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Feature Request - GX Touch Dark Mode

Hi Victron Team

Is there any plan to provide a Dark Mode of this screen in future releases ?


Kind regards


miya asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

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GX TOUCH 70 dead zone?

Just hooked up a new GX TOUCH 70 and only about 3/4 of the display is touch sensitive. For example you can't click the pages button or the back button. However, you can select the menu button and scroll as long as you scroll on the right 75% of the screen.

Any ideas?

exmoso asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

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GX Touch 50 resolution wrong

Hi all,

I have a GX Touch 50 connected to a Cerbo GX, and the screen resolution seems to be wrong, causing the display not to show the whole view.


I have rebooted the Cerbo GX multiple times, both via the menu and by removing and reapplying power. Because the power for the display is not coming from the Cerbo GX, I've also tried powering the Cerbo up first, then the display; the display first, then the Cerbo; and both at the same time.

The scaling is even off during the boot sequence:


My Cerbo GX is running firmware v2.89.

Any suggestions? I found a couple of previous posts that were apparently resolved by rebooting, but that hasn't worked for me.

shawn-willden asked
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Comment verrouiller son GX Touch ?

Hello les Victroniennes et Victroniens :)

N'ayant aucune envie que mes enfants puissent se balader dans les menus du Cerbo grâce au GX Touch, connaissez-vous l'astuce pour y arriver?

L'idée serait de ne rendre visible que l'écran animé en sortie de veille ou bien le TOP de demander un code pour accéder aux menus.

A vous lire


maa asked
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Multiplus II GX connect with touchscreen GX Touch 50/70?

Can you connect the touchscreen GX Touch 50/70 to the Multiplus II GX?

The datasheet on GX Touch says you connect it to Cerbo GX, but I could not find any info

about connecting it to Multiplus II GX (which has 1 usb port)

solaxz asked
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GX 50 Touch Rebooting progress?

@mvader (Victron Energy) in the post for the link below you advised that the issue with my touch 50 rebooting was being looked into……then you closed the thread!

Can you please advise if this is being looking into as it’s still doing it.

Thanks for any reply

chris-john asked
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Multiplus Control through CerboGX without a GX Touch?

I’ve had to send my GX Touch back because it has a problem. I can control all the components of my system connected to my CerboGX through my phone except the Multiplus Which doesn’t appear anywhere except the GX Touch.

How do I control that without a Touch?

sweyn asked
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1 Answer

Generic touchscreen on Cerbo

I just acquired a Cerbo GX and the companion Touch 50. I've been using a Waveshare HDMI touch screen on my Raspberry Pi running Venus. It communicated touch information via USB unlike the Touch 50.

As a test, I connected the Waveshare display to Cerbo. Works out of the box including touch. No overlays or any other software needed. No calibration necessary.

This might provide an alternative for those trying to locate the display a long way from Cerbo when the Touch 50 cable isn't long enough and an extender doesn't function.

The display I tried is this:

Others may also work

Note: you can NOT use the USB port closest to the HDMI connector as this is a power only port.

Kevin Windrem asked
jean-joubert answered ·

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Use GX Touch 50 as read only monitor with Cerbo GX

I have Cerbo GX install on my sailboat which is in charter service. I would like to add a GX Touch 50 to my system.

Question: Is there any why to set up a user with read only rights to see just the Dashboard?

dkrist asked
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GX Touch 50 keeps rebooting

My GX touch 50 keeps rebooting. I did post this on another thread as was told it was being investigated and then that thread was closed. Reposting and hoping it’s picked up again

chris-john asked
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Quattro ii 24 5000 generator stuck current limiter issue gx touch
  1. Dear community,

Today i installed a system for a costumer.

Ac input 1 grid 6A

Ac input 2 gen 45A fixed

When the system does start up i see the 6A and i can limit that.

But when the generator runs for a short periode i can see only the 45A that i cannot adjust.

The costumer now cannot adjust the shore power current limiter?

I alreay tried to change ac in 1 and 2.

Is it possible to get the current limiter display fixed on input 1 or 2?
So the costumer can always adjust the shorepower current limiter?

I tried lots of things but could not get it working properly.


With kind regards,

Marc van der Heide

marc-heide asked
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Not seeing screen dimming option after installing SetupHelper and RpiDisplaySetup (Kwindrem)


First let me say thank you for your work and generosity sharing! The items for Victron Venus OS are very much appreciated!

I have just installed Raspberry Pi 4, Victron Venus OS latest V2.85, your SetupHelper V4.13 and RpiDisplaySetup V2.7.

I have the option "Display Off Time" under "Display and Language", but I do not find any option for controlling the brightness or dimming.

Would you have any advice?


Carl Lance

carllance asked
andyalford answered ·

1 Answer

Cerbo custom logo Motorhome panel bad quality


i want to use the custom logo in the venus.local/logo.php

on my gx 70 touch.

i tried almost every resolution and size but i keep getting unsharp images on the screen.

what is the correct format and size?

marc-heide asked
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1 Answer

Motorhome remove tank page without tank meters installed


I would like to hide the tank tab.

I disabled all tank meters in the cerbo.

On the motorhome page and also in the digital i/o.

Is this possible?

marc-heide asked

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GX Touch 70 Flashing

I have a Cerbo GX with a GX Touch 70 and every about 5 seconds the screen flashes. What could be causing this?

See video below for a demonstration.

ksaltman asked
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