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Cerbo GX relais to give a short pulse, instead of toggle function

When using a Cerbo GX with a GX Touch display, it's possible to manual switch the free relay on/off.

But is it also possible (with Node Red) to let this relay give a short pulse when pressing the GX Touch relay on/off button? I've got hardware which can only be set on/off by and external pulse.

I've been doing quite some searching and reading on the net, but I can't find more that other Cerbo GX users who also search for this option. Giving in account that I'm not a Node Red expert, so maybe the answer is easy, but I probably don't know how to make this function on software level...

Next to this I would like to know if the other relay with Victron's fixed "If-Then" functions, whether it will ever be released, to be used as a free programmable/usable relay too.

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How to work with different load settings - Node Red? or ....

Dear All

I would like to "play" with some loads when I have available sun and do not wish the MTTP to throttle (idle).

My idea is to send any excess solar to the boiler element (depending on weather, temp, time, SOC, etc) and maybe a circulation pump. I was thinking, if during the day when the house is in "idle" any overrun from the MPPT can be directed to the element. Some sort of IFTTT concept.... if you know what I mean.

How would you go about this? I do not wish to be a burden on anyone, so if you have a good HOW TO START youtube video or ......, I would highly appreciate it as I can try to figure it out on my own.

I also assume that some sort of relay is necessary to activate the load (maybe AC2out is an option)?

I have heard of NodeRed (not sure what it can do or what is necessary) and grafana but as stated I am not sure how to go about this. Do I need HomeAssist? or ..... for the Victron equipment?

I guess in the end, I would like to (almost) go for a smart home approach.

As stated above, any help would be appropriated.

Kind regards

Grid - tied (230V)

2 x MP2 5000

Smart shunt

MPPTs x 2


GX cerbo

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Venus Setting System Setup configuring (AC In 1)

Hello, i have a 3 Phase System with 3x 48/8000 MP II (Grid tied)

Now i have to use a CoGen Genset also with this installation. Its already working if i switch AC IN 1 in Venus settings form (Grid->Generator if Generator is runing) and change it back to Grid if Generator is turned of.

Now my Question is possible to make this automated?
- I already tryed NodeRed but (System AC IN) is not writable
- i had a look for Modbus TCP but the needed register is also not writable
- i found that its possible to modify settings also in console like this:

dbus -y com.victronenergy.settings /Settings AddSetting SystemSetup AcInput1 0 i 0 2

IS it possible to change the AC IN Value too maybe by console?

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Git uninstalled after cerbo update causing node-red to run from incorrect files

I have set up git as I have a very large complex node-red flow which needs project management. I set up git using the instructions here https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/167523/how-to-enable-the-project-function-venusos-large-n.html.

However after updating the cerbo gx to 2.93 I found that git was no longer installed which meant that my node-red flow reverted to an old version. I had to go through the steps mentioned at the end of the previous thread and then terminate and restart node-red to get everything working again.

Is there some setting I can make somewhere that prevents packages I have installed being removed during an update? Or is there a location I can run a script that is only run automatically after an update?

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Node-RED flow to turn off CerboGX screen at sunset and turn on at sunrise.

Hey! I was tired of manually turning my Cerbo's screen off at night so I made a Node-RED flow to do it for me. It automatically changes the display off timer to 60 seconds at sunset which is based on your geo-location retrieved from signalK. I'm sending the command over ssh to my cerbo as I'm running SignalK/Node-RED on another machine however this would also work on a Cerbo with VenosOS-large installed running SignalK and Node-RED locally on the CerboGX.

Hope others find this flow useful.


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disable discharging when car is charging


i'm new to Victron but long term smarthome user/DIY developer and know something about modbus. But i didn'nt understand some relationships of setting in my ESS System.

I have 3 Multiplus2, Pylontech Battery and CerboGX running large image.

ESS mode is 1, Optimized mode or 'keep batteries charged' and phase compensation enabled

ESS State = 5, Optimized Mode /w BatteryLife: SoC below dynamic SoC limit



I want to disable discharge battery when my e-car is charged by an go-e Charger.

My idea was to set the related state through MQTT and the Victron Nodes.


But i was not able to figure out which are the right/best settings i have to change.

Is it ok to set just the ESS state to 9 - 'Keep batteries charged' mode is enabled?

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Befehlszeile Node Red auf Cerbo GX

Hallo Community,

Ich habe folgedes Problem.

Ich habe mein Node Red auf dem Cerbo GX mit dem Venus Betriebssystem laufen.

Jetzt benötige ich ein Plugin was nicht in der Palette von Node Red gelistet ist. und eine .tgz Datei habe ich nicht nur eine .tar.gz die nicht erkannt wird.

Wie kann ich über Node Red die Befehlszeile öffnen um diesen Befehl eingeben zu können:

npm install node-red-contrib-onvif-nodes@0.0.1-beta.16

Remote Console ist erreichbar über die ip Adresse aber da gibt es ja nur einstellungen zum cerbo.

SSH ist Aktiviert mit Programm Terminus Port 22 komme ich nicht auf den Cerbo Fehler connection refused.

Ich hoffe mir kann einer sagen wie ich eine Befehlseditor öffne.


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Can I add more switches to controls on the dashboard.

I would like to add some more virtual relay/switches to the controls on the dashboard. The controls is a convenient connection to ‘Venus OS Lage/node red’.

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Cerbo GX Large OS - Node red - HTTPS error

Hi folks,

I have node red running on a Cerbo, which is working just fine in all respects but 1.

When accessing the unit I get an HTTPS error, presumably because of a certificate issue, and have to select advanced>go to site (Unsafe), or simmilar depending on the browser.

I probably just need to download/generate/install a certificate but cant see where to do that!

Since its only ever going to be local I guess HTTP would be a potential option but that seems like a defeetest fix and I dont know it it is possible anyway.

If anyone has any insight I would apriciate a leg up as it were,



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mqtt topics published (W/.../) only once are being repeatedly used/subscribed by Cerbo GX

During some tests with NR and mqtt, using the Broker on the Cerbo, I noticed a strange behaviour.

I can change dbus values just fine, by publishing them via the W/.../ topic over mqtt.

After a publish, the Cerbo accepts the value and re-publishes it via the N/.../ topc tree just fine.

However, after the Cerbo excepted the new value, the W/.../topic does not get deleted from the Broker, although the retain flag has been set to false during publish.

Following this, one can see that same value re-appears after some time without a re-publish had been taken place (tested by the value had been manually changed to a different value via the GX menu beforehand and NR flow had meanwhile been stopped - so no external commands/manual interaction with mqtt broker on the Cerbo).

As far as I can tell, it is reproducable and "re-publish" takes paces, some time after midnight, when a new day started.

I actually consider this a bug in the Cerbo/Venus OS implementation, don't you think?

It normally is good practice that, after a topic without retain flag has been published, it gets deleted by the sole subscriber, to mimick a get/set remote control scheme, like with N/.../ and W/.../ topics on dbus.

...or am I missing something here?

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how can I force chargeing from PV only / disable feed-in until batteries are full

Hi Folks,

during winter season, daily PV yield is not sufficient to fully recharge the batteries, especialy when direct consumption is also part of the usage.

My DSO does allow PV feed-in but does not allow chargeing from grid.

Using battery life alone, it would take weeks until a SoC of 100% can be reached, because discharging would still be allowed.

I'd rather find a solution to use almost all (and only) PV for chargeing, as well as prevent discharging until a SOC of 100% has been reached.

What would be the best option, given that I have Node-Red and the Cerbo with activated mqtt at hand?

My first guess is, to set the grid-setpoint to the value of the actual grid-consumption (so direct usage of PV will not take place, as all PV will be used for chargeing the batteries) .... do this until SOC of 100% has been reached, then return to a standard grid setpoint.

When minimum SOC has been reached, restart that procedure.

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Reduce charge current based on SOC Multiplus

I want to reduce the charge current from the Multiplus II based on SOC from smartshunt using NodeRec via Cerbo.

I have tried in NodeRed but cannot find a setting to change charge current.
Have anyone tried this?
I see that I can reduce charge current via an analog in and use an assistant in the MP, but this is not a desired solution.

Any advice?

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Driver issue reading RS485 Modbus RTU with Node-RED

Hello together,

I am trying to connect a rs485 Modbus RTU Generator to Node-RED large image 2.82 via the FTDI-USB-Serial cable. I have the node-red-contrib-modbus palette installed and downgraded node.js to version 12.22.12. and use the Modbus-Flex-Getter and debug node.
Sometimes values are transmitted, but most of the time errors or empty string is given back.
The debugging node in Node-RED prints following:




When debugging via SSH (DEBUG=contribModbus*,modbus-serial node-red -v) the following messages are received:


I have followed the howto https://github.com/victronenergy/venus/wiki/howto-add-a-driver-to-Venus

The ID was set to FT232_USB_UART_modbus in ft_prog, then added to the file etc/udev/rules.d/serial-starter.rules with "modbus" as VE_SERVICE.

serial-starter seems still to change drivers and baudrate each few seconds when grepping for the port:


Is there a easy option to set a fixed baud rate for a device (FT232R_USB_UART_modbus:9600) without interrupting the communication to the Carlo Gavazzi energy meter or writing a new dbus Driver ?

Or is there a better solution to read Modbus RTU values in Node-RED with the Cerbo GX?

kind regards and thanks in advance :)

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Firmware update and large image from SD/USB on Cerbo GX (without internet)

Hello you all

I have been working on the Cerbo GX pretty much the last days and also playing around with Node Red, which I have to say, offers a lot of possibilities if you dont need to get your hands dirty with Modbus Communication, anyways ... I wonder if it is possible to update the firmware and install the large image in a Cerbo GX with an SD/USB stick because in some places I dont have internet access and for being honest, I havent found the way of doing it without using "Online Updates".

Thanks a lot !

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