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VEConfig "Internal error occurred" when setting up assistant.

Hi All

I get the error "Internal error occurred! Please contact Victron Energy" when I am setting up an assistant in VEConfig. I am able to do firmware updates and all other settings but not the assistants. This happens whether I am using a mk3 or through VRM remote VEConfigure.

Also each time I open VEConfigurator3 it updates the assistants.

The issue started when I had updated the first inverter to 489, after the update it had to update the mk3 and VEConfig. Since then I am unable to load assistants on any inverter. Same happens with inverters on 490 and older versions as well.

I have uninstalled, redownloaded and reinstalled VE Configuration tools but still have the same issue...

Hope someone can help.


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Discharging instead of charging on dash: is my setup actually working? Or are these issues serious?


I'm a newbie with a new installation in East Africa (Victron Multiplus 5KVa, Smart Solar 250/100, Venus Cerbo GX, 10 solar panels of 345W and one Weco 4k4 battery). It's fully off-grid.

There seems to be a few issues with the setup and I was hoping some here would know how to fix it, or let me know if there's nothing wrong. Any help would be really welcome, thanks!!

I had a professional install this but there seems to be mistakes in their setup (e.g. initially there was no power usage showing on the dashboard) and so I want to check that everything is in order.

1 - The charging lights on the 4k4 Weco battery always indicate that it's discharged, even fully charged:


2 - The Cerbo dashboard is showing the battery discharging when it's actually charging and vice-versa, like here:


3 - At night, the system (fridge mostly) takes 0.05KWh of power on average for around 11-12h. It starts discharging from 6pm (until then it's 99% full) and charging from 6am. But it looses 1kWh during the night and the battery is at 70% charge in then morning (6am) when the sun comes back. I'm guessing my math is wrong but can't make sense of this.


4 - Should the DVCC be activated (it is now)? I couldn't find out which settings should be used.


5 - Bonus question: how bad is it to discharge the battery to 30-40% on some nights? Should I get a second one? What happens if it goes to 0%?

Thanks a lot!!


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Full solar Setup Advice

Hi Everyone

We're going completely offgrid due to the distance we are from power lines. I'm needing some guidance on a good offgrid setup and how to go about building it and programming it. Here's what I'm planning on using:

- Victron 48/500/70

- Victron Colour control GX

- Victron 85 amp controller

- JA Modue Solar 390W panels

- BYD 4.0kwh x4 with BMU and unit OR 4x Pylontech 3.55kwh

- Timber ground mount with flush mount system

I'm having a couple of electrician buddies coming around to give me a hand installing it all but they haven't every installed offgrid solar before.

My questions are:

1. Is installation a fairly straightforward process for your average electrician or even home handy man?

2. Is there anything I need to be aware of before we get to work?

3. Is the programming fairly straight forward?

4. Is there any issues with either of these setups or recommendations on a better setup?

5. Good bang for buck?

Thanks in advance!

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How to set superuser without Control GX?

I recently installed a Cerbo GX with a few temperature sensors. I need to adjust the offset on the temperature probes but the manual says I need superuser access. I found the instructions to set the superuser access but it says it only works from a Control GX screen. I am access the remote console via my laptop. Is there anyway to setup for superuser access without a screen?

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Nominal PV power for Victron MPPT 100V 20 amp 12/24/48

I just bought a Victron MPPT 100V 20 amp 12/24/48. I am planning to use it with a 12V Lithium battery.

The manual says Nominal PV power is 290W.,-75-15,-100-15,-100-20_48V-EN.pdf

My Solar panel is 180Watts (total)

Does "Nominal" 290Watts mean the controller requires a minimum of 290watt solar panels?

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IP22 Boiling Batteries


I recently installed an IP22 3 output 15 amp charger in my trailer. I am using the charger to charge three 70ah Lead Acid Deep Cycle batteries. I have attached a wiring diagram, I have the batteries and charger setup in this way as batteries two and three are also used in my caravan where they too are charged separately but used together.

When I have the charger on its standard settings for Lead Acid batteries it starts to boil the batteries during bulk charge. I have the charger now setup on custom settings to prevent this but this results in the batteries not being fully charged. The charger is set to 7.5 Amps and not 15 Amps, why would the charger boil the batteries during bulk charge? My 5 Amp CTEK charger never boiled the batteries, I'm sure a 2.5 Amp higher charge current would not cause this.




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BMV712 SMART setup troubles

After connecting the UTP cable for the first time the display is lit up with all characters (e.g does not say battery capacity). I have tried holding sown Setup and Select buttons for 3+ second but it does not change.

I am able to connect via Bluetooth but when I go to settings and battery, I am unable to set any of the vales (which only display a "-" value).

Any advice appreciated.

Kind regards


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The question I never got around to asking but now remember

So I just want to know for sure how to obtain an accurate reading of the batteries from the MPPT controller in setup stage. I always go with a certain order,- first the battery to controller, then load, then inverter, then Pv. Due to my configuration however, it is a little annoying to have to dismantle the batteries or inverter, and have to reconnect in order again, and go through the whole ‘spark’ of connecting the inverter again. So it would be nice to just keep it all connected. Not sure if you know what I mean, but question is; does it really matter about the order, given that there is an he mix? -for example, if I add the inverter to batteries BEFORE I connect the MPPT, will it REALLY affect the reading of voltage from the MPPT controller?

oh please note that I have a bluetooth temperate sensor. So if that changes anything, given that it is reading from a-close to the terminals. Was told this improves accuracy of reading (makes sense) however, nothing I read explain you must put this on in a certain order…

just like to be clear on things :)

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help w/Victron Energy SmartSolar MPPT 75V 15 amp

hi. i am new to solar and. hit a wrinkle that i hope is something simple/obvious i might have overlooked.

Using 2 solar panels 12v. i measured the output of ea. and was getting about 15v. I hooked them up in series and measured 30v. thought i was good.

plugged it into my Victron Energy SmartSolar MPPT 75V 15 amp controller, and measured across. the terminals and got about 12.5v. the bluetooth app showed same.

so i unplugged the solar panel measured across it again. 30v. so it seems once i plug it into the controller the pv terminals show 12.5. I measured the battery. and load terminals. got about 12v using it w/a 12v battery which for testing i did. disconnect and i had no load connected just a volt meter.

any ideas. why the controller isn't sending power to charge the battery w/30v from the solar. should be enough to activate the charge ckt, but. dunno why. i am not measuring 30v at the pv terminals when i plug it in

anyone have any ideas what i did wrong?


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Is the UTP cable required?

Since I really only need the Bluetooth capability of my recently purchased BMV 712 Smart, can I remove the UTP cable? It appears I’m not able to use the phone app if the cable is disconnected. Looking for a way to remove and still use the app.

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Is it not possible to setup 3 Multiplus II 3phase via CerboGX and VRM without MK3-interface?

I tried with VE.bus system configurator and VRM-remote but could only connect to one Multiplus II-VE.bus. It ended allways when searching for the 3 Multiplus via COMport search.

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Showing 0 watts and 0 current on smartsolar 75/15.


Need help. I have a Renogy 200w suitcase solar panel, Victron smartsolar 75/15 and 2 Trojan t105 6v connected as 12v. I am showing 0 watts and 0 current. Checked all connections twice.

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Victron Multiplus Compact best setup in a motorhome?

Hello everyone,

I'm installing a Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80-30 230V in my motorhome, and would like to validate my planned setup with y'all.

The Multiplus is connected to a bank of 3 parallel LiFePO4 12V 100Ah batteries, thru a 300A megafuse on the positive cable and a BMV712 shunt on the negative cable, and as soon as I finish upgrading its firmware and configuring it, will be connected "in between" my motorhome's external AC cable -- the plan is to cut the cable at the point it comes in from the street, and the part coming in will be connected to the Multiplus "AC IN", and the part going into the motorhome will be connected to the Multiplus "AC OUT".

The idea is to be able to use the Multiplus charging and automatic transfer switching capabilities).

What do you think?

Thanks in advance,

-- Durval.

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Coupling 450/100 smart charge controllers with GenZ lithium batteries

Hi I have two 450/100 smart charge controllers to DC Couple 7 kW of solar via 4 strings charging 48kWh of GenZ 48 volt batteries. As the GenZ batteries only have the BMS internal to each cassette and have no coms available I am unable to select lithium battery type due to the requirement for BMS coms. Is the best solution to select another battery type and custom set the charge settings If so what are the settings recommended?

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BMV712 - Amps vs Percent?!

Hi All,

I just can't figure this out and it's driving me nuts. There are similar posts but never a working solution?

I have two 6v Golf Cart batteries connected in series. 230 Ah. System settings and wiring below.

Victron reports 10.4 amps used, and says that's 97.2% of 230 amps. (is that not 95.4%?)

But when you take their 97.2% of 230, that SHOULD BE 6.44 Amps used?

HOW DOES THAT WORK?! What am I missing here?

What I've done:

- Fully charged the batteries to 100%.

- I then let them let sit for 2 days to stabilize voltages (Completely disconnected all power leads - only thing connected was the BMV 712 - just the little power wire)

- Battery read 12.8v after the two days (The little BMV power wire was still connected)

- I did as the manual states to set zero current:

A zero current calibration is (almost) never needed. Only perform this procedure in case the battery monitor shows a current while you are absolutely sure that there is no actual current flowing. The only way to be sure of this, is to physically disconnect all wires and cables connected to the side of the shunt. Do this by unscrewing the shunt bolt and remove all cables and wires form that side of the shunt. The alternative, which is switching off loads or chargers, is NOT accurate enough as it does not eliminate small standby currents.

- To me, it should not matter the state of the battery when you set Zero Current?

(There is NO current flowing as the battery is disconnected)

Can someone explain it like I'm 5? LOL

So far everything else seems to work like it should, but I'm still confused as to what my battery state really is?

Battery reports full when I believe it to be from the converter (and also the MPPT charger on the solar reports the battery to be full as well)

At the VERY LEAST, what is more accurate, the percentage, the amps used or the voltage?

(So far, I've been following Amps and watching the Voltage reading and trying to make an educated guess that way) Voltage will read 12.1v when the percent still reads in the low 70's? Is that not empty? So confused :(

To me the percentage is so far out of wack that it make ZERO sense. This battery monitor DOES NOT help me monitor my batteries :(



The battery is manufactured by East Penn MFG also called (DEKA) its a GC15.

Two batteries connected in series will be 230Ah. (130Ah useable)

- Reserve Capacity at 25A is 448 Minutes

- RC at 75A is 120 minutes

- The Peukert’s coefficient for most use cases for this battery is 1.24

What is the recommended Bulk, Absorb, Float, Equalize and maintainer parameters?

- Bulk charge to 2.35 volts per cell and hold for Absorption. (14.1v for two in series)

- Float charge at 2.25 volts per cell. (13.5v for two in series)

- To compensate for battery temperature not at 20°C:

- subtract 0.005 V/cell for each 1°C above 20°C;

- add 0.005 V/cell for each 1°C under 20°C.

- An Equalization charge can be done at 15.5 volts.

Max bulk charging current is <=30A per 100 Ah (C20). So for this 230 Ah battery, that's 69 amps. (If charging a pair in series, it's still 69 amps.)




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Victron Multiplus 3000 12v victronconnect with Chins 300ah battery settings and 30 amp shore settings my goal is to set it up to charge with shore power.

Hello, looking for ideas on optimal settings for Victron Multiplus 3000 12v using victronconnect (or is using vedirect better?) with the Chins 300ah lifepo4 battery and charging/using 30 amp shore.

To start this is all the battery specs I could find on it specifically:

Chins 300ah LiFePO4:

Rated Capacity (0.2C): 300Ah / 3840Wh

Cycle life: 2000+ cycles at 80% discharge depth

Rated voltage: 12.8V

Charge voltage: 14.2 - 14.6V

Depth of Discharge (DoD): 100%

Standard charge current: 60A

Charging time: Approximately 6 hours

Max continuous charge current: 100A

Max continuous discharge current: 200A

Peak discharge current: 600A (Duration: less than 3 seconds)

Operating temperatures: Charge 0°C~50°C(32°F~122°F),

Discharge -20°C~60°C(-4°F~140°F), Storage -20°C~50°C(-4°F~122°F)

Impedance: ≤ 15mΩ

Starting from the top here is all the options I can find in Vconnect using mk3 (is there more?)


1. Frequency


(no brainer)

2. ac1 input current limit


(if I were to plug in a regular wall socket should I change this to 20 amp?)

3. dynamic current limit

(not sure the best practice)

4. Enable battery monitor on/off

(I have bmv712 so I need this on or off?)

5. battery capacity


(this seems straight forward I think)

6. state of charge when bulk finished


(not sure what this should be)

7. charge efficiency


(not sure what this should be)


1. Accept wide input freq range (45-65hz)


(not sure what this should be)

2. UPS function

on /off

(not sure what this should be)

3. ac low voltage disconnect: 90v

(not sure what this should be)

4. ac low voltage connect: 97v

(not sure what this should be)

5. ac high voltage connect: 135v

(not sure what this should be)

6. ac high voltage disconnect


(not sure what this should be)


1. inverter output voltage: 120v

2. ground relay: on

3. dc input low-shutdown: 9.30v

(not sure what this should be)

4. dc input low restart: 10.90v

(not sure what this should be)

5. dc input low pre-alarm: 10.90v

(not sure what this should be)

6. low soc shutdown: disabled

(not sure what this should be)

7. AES: off

8. power assist: on

9. assist current boost factor: 2.0

(not sure what this should be)


1. charge current: 90a

(not sure what this should be)

2. absorption voltage: 14.60v

(not sure what this should be)

3. float voltage: 13.80v

(not sure what this should be)

4. repeated absorption interval: 7.00d

(not sure what this should be)

5. repeated absorption time: 1.00h

(not sure what this should be)

6. absorption time: 8h

(not sure what this should be)

7. charge curve: fixed

(not sure what this should be)

8. Lithium batteries: on

9. use equalization: off

10. weak ac input: off

(not sure what this should be)

11. stop after excessive bulk: on

AC input control:

1. conditional ac input connection: off

(not sure what this should be)

2. ac input connect based on load: off

(not sure what this should be)

3. connect when soc drops below: off

4. connect when battery voltage drops below: off

5. disconnect ac input on: battery voltage

6. disconnect when voltage is higher than 16v

7. delay before disconnection: 0w


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3000 and multicontrol setup switches

Is it correct to select on for the 3000 on its panel and then make changes on the multicontrol as needed?

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Which Victron MPPT Settings for AGM battery?


I have just installed new Victron gear and im not sure what settings i should have for everything.

I have the Smart Shunt, Mppt 100/30 controller, Dc12/12/30 charger and the IP22 12/30 chager 3 ports.

I have 2 Ritar 120 AH AGM bateries connected for a 240AH total.

Which profile should i select for these batteries and are there any other settings i should change?


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1 Answer

Yet another Series-Parallel setup question: 6 * 100W panels on Sprinter RV

Seeking advice on optimal setup (6 * 100W on RV roof-top, taking shade into account)
Here are the specs on the 100W panels:
Voc = 25.4V, Vmp = 20.5V
Isc = 5.23A, Imp = 4.95A

Here are the options I'm considering so far:
1) 1 MPTT 100/50 Controller: 6 panels in Parallel.
2) 1 MPTT 100/50 Controller: 3 Sets of 2 Panels in Series, with the 3 Sets connected in Parallel
3) 1 MPTT 100/50 Controller: 2 Sets of 3 Panels in Series, with the 2 Sets connected in Parallel
4) 2 MPTT 100/30 Controllers: 2 Sets of 3 Panels in Parallel, with 1 Set per controller
5) 2 MPTT 100/30 Controllers: 2 Sets of 3 Panels in Series, with 1 Set per controller
6) 3 MPTT 100/20 Controllers: 3 Sets of 2 Panels in Parallel, with 1 Set per controller
7) 3 MPTT 100/20 Controllers: 3 Sets of 2 Panels in Series, with 1 Set per controller
==> 12V System: 2* 125Ah Li <==

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Charging setup for flooded lead acid batteries using the Orion tr smart charger

I have installed an Orion Tr Smart, 12 12 - 30, DC to Dc charger in my travel trailer. It is charging two 225 ah 6v lead acid flooded “golf cart” batteries wired in series to make a 12 v battery bank. I would like to set up the charging profile for these batteries on the Orion charger, but I see that there is no preset for the battery bank that I have.

can anyone suggest a preset or a manual set up for my batteries?

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BMV-712 Smart settaggio


Ho un impianto a 12 volt su due banchi di batterie per un totale di 522 ampere. Ho il BMV 712 Smart collegato con lo smartphone

Vorrei sapere che valori mettere per configurarlo correttamente.

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setup MPPT 150/100

hi guys ive recently purchased a smart solar MPPT VE.Can 150/100

when i first wired it up it had 110V on the array and system voltage was set for 48v the batteries were sitting at 50.5v but no current flowing even tho the bulk charge light was on

i took it back to local agent who tested it on a 24v system as they didn't have an array big enough or enough batteries to setup for 48v system

it worked perfectly

when i got it home i just changed system voltage back to 48v and there is no current flowing

so i retested it here with 110v on the PV array and system voltage at 12v and on one battery and it worked

i then retested it at 24v system voltage with 2 batteries & on same array and it worked

but doesn't work on 48V system

has any one else had this issue

running firmware V3.02

tony asked
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Configure MultiPlus Battery Setup & Charger

I have a MultiPlus system which I can't setup the charger on because of the blasted password.

Telsa Batterys have got a specific charge requierment, the paramenters I want to use are in the Multiplus are min 21.5v to start charging the batterys off landside power and shutdown of charging from landside at 23.75v, leaving the rest for the solar array to charge to full capacity.

But in Victrons wisdom you can't get access to those paramenters because they are protected by a password and if you know anything about Tesla batterys, 25.2v & above is dangerous which could lead to them exploding. Victron needs to at least release the charger parameters from behind the password so people changing out battery banks can atleast setup the correct charge parameters for the batterys.

What would also be useful is allowing the MultiPlus to know when it should use landside power vs. island power. So if you are connected to landside power (Caravan Park or House) , it will only connect once the SOC reaches say 30% instead of it's there I will use it feature. Especially if trying to avoid bills from a third party when you have a 90% SOC which you could use instead.

Isolating these features makes no sense, even more so if you move around and the landside power is always changing from Grid to Genset for instance.

I want someone at Victron to read this and understand normal people who know, really need access to those parameters so they can setup batterys, gensets & grid to run with there Multiplus.

What I really need now, is the password so I can go in & change the charger to ideal settings for my batteries also set when it should connect and charge from the grid. I have the Mk3 to USB ready to make those changes once I can get access.


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Iphone SE (2020) wont connect to either MPPT 150|45 TR or BMV 712 Smart Battery Monitor

I previously used Iphone 6 on both devices without any issues. It still works on the Iphone 6.

On the Iphone SE with latest upgrades I reinstalled VictronConnect and it keeps on asking for the pairing code (000000) but that is obviously not accepted. However just sometimes my settings in the Iphone show the device is connected yet the App won't connect to either device. But it disappears and is not on the list of paired devices on the phone.

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My test systems shows different PV watt compared to battery watt?


I setup a simple setup with

1 x 44Ah LifePO batterie

1 x BMV-712 Smart Monitor

1 x SmartSolar Charger MPPT 100/20

Also setup a Raspberry PI as Gateway...

Now my issue while charging... the Smart Solar charger shows 84W while the 712 shows 148W?

See attached screenshot!

Any advise what I did wrong or how I can fix this? Seems to make no sense to me..



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2 Answers

Migrate settings from CCGX to Cerbo GX


I have to replace a Color Control GX due to it being overloaded (slow, rebooting, high load averages) after expanding my system. Have already purchased a Cerbo GX.

Is there a reasonably easy way to transfer settings from the old device to a new one, or will I have to do this screen by screen? I am hoping that it may be as easy as SSH in / copy a few config files and directories to and from SD card / reboot?



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Einstellung Nasszellen bei EasySolar 48/5000/70-100 MPPT 150/100 Color (Ladeprobleme)


ich habe 4x12V 225Ah Nasszellen angeschlossen, aber die Ladereglung klappt nicht, die Zellen werden in relativ kurzer Zeit immer schwächer (Säureheber) obwohl die Anzeige 100 % zeigt.

Bitte Info, wie die korrekte Einstellung vorzunehmen ist, denn den 1. Satz Akkus habe ich vorsorglich schon mal getauscht, um die Zellen auszuschließen.

Verhalten ist beim 2. Satz genau gleich.

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MPPT 75/15 does not load my LiFePo4

I shortly bought an MPPT 75/15, a LiFePo4 12V/100Ah and a Wattstunde 200W Solarkoffer.

I used the cables set that was delivered with my Solar Panel and I believe, they are sufficient for the job.

The battery had a voltage of 13.48V when I connected it. So I thought it was not really empty.

The VictronConnect App shows a solar input of 60-147 Watts.

I expected to see a charge voltage of 14.2V. I expected the charge voltage to be constant.

However the battery stays in bulk mode with voltage between 13.17 - 13.63 V depending on actual solar input. Battery current is up to 7.5A

I also expected the bulk mode to end after some hours, (after a harvest of near to 500Wh in the last two days), as the battery was not empty.

What am I missing?

Thanks for your support


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Lithium Service bank and AGM starter battery setup


I have a system with 2 service batteries 100A each one starter battery and one battery for the bow thruster.

The system now is charged with a charger that supports 3 separate banks and 2 alternators from the engines. I now want to replace the service batteries with LiFePO4 from Victron, add a solar panel, a battery bank monitor and be able to see all that from the Simrad MFD.

I have concluded that I need these items:

-Victron Smart LifePO4 100A 2x

-Victron Multiplus 2000W charger/inverter

-Victron MPPT solar charger 100/15 (100w solar panel)

-Victron BMV 712 battery bank monitor

-Victron VE Bus BMS

-Victron Battery protect BP-100

-Victron Cerbo GX

I would like to hear your comments about this setup and your suggestions.

My concern is how is the LifePO4 bank be charged by the alternator and at the same time charging the AGM batteries?


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