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Repair centre west Africa

is there a repair Center in west Africa ? my Victron quatro 8000/48 had a short circuit and the Line in and Neutral not conducting electricity and have a burn marks

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Why I Lost 10% Power on my MPPT 450/100?




why is there every time a 10% differenz between the PV Power (845W) and the Load Power (771W)? Is it normal or lost I 10% Power?



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VE.Bus Error 18: AC Overvoltage on the output of a slave has occurred while already switched off

I have an off-grid system with 3 Quattros (48/10000 230volt) in parallel (used to be in 3 phase) and a Fronius Primo 5KW AC coupled inverter connected to a 48v NiFe battery bank. The Batteries are charged by two Schneider MPPT 80/600 charge controllers and the Quattros are set to charge from excess power from the Fronius.

We use the grid as a UPS with an ATS to switch to the grid when the inverters shut down (usually due to low battery voltage).

This setup (minus the Fronius) worked great when it was in a 3Phase configuration.

Recently we added the AC coupled Fronius and reconfigured the whole system be be single phase parallel. The reason was mainly that we did not use any 3-phase equipment and need a larger load on one outlet so balancing between phases became a bit of an issue. By switching to a single phase the Inverters are more balanced.

However, since switching we have this issue occurring occasionally when the battery voltage is low and the inverters switch off;

VE.Bus Error: VE.Bus Error 18: AC Overvoltage on the output of a slave has occurred while already switched off    

I am confused about what could be causing this. I did update the inverters to the latest firmware before making the config change. They are all on 2653496. The Fronius is also upgraded to the latest firmware before installation.

Any help is appreciated!


Some additional information.

(read 'grid' as the local off-grid power network, not the real grid)

It happens in about 50% of the cases when the system shuts down due to load battery voltage. It seems to be at times when the Fronius is actually pushing some power on the local grid.

Could it be the Victron is measuring the (over)voltage coming from the Fronius just before the Fronius switches off because it lost it's 'grid'?

Is there a way to tell the Victron to allow a short period of time where it might measure a voltage on the AC-Out even if it's switched off?

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Weird behaviour of one of my Pylontechs with a quattro

Hi all,

Having a bit of weird one with one of my US3000c's. Ive got 6 connected, but one of them seems to be out of sync, or not playing welll with the others. This is a recent behaviour that started a few weeks ago. I''ve tried to let the the entire bank get down to about 10%, then recharge so the BMS, can pick up and recconnect the battery, but no luck so far.

Long story short, by bank now only charges to 89% and that one battery seems to never charge. Any ideas as to where I should start looking?

I am getting an internal alarm error which I am assuming is coming from that one battery which from what I can see is being disconnected from the rest.

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reset to the system


I have a three quattro 8kva inverters which connected in three phase,

in order to protect the system from over load, i connectedin the AC1 output to C.B with trip coil, the trip coil wired to K2 relay output with all the quattros, the K2 defined from the assistants -- programmable relay -- AC load and the load as i need. the system work perfictly, but the one issue that i need to solve is K2 relay, its remaining closed all the time even without any load,

how can i programe the system that open the relay when the load is lower than the limite. or if i can use another input relay and to use external button to reset the system or if i can to use the cerbo GX to reset?

i know that i can turn off all the quattros and to turn on. i am asking for professional solution..

thank you all.

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High Pitch noise on electronic devices

I currently have two 5kva Sunsynk Inverters installed with a 10kw Freedom Won lipo4 and 16 Monocrystalline 455w Canadian panels. All wires,breakers are above spec and system is earthed.

However the high frequency pitch that all Inverters have is carried on my electrical cables in house and is audible on all electrical appliances and is very noticeable on Samsung tv's as well as amplifiers.

I was told that it is part of the harmonic character of the Sunsynk system and nothing can be done.

I'm considering just changing to Victron Quattro system to gain some sanity.

Has anybody experienced any of the above problems on a Victron 8kva or 10kva Quattro system or is this a Deye and Sunsynk issue?

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ESS Quattro 8k drops load for 30 seconds on generator AC-IN2 during absorption

On-grid (50 Hz, 230V single phase) ESS System MPPT and batteries on DC, with CCGX and Quattro 8k feeding load, with mains/utility power on AC-IN1 and generator (49-52 Hz controlled) on AC-IN2.
I have been previously advised to put gen on AC-IN1, but as mentioned by other posts, I need the mains input to always have priority. I have LOM to B on mains and no LOM on gen, and enabled wide voltage and frequency and UPS function in the ESS assistant.

The power would go off, and the gen starts by independant control. The ESS system does not use the gen power right away but first inverts power from batteries and MPPT until batteries reach 96%, at which time the AC-IN2 (which have already had Gen power for a while) is engaged. The system drops the load for about 30 seconds when engaging gen power, despite no wide frequency or voltage swings taking place. Very irritatiing, but not the worst, as this usually happens not too often. Current limiting keeps the system from using too much gen amps, so the load is fully carried, and a few spare amps is used to charge batteries together with MPPT power.

But then, at random intervals, it seems the amps, (but not V, like in a disconnect) are dropped from the Quattro input AC2 through to the output. The input voltage stays normal or go up a few Volts as a 4kW load is dropped for a few seconds. No warnings or any frequency or load changes are evident. It might be a 30 second problem that does not show up at 1 minute recording intervals in detail.

See below zoomed images of the recorded parameters at the time of one of the drops. It happens every 20 to 60 minutes when on generator power. The 4kW load on ESS is critical, so an independant UPS after the ESS is tripped to battery when the ESS load drops, and these UPS batteries are only strong enough for about 70 seconds, so after 2 such drops I have to manually bypass the whole ESS and power the load directly from generator, so no sun power nor longer term battery backup for when the gen perhaps fails.

1) Is there no way to enable a "debug" function or similar in the Quattro or CCGX to see the exact decision being made that leads to the load drop?
2) What can I try to make this stop? I can send my .rvsc file, and the settings on my CCGX, if somebody could perhaps study it and point out flaws in the setup, or give somebody access to the live system if required.


Graph set 1


Graph set 2

Any help would be appreciated.

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Quattro 10kva feed in limiting


I have a 10kw Quattro does the ESS grid feed in limiter option work on the Quattro as my DNO species a max feed in of 6.5kw ???

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Quattro stops generator input


This is my parents off grid system in Spain:


They are short of sun sometimes so I explained my father to hook up the generator to AC IN 1. That's what you are seeing in the picture above. Works like a charm.

I used VEConfigure 3 to limit the current to 6A (6kVA generator but playing safe while testing) and "Overruled by remote" is checked so I can play in the console to test te limits of the generator by increasing the current.

All perfect.

The problem/question is:

The system is charging from generator, like in the picture above, for say 15 minutes and then the current flow stops, showing a picture like this:


This would indicate that the generator's breaker or thermal swich jumped, or a cable burnt through,... But no: nothing weird: generator still running, using multimeter it still shows 220V @ 50Hz.

So for some reason, even though batteries only at say 70%, the Quattro cuts of the generators AC IN 1 input. My father shut down the generator 10 minutes after that (because Quattro wasn't taking current in anyway).

Any ideas please?

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Best setup for 2 quatros with 2 positive lines, one neutral line off grid

I have a 2 phase system on property which means I have 2 live wires and one neutral.
For an off grid system set up I was going to have 2 separate systems, an inverter connected to each line and share the neutral with

x2 inverters (Quattro's 10kva 48v)
x2 battery banks
x2 sets of mppts
and separate arrays of solar panels for each system

However I have since learned that there could be a better set up by combining the inverters together in parallel. Single battery bank, one set of mppt's and solar panels for single system.
This would mean I may have to connect the two positive lines together and power both phases as one with the two inverters paralleled as master/slave.
This would allow all the power of both inverters to go to both positive lines and power can be used by either line at different times or at the same time. Maybe this could work, not sure?

Or is it possible to set them up as you would do to parallel the two inverters together as master and slave using the same battery and mppt's and have the neutral common to both inverters but have separate positives where each inverter is connected to a different positive line.. They would be loaded very differently at different times would this be ok? I don't know.

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#24 fault on quattro


Could anyone tell me what the #24 fault is on the 10kva quattro inverter and also what could cause it.

thanks in advance


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Arrêt du Quattro 1 (mode triphasé) sans raison apparente

Bonsoir à toutes et à tous,

Je vais tester le forum francophone !

Notre installation Off Grid située à Majorque est composée de :

* 3 x Quattro 10000 en mode triphasé

* 2 x BYD LVL 15.4 (je sais il en faut 3 pour 3x Quattro 10000 mais je limite le fonctionnement des Quattro à une puissance inférieure à 8000 W par phase jusqu'à l'arrivé de la 3ème LVL)

* Un générateur solaire SMA STP 25000TL

Tout cela fonctionne parfaitement depuis plus d'un an mais récemment j'ai d'une manière aléatoire (de jour, de nuit, installation en charge basse, moyenne ou importante) les quattro qui s'arrêtent avec ce message d'erreur : "Quattro 48/10000/140-2x100 / Alarme / #1 Appareil éteint"

J'imagine que l'un des quattro rencontre une défaillance quelconque (peut-être même un défaut momentané) sur l'une des phases ce qui provoque l'arrêt simultané des 3 phases mais je ne comprends pas pourquoi...

Le système redémarre tout seul au bout de quelques secondes sans intervention.

Merci pour votre aide !


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Low voltage on the master inverter only


We installed three Quattro 10kW for a three phase system with lithium battery storage. The master inverter's low battery light is on, while on the other two inverters the light is off. Also, on the color control as well as on the battery's display, the battery voltage is 50V (70% SOC).

Can anyone advise the reason for this warning?

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Grid settings in ESS mode


I have set SOC limit to 35% in a attempt for the grid to only charge my batteries once they go below 35%. to test that I turn on grid but It didnt work as expected. instead it was charging the batteries at 38% . why did it started charging even tho the limit (35%) wasnt reached?


Also what battery mode should I select for such operation? moreover how can I tell grid to stop charging my batteries at the desired battery voltage or SOC? basically i want to use grid only as a backup in extreme cases (i,e, below 35%)

also what does grid setpoint does?


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Quattro Programmable Relay - On/Off Different Voltage levels

Good day Everyone,

I have an excess of PV power during most of the day and instead of wasting it, I would like to turn on the programmable relay to power a pool pump.

Ideally, I would like to turn the relay on when the batteries are charging and the SOC is higher than 80%, and have it turn off when the batteries are discharging and the SOC is lower than 98%. To not drain the batteries with an unnecessary load.

I have tried ticking charge state and SOC but this does not switch the relay on at all.

Currently, the only configuration I can get to work is using only SOC, with Relay ON at Higher than 85% and Relay OFF at Lower than 85%.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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