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First time setup - unsure of correct settings

I am trying to setup my equipment to achieve what I thought was not unique, however, we either get stuck in passthru, the PV charger stops or the AC input is not accepted.

I and looking to achieve:

Sun rises - PV charger start supplementing the AC in to the AC out at the same time

Once the PV charger exceeds the required AC out demand, the surplus goes to the batteries

The batteries charge and once the AC out exceeds the PV charger, it draws from the batteries

Once the batteries are discharged to a set point (i.e 49v) the AC in has 100% of the load to the AC out

The batteries will never charge from the AC in.

Should the AC in be lost, then the inverter carries on to another set-point before shutting down (i.e 48v)

I've added ESS, removed it, added hub1, removed it. No configuration I seem to work with achieves my desired result.

Has anyone got this setup and what settings do I need? I have selected NZ as the grid and am now unable to alter the grid code as I don't have the password. This also means I cannot go to default settings as that requires the same password.


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Peak Shaving Setup

I have 2 Quattros, a Cerbo, & a Smartshunt. I'm integrating them into my existing system, replacing dual Trace SW4048s. The rest of the system is a 30kwh LiFePO4 battery with its own BMS, an AC-coupled PV inverter, and DC solar panels with their own Outback charge controllers. Split-phase 120/240, approved for Net Metering (my system feeds power into the grid) by my utility.

We have different $ rates for times of day: highest ('peak') rate 4pm to 9pm (16:00 to 21:00), a mid-peak 15:00 to 16:00 and 21:00 to 00:00. So the lowest $ rate is 'off-peak' which is 00:00 to 15:00.

I'll charge from the grid during off-peak, and sell any excess made by the sun during off-peak. Then I'll 'sell' to the grid (feed-in to the grid) from the batteries ONLY during peak. I want to discharge the batteries nearly completely (down to 10%) during those 5 hours of peak.

If I charge my batteries from 00:00 until 15:00, starting at 00:00, I can be certain I'll have full charge available when it is time to sell to the grid at 16:00, regardless of the weather or what loads during the day might consume power in my house during the day.

Using ESS, I see I can schedule battery charging. But what about battery selling to the grid? What setting (somewhere else in ESS? outside of ESS?) will keep the batteries full, running loads only from my solar and from the grid, during off-peak, so the batteries can then deliver their full charge during peak?

This kind of peak-shaving schedule stuff is pretty common with utility companies here in California. How do other people set this up with their Victron's?

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Setup, Balkonanlage - Auswahl BMS; Battery Protect; MPPT LR
Hi Zusammen,

mal vorab zum Konzept:
"Balkonanlage", autark ohne Netzanschluss. Soll lediglich ein wenig Saft für Wochenendspaß an unserer Gartenhütte bringen. D.h. Teichpumpe, Handy/Laptop laden, Beleuchtung und Musik.

  • 4x Module Shell SQ 150-C (Gesamt 600W)
  • werden einzeln abgesichert gegen Überspannung und Blitz.
  • parallel kombiniert und an LR => angeschlossen. DER FEHLT NOCH! (Meine Idee: Victron MPPT 100/30 SmartSolar)
  • Vom LR gehts dann an die Batterie. Die Batterien, das werden 2x 12V in Reihe sein, für 24V, vermutlich AGM, AH müssen wir sehen, was wir bekommen, werden Richtung 180Ah gehen. Fehlen noch, in Arbeit.
  • von der Batterie gehts dann EVTL. an das BMS. DAS FEHLT NOCH. Hier bin ich unsicher: Es werden Blei-Batterien werden, zu Lithium finde ich viele aber BMS für Blei....nicht. Ist das überhaupt nötig bei 2 Blei Batterien? Eine einzelne Batterie gleicht sich intern ja selbst aus, aber wie ist das über 2 in Reihe? Reicht dann ein BMS, habe für unsere Zwecke eigentlich nicht vor noch einen Balancer oder so extra einzubauen? Ich hätte tendenziell schon gerne wenigstens was, das mir unkompliziert zeigt wie der Zustand der Batterien ist, um auch zu sehen, wann ich die Verbraucher lieber mal komplett runter nehme. Macht das Sinn? (Meine Idee: Smart Shunt 500A)
  • Erweiternd oder sogar alternativ zum BMS wäre auch ein Victron Energy Smart Battery Protect denkbar. Das regelt die Abschaltung von selbst nach einstellbaren schwellen.
Was haltet Ihr davon, welches Wissen kann ich von euch abgreifen? Macht das BMS Sinn, Battery Protect statt BMS oder zusätzlich, was sind eure Gedanken?

Danke und Beste Grüße

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Multiplus 3000 General question and buzzing in float mode


I have installed my Multiplus in place of an older Xnatrex 2500 whose transfer relay failed. She was a good old girl but had to be put out to sea so to speak. Would have made a great anchor for a small boat! Anyway, the installation went fine and the unit is operational with updated firmware on the CCGX display and the inverter.

Question 1: if the inverter is off, all the circuits on the inverter are also off. I seem to recall on my Xantrex that when it was off the default was for the unit to pass power thru the inverter. That does not seem to be the case or did I miss something in the installation?

Question 2: With shore power on, inverter on, and it in float mode there is a low-level buzzing sound coming from the inverter. Is that normal? The unit is located in a cabinet (with vents for heat release) right outside the main solan so will be an issue trying to sleep.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Hello Victron!

I have 4 x 440 watt solar panels (41 volt and 10 amp each)

I have the Multiplus 2 2x120 and I have 2 150/100 charge controllers!

Planning to wire 2 panels in series into 1 charge controller and sane with the other 2 panels into the other charge controller.

What size wiring would I need from panels to charge controller and from charge controller to Multiplus?

Any suggestions about the setup would be appreciated!!

Love the support of this Community!

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comparing mppt multiplus II GX vs easySolar II

I have a question which ones of solution is better and if it is necessary to solve it or nor.
1) multiplus II GX 5kva
3x mppt 150/35 bluetooth ; (optoinal + 2x mppt 150/35 bluetooth)
victron ET340 (it is necessary ?)
4x pylontech U3000C
12x 500wp mono panels (3stings of 2series x 2parallel) 6kwp ; (optional + 8 panels and 2strings of 2series x 2parallel together 10kwp)

It is possible to connect 5strings in to GX ?

2) easysolar 5kva (gx+250/100) (optoinal 2x mppt 150/35 bluetooth)
victron ET340 (it is necessary ?)
4x pylontech U3000C
12x 500wp mono panels (1stings of 4series x 3paraller) 6kwp ; (optional +8 panels and 2strings of 2series x 2parallel together 10kwp)

A solution with three strings occurred me to because in the afternoon I have on the roof of the shadows from another house. See picture.


And whether it would not result in a reduction in performance, when it was in one string (mppt 250/100).The question is if the mppts 150/35 will by charge the battery well, or better as 250/100.

My house is feeded from grid 3-phase, but I want one phase use to plug to the multiplus II(easysolar II) and have this phase as a backup (for appliances), which I would like to use in the evening from the battery and during the day from the sun, plus the surplus sent to the grid. It is this possible ?

Or I want to much ?

Lot of thanks for help.


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How to set priority on charge supplies - ie use solar first then mains

I have a SmartSolar MPPT, Orion Dc-Dc (Alternator) and a Pheonix mains charger, which doesnt seem to be an uncommon setup so I'm hoping someone can help!

I really am wanting the kit set up to charge/draw from the sources in that order of priority I've listed them above. So solar first whatever, therefore even if the mains is plugged in and available, if there is sufficient current available from the MPPT then to use that and I essence 'turn off' the mains supply.

Similarly if the Orion is powered up then this should ramp up in favour of the mains if there is no solar available.

This is for charging and light use on a mobile system.

I've been hunting around this forum a bit but struggling to find an answer.

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How to set up feed-in

Hi Community! I have MuiltiPlus 48/3000/35-50 and 2x Blue Solar Charger MPPT 150/45 and LG resu batery 6.5 kwh. I would like to start sending excess energy to grid. The issue is, that I do not see the option "Feed-in excess solar charger power" in the menu. Can you please help? Thank you very much!

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Upgrade to lifepo4 with current mppt/solar system and add inverter

Hi everyone. I hope someone can help me. I’ve got in my camper van from last year a system that’s included a MPPT 100/30 with victron solar 360W mono and bmv 712 smart. I’m using it with normal leisure lead acid battery 100ah. The load is 12v compressor fridge, lights and few things all at 12v. Sometimes water heater but is also 12v and as I remember it draw under 200w when on.

I want to upgrade for victron lifepo4 160ah battery and want phoenix smart inverter 1600 to use some 240v tools as vacuum, karcher, mitra saw and also want to connect my moped batteries to charger which is around 840W. I maybe in the future will buy another same battery but that’s all depends on how one will run under my needs it maybe fine.

I just couldn’t find exactly diagram for my setup. Could someone please advise me what battery protector I need and what bms? Or there is something different I maybe need? I will be getting all new components not second hand but try to not add to much as the battery with inverter is already over £2k. But if any of you guys think that there is something worth to add at this point to this system Im happy to hear any advise.

I’ve including the closest diagram I found to my settings and assume that the inverter will be connected to dc load. Will this setup be correct with two battery protector and Ve.bus Bms as well with the smart battery sense? Or there is something more suitable I should use?

I’m appreciate and advise. Thank you


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Multplus II: Can I set this order? 1-charge battery 2-use solar-3 use grid

I have a multiplus II 24 v 3000 w and a diy 10kwh battery pack with an electrodacus bms sbms120

it has 10 solar panels attached to the bms and victron. I want to set it up mainly as a UPS but since I have the solar panels as well I wan to use them so I can recover the investment faster. So...can I configure the inverter so that when sun comes up it charges the battery. If battery is full use energy from the solar panels and when sun goes down continue using the energy from the grid.


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How to setup ACin2 single phase


We have 6 48V 15000VA Quattro's, each phase has 2 Quattro's.

Now we want to set it up as 3 phase input on ACin1 and a single phase on 2 Quattro's configured in the same phase on ACin2.

A 3 phase generator will be connected to the 3 phases of ACin1 and grid power, which is limited, on single phase of ACin2.

The generator part is working. Switch as group is switched of for ACin2, power supply is available but the Quattro's do not accept the input. What can i do to make this work? Also on the Cerbo, i cannot see the single phase available on ACin2.

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lynx distributor insulator

might be an obvious one, but look at the attached photo, where the isolator connects to the lynx distributor.

this is presumably live, if they were to touch it. is there an insulator for covering/protecting against these joint areas?


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Parallel connection to Multiplus II from Feed. not series.

i havent bought one yet.

i just need to understand the granular connections if i do go for this. i've read and watched lots of youtube, but can't quite find the practical answers i'm looking for, from the standard wiring diagrams i've seen.

i'm thinking of using it as an ESS in my home. just for storing electricity in the batteries as a UPS.

i'm in the UK. in the countryside. 230v. occasional power outage. - it's annoying when it happens.

electricity comes in from the street,
into the detached garage through the wall,
into the 100a fuse,
then into the smart meter,
then into a (hardly used) consumer unit (lots of spare ways), before going out of the garage, under the driveway to the house where there's another consumer unit for the house etc.

i dont want the multiplus connecting in series between the smart meter and load. is this possible?

i would call this a parallel connection to the electricity backbone. from my basic knowledge of electricity.

do we just take a 32a RCB/MCB Live wire from the consumer unit into the multiplus "AC-IN-1 L" terminal.
and then from the "AC-IN-1 N" back to the the relevant common neutral in the consumer unit.

is that all i have to do?

(of course batteries need to be connected , and rest of the software setup eventually).

or do i have to connect "AC-OUT-1" terminals to somewhere in the consumer unit?

i'm assuming so, but how do i get the powerassist AC-OUT-1 output back into the backbone of the house, and thus out to the house?

thanks, hopefully i've made it clear enough :)

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BMV712 Setup and configuration

I have a five bank 255AH AGM marine battery configuration with four house batteries connected directly to the negative post on the BMV shunt, and one to the main negative buss. The main negative buss is about 25 feet from the four house bank/shunt buss and 20 feet from the fifth battery. The feed from the shunt to the main negative buss is a 4/0 cable and the one to the single battery is a 2.0. I also have a single 410W solar panel running through a VE MPPT 100/50 to control battery charging when no other external charging options are available. Hopefully that explains well enough the basic configuration. I have two questions:

  1. I have 1020AH (255X4) set up in the BMV battery configuration as there are four batteries directly connected to the battery post of the shunt. I presume that is correct or should I set it up for 1275 because the fifth battery is still part of the system and is being charged by the MPPT or other external sources?
  2. Depending on the answer to the above, is it worth it to run another 2/0 cable the last 25 feet or so and take the fifth battery off the main negative buss and connect it to the shunt directly? I dont believe the voltage drop in that short a distance with 2/0 is a big factor but does the BMV need to be set up for the total of all five batteries on the circuit?

Thank you.


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