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how can I force chargeing from PV only / disable feed-in until batteries are full

Hi Folks,

during winter season, daily PV yield is not sufficient to fully recharge the batteries, especialy when direct consumption is also part of the usage.

My DSO does allow PV feed-in but does not allow chargeing from grid.

Using battery life alone, it would take weeks until a SoC of 100% can be reached, because discharging would still be allowed.

I'd rather find a solution to use almost all (and only) PV for chargeing, as well as prevent discharging until a SOC of 100% has been reached.

What would be the best option, given that I have Node-Red and the Cerbo with activated mqtt at hand?

My first guess is, to set the grid-setpoint to the value of the actual grid-consumption (so direct usage of PV will not take place, as all PV will be used for chargeing the batteries) .... do this until SOC of 100% has been reached, then return to a standard grid setpoint.

When minimum SOC has been reached, restart that procedure.

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Reduce charge current based on SOC Multiplus

I want to reduce the charge current from the Multiplus II based on SOC from smartshunt using NodeRec via Cerbo.

I have tried in NodeRed but cannot find a setting to change charge current.
Have anyone tried this?
I see that I can reduce charge current via an analog in and use an assistant in the MP, but this is not a desired solution.

Any advice?

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Driver issue reading RS485 Modbus RTU with Node-RED

Hello together,

I am trying to connect a rs485 Modbus RTU Generator to Node-RED large image 2.82 via the FTDI-USB-Serial cable. I have the node-red-contrib-modbus palette installed and downgraded node.js to version 12.22.12. and use the Modbus-Flex-Getter and debug node.
Sometimes values are transmitted, but most of the time errors or empty string is given back.
The debugging node in Node-RED prints following:




When debugging via SSH (DEBUG=contribModbus*,modbus-serial node-red -v) the following messages are received:


I have followed the howto https://github.com/victronenergy/venus/wiki/howto-add-a-driver-to-Venus

The ID was set to FT232_USB_UART_modbus in ft_prog, then added to the file etc/udev/rules.d/serial-starter.rules with "modbus" as VE_SERVICE.

serial-starter seems still to change drivers and baudrate each few seconds when grepping for the port:


Is there a easy option to set a fixed baud rate for a device (FT232R_USB_UART_modbus:9600) without interrupting the communication to the Carlo Gavazzi energy meter or writing a new dbus Driver ?

Or is there a better solution to read Modbus RTU values in Node-RED with the Cerbo GX?

kind regards and thanks in advance :)

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Firmware update and large image from SD/USB on Cerbo GX (without internet)

Hello you all

I have been working on the Cerbo GX pretty much the last days and also playing around with Node Red, which I have to say, offers a lot of possibilities if you dont need to get your hands dirty with Modbus Communication, anyways ... I wonder if it is possible to update the firmware and install the large image in a Cerbo GX with an SD/USB stick because in some places I dont have internet access and for being honest, I havent found the way of doing it without using "Online Updates".

Thanks a lot !

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Push Data from NodeRed to Venus GX Device on same system?


is there a possibility to put data from the same NodeRed installation to the Venus GX device (maybe to dbus)?

I've created a http-request in a NodeRed flow to an external URL and I want to show parts of the json-result on the GX Device Screen

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Phoenix Smart IP43 relay be controlled from Cerbo GX?

I currently have a Cerbo GX setup in my network. I am looking to install one of the new Phoenix Smart IP43 and see that it has a programmable relay. I would like to control the Phoenix programmable relay from the Cerbo. Checking to see first if the support is there for:

Q1: Does VE. Direct even support the ability to program the Phoenix relay?

Q2: If yes to Q1. Does the Venus OS for Cerbo support the ability to control the Phoenix relay remotely (on/off)?

Q3: If yes to Q2: Does the Node-Red plugin for Venus support the capability in Q2?

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Cerbo GX Controlling Relay with Node Red

Making progress with Node Red and Cerbo. I have Node Red working where I can read the status of the Cerbo programmable relay 1 and 2. Toggle the relay using the Cerbo control panel and I see that state change.

My issue is that I configure the flow for controlling the relay and pass it a msg.payload of either numeric value of 0 or 1 and neither will trigger a change in the relay status. I even went back and referenced a thread from Mark at Victron and looked at his example flow. Nothing special or obvious. Is the Cerbo programmable relay supported?

Here is a copy of my very basic flow to initiated a relay state change on my Cerbo GX

[{"id":"6530ae7bcb0aea51","type":"tab","label":"Flow 2","disabled":false,"info":"","env":[]},{"id":"ef6cb60cd85169e5","type":"victron-output-relay","z":"6530ae7bcb0aea51","service":"com.victronenergy.system","path":"/Relay/0/State","serviceObj":{"service":"com.victronenergy.system","name":"Venus device","paths":[{"path":"/Relay/0/State","type":"enum","name":"Venus relay 1 state","enum":{"0":"Open","1":"Closed"},"writable":true,"disabled":true},{"path":"/Relay/1/State","type":"enum","name":"Venus relay 2 state","enum":{"0":"Open","1":"Closed"},"writable":true}]},"pathObj":{"path":"/Relay/0/State","type":"enum","name":"Venus relay 1 state","enum":{"0":"Open","1":"Closed"},"writable":true,"disabled":true},"initial":"0","name":"Cerbo - Relay 1","x":500,"y":200,"wires":[]},{"id":"246cbe11b7341a16","type":"inject","z":"6530ae7bcb0aea51","name":"Close Relay","props":[{"p":"payload"}],"repeat":"","crontab":"","once":false,"onceDelay":0.1,"topic":"","payload":"0","payloadType":"num","x":210,"y":200,"wires":[["ef6cb60cd85169e5"]]}]

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DVCC for DC charge current control from node red - Unintended effects?

Hi Folks,

I currently have a Multiplus and Smart Shunt hooked up, standard fission, to a Cerbo GX.
My batteries do not communicate, although they do have internal BMS's. The need to be handled like any other dumb battery, settings not withstanding.

For, non standard / unsupported, reasons I need to be able to control Charge current without limiting AC input. I am using the charge current control assistant, right now, which works well.
The above is set to disable the charger when I set 0 current and that results in a Passthru state leaving Assist enabled and ready... Which is great.

The analogue input associated with the CC assistant is currently physically connected to a voltage reference circuit, just a few diodes essentially, which in turn is driven by the Cerbo GX relays.

It works but is admittedly a messy solution. So...

Dose anyone know...

If enabling DVCC, which I should probably do anyway, will allow me to control charge current, with the Node Red node, and still have the Multi go into Passthrough, as opposed to Bulk/Float with 0 current?

Are there any red flags or DVCC setup, particularly when manipulating it that I should be aware of for my simple setup? Still reading the manual but so far all the complication seem to be around ESS and/or more complicated integrated stuff.

Will DVCC and the charge current assistant conflict with each other or is the current setpoint common? (Mainly asking so I know which order to do/test things)

lastly, if I haven't asked something I should have when considering this stuff.

Any and all comments welcome,

Cheers folks.

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Where did my Node-red flows go? after firmware update node red is empty

Just installed new firmware on my Cerbo GX, updated from 2.80~21-large-23 (20210925...) to v2.90~12 (20220606...) which is also LARGE firmware.

After update, my node-red flows are EMPTY!! and even when I tried to start from backup, the older firmware, still empty FLOWS... Is there any way to return those?

Should the firmware upgrade clear flows from node-red or did I experience some major bug? I understand that node-red is updated a few versions up, was it 2.0.5 and after update 2.2.2 or something like that, but is it meant to clear all flows? Where to get them back...

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Cerbo GX send receive SMS via GSM ?

Has anyone used Node Red to send and receive SMS messages on their Cerbo GX For status and commands?

I have it working with an email plugin but sms would be nicer.

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Cerbo GX Storage Full?

Hi everyone,

I have a Cerbo GX installed in a remote system which includes a Multiplus, a few solar chargers and smart Lithium batteries. I have Venus OS Large installed and use Node-Red for some automation.

In general it has worked well and has accomplished what I need. But recently I have noticed some strange behaviours with the Cerbo not doing or reporting what is expected in certain situations.

In Node-Red, now when I go to make a change and redeploy, I get an 'out of space' error like so:

Error: ENOSPC: no space left on device, copyfile '/data/home/root/.node-red/flows_einstein.json' -> '/data/home/root/.node-red/.flows_einstein.json.backup'

I can't find any way to actually check and confirm the storage space situation and don't have physical access to the device for a little longer.

Has anyone had storage space issues with the Cerbo before? Why would it have filled up? Log files? And how can I review this?

Any insights appreciated - thanks!

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Node-RED dashboard on Cerbo GX Touch 50?

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

Is it possible to launch and display the Node-RED dashboard, directly on the Cerbo GX - Touch 50 display?

Like swiping left and right between different default Venus OS screen layouts, could the Node-RED dashboard perhaps be accessible this way, as a fourth screen layout?

Thanks, Anton

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No Output nodes available on multiplus

Hi! Just started a new Node red system on a Cerbo with a Multiplus -II 3000.

I've used both Node red and Multiplus-II before but with this installation its fighting back.

I can read input nodes from the multiples just fine, but when I try to use an output node on it, there's is none. The Solar charge output node works just fine.

What am I missing? The firmware is 481 (Newest is 489)

Skærmbillede 2021-11-02 kl. 13.55.54.png

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