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Simple grid connected Quattro 48/10000 and Pylontech battery storage system - No PV

Hi, having taken earlier advice I am now the proud owner of a Quattro 48/10000, 4x Pylontech US5000 batteries circa 19kwh, Cerbo GX, Cerbo GX Touch 50 and this week my electrical supply has switched to EDF GoElectric 35 which gives me 5hrs low rate overnight.

Our house is fully electric and is split economy 7 style.

Night loads such as storage heating/immersion heater being fed from the switched smart meter 5th terminal for 5hrs on low rate overnight. I want to leave this unchanged and is working perfectly.

All other loads are fed from the 24hr smart meter 4th terminal which is both high and low rate depending on the time of the day/night. My EV charger is connected to this and want to continue with this being supplied direct from the grid and not from my batteries, so my understanding is I need to effect changes downstream of this connection.

My simple 24hr use case is

1. Charge batteries overnight during the 5hrs low rate as well as continuing to power all loads. The Quattro 48/10000 invertor is sized to be able to charge my batteries during the 5hrs as long as I keep the batteries above 10degC.

2. When low rate is switched off, use the batteries to power house loads via the Quattro with the grid providing additional power as needed to meet peaks or pick up when the batteries are depleted and awaiting the next overnight charge cycle. By my calcs the quattro / pylontech combination is able to provide circa 4.8kw but will probably limit this to below 3.6kw. My house peaks at circa 8kw on occasion so I will need to draw circa 4.4kw from the grid in addition to the batteries supply for short periods.

I am pretty confident that my purchases can be configured to do all this, but I am struggling to find a definitive way connect everything and was thinking there must be. I do not intend to fit solar due to poor roof orientation.

I would be most grateful if someone can point me in the direction of a detailed diagram that I can use as a starter.

thank you in advance.

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PowerAssist how does it work? Boosting starts well below Current Limit! Batteries cant charge! help!

Theres a foot of snow and its freezing out. I need to heat multiple buildings to keep pipes from bursting. And though my hydro (shore) power is producing ~30amps the "power assist" keeps turning on at about 50% of my current limit rather than as the description says, to supplement power demand after the 30amps! (Quattro: 2x10Kw (240V SplitPhase)

State A: Load near Limit - battery discharges at 2Kw! (1000Watt available load)

Battery State: 45% SOC and Discharging

Input Current/Limit: 16/29Amps (3800W / 6960W)

Output Load: 6000Watt

State B: Load around 50% - battery doesn't charge! (2500Watt available load)

Battery State: 45% SOC and Float

Input Current/Limit: 18/29Amps (4500W / 6960W)

Output Load: 4500Watt

I've tried changing the power assist boost factor value from 2 to the minimum of 0.3 which I would assume is 9amps. Isn't it supposed to give me an additional 9amps? so I can boost up to 39amps but have a load of up to 30amps?

Well I have a consistent load above 15 amps and the quattros keep draining from the battery rather than using the available load!

Now that my batteries are below 50% the occasional load spike will shut off the quattro system! And the batteries are continuining to discharge. By the end of the weekend the system isn't going to work anymore! I would be better off without the quattros! (and this has been pretty much my entire experience w/ the product).

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Wiring diagram for multiple Pylontech US3000C battery banks


Can someone please help me with a wiring diagram for 4 banks and each bank having 4 batteries in it with a total of 16 x US3000C Pylontech batteries, all of this will be done without a LV-Hub (I know is possible because is said so in the docs).
My problem is how do I connect all 4 banks to each other using the positive and negative cables ? Do I use an isolated bus bar and then the first and last battery for each bank will be connected using a Victron Lynx Power In to the inverter or how do I do it?

Thank you!

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Error #15 - VE.bus combination error

I have a system containing
1: Quattro 48/10000/140-2x100

2: Lynx Distribution system(DC in, Shunt, BMS, Distributor)

3: SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 250/100 rev2

4: Color Control GX

5: Battery bank 400 Ah Smart Lithium batteries

When i start the system with the Quattro Charge i get

Error #15 - VE.bus error

The inverters Bulk+ Iverting flicker Absobtion steady, after a while Quattro is off and it all start again.

If i put the quattro to on Low battery is lit (measured battery voltage > 54V) and after that the same as when quattro in charge only occur.

All FW are the latest versions


Can anyone help me?

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How to connect 10 Pylontech whithout a LV Hub


So I have two racks one with 8 Pylontech US3000C in it and another (for now) with 2 x Pylontech US3000C in it and I know I can connect together up to 16 modules without a LV-Hub but I don’t know how to connect the positive and negative cable from one rack to the other as they are too short, same for the linkport cable.
Can I use a bus bar and just connect last battery from rack 1 to first battery in rack 2 using the 2m cables (battery to inverter) or what other options I have?

Thank you

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Victron Quattro 48/10000 and Pylontech US3000C added capacity


Up until 2 days ago I had 4 Pylontech US3000C batteries and today I got 4 more so a total of 8 x Pylontech US3000C batteries are now used.

Do I need to change any settings on the inverter/Cerbro GX (somewhere) to make sure the system is using correctly all 8 batteries?

Thank you!

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Quattro 10kva, AC1 Mains AC2 Genset : AC1 & AC2 control ?

Quattro 10kva, AC1 Mains AC2 Genset : AC1 & AC2 control ?

System setup. AC1 essential loads, AC2 non essential loads

Grid failure, power via battery through inverter to AC1 loads only

Generator start. power on AC1 loads only.

We wish to have power on AC2 Loads as well. Is this possible?

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Quattro 10kva, AC1 in Mains, AC2 in Genset : AC1 out & AC2 out control, 2nd request ?

Quattro 10kva, AC1 in Mains, AC2 in Genset : AC1 out & AC2 out control ?

Quattro 10kva, AC1in is grid Mains AC2 in is a Genset : AC1 out & AC2 out control ?

System setup. AC1 out is for essential loads, AC2 out is for non essential loads.

When in grid failure, power via battery through inverter to AC1 out loads only

When forced generator start via Cerbo. power on AC1 out only.

We wish to have power on form generator AC2 input to AC1 out as well as AC2 out. ???

Is this possible?

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demande aide Projet installation quattro 48v 10000va

Bonjour à tous, j"envisage d'acheter un kit avec quattro avec mppt 250/100 2 pylontech dans un premier temps. Faute de moyen j'acheterai les panneaux dans un second temps.

Mon problème: à force de voir des videos d'installation ,je comprends des choses complexes et je doute de l'élementaire: Je sais que ce que je vais demander peut paraitre stupide de prime abord. Merci d'essayer de comprendre entre les lignes.

Je m'interroge sur l'alimentaion ac in du quattro. J'ai tout mon tableau electrique dans mon couloir.Je souhaite dans un premier temps brancher mon quattro sur le réseau, pouvoir charger mes batteries en heures creuses et ensuite utiliser l'énergie de mes batteries entre 18h et 21 h et tout cela à partir de mon tableau principal de maison.

Dois je brancher le quattro en amont du tableau ? Comment? Sur une prise protegée par un 20a est ce possible si je respecte les valeurs de charge dans l'appli? Ce qui me fait bugger, c'est que l'AC out 1 est censée aussi alimenter ma maison et donc le même tableau principal.

Je souhaitais au début utiliser le réseau en heures creuses pour charger les batteries et j''avais pensé mettre un inverseur de source 60a en sortie ac out 1 qui d'un coté couperait edf et donc passerait sur l'energie du quattro et des batteries. En basculant manuellement l'inverseur de source, j'alternerais donc entre maison sur edf en position 1 de l'inverseur de source ( ac in du quattro sur une prise bien calibrée?)et mon systeme quattro/pylontech sur batterie en position 2. Lorsque les batteries seraient à 30^pourcent, j'envisageais de me rebrancher sur le réseau et ainsi de suite.

Puis brancher le quattro sur un simple prise en mode réseau? En position 2 (quattro) de l'inverseur puis je alimenter directement tout mon tableau si je fais attention aux appareils gourmands? Je bug sur le fait d'à la fois être brancher sur mon tableau en ac in et finalement d'être branché dessus en ac out du quattro pour alimenter toute ma maison.

Merci à tous de me répondre si vous avez compris mon appréhension. ça parait idiot mais ce n'est pas la partie cablage/mppt/cerbo et tout ça qui me bloque mais plutôt l'histoire des coffets AC et DC. avant l'achat de tout le systeme bout par bout et surtout du quattro qui me plait pour sa puissance (mais qui n"est pas donné), je voudrais clarifier ce que je dois faire exactement pour à la fois tirer du courant du réseau et exploiter mes batteries lorsqu'elles sont chargées et ce pour alimenter tout mon tableau. ( Même si je n'utilise que la clim réversible en guise de chauffage pour 1h30 seulement avant de devoir recharger les batteries.). en terme de fusibles/ protections nécessaires, je suis preneur aussi.

Merci beaucoup à tous . Help.


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Quattro 48/10000 buzz - distorted sine wave in inverter mode

I had replaced 2 Multiplus 48/5000 running in parallel (no problem in this configuration) with 1 Quattro 48/10000.

After I keep hearing an annoying buzz from the Quattro when in inverter mode, I started to check in the problem. The noise is not the standard trafo sound that rises at high loads, but like a harmonic oscillation. It happens only alt low power loads < 800W-1kW. Above 1kW it disappearing. No meter what type of load the noise is present.

The washing machine is struggling to spin, the audio amplifier is humming (and is dead quiet normally), basically the noise is transferred in any equipment with a transformer/motor.

I have tested the output with the oscilloscope and the sine wave is very distorted. See the pictures/movie IMG_3407.MOV

480W load


1.6kW load


Any one noticed this? Looks like a glitch in MOSFETS timing

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Configure Quattros for 2 phase operation.

Can someone tell me if two of quattros can be used together for 2 phase opperation. I have seen much about three phase but nothing about two phase.

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Multiplus II 48/10000 external fan control

Does anyone know under what conditions external fans (if connected via the relay and an assistant) are switched on?

The internal fans are variable-speed temperature controlled (noisily!) but any external ones are just on/off. Do they only turn on when the internal ones have reached maximum speed, or at some other point controlled by an internal temperature sensor?

I can imagine the case where with the external fans off the enclosure warms up, then the external fans switch on, which blows cold air in so the temperature drops, so the internal fans slow down and the external fans switch off, and then this repeats.

A (better?) alternative would presumably be to connect the (24V) external fans in parallel with the fans inside the unit so the speeds track -- the internal fans on the 48/10000 draw about 20W total and the external ones would be less than 5W so this shouldn't cause a problem with the driver circuit.

Filtering would be needed for the external fans (2 x Noctua NF-A14 IndustrialPPC-24V-2000) to stop them being as noisy as the internal ones. I'm surprised nobody has tried an LC filter instead of RC because this would avoid the resistor voltage drop -- any reason for this?

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Does Victron Make a 240V Single Phase VFD

I am trying to prevent inrush current for inverted 240v single phase loads on a boat. Does Victron make a VFD for 240V single phase VFD that will suit this application?

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Relay to activate contactor on ac input

Hello All,

I want to add a contactor on ACinput, ie, when supply fails, the contactor must open so it cannot feedback to grid. When grid returns, the contactor must close again. This is a legal requirement here in SA, and I want to use Quattro and not Multi II

Can I do this on either the relay in the quattro, or the relay in GX device?

How would I program this?


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Quattro inverter fan running constantly

Quattro 10000 fan constantly on, temperature in room around 8 centigrade. Shouldn't it be only coming on if it gets hot?

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