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Custom tank calibration

I need to calibrate a few tanks and am pleased that there is now a custom tank calibration facility, but what isn’t clear to me is whether 2 of the 10 custom calibration points need to be reserved for 0% and 100% or whether all 10 can be used between empty and full? My Victron seller was unable to give me a convincing answer. My instinct is that 0 and 100 are fixed to 0 ohm and 180 ohm (on European selection) and the 10 are in between, but it would be nice to know for sure.

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Discharging instead of charging on dash: is my setup actually working? Or are these issues serious?


I'm a newbie with a new installation in East Africa (Victron Multiplus 5KVa, Smart Solar 250/100, Venus Cerbo GX, 10 solar panels of 345W and one Weco 4k4 battery). It's fully off-grid.

There seems to be a few issues with the setup and I was hoping some here would know how to fix it, or let me know if there's nothing wrong. Any help would be really welcome, thanks!!

I had a professional install this but there seems to be mistakes in their setup (e.g. initially there was no power usage showing on the dashboard) and so I want to check that everything is in order.

1 - The charging lights on the 4k4 Weco battery always indicate that it's discharged, even fully charged:


2 - The Cerbo dashboard is showing the battery discharging when it's actually charging and vice-versa, like here:


3 - At night, the system (fridge mostly) takes 0.05KWh of power on average for around 11-12h. It starts discharging from 6pm (until then it's 99% full) and charging from 6am. But it looses 1kWh during the night and the battery is at 70% charge in then morning (6am) when the sun comes back. I'm guessing my math is wrong but can't make sense of this.


4 - Should the DVCC be activated (it is now)? I couldn't find out which settings should be used.


5 - Bonus question: how bad is it to discharge the battery to 30-40% on some nights? Should I get a second one? What happens if it goes to 0%?

Thanks a lot!!


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What is Virtual Load Output


I’ve searched… I read the Victron Connect manual… please tell me what this is and what settings affect it.

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Wiring 5 parallel batteries with IP22 w/3 outputs


First of all apologies for my ignorance on this topic, I'm trying the DIY :) I hope this diagram helps...

Battery charger: Victron Energy Blue Power Charger IP22 3 Outputs 12V


  • Are the Positive busbar(s) correct? Is it possible to wire it like this with the objective of charging 2 batteries from 1 Victron Output?
  • What would be the size of the wire (AWG) I would need for the positive connections? I saw 6AWG for a distance of 8 feet. Is that correct?
  • Would be the size also for the wires in section2 (blue rectangle)?
  • The fuses should be 30A?

Thank you in advance!


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Reverse current on common bus bars

I’m planning the following setup. 4 x 380w panel in series of 2 connected to 2 different mppt 100/20. The output of each charge controller will end up on two different common bus bars, one for positive and one for negative. From here I would like to connect battery and inverter on the same bus bars. I need 2 charge controller because panels will be orientated in different directions to have a constant solar input. My question is: is there any danger of reverse current if one charge controller is giving max output eg. 20A and one is shaded, giving zero? If not, any problem if for some reason BMS cuts the battery and one of the charge controller is providing current and one other not? Also, I’m planning to charge the battery from this same common bus bars from AC via the inverter. Is there any danger of reverse current into the charge controllers if I start charging with the inverter via the bus bars to the battery, when charge controllers have no tension or current from the pv? Hopefully I explained myself, thanks in advance


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Multi RS Solar Setup Questions


I am planning to buy the Victron Mult RS Solar and have tried to get some information from the datasheet/manual/forum/DemoApp, but there are still some unanswered questions. I hope someone can help.

My planned setup:

- connecting the solar modules to the internal MPPT solar charger.

- connection of lead-AGM batteries

- connection of the public grid to the ACin connector

- only loads at output ACout1 (no connection to the public grid there)

The loads should be supplied by the inverter when the SOC of the battery is >70%. Below this value, the Mult RS Solar should switch the output to the utility grid (ACin) until the battery has again e.g. >80% SOC. Goal: The loads should be supplied primarily from PV and battery, but the battery should not be discharged below 70%, except there is no grid power. Also, I don't want any power feeding back to the public grid (from the ACin connection).

My questions:

1. is it possible to set up the Mult RS Solar to work as described?

2. can it be ensured that there is no grid feed-in over the ACin connector?

3. how fast is the internal transfer switch, if there is one (could not find a description in the manual and datasheet, but there are such symbols on the front of the unit). Is the switching synchronized with the mains frequency/phase? Is it the same transfer switch as described in the Multiplus II?


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Victron Wiring / Setup Schematic - Lithium with Solar, Multiplus, 2 Alternators, 12 V


on boats some setups are quite common and I wonder if somebody had more or less a project which is kind of identical of what I want to do. I am looking for the product list for this setup and also a wireing schematic . Mybe there is something available already. So I don't have to reinvent the wheel and use best practise / common setup.


12 V / 230 V

Multiple LiFePO4 Batteries (in my case 4x LiFePO4 Battery 12,8V/200Ah)

Charger/Inverter (in my case Multilpus 12/2000)

Solar Chargers (in my case 2 x MPPT 150/70 (not smart) m 2 x MPPT 75/10 (not smart))

2 Alternators (in my case 2 x 120 A)

2 Starter Battries

Cerbo GX would be nice and Battery protector would also be a good thing to have.

Because I already have the Multiplus from my old setup I want to keep it but maybe extend is with a sencound one and set them up paralell.

Thanks for your help.

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Using AC2 OUT but not depleting the battery?

My apologies in advance if this has already been asked and answered, but I was wondering if there is any way to use AC2 OUT from a Victron inverter to power non-critical loads such that they draw solar if available, mains if not, but never deplete the battery. So, this would be ideal for things like resistive heating geysers, ovens etc to mop up excess solar, but not to deplete batteries. At the moment, my understanding is that AC2 OUT will only run when grid feed is present, but if there is solar and battery, it will utilise the battery as well as the solar. Is there any way to toggle it such that these loads never deplete the battery?

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Forced to charge every second day despite having battery bank to last 3 days between charges. HELP!

We have a 24v system on a battery bank that has 705ah. Our daily use is 2.8kw. I have no appliances that draw electricity. I have no heat generating things here. Based on that useage that's about 117ah a day from our bank. At a 50% DOD we should have 352ah available to use to use before we should need to do a genset charge (we get very little light in our area this time of year so our solar isn't what we are relying on in this season for a charge). By my math, we should be able to go 3 days between charges (117ah x 3 days = 351ah used out of the 352ah available). However, every second day I see on the Victron VRM dashboard, the voltage dropping dangerously close to 24v on our bank so I do a charge to get it up to 28.8v until the amps drop down to at least 14 charging amps.

I'm wasting tons of gas doing this every second day when it should be something I don't have to do until every 3rd. I basically get one day of use when it should be three.

The company that sold me my components keeps asking me if we have electric radiant floors or something else that we are "unaware of" that is making a "mystery draw on the system".

No, there is not. We have propane appliances (furnace, hot water heater, stove, oven, fridge), no heat generating appliances such as toasters, curling irons, etc... and all of our lights are low draw LED's.

Please can anyone help me sort this mystery out? I just can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Our Components:

  • 24v system, comprised of twelve Rolls 6v 235ah batteries in series and parallel, flooded acid
  • VE Multiplus 24v 3000w 70a-50a Inverter
  • VE Smartshunt
  • VE Cerbo GX
  • VE Smart Battery Sense
  • VE 100/50 MPPT Charge Controller
  • 11,500 starting watts, 9,200 running watts generator (also brand new)
  • 4 Longi 370w 75 cell panels





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Cable sizes for SmartSolar 100/50 with 24V 230Ah LiFePo


I have 4 x 380W solar panels, 2 of them in series and these two then connected in parallel. These go into my Victron SmartSolar MPPT Solar Charge Controller 100/50 with a 6mm² cable.

From there I still need cables from the SmartSolar MPPT to my 24V LiFePo 230Ah battery. The cable length is approx. 50cm - 100cm.

What size cable do I need for the connection? (And up to what maximum cable size does the SmartSolar 100/50 support?)

Would you put another fuse between the SmartSolar MPPT and the battery and if so, which one?

The idea is that I can charge the battery in the workshop and then bring it into the house to feed it in later if necessary. I have a feed-in socket in the house. A 3000W inverter is used here (max. 6000W at peak). Here, too, I have the question of which cable size I need (length 50cm) and which fuse.

Many thanks in advance.

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My 9000w generator took 11 hours to charge a 24v 705ah bank... HELP!!!

I just invested in a new victron system and batteries with solar (not that we are getting that much this season to make a big difference). I cannot seem to figure out what to set to get this to all hum smoothly.

All brand new, I have:

  • 24v system, comprised of twelve 6v 235ah batteries in series and parallel, flooded acid
  • VE Multiplus 24v 3000w inverter
  • VE Smartshunt (external bat monitor hooked up here)
  • VE Cerbo GX
  • VE 100/50 MPPT Charge Controller
  • 11,500 starting watts, 9,000 running watts generator (also brand new)
  • 4 Longi 370w 75 cell panels

I live at my off grid home full time just outside Vancouver, BC in Canada on the west coast. I have no appliances that draw electricity. I have no heat generating things here. I use about 2500w to 3000w daily. I know I need more batteries and solar to avoid generator time but I have spent all I had to get what I have now, and can't afford more at the moment... so this is my system for the time being, until I can add to it.

I have not yet hooked up the generator start/stop functionality. I'm waiting on wiring information from the generator company so that I can do that without guessing which wire is which! I also think I need a relay to do it (see this video which is what I'm trying to do next:

I have asked the solar company I bought the victron elements to help me with settings. They will not advise. I have asked the company where I bought the batteries to help me with settings. They will not advise. They keep referencing me to page 10 of the Rolls manual which has a bunch of math and information which I really just do not understand. I emailed a Victron rep and they told me to ask the company I bought the components from... dead end there... The Rolls executive I spoke with did tell me though that based on higher useage like mine (living full time at my home and using the system day in, day out) that "higher useage means faster depletion each day which should equal a higher bulk/absorb setting to 59.2>60v because the harder you work the batteries, the higher you go but not over 60v." Would someone please tell me where to put that information and what that translates into which screen on which device at what value???

Is anyone out there willing to suggest what settings to put into what screens to make it all work smoothly so that I can manage my batteries efficiently and have them last? I did my best setting it up and tried to manually run the generator when my batteries were at 64% the other day... it took 11 hours to get them to 100% and as you can see on my dashboard, towards the last half of the charging, the generator charged less and less the longer it ran! 11 hours was 30 litres of gas! Yet, today I had some time of bright sun when my batteries were at 95% and within one hour, they had the batteries back to 100%. How can that be right?

I've tried to share my dashboard so hopefully this works:

I live alone in the woods by the sea 18km by ocean from anyone. Just a chick in the woods which a bunch of great new shiny gear.

Please Victron Community, help me!

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Multiplus 24v 3000w not showing up on Victron Connect - What does the Digital Multi Control do???

I have the VE Multiplus 24v 3000w inverter and it does not show up as a device in my Victron Connect list of devices. It does show up on the VRM, but not in Victron Connect. I have the Digital Multi Control as well but I unplugged it because having it plugged in meant that I could not access the settings on the Multiplus, or so I've been told.

What am I doing wrong here?

What is the digital multi control actually for? What does it actually do?

How can I access the Multiplus settings?

Can anyone please help me understand these elements and how they both work together?

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How many Pylontech US5000 are recommended from a performance perspective


I have (is due to be installed) the following:

  • 16 x Hyundai 485W HiE S485VI panels
  • 2 x Victron MPPT 250/100-Tr VE.Can
  • 1 x Victron Quattro 48/10000/140-100/100 230V VE.Bus
  • 1 x Victron Cerbo GX
  • 1 x Victron GX Touch 50
  • 1 x Victron Battery switch ON/OFF 275A
  • 1 x Victron Energy Meter ET112 - 1 phase - max 100A
  • 1 x Victron Lynx Distributor
  • 1 x Victron Lynx Shunt VE.Can
  • 3 x Pylontech US5000 batteries

What do you think about this configuration (panels will be mounted on ground facing south)?

Also what is the number of batteries recommended from a performance perspective given the above setup?

Thank you

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Pre-Charge Issues

I am in need of some guidance regarding the steps necessary to properly pre-charge a Multiplus 3000 attached to a 24 volt battery. I have found very little credible information available regarding this topic. After having built a Victron system, I am now finding that even with the use of two different resistors, attempting to connect the battery cable results is a substantial spark. The following summarizes the steps I have taken this morning:

Connect the hot 2/0 cable to the battery.

  1. Turn on the Blue Sea Systems M Series Battery switch, leaving on during the following two steps.
  2. Attach a 50 watt\25 ohm metal cased resistor to the black 2/0 battery cable, then touching the negative battery post to the resistor contact for 10-15 seconds (clicks are heard from the Multiplus, lights on the Victron shunt, distributor, Cerbo GX, and Victron Smart Solar 150\45 MPPT etc light up).
  3. Disconnect the resistor from the battery post and remove, attempt to connect the black 2/0 battery cable to the negative post.

After experiencing a substantial spark, I attempted to complete the above process using a metal 100 watt\2 ohm resistor instead, having the same results.

Can someone provide me with guidance? Am I not following the correct steps to properly pre-charge the Multiplus?

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Is there a menu options map available anywhere for the VRM portal.

Is there a menu options map available anywhere for the VRM portal. Find it hard going to locate the required options 'live'.

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