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Smartsolar not showing up in venus or vrm anymore

I have the Venus Pi, Smart Shunt 500 and the Smartsolar MPPT 100/30. All updated to the latest firmware and connected with the Ve. Connect USB cable.

When I plugged the solar into the Venus I could see it. Later on it has disappered. I think it happened after reBoot or firmware update. The MPPT has not the solarpanels connected yet, but is connected in the battery side.

The Smart Shunt is working correct

Any clue?

kurtinge asked
w8dev answered ·

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URGENT: Battling with USB on MultiPlus-II GX with Powered Hubs

Due to the non-availability of MultiPlus II, we have been using MultiPlus-II 5kVA GX and are having serious problems with the USB port for multiple USB / VE.Direct devices.

All installations I am referring to now have maximum 2 x MPPT (1 x USB to VE.Direct) and 1 x Energy Meter (1 x USB to RS485).

We are using high quality 30 USD D-Link DUB-H7 hubs with 12V power from an Orion 48-12 DC DC Converter. On a near daily basis, we are having to reboot the GX device because one of the two USB devices disappears.

It has been suggested to me by another installer that this is a nanopi problem. We would appreciate some assistance from Victron in this respect. PS. We did try USB powered hubs and we had the same issue.

We now have 5 installations with this issue and around 3 more going in each week. We have to find a solution.

Warwick Bruce Chapman asked
apple047 answered ·

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PV fluctuation

Good day,

I am not an installer or dealer but have a question regarding my multiPlus II.

We have recently changed from AGM (4 12v x 220Ah) to lithium (1 x 48V 100ah) battery and since then the PV fluctuates. The installer changed the settings on the MPPT and VRM portal.

my current setup:

1 x Victron MultiPlus-II 48/5000

12 x Canadian 405w

1 x Vicrton SmartSolar MPPT 250/85-Tr

1 x Victron Color Control GX - set to keep batteries charged

below is a snippet of the PV Yield for the last hour.



When the mains are disconnected (loss of mains (load shedding here in SA)) the PV generates whatever the load is.

Why is the PV generating less when mains are active since changing to lithium?

Any assistance/advise will be highly appreciated as I am getting no joy from the installer or dealer.


erica asked
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Victron OS - new DC-meter feature

I do not yet understand the new DC meter feature highlighted in the changelog of the new Vitron OS versions: There is a 115A alternator, a Silentwind generator and a MPPT100/50 (500Wp solar panels) in my system as charging sources for my 330Ah lithium (cruising sailboat setup).

All negatives of the charging sources are connected to a central minus distribution busbar and this minus busbar is connected to the shunt of aSmart BMV712 which then is connected to a 330Ah smart lithium from Victron.

So far I am getting fine readings on the VRM screen from the MPPT100/50 which is connected to the Raspi4 running Venus V2.80-16-large21, but no additional widgets for additional charging sources or something like that.

So when switching the BMV712 to DC meter mode: What shall happen when getting charging amps from the wind generator and/or alternator? Maybe I am completely misunderstanding the whole topic about the new DC meter feature?

Thanks upfront for your support!

Dosheimer asked
mvader (Victron Energy) answered ·

1 Answer

Lade Regler ohne Energie


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

Ich habe einen Lade -Regler verbaut und noch einem Jahr habe ich folgendes Problem dass die Batterien nicht mehr geladen werden über die App kann ich folgendes ablesen….(siehe Fotos)

Auf der Hauptseite wird mir angezeigt dass kein Lade Strom empfangen wird und im Verlauf kann ich sehen dass aber jeden Tag Energie gewonnen wird.

Kennen Sie das Phänomen haben Sie die Möglichkeit mir irgendwie weiter zu helfen

tnt-kanal asked

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IP65 12/25 2021 inrush current and save fuse size?

Based on a ‘zeilersforum’ topic I found this question discussed: “Blue Smart IP22 charger trips automatic fuse” in this community.

Summary: a IP22 12/30 will trip a 6A and 10A fuse and not a 16A. So, you may need an inrush limiter as proposed by Victron.

In the same discussion Victron added that this phenomina has been discussed while preparing the IP65 design.

Old harbours may be fused at 6A or 10A rather than 16A. The shore fuse may not be accessable after it trips (a reset will do, if accessable).

1:-is the IP65 12/25A model year 2021 adapted in a way to limit the inrush current to 5A or such that a 6A fuse will not trip?

2:-to which save fuse size have the IP65 improvements result in: are 6A and 10A tested?

3:-if not, is Victron willing to test this (or these) charger(s) in order to document needed fuse level and inrush limiter recommendation?

4:-is there a Victron approved hardware interface or schematic with component list available for save use at 6A fuses (a 5A inrush limiter)?

5:-neither manuals are prescribing an “aansluitwaarde” (current supply level) and do not warn for low level harbour fuses. The charger will only take 1.5A average so this inrush is very unexpected. Will you update the manual or supply an addendum on the product tab of the website?

We have a seagoing trailer sailer located in the Netherlands and are planning sailing from remote locations next year, where neither 16A nor 24/7 harbour master may be obvious. The IP65 12/25 is the main charging source for the lfp battery.

Please add the question numbers as a reference to your answers. Thank you.

booty24 asked

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Possible Bug in VE.Can MPPT - High Battery Voltage Alarm

I had many High Battery Voltage Alarms after install today of the first 250/100 VE.Can

Good news is we now have another 3,920w Solar array working on the boat!

But the alarms were triggered by the MPPT relay output set at 28.00v and off at 27.90v. (I was hoping to use it to turn on a battery fan during charging)

Every time the MPPT hit 28v the alarm was triggered and cleared below 27.9v, but I didn't expect an alarm warning from setting the relay. (Simple FLA battery bank 28.90v Abs, so alarms were below Abs voltage)

Turning off the relay didn't stop the alarms, but setting the Voltage trigger points of the relay higher have at least stopped alarms for now.

Setting a disable alarm rule in VRM also didn't stop the alarms.

Smartsolar MPPT VE.Can 250/100 v3.04

CCGX V2.63

These Settings stopped the alarms (Setting the relay to be triggered at a higher voltage than battery voltage):


VRM Rule that didn't stop the alarms:


Alarm Logs:


Al asked
krl commented ·

2 Answers

Scheduled charging without ESS

Hi, I just switched on my installation of 2 Multiplus 3000s and a Venus GX and am now looking at scheduling power draw from the grid. I'm in the US and have a grid tied SMA inverter in parallel with the Multiplus. Since I can't set a grid code here I can't use ESS.

I'm able to handle turning on and off AC input with modbus but couldn't find a way to disable charging without using one of the relays which I'd prefer to avoid just to keep wiring nicer. It looks like there's no way to disable charging or set the DVCC limit to 0 over modbus without ESS, is that correct? Any workarounds?

Eli Hunter asked
Eli Hunter answered ·

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How do I close my Victron Community account?

how do I completely close this #@$^ victron account ?

Peter asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

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MPPT 150/70 Tr VE.Can

Hi, I have two new 150/70-Tr Ve.Can MPPT charge controllers... They have Can bus and Ve direct ports, can I make one the master connected to a CCGX color control through the Ve Direct port, and then connect that one to the second MPPT through the can bus port...? I will be using Pylontech US3000 batteries... Or do I need to connect them both through their Ve Direct ports..? Thanks for any help....

Dave Rae asked
Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

1 Answer

Can I make changes to Generator settings from within VRM Portal?

Today I've spent pretty well all the hours of daylight, and then some tonight, on trying to penetrate the thick defences of my Multiplus 170/50. All I want to do is tick the box to allow more tolerant generator standards, and untick the UPS button, so I can get my generator to charge.

I've tried the MK2 USB dongle with both Windows and Mac computers. I've tried to connect through bluetooth. I've finally managed to send into the nearest city for a long ethernet cable in order to connect to our internet router.

I've successfully installed VRM Portal, and though it is nice to see everything as seen on the colour control mirrored on my laptop, I STILL can't see how to get into the generator settings.

I've worked fairly intensively with computers since 1990, both Windows and Mac, and yet the installing of the USB drivers for the dongle cost me 4 hours, despite following all the instructional videos and reading forums.

Is there anything else anyone can suggest to get me in to where I need to go?

stokie77 asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) edited ·

2 Answers

Help with Re-engineering my battery system

My sailboat currently has 4 batteries in 2 banks of type 27 batteries. The system is running 12v. The boat has a battery switch "1 both 2 and off". It currently doesn't have a separate starter battery, but I want to install one of the type27 batteries as the starter battery.

I have a new running mttp 100/50 and two 330w panels charging 3 parallel 4D AGM batteries that are mounted and charging, but not connected to the system that will be my house batteries.

I'm looking for a schematic that I can use to properly install the system. New battery switches and isolator with a battery monitor.

Is there a schematic available to follow?

oblio asked
Mark answered ·

1 Answer

Using a Venus with a Carlo Gavazzi CT meter to monitor energy import/export

I am trying to use a Venus device along with a Carlo Gavazzi CT meter to measure individual 3 phase import and export and am getting odd readings.
I cannot wire the carlo gavazzi into each phase because there is not space to do so.. so I have just bridged one phase across all three for the referenc voltage on the carlo gavazzi - I think this may be throwing the readings out (e.g. one phase always seems to read the opposite direction). Is this becasue it isnt seeing the 400V Line to Line boltage? I thought it might work like this in any case - but Im not sure exactly how the meter and Venus measure and display the values.

If this is the reason - is there any way to get around this without wiring into each individual phase?

Any idea smore than welcome!

solarss asked
mvader (Victron Energy) answered ·

1 Answer

can my 75/15 charge controller take a flexi 200w solar panel

can i use a 200w flexi solar panel with my 75/15 charge controller,my present system is using a 100w with 4.0mm cable.i was hoping to buy a 200w and just change it over

Steve asked
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