues but not this.


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Victron Energy Interface MK3-USB MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/70

Hi, I'm trying to connect to a MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/70 in an easy solar (2017 purchase) with a Mk3 USB dongle. Scan is not finding the device, windows 10 drivers installed and no errors on laptop.

Serial Numbers CEP 121621000 / hq1645za2t7

Chip sticker 2606154.VFD Power Pack FDP8896

I have tried both ports and a selection of ethernet cables but no luck.

Is my firmware too old or is my MK3-USB doa or am I missing something?

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MK3-USB and Multiplus II Setup: Absolutly necessary or nice-to-have ?

Dear all,

I already ordered the following devices

Victron Multiplus II 5000, Cerbo GX, Touch 50, MPPT RS 450-200, EM24-Ethernet

and I am currently waiting for the delivery....

I just noticed that the interface MK3-USB is not included.

My question is: Is this interface absolutly required, at least helpful or only a nice-to-have-option ?

If the answer is only helpful or nice-to-have, what do I need it for and for what not ?



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does my MK3 work?

I am trying to configure a MultiPlus using a MK3 but when I plug in the Cat5 cable into the MK3 I get the MultiPlus go into error mode and get 14 (Device cannot transmit). Using a HP computer with Windows10, I see the MK3 is on USB serial port COM3. My Multi firmware sticker says 2702481.VFD

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Macbook, parallels MK3 USB driver not available

I have a new 2021 M1 Macbook, running Windows 11 on Parallels.

I need to add a PV inverter assistant to a three phase Multiplus system.

The MK3 USB connected seemlessly with Victron Connect in Apple but no matter what I have tried I cannot get the MK3 USB to be recognised - "Driver is unavailable" by Windows or Ve configure tools.

I have have read numerous community posts and searched Victron information manuals, reinstalled the configure tools, rebooted, updated, set the USB drive, tried through VE Configure 3, tried numerous ports, tried through apple terminal, tried through windows many times and no luck.

The VE config says use the "found new hardware" assistant to specify the location but I can't find such an assitant any where.

How do I get the driver and MK3USB recognised ?????

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9 Answers

MK3 to USB with Mac OS is this available?

I have been following the community post on this topic and it looks like that option was being developed. Is it available today? I currently only use a Mac.

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4 Answers

Cannot connect old Multiplus (19 59 139) with VeConfigure

I have an old MultiPlus (firmware version 139 in VRM, product id 1959) and I would like to configure it with VEConfigure. In the past, I could successfully connect, but I cannot any more.

I connect with MK3-USB, and it didn't work, so I tried again with MK2-USB with the same errors (except that when I connect with the MK2, the Multiplus stops when I plug it in, but that's normal).

I tried with VEConfigure 3 (the latest, version v90.04.230) and I get the following error:


Auto option mechanism not supported
for software version: 1959139
Use VeConfigure (version 9003119 or later) instead of this program.
(There is a small chance that this message shows up when a communication error occurs. In that case one should retry instead of using VeConfigure)

Do you want to retry?

With old version v90.03.120 (with datfile v20050703 placed next to the veconfigure.exe executable) I get:


Software version: 1959139 is not supported!

Why is that ?

How can I connect? In the past, I could connect to the MultiPlus and it worked.

Is there somewhere I can download old versions of VeConfigure that should work ?

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Can MK3-USB cable connect to new iPad Pro?

According to Victron, I cannot connect MK3-USB cable to iPad because the iPad does not have a USB port. However, it is now 2022, and the iPad Pro has a USB-C connector, to which I can attach any external peripheral device. I have an adapter which allows USB, HDMI, ethernet, etc.

So, does Victron’s rule still apply, or will a Multiplus now communicate with Victron Connect on my iPad Pro?

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