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three phase with 9 Quattros AC negative question

I have noted in the training videos that in a three phase system configuration, the negative out of the 3 phase MUST be connected (/or in this case the 9 units).

May the negatives from Quattros be interconected between units but be isolated from the negative loads (or NEG from generator if the case), or they MUST be connected to NEG from the load all the time?.

I normally install a 4x100Amp breaker and neg is disconected from load on each 3 phase line, and maybe I am doing this wronly.


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Hello everyone I have a problem with two 15Kva Quatros connected to two 20/16 freedom won batteries. The inverter both work fine in standalone mode but when configuring them in parallel they give a High Dc Ripple Fault!! on the Master what could be the cause and how can I resolve it I did a couple of firmware updates and even reverted to the old firmware but the problem persists

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Can the voltage rise too much if grid is lost on a Quattro with an inverter connected on AC Out2?

I'm trying to work out where to place my SolarEdge inverter. All my loads are on AC Out 1&2 on a Quattro 10000. A heat pump and car charger are on the AC Out 2 (dropped loads). My three options are

  • AC Out 1 - This was my first choice but is not an option at the moment as the APS functionality doesn't seem to be working.
  • AC IN 2 - this was my back up option but reading around it seems I require a meter ET112 in the UK which apparantly results in extremely slow response to load changes such as clouds move in or out. I can't bring myself to accept that as the power lost&extra cost importing energy is too much.
  • AC Out 2 - I am looking at this option as I already have a bypass switch wired up so I can choose to put them back on AC Out 1 if the grid goes down. This would give the fast response and a maybe a safe cut out if I am not around.

So my question is - If connected to AC OUT 2 worst case in the summer and the inverter is at maximum output of 5kW and the grid goes down what would happen at that point? Would the inverter shut down fast enough to avoid damaging the rather expensive heat pump and car charger? They might not be actually pulling any load so that seems like a lot of power to suddenly store in capacitors? Does a SolarEdge or any inverter for that matter shut down quickly enough in that scenario. I know I have the APS issue if I switch over to the critical loads but I can choose if I want to turn the inverter on/off before switching. Ie, in the winter it isn't a problem. I only have a few days to make this decision as the installation is being completed on Tuesday.

edit: made the question more specific to ac out 2

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Quattro spark AC IN 1 fuse blown

I am looking for a support concerning the possible causes of a problem we found in our Quattro Inverter.

Quattro 24/8000/200-100/100 230 Vac

The issue happened when I plugged the equipment on grid in AC IN 1. Few seconds later, a spark occured inside and the external circuit breaked cut the power. With the grid off, the system continued to work as expected with the batteries.

We plugged the grid in the second channel to simulate the generator (AC IN 2) and it worked as expected.

It seems the spark was on the circuit showed in the pictures attached, the fuse is blown. I think it is not a good idea just replacing it.



Thank you in advance.

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Quattro smart detection of two active sources and Prioritization

With Quattro, it will detect the active source and connect it to the load smartly. but if there are two active sources available, then which one will be prioritized for loads. ?

Please give me some idea regarding this matter id someone came across.

heaps Thanks in advance.

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Large AGM battery bank and 10kW (2x5kW) Quattro config for off-grid (yacht) Sizing and protection

I am having difficulty with max Amps. System is working well, but ...

I need help with wiring sizes and perhaps Quatro settings.

Please advise re: A wiring diagram would be most helpful

1. sizing of cables for 100A max load

2. protection of cables (sizing and placement of breakers / reset-able fuse)

3. settings on Quattro(s)

4. how to protect from low voltage on batteries

5. other important considerations


[24x115Ah]12V AGM = 2,760Ah (12v) [2 banks 12+12 paralel] (House Bank(s))

2x12V5kVA Quattro

8x350w PV panels (4 pairs)

4xMPPT Victron

Smartshunt 500A 50mV

Cerbo GX

2xGX tank 140


a) 2x12v 115Ah AGM

b) Orion- TR Smart 12/12 30 DC-DC charger

c) 12/24 Smart Battery Protect

d) GX LTE 4G-A ]


i. 2x12v 115Ah AGM

ii. Blue Smart Charger 12/25]

Thank you for any help,


Stan Posthumus

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PYLONTECH US3000C or BYD LVL15.4 with QUATTRO 48/10000?

Hi everyone. We're looking to replace the flooded lead acid batteries on our existing system. We have a Victron Quattro 48/10000 two BlueSolar MPPT's, a BMV-712 and CCGX. The two VE.Can ports are available on the CCGX to connect the new battery so I don't think we need to upgrade to the Cerbo GX.

Our research has narrowed the options down to two choices. 5 x Pylontech US3000C or 1 x BYD LVL 15.4. I spoke to one installer that used to favour Pylontech and he recommended the BYD due to the amount of small issues he's had with the Pylontech installations, often needed to reboot. The final Canberra Battery Test Centre report strongly suggests the Pylontech will perform very well longterm and the BYD was poor.

I manage the system remotely most of the time and have someone onsite who can help. We depend on the system for uninterrupted power for our clients so reliability is key.

Is there anyone here who has experience with both batteries and the Quattro 48/10000? I'd really appreciate some guidance in order to make the right decision please.

Thanks for reading.


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Which Power Rail for 6 or 9 Quatro 48/15000?

I have a customer which want to install first three Quattro 48/15000.

The Batteries are 4 sets of SOPzS Cells with 4350Ah hence 17400Ah @48V in total.

Each Battery Set should get its own BMV 702, appropriated Shunt and 3 Balancers.

Also there will be a 20kW (400V 3P) Windmill on ACout and

DC Coupled at least 6 SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 VE.Can hence 32kWp.

According to "Wiring Unlimited" the Quattos should be connected between the Batteries to equaize the load on the Batteries.

The question is:

Which Power Rail should I use, IF the customer has the intention to add in the comming 2 years 3 or 6 additiional Quattros?

With 3 Quattros under full load I have already 900A, hence I can get with 9 Quattros just 2700A. I have nothing found of this dimension, hence I assume, hat I have to make such PowerRail myself?

My own Batteries are connected to an Aluminium Power Rail of 60x10mm, hence 600sqmm and support without any problems 1000A but 2700A would mean an Aluminium Power Rail of at least 120x20mm because I have from EACH battery set not 1 cable but 4! Hence I need space on the Power Rails for 12 Battery cables (H01N2-E 70sqmm) and for each Inverter 2 Cables of also 70sqmm hence 18 cables. If I use Bolts M10, then I would need a spacing of 30mm and the Power Rail would be around 1m long.

Any suggestions?

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Quattro 10000 only reaching 6600 Watt charge rate under ESS control


I have a problem with the max charge on my new inverter. It seems to limit to 130 A (6600 watts) in charge mode (ESS) but will happily deliver 9500watts in inverter mode. The webpage Victron & Pylontech UP2500, US2000, US3000, US2000C, ...Victron Energy · https://www.victronenergy.com › live has a table in section 2 that suggests I should be able to achieve the full 8kW charge rate at 25 degree C.

My setup

8 x pylontech US5000 with 800Ah storage. During charge the allowed max charge rate from the BMS was 640Amps. It started reducing after 91% SOC.

1 x Quattro 10000 240V which is connected to a lynx distributor. The 95mm2 cable runs are extremely short 50cm. The batteries have 4 sets of cables connecting them in pairs so 4 cables that are specced for 120 Amps each. I'm looking to put 288 Amps through each and they are cool to the touch.

1 x Cerbo GX running the show.

All devices have the latest firmware as of this post apart from the Quattro which is at v500. The battery & room temperature are at 25 deg C though I started at 14 deg C.

I have been through all the settings and ESS and DCVV have charge limit disabled. The only setting I could find that might have some bearing on everything is if I look at the settings file using VEConfig. In the charger tab I have weak ac unticked. I am using grid on AC 1. The charge current is set to 140A. I am unable to set it any higher despite my battery system being more than capable of taking more. Lithium batteries are ticked. Battery type defaults to 'no corresponding type' after putting in the voltages/absorption time from the document referred to above.

Is there something obvious I have missed? I have been through every single page on the cerbo to make sure there is nothing that could be affecting the charge rate. How can I achieve the 8kW rate with the ESS enabled?


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Quattro 10000 Overload/Overtemp

I have a Quattro system that I have been monitoring for some time. Since the end of December it has been recording overload and over temp warnings and alarms.

They do not seem to correspond to particularly hot days, and the load has not been excessive when it has tripped.

I have had the client clean the filters on the fans that ventilate the enclosure and make sure there are no obstructions. Since then it has tripped once more on overload. It was at 1840 in the evening so direct sun could not be an issue.



Ambient temperature was 33C but it had been hotter on other days with higher loads with no issue.

Is there any temperature sensor values accessible in monitoring?

Any advice to diagnose further or repair?


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Modbus TCP Parallel System "Per Quattro" Information

I have a Parallel System composed by 3 Quattro's and a Cerbo GX. I cannot find a way to read the input and output current from each Quattro device via Modbus TCP, meaning I can only read the total current. I want to read the output current of each Quattro to insure their functionality. Is that possible in a Parallel system?

Thank you

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Quattro grid with ac coupled inverter and full battery. Can it cope if grid fails during max output

I have a quattro 10000 with 8x US5000 arriving soon. I have an existing solar edge hdwave 5000. I did ask some questions about the sizing earlier but have a specific case that I'd like to check on with regards to connecting the solar edge to the essential load side.

My setup is good for the factor 1.0 rule and the 8000va is > than the 5kw output of the solar edge so that is all good. However I will have 18kW of generation so the batteries will often be charged 100% quite quickly. The extra 10kW is supplied by two Victron MPPT with an oversized array. There is no export limit at the property so there could be a situation of battery 100% and the Quattro+Solaredge exporting at 15kW with very little load. If the grid falls over then are we in the situation according to the 2.2 example. Would there be a big enough lag to raise the frequency and the solar edge responding resulting in damage to lots of expensive hardware?

I would like to have the extra power the SolarEdge provides primarily for the winter months. We had 8 days without power last year so every bit of generation is important. But at the same time I don't want to destroy any equipment.


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Quattro 48/10000 - (only) One unit buzzes. Video available

I have two Quattro 48/10Kva. The L1 unit has always had a very loud buzzing when in inverter mode even with no loads connected. L2 unit has never had this buzzing. Any clues as to why only the L1 unit sounds like this?

These are my first Victron gear so I'm not sure if this is normal but given the L2 unit doesn't make the same sound I wanted to run it past the community here.

Video for reference: https://imgur.com/a/E2RnFqM

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Error #15 - VE.bus combination error

I have a system containing
1: Quattro 48/10000/140-2x100

2: Lynx Distribution system(DC in, Shunt, BMS, Distributor)

3: SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 250/100 rev2

4: Color Control GX

5: Battery bank 400 Ah Smart Lithium batteries

When i start the system with the Quattro Charge i get

Error #15 - VE.bus error

The inverters Bulk+ Iverting flicker Absobtion steady, after a while Quattro is off and it all start again.

If i put the quattro to on Low battery is lit (measured battery voltage > 54V) and after that the same as when quattro in charge only occur.

All FW are the latest versions


Can anyone help me?

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Simple grid connected Quattro 48/10000 and Pylontech battery storage system - No PV

Hi, having taken earlier advice I am now the proud owner of a Quattro 48/10000, 4x Pylontech US5000 batteries circa 19kwh, Cerbo GX, Cerbo GX Touch 50 and this week my electrical supply has switched to EDF GoElectric 35 which gives me 5hrs low rate overnight.

Our house is fully electric and is split economy 7 style.

Night loads such as storage heating/immersion heater being fed from the switched smart meter 5th terminal for 5hrs on low rate overnight. I want to leave this unchanged and is working perfectly.

All other loads are fed from the 24hr smart meter 4th terminal which is both high and low rate depending on the time of the day/night. My EV charger is connected to this and want to continue with this being supplied direct from the grid and not from my batteries, so my understanding is I need to effect changes downstream of this connection.

My simple 24hr use case is

1. Charge batteries overnight during the 5hrs low rate as well as continuing to power all loads. The Quattro 48/10000 invertor is sized to be able to charge my batteries during the 5hrs as long as I keep the batteries above 10degC.

2. When low rate is switched off, use the batteries to power house loads via the Quattro with the grid providing additional power as needed to meet peaks or pick up when the batteries are depleted and awaiting the next overnight charge cycle. By my calcs the quattro / pylontech combination is able to provide circa 4.8kw but will probably limit this to below 3.6kw. My house peaks at circa 8kw on occasion so I will need to draw circa 4.4kw from the grid in addition to the batteries supply for short periods.

I am pretty confident that my purchases can be configured to do all this, but I am struggling to find a definitive way connect everything and was thinking there must be. I do not intend to fit solar due to poor roof orientation.

I would be most grateful if someone can point me in the direction of a detailed diagram that I can use as a starter.

thank you in advance.

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