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Qualibration écran tactile 7" AliExpress




J'ai acheté cet écran tactile car on m'a dit qu'il fonctionnait sans modification sur le Cerbo.

L'écran fonctionne, mais le tactile n'est pas du tout calibré.

Je ne sais pas faire et j’ai peur de faire des bêtises... Est-ce que vous pourriez m'expliquer ce qu'il faut écrire comme ligne une fois que je suis dans « root »? Ça me permettrait de comprendre.


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GX Touch 50 resolution wrong

Hi all,

I have a GX Touch 50 connected to a Cerbo GX, and the screen resolution seems to be wrong, causing the display not to show the whole view.


I have rebooted the Cerbo GX multiple times, both via the menu and by removing and reapplying power. Because the power for the display is not coming from the Cerbo GX, I've also tried powering the Cerbo up first, then the display; the display first, then the Cerbo; and both at the same time.

The scaling is even off during the boot sequence:


My Cerbo GX is running firmware v2.89.

Any suggestions? I found a couple of previous posts that were apparently resolved by rebooting, but that hasn't worked for me.

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Venus OS 2.94 & XPT 2046 touch controller problems.... Any help would be amazing please!

HI there,

Hope someone can help, reasonable new to the world of Raspberry Pi (and putty) so go easy on me please.

I have just purchased a Pi 3B+ with an elecrow xpt 2046 5" touch screen attached. I have installed venus os 2.94 (Large) and can get the screen on (switching it from Headless) but having no joy regarding the touch screen. I have tried following various youtube tutorials and posts but it will not calibrate or even register its working. It was working on the previous install (not Venus os) that was on the Pi when I bought it so its not faulty, I just cannot get it working.

Any idiot proof suggestions would be most welcome as I am taking the family away in a few days and really need to get this working or my wife may well start removing certain appendages!!

Many Thanks,


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Feature Request - GX Touch Dark Mode

Hi Victron Team

Is there any plan to provide a Dark Mode of this screen in future releases ?


Kind regards


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GX-Touch USB & HDMI: Which Pins are necessary?


I want to extend the cable from the Cerbo-GX to my GX-Touch to the floor above and so i have to do it with a multipole-cable.

My question now: Are all Pin´s necessary?



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Cerbo GX + Touch 70 Screen Issues

I've been struggling with my newly installed Cerbo GX and Touch 70 setup. I had this all working initially and it lasted for the first day on the road with my 5th wheel camper, but I had to disconnect the Cerbo GX at some point and when I reconnected the power I am unable to get the Touch 70 screen to work with the Cerbo.

I HAD an HDMI extension cable in use because my initial install had the Cerbo near the front of my camper to tie a relay to the generator start/stop wiring. The Touch 70 is installed farther into the camper and the included cable on the Touch was WAY too short for that.

The Touch was powered by a 12v to 5v USB converter that was wired in very close to the Touch screen. The HDMI extension cable ran the length of the camper to connect to the Cerbo GX.

This all worked great, until it didn't.

So being the technical person I am I started to run tests to diagnose which piece of the setup was at fault.

I removed the HDMI extension cable and 12v-5v USB converter and connected the touch directly to the Cerbo GX (after relocating). No luck.

I connected one of my TV streaming sticks to the Touch 70 to test the screen. It lit up and worked great, so I ruled out the Touch 70 as the issue.

Then I connected the Cerbo GX HDMI port to an available TV... got an image pretty much right away!

So what's left? Software issue on the Cerbo GX? I tried to do a factory reset but it seems the Cerbo doesn't truly have any kind of factory reset. Just a reinstall firmware procedure that doesn't modify user settings. (That I have been able to find anyways)

I do have root access to the Cerbo and have been trying to find anything in logs that may help. I did find this in the boot log that was a bit concerning:


I am not sure what else to check to get this working and am considering just doing a return (on Amazon) of both units and getting replacements.

Is there a better way to truly do a factory reset on these units so that I have to setup from scratch to rule out any software issues that may have occurred?

Anyone have this exact same issue?

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GX Touch 50 rebooting

I’ve posted this before but it was closed out

My GX touch connected to a Cerbo keeps rebooting. It did seem to set down but in last few weeks it’s doing it again

Anyone else having this or anyone got any ideas?

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Monitoring 2 separate batteries on Boat (Smartshunt, Cerbo GX, Touch 50)

I have a boat with 2 inboard engines. Each engine has its own 8D flooded battery. These batteries not only start the engine but are also my house batteries as well. I want to set up a monitoring system to start understanding my usage better. My plan was to do 2 smart shunts a Cerbo gx and a touch 50. However I’ve recently been told the touch 50 won’t work that way and won’t show me 2 separate batteries. Only one? Given my situation what would all suggest? Just 2 separate smart shunts and use my phone? Need some suggestions as I’m new to this! Thank you!

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Turn Multiplus on/off/charge with GX Touch 50?

We're installing a system with Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50. We have a Multiplus 12/3000/120. I am confused on whether we will be able to turn the Multiplus on/off through the GX Touch 50 screen, or we still need a Digital Multi Control GX? We went with the Cerbo GX and Touch 50 setup to be able to control the entire system from one source. Thanks.

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Cerbo GX relais to give a short pulse, instead of toggle function

When using a Cerbo GX with a GX Touch display, it's possible to manual switch the free relay on/off.

But is it also possible (with Node Red) to let this relay give a short pulse when pressing the GX Touch relay on/off button? I've got hardware which can only be set on/off by and external pulse.

I've been doing quite some searching and reading on the net, but I can't find more that other Cerbo GX users who also search for this option. Giving in account that I'm not a Node Red expert, so maybe the answer is easy, but I probably don't know how to make this function on software level...

Next to this I would like to know if the other relay with Victron's fixed "If-Then" functions, whether it will ever be released, to be used as a free programmable/usable relay too.

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Advantage of Touch50/70 over tablet or ... vice versa

Dear All

My Cerbo is approximately 10 meters to my kitchen and I was thinking to hook up a Touch 50/70 especially when the "heavy" equipment is used (oven, kettle etc). I guess the most useful information would be the total wattage being used as not to trigger an overload.

My question : What is the advantage of a touch 50 over a wall mounted tablet or should I ask rather, will a tablet be better then a touch 50? (or what would you recommend, even if it is something different i.e. a small computer screen with ......). Maybe I can take the tablet with me when on a road trip, so it might be an advantage?

I do all my settings via VRM (phone) or occasionally plugging in the laptop, but I do not think that I will do changes with the touch 50.

Also, as stated above, I would need a external power source as my GX is +- 10 meters from the kitchen. Seeing that I would need a power source for a tablet also.

(it is a 48V system)

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Time setting on Touch 50

Should you leave the Touch 50 time set on 24 hour military time? Will everything work correctly using standard time?

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Touch 70 Display not going to sleep

I recently installed a Touch 70 display and it does not ever go into sleep, no matter what the sleep setting is adjusted to. Any ideas?

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venus notifications turn monitor on

Hello all,

I use venus version 2.8 on RPI.

I have the problem (maybe not a problem but intentional) venus notifications turn the touchscreen on and then the screen remains on.

Is there a way to switch it off?

buddhafragt asked

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