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Multi Quattro - Fronius Primo - ESS - Dedicated Virtual Switch

Good morning to the community

I have a lot of doubts about the my system and can't find any answers.

I have a system of:

10KwHof solar panels.

PV solar Fronius 8.2

80 KwH of lithium batteries connected via Can Bus

Actually I am using the ESS assistant

Unfortunately I am very confused because my dealer insists that where I live (Kenya) it is not recommended to use ESS.

But it seemed to me the only alternative to have the Feed In 0. He tried it with contactor connected to a relay, but nothing worked well.

In ESS is worked well for a year, then there were problems with the charger section of the Victron the Victron was replaced promptly.

Now after another year I have a similar problem when connecting the mains the multi makes a lot of noise it switches from Bulk to Passtrough and disconnects the mains and does this all the time.

If I manually disconnect the grid the system works perfectly as an inverter.

I was considering the dedicated virtual Switch, to physically disconnect as much as possible, but how will the feed IN 0 work ?

Any suggestion?

Thank you

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Configuration triphasee et parallele

Bonjour tout le monde,
Si j'ai 6 inverters quattro de 10 kVA que je veux mettre en triphase et en parallele, en arrivant sur Ve.Bus system configurator, dois je les mettre en parallele deux a deux et ensuite les mettre en triphase ou je dois les mettre en triphase trois a trois puis les mettre en parallele?

Merci deja pour vos reponses

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Single Quattro in three phase offgrid system


I am currently planning to do some upgrade to my offgrid cabin. Today we use two 35 kVA three phase diesel generators (one in standby) to supply power to the cabin. The average power consumption is about 50-100 kWh per day, but most is used in the morning and evening. Peak power is just under 10 kW, during most of the day it is only 1-2 kW. I therefore want to install about 20 kWh of Li-Ion batteries to be able to shut off the diesel generators during the daytime.

There are only a couple of three phase loads in the system and none of them need to be able to run while on battery power. I got hold of an older 10 kW 48V Quattro 230 V that I am planning to use for this purpose.

Would it be possible to just connect the Quattro inline to two of the phases in the system and then run single phase when on battery and three phase while on genset ?

My initial thought is that it should in theory be possible as long as the inverter section in the Quattro never runs at the same time as the genset ? Then make sure i rewire the fuse box in the cabin to ensure that all the loads that i want to be able to power from battery is connected to the two phases coming from the Quattro.

I believe that my genset has contactors for the supply, so when the genset is not running, the third phase would be physically disconnected from the generator. I understand that i will also need some contactors with some smarts to ensure to disconnect the two live phases on the three phase loads when on battery to ensure that i do not damage the equipment. Running with 2 phases live on a three phase load is likely to cause problems :)

A bit unusual setup I am sure, but if anyone have some thoughts or have done similar things I would be very interested to hear about it. The simple solution would probably be to purchase two additional Quattros, but that would be very expensive since i do not really need three phase.

At the same time I would like to not change over to a pure single phase system as my gensets are three phase and it would be good to get some of the loads that i do not need to be able to power off battery to be on other phases on the genset so that I get a more even phase load on the genset while it is running

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Overload issue

I have a 48/10000/140 Quattro when i overload the system it does not come back on. I need to reset it manually.

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Three phase Quattro 10K 208V/120V system does not use the full capabilities of a generator

Three phase Quattro 10K 208V/120V system does not use the full capabilities of a 100KW three phase generator.

We have SIX (6) Quattro configured with 9 SmartSolar MPPT and a large 1400Ah battery with REC-BMS. The system is configured to use Gird in AC-IN-2 and Generator in AC-IN-1. We also have ESS configured.

In the VE Configure 3 software the AC1 and AC2 inputs are configured to its maximum of 100A. Each Quattro has a 100A breaker going into a 3 phase load center, and the Generator feeds this load center with up to 277A per phase.

Having 2 Quattros per phase should allow me to feed in from the generator 95A per Quattro. But the system is doing a max of 100A total, I thought that the VE Configure 3 tool was configuring each individual Quattro and not the whole system.

How can I get my system to use the most out of the generator?


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Victron Quattro 10KW delivering only half rated power

I have dual Quattro 10kva/120s in split phase. We are 'off grid' and have exactly 20kva solar input available using enphase micro-inverters a/c coupled to AC-OUT1. For the battery storage we have 110KWH of lithium ion batteries. These feed the inverters via a Lynx 1000amp bus system with 4/0 cables going to the inverters. Quattro firmware is 430.

When the sun is shining, I have plenty of power available, no issues whatsoever. We can routinely run 15 to 17000 watts of electrical load and STILL charge the batteries at 100-150 amps DC. No thermal or overload issues at all.

However, once the sun is down, if loads go above 10000 watts for any length of time L2 gets a temperature alarm and shuts down the system. This is most frustrating. Our entire farm is on this system, including AC, water heater, well pump, etc. At time of shutdown the Color control shows 4900 watts draw on L1 and 5010 watts draw on L2.

Our A/C draws about 20 amps (240v) when running, which is right at 100 amps of dc.

Throw in another load, such as charging one of our EVs at 20 amps (240v) and the system will only run for between 10 and 20 minutes before we get the dreaded:

VE.Bus System Automatic monitoring Temperature L2: Alarm 2021-06-16 20:06:37 1m, 15s

appears and the inverters shut down.

MOST annoying.

We are using a 1000 amp Lynx system with two sets of 4/0 battery cables to the Quattros.

Cables are matched for length and size.

What can be done to increase my available power when running on batteries?

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How can I configuration six inverters quattro in 3phase

How to configuration six inverters quattro in 3 phase

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possible to change 48/10000-110 to 230 Volt?

Hello, i moved from usa to germany and still have a 48/10000-110v and a 24/5000-110v.

Is it possible to change them to 230v?
i hope its only changing the firmware and the toroidal transformer ?

in my layman's understanding of how electrical thinks i think in the end the battery converted dc to ac 48 volts for the 48 models gets transformed to ~110 via transformer... so if you change the software and the transformer in the end of the line it should work right?

i dont know how the inputs work. this could be tricky, but i am already happy if i get dc to ac 230v.

Thanky you for your information i could not find any in my last hour research ;)

i know Autotransformer exists. but i only 28a... so not enough for the 10000... and if i like to use the grid i need two,... so very expensive modification ;)

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Quattro overload alarm

we have a single phase backup system with two 10 KVA Quattro’s which has been operated since 2015.

Suddenly when the grid shut down and come back the master has the error as shown in the attached video.

Then at the next time when the grid shut down, there is no power from the inverter but when restarting the inverters the system goes fine and so on when the grid come back.

I tried to make it as the slave, but it shows an overload alarm and has no power.

I updated all the units to the latest version, but no change.

The error appear even no load connected.

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Varistor beim Quattro 48/10000

Hallo zusammen,

kann mir jemand sagen ob beim Quattro 48/10000 am Eingang oder Ausgang Varistoren verbaut werden?

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Maximale Frequenz beim Quattro 48/10000

Hallo zusammen,

kann mir jemand sagen, ob beim Quattro 48/10000 die maximale Frequenz über oder unter 108MHz liegt?

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Dirty Power on Island, 120V 10kW?

Long time Victron "appreciate-er" first time poster. ;) My apologies if these questions have been answered before or are too simple; I have to get this right the first time and need all the help I can get.

My wife and I are planning to retire to the Caribbean island of Dutch Sint Maarten and are in the process of building a villa on the island, which won't be ready for at least 3-4 years. We currently own a condo on the island and are unhappy, to say the least, with the power situation... frequent brownouts/blackouts (45m outage last night), clocks that "run slow" because the frequency is too variable (our clocks on the range/microwave are off by at least 1 minute worse each day), and several electrical devices (TV, Sonos, wine fridge) that I believe may have been damaged/destroyed by these power fluctuations. So I'm hoping I can build into the villa a "cleansing" system by Victron to smooth out at least the 120V power (230V AC, hot water, range, dryer, etc are not to be in this project and can stay dirty) and provide "whole-house" UPS for those systems.

I roughly estimate that the worst-case scenario will be around 6kW of load for 120V systems (averaging 250W per bedroom/bathroom, some for living room, one large-one small fridge, one microwave, general lighting in other areas, and a garage door opener) and initially I won't do solar but will likely want to add it later. I also may not be able to initially install this stuff and will have to temporarily feed 120V from the dirty grid for a period of time until all the equipment can be procured and shipped to the island. This solution also needs to be as "bulletproof" as possible because of the delays in sourcing gear to the island and lack of local support staff knowledgeable in Victron.

Island power is 120v/240v 60Hz 3-phase and does not support backfeed to the grid. The villa will have an ATS to a generator for emergency long-term outages and then then feed into a main panel. My plan, originally, was to have a 100A feed from that panel go to a manual transfer switch to a secondary panel with all the 120V loads, and have the other end of the manual transfer switch go to a 10kW 120V/48V Quattro, which could also have one of its AC sources hooked to the main panel for charging. However, in reading some responses on this forum, I'm having doubts. As in, I think a single Quattro "might" work - by tuning the sensitivity in the AC input to only charge/passthrough grid when it's clean, and charge no matter what (even with dirty power) when the batteries dip below a certain range, but I'm not sure this is enough protection for what I need.

1) Can a Quattro be configured so that when operating with functional, yet "dirty," grid power, it will still "clean" it by constantly inverting from battery (and charging the battery from AC in)? Or is it strictly a passthrough relay, which means my 120V will still get "dirty" power from the Quattro?

2) Can a Quattro be configured to never permit backfeeding to the grid, even if, in the future (and likely so, given that the Caribbean would be great for this) I add some SmartSolar MPPT SCCs to also charge the batteries so I can "off-grid" all my 120V? I read in some forum responses that certain failure conditions could result in some backfeed and I want to ensure there is never a situation in which the grid sees power from my system.

3) The alternative to an "all in one" Quattro, as I'm seeing it anyways, is to isolate the dirty power from the home power by means of a charger separate from the Quattro, and disabling the charger in the Quattro. However, I'd like to use the 10kW Quattro, which requires 48V batteries, and the only Skylla that does 48V does not look like it can be controlled/monitored with the Cerbo GX and other "smart" Victron components... given that I would potentially need isolation for dirty power and 48V, is there a "smart" charging solution for 48V now or on the horizon in the next few years? Or would I have to entertain parallel operation of multiple 24V Quattros and 24V batteries to achieve the same 6-10kW target (there _are_ "smart" 24V Skyllas)?

4) Are there Victron dealers/resellers who would work with me to design this, knowing they cannot actually install the system for me (given that it has to be installed in Sint Maarten, and nobody local can even spell Victron, let alone install it)? Perhaps charge for a few hours of their time to design/parts list something for me?

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Victron and Fronius AC Couple

I am aware that there is a 1 to 1 rule for a Fronius AC couple, I understand that you shouldn't put a larger Fronius than Victron, but can I put a smaller Fronius than the Victron. I have a 15KVA Victron system and I would like to add a 5KVA Fronius as the AC Couple connected to the AC1 output. Would this be a problem as you don't get a 15KVA single phase Fronius and the roof space I have for the panels for the Fronius is not large, it can take 12~18 535watt panels

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Off grid 1 to 1 rule for PV ac coupled solar

Off grid installation

I have currently 8.7kw solar through a Fronius 8.2 primo ac coupled to AC1 out on a 10000va Quattro +
Us2000 Pylontech X 5 batteries. 28kw single phase generator and Color GX to monitor and control with a lynx dc
I have a further 8Kw of solar still to be fitted

Current settings

Fronius limited to 6kw output max (just to be safe - I hope to increase this to 8.2kw after input from this thread)

Generator configured to come on when SOC falls to 20% to protect batteries

Plan - questions

I am considering placing to 8 kw on the dc side with a Victron charger (could you recommend one)

Using the 1 to 1 rule am I right in saying i can safely go up to 10kw of ac coupled solar (possibly by adding a second smaller ac coupled Fronius) note that the actual charger on the Quattro states 140amp as the charging max.
if I put the other 8 Ish solar on the dc side will this have any effect on what I should limit the ac solar too?

I am thinking to add a further 3 pylon tech to the system to bring me up to the 8 max they allow without a separate controller but I read somewhere on Victron that I should have 4.8kw of storage for each 1.5kw of solar - this is an awful lot of storage !? Is there a reason for this ?

I intend to program the Fronius to reduce its output to 50% when the SOC is above 90% to protect the batteries and attempt to stop them going all the way to100%

I am having great results currently running completely off grid - tumble dryer, washing machine, dishwasher electric ovens etc - AND charging an Audi etron but I am trying to organise myself for winter

Thank you for your replies

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