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GX Touch 50 Non-responsive to touch after CerboGX reboots

Has Victron ever addressed or responded to the known issue where the GX Touch 50 displays system status but doesn't respond to touch? Rebooting the CerboGX through certain power disconnect steps generally fixes the problem, but I'd like to know if they can explain why this happens and if there are proper steps to follow when disconnecting the CerboGX to ensure it works on the first try. It seems strange they haven't documented this because it gives the appearance of a hardware defect.

Today I needed to disconnect the CerboGX briefly to work on batteries, which I did by pulling the Cerbo's fuse out of the positive power wire, and when I reconnected the Cerbo, the GX Touch booted up into the non-responsive condition. So then I rebooted Cerbo by pulling out its DIN-style pos/neg power connector, and then GX Touch booted in responsive state.

It's concerning to have an unresponsive GX Touch though and not know why it's happening. Can we say that the correct way to reboot Cerbo is by pulling its power supply coupler (positive+ground) and GX Touch will then always reboot in working order?

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GX Touch 50 keeps rebooting

My GX touch 50 keeps rebooting. I did post this on another thread as was told it was being investigated and then that thread was closed. Reposting and hoping it’s picked up again

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No Response From Touch 50

First time back into my RV in 4 months. My Touch 50 has stopped responding. I can still access the Cerbo GX via VRM and have updated firmware and rebooted several times. Also powered down, disconnected all, waited 30 minutes, reconnected all and then powered back up. Nothing has helped. I have seen mention of a specific sequence to plug things in but no details. I've submitted a service request to Victron but continue to troubleshoot hoping for the best.

Any ideas?

TIA, Joel

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Generic touchscreen on Cerbo

I just acquired a Cerbo GX and the companion Touch 50. I've been using a Waveshare HDMI touch screen on my Raspberry Pi running Venus. It communicated touch information via USB unlike the Touch 50.

As a test, I connected the Waveshare display to Cerbo. Works out of the box including touch. No overlays or any other software needed. No calibration necessary.

This might provide an alternative for those trying to locate the display a long way from Cerbo when the Touch 50 cable isn't long enough and an extender doesn't function.

The display I tried is this:

Others may also work

Note: you can NOT use the USB port closest to the HDMI connector as this is a power only port.

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HDMI extension cable

Will a HDMI extension cable (not splitter) work with the Touch 50? I need to add a 15-20ft extension to the OEM cable to reach my Cerbo GX. If an extension cable can be used (not supported), should a standard HDMI cable be used or one with combined Ethernet included? Powering the USB with an extension is pretty easy.

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USB charger for Touch 50

I need to extend the USB power supply and HDMI cables for the GX Touch 50. I was advised to run 16/2 wire to the fuse box and install a USB charger on the other end to connect the Touch 50 USB power supply.

Question: Should I use the Blue Sea PN 1045 (4.8A) intelligent charger or the Blue Sea PN 1016 (2.1A) charger? I don’t know how many amps are needed to power the Touch 50.

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GX TOUCH 70 dead zone?

Just hooked up a new GX TOUCH 70 and only about 3/4 of the display is touch sensitive. For example you can't click the pages button or the back button. However, you can select the menu button and scroll as long as you scroll on the right 75% of the screen.

Any ideas?

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Qualibration écran tactile 7" AliExpress




J'ai acheté cet écran tactile car on m'a dit qu'il fonctionnait sans modification sur le Cerbo.

L'écran fonctionne, mais le tactile n'est pas du tout calibré.

Je ne sais pas faire et j’ai peur de faire des bêtises... Est-ce que vous pourriez m'expliquer ce qu'il faut écrire comme ligne une fois que je suis dans « root »? Ça me permettrait de comprendre.


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Programmable Relay User Interface on Touch Screen

Hi there.

We have set up two assistants in VeConfig to control the programmable relay for AC2 Output.

Is there a user interface available to change the set points of the Programmable Relay assistant directly from the Touch Screen?

Because to change the settings at the moment one needs to use Remote Config to do so.
Thank you in advance!


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GX Touch 70 Flashing

I have a Cerbo GX with a GX Touch 70 and every about 5 seconds the screen flashes. What could be causing this?

See video below for a demonstration.

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How to get rid of AC Output in Display

MP2's 3h, Series with the Grid. ESS system. Nothing is on this AC Output.


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Maximum number of Cerbo GX on a single system

I have a client who wants the GX Touch 70 in the coach, he also wants a 70 or 50 next to the MultiPlus-II equipment in the basement so he does not need to climb into the coach to check stuff. Is it possible, and if so, with what or limits? I have never tried to do two of the Cerbo-GX on one system.

Thank you in advance

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CerboGX shuts off when connecting navigation equipment to a common power supply


Ever since I installed the Curb GX with a touch 70 display it will power off when I turn my navigational electronics (chart plotter, instruments, etc). The Cerbo is powered directly from the house bank and not thru a switchable breaker (it is fused with the inline fuse it came with).

I have absolutely no idea why it's doing this and would like some help.


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GX 50 Alternative

Look for suggestions, experiences with an alternative touch screen to pair with a Cerbo GX. Thank You.

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GX Touch 50 "shaking" image, touchscreen not usable

Seemingly at random the image on my GX Touch 50 will start shaking side to side, acting sort of as if someone had afinger randomly swiping on it. Attempts to use the menu during this are unsuccessful as it bounces right back to the overview pages. Connecting to it remotely gives the same activity.

The only way I've found to recover from this is to pull the power for the GX Touch 50, which stops the shaking, and then pull the HDMI cable, which restores control.

My Touch 50 is usually connected via an HDMI extension cable, but it does this even if I remove the cable and connect the GX Touch 50 and the Cerbo GX directly.

Any thoughts?

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