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Feature Request - GX and VRM - Ve.direct devices tracked through serial/unique identifier NOT the device ID

It seems to be pretty well documented that there are issues with ve.direct devices shuffling around device IDs in a system. This is an extreme nuisance for multiple reasons. Firstly, your device history in the GX and VRM essentially get lost. Secondly, if you have a well defined Advanced view in VRM with many widgets, these have to be redone every time the device IDs get shuffled which is a considerable pain due to the interface. While a pretty interface, it is NOT at all an enjoyable process to arrange your widgets in VRM.

I have had this happen twice now in my system in the last 3 days and it is very frustrating and really breaks your historical data used for trending and analysis.

It seems that currently, devices get tracked by their ve.direct device id (288+). This is a transient value that appears to get assigned to devices when they are connected/on power up (or if a random reshuffle occurs?) and is simple a bus communication port. Given that every device has a unique serial number (and likely other under the hood identifiers as well) why isn't data logged against that vs against the device ID which seems to change randomly without reason. This would represent a much more "stable" view into your data and allow me to trust the long term trends much more.


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Optimisation de la consommation et des micrologiciels


J’aimerai savoir s’il est possible d’éteindre et d’allumer l’écran du RS Smart Solar via un appareil GX. Dans un système DVCC, ce qu’il indique semble avoir peu d’importance et je suppose que son éclairage n’est pas pour rien dans les 20 W qu’il consomme à vide.

L’écran du GX Touch, en luminosité minimale, reste trop éblouissant la nuit. Est-il possible de diminuer davantage la luminosité ?

Enfin, mon système ne comportera jamais d'entrée CA et se serait bien de pouvoir personnaliser un minimum l'affichage sur le GX.

Existe t-il un endroit où l’on peut faire remonter des suggestions d’améliorations comme celles-ci ?

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Multiplus II 3000 GX External Current Sensor Error 24

Good Evening Victron Community,

I have installed a Multiplus II GX in a topology with all Non-Critical Loads upstream of the AC Input. Critical Loads on AC Output 1 as usual.

When installing the External current sensor on the Main Circuit and returning from an Outage the Inverter gave an Error 24 related to the backfeed relay.

Although the error makes sense to me regarding it seeing Current (from the external sensor) while it was expecting no current (Ac-In relay open) I would think that selecting the External Current Sensor Connected tick box in VEConfigure would tell it to ignore this discrepancy?

I have since removed the Current Sensor (and unticked the tick box) and have tested the exact same outage successfully without Error24.

Although this post mostly serves as a possible bug flag, I would like to end it with a question.

Would it be possible for me to install a three phase Grid Meter upstream of the AC Input and non critical loads (Carlo Gavazzi 65A) instead of the Current Sensor and still avoid this Error 24 Situation?

If yes, would I be able to add an unpowered USB hub onto the USB port to have both an external Wifi adapter and USB to RS485 adapter on the GX portion in order to connect the Grid Meter?

Kind Regards

Randolf Wenhold

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EasySolar II GX qui "perd" son MPPT


Sur une de mes installations, avec un EasySolar II GX 48/3000 et des batteries Pylontech, le MPPT (interne a l'EasySolar, donc) a disparu du système (sur la vue sur VRM) et ne chargeait plus.

Un reboot du GX et tout est rentré dans l'ordre.

Il y a eu à priori un orage au moment de la "disparition" du MPPT, donc peut être une perturbation qui a fait planter l'appareil.

Le problème, c'est que je n'ai pas trouvé comment ajouter une alerte mail en cas de disparition d'un appareil. Du coup, comme c'est un site isolé qui n'est pas habité en ce moment, si mon client ne s'était pas aperçu et inquiété de la baisse inexpliquée de l'état de charge, ça aurait fini avec des batteries à 0, et un système totalement arrété...

Donc question : est-il possible de mettre en place ce type d'alerte, et comment ?

Et sinon, est-il envisageable qu'il y ait une option dans le menu GX pour que l'appareil reboote de lui même en cas justement de perte de communication avec un des éléments du système, comme on peut l'avoir en cas de perte de connexion internet/vrm)


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Will a turned off GX cause the VE.Direct BlueSolar MPPT to turn off?

The GX device is supposed to get its power from the VE.Bus BMS' load disconnect pin per the manual.

The GX device controls the BlueSolar MPPT through VE.Direct.

In case of depleted batteries, will the GX off state default to letting the MPPT charge or not?

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Is GX required to maximize battery use and switch to shore power only when batteries are low

Hello all,

I'm designing my future system and wondering whether I need a (Cerbo/Venus/?) GX control device in order to set the Quattro to use the batteries (and solar panels) as much as possible, until they reach a given threshold (50%) when the shore power takes over. (and ideally if/when the inverter can't keep up)

All the guides I've seen so far call for an ESS system which requires a GX device, but it seems to be a rather straightforward setting that I should be able to set with the USB interface which hopefully works on Linux.

The charger would barely ever be needed so I don't need a straightforward interface to it.

I've attached a diagram of the current state of planning below:


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REC Active BMS for Victron GX - How many contactors ?

This new version of "REC-ABMS for Victron CCGX" communicates with a GX Device using CAN. It sends Max Charge Current & Voltage and Max Discharge Current along with Battery Voltage, Temp & SOC. The GX Device uses DVCC & SVS to control all Inverter / Charger & MPPT Solar controllers to comply with the charging / discharging limits. Ok, so that sounds good, huh? But I also want to have contactors set to voltage levels in case the CAN bus goes down.

The previous version of the BMS suggested just the traditional two contactors - HVD & LVD to provide High Voltage Disconnect of the charge bus and Low Voltage Disconnect of the DC load bus.

But this version offers a Main Contactor for both HVD & LVD for Victron inverter / charger devices. And another Contactor expected to be used for HVD on non-Victron Charging sources. And though it is not shown in this diagram, I am sure they expected a third contactor for LVD to disconnect DC Loads.


Is this genius or overkill?

I questioned the new functionality, and the manufacturer offered to disable it to make it functionally equivalent to the old version. But I am an Engineer, so I tend to think "here is a Solution, now lets go find a Problem..."

Any thoughts appreciated.....



P.S. And....

I was expecting the fail-safe MultiPlus Inverter/Charger control to be made with a Charge Control signal to AUX1 and Discharge Control to T1 with the Assistant loaded "Two wire BMS (016A)"...

But they are suggesting Charge Control using the Assistant "Input Current Limit Control (0142)" and the AUX1 signal. And programming the Inverter's DC Input Low Shutdown voltage for Discharge Control.

Some REC users I have enjoyed reading before: @paulb @drmi @Boekel @Poppycock @Hakon Ingvaldsen @Eirik @Ceri.w

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Multi remote control disabled when VE.Bus BMS configured


When the VE.Bus BMS is configured in my MultiPlus II (48/3000/35), the remote on/off/charger-only options are disabled on the gx devices (Cerbo GX). What is the technical reason for this? Is there any workaround available to put the Multi into charger only mode from the Cerbo?

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Multiplus SOC Data Values


I am pulling data off our Multiplus through the Venus GX. I look at the below data field. What I see is that the value for this field is either 0 or 1. For my BVM devices it will provide in the same stateofCharge field a value between 0 and 1 representing a % of charge. Anyone have insight the multiplus values are not reflecting of battery charge level. In the below "261" is the Victron ID of my Multiplus.


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Looking for input - 4 to 20mA and 0 to 10V senders

Hello Community!

We’re considering to add a USB accessory to our GX product range, to add 0 to 10V, as well 4 to 20mA inputs.

But since all of us have very limited experience with 4 to 20mA tank senders, we're looking for some input:

  1. Is it always 4mA = tank empty, and 20mA is tank is full? Or do the empty and full levels need to be configurable in a software setting on the GX Device?
  2. And how important is it that the transducer can be powered by our device?
  3. Anything else we should keep in mind when designing a 4 to 20mA input? Good features you have seen else where?

Also, if you are using 4 to 20 mA senders, please post a link to a datasheet or specs below. And if you have an opinion on the sender, what you like/don't like, welcome to add that.

Lastly, most questions above are for 4 to 20mA, not for 0 to 10V - but if you have special comments about 0 to 10V, welcome as well - obviously. The product we have in mind will have inputs that can be used for both types.

Note, that this is quite early in the product development, I can’t say anything for now with regards to availability dates.

All the best and thank you! Matthijs

ps. just to prevent any question about this: we'll soon launch a new Venus OS version that can work with irregular tank shapes, as well as naming tanks and some more features: all those features will also available for the 0 to 10V and 4 to 20mA inputs. Details here.

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Dual Victron Multiplus, same battery bank, separate AC out.


I need some assistance. I´m installing a setup composed of a battery bank (lithium), 2 smartsolar MPPT, 1 Cerbo GX, two Multiplus II - 48/5000. (240VAC)

The system is installed and it is working fine, but I can´t find a way to only have one inverter/charge working. I understant that when configuring the inverters in split/parallel/three phase, if one shuts down, the other one also turns off.

But one this case, I don´t need to combine the power of both inverters. I have the AC-out´s connected to a swich on the AC switchboard in which we use either one inverter, or the other. So we would like to use the inverters as indepent as possible.

Right now, I have them connected to the Cerbo GX, each with their own VE.BUS cable. I´ve tried chain one VE.BUS cable from one inverter to the other and then to the Cerbo GX, but it is the same, I cannot use one inverter without the other.

Is there any workaround to this? We just want to have more redundancy with the setup, we don´t need to have the combined power of the inverters.

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FEATURE REQUEST: Clearer formatting of MAC Addresses on Stickers

Tiny thing, but something I am sure will be appreciated by all installers:

On the sticker on the Cerbo, can we change the formatting to add a space or : after each set of four characters to make it much easier to read and check?

Eg. Instead of "d412430b4fa1" it is printed "d412 430b 4fa1"

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Is there a possibility to share data beetween two GX devices ?

I would like to use second GX device in system, but I need to use some data from first one. Is it possible to get for example battery current form first GX device and set it on second one as com.victronenergy.system Battery Current (841). I have noticed that there is new setting "ModBUS TCP Devices", but when I setup connection the result is






Or maybe other sugesstion for data synchronization ?

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GX Tank 140 Inputs other than Tank Level

Hi, with the GX Tank 140 accepting 4-20mA inputs, I would like to connect various instruments other than tank level - like an inclinometer, flow meter, weight etc.

Is there a way to set custom names and units like degrees, L/s, Kg etc. instead of just L or %?


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See Inverter Production


Is there anyway to see how much an power inverter is producing?
Also this would be extremely helpful in parallel systems if I could see each inverters load.


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Dvcc with incompatible firmware #48

Just installed 5.21 beta VictronConnect. It upgraded my mppt smart solar to 1.48. my color control has a notification error

system warning Dvcc with incompatible firmware #48

what should I do about this error message?

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US Certification (UL/CSA) for GX Devices (Venus, Cerbo....)


I would like to know if there is any plan from Victron to certify the GX range or any specific product of the GX family to be certified in North America, such us UL or CSA certification as this is something that our clients are demanding more and more.

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Has DC System - Incorrect Consumption in VRM when Phoenix Inverter is run on DC

Hey everyone,

I am running an off-grid system with a GX Device and an MPPT, BMV and Phoenix Inverter 12/800. I also have DC loads connected to the system. As long as the inverter is not running, the consumption values in VRM are perfectly valid, but as the inverter runs, the values measured are off, as the inverter power is just added ON TOP of the DC Load Power which already includes all the current drawn by the inverter.

Is there a way to configure the GX Device to ignore the AC Power measurements, as they are already included in the DC Load? If not: it'd be great to have an option in the menu that states that the inverter is run on the DC system. Otherwise I am unable to reliably log the system consumption...



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Cerbo GX Remote Password (only) wrong when connecting via IP address

Ok this is a strange one. When connecting to the Remote Console of the Cerbo GX via VRM my password works perfect every time.

When connecting via the IP address in a web browser it always says the password is wrong. I have reset and tried several (super simple) passwords and they only seem to work via VRM.

Once I disable the password check (Have to do this via VRM) I can get in again via direct IP on LAN. That is very insecure though.

Enable on LAN is enabled.

Any suggestions? I would like to have remote access in the event of losing internet.

My Venus GX at another site is working perfectly.

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Analog engine data to NMEA2000 using the Cerbo GX?

I am planning to get a lot more data to my NMEA2000 network. I have just ordered a Cerbo GX and planning to get water tank, fuel tank and septic tank data to the NMEA2000 network using the resistive tank level inputs on the Cerbo GX and the VE.Can to NMEA 2000-adapter.

My engine is a VolvoPenta MD2040 and a bit older engine without support for J1939. I am also considering several options such as EMU-1 from Actisense. But want to see if I could find a simpler solution instead.

I want to get the following data from the engine to the NMEA2000 network, hopefully using the Cerbo GX.

  • Tachometer/RPM data from alternator
  • Oil pressure
  • Engine temperature

Is there any option to get engine data to the NMEA2000 network using the different tank, temperature and digital inputs on the Cerbo GX?

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y a t'il moyen de désactiver le wifi sur easysolar II GX ?


Existe t'il un moyen de désactiver complètement le wifi sur le dispositif gx equipant l'easysolar II ? Un client potentiel qui a des problèmes d'hypersensibilité aux ondes EM me soumet le problème suite à mon devis de système autoconso ESS.


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GX display on my EasySolar-II GX is frozen again

7 days ago GX display on my EasySolar-II GX froze.

I did the on/off "procedure" and it came back but there was a error #10 as a result.

Is there a way to reset GX display wthout havig to reset the whole unit?

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Increased Data usage with V2.60 and/or VRM

I am using a color control GX on my boats system, it is connected to a 4G Wifi router, Since this week I notice quit high consumption of data, which could only be used by the GX! (4.5GB in 5 days!)

Could it be the new version 2.60 is using more data?

And/ or will the new VRM protal use more?


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Temperatur Value on Display ColorControl or Cerbo GX

I like to see the temperatur values on the display of ColorControl/Cebro GX (Motorhome & Boat View).

Is there a way to customize the view of the GX?

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How can I extend the distance between the Cerbo GX and GX touch 50 screen?

Hello I want to use the Cerbo GX with GX touch 50 in a place without internet connexion, there is 50 meters between the screen and the Cerbo GX, is it possible to work with bluetooth or with cable connection. ? Thanks for your answer.

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AC1 on GX screen


I had error 7 on the display of my GX unit, then after configuring it it now displays AC1, how do i correct the fault


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Connect GX touch 50 to Easysolar 2 GX?


Can i use a GX Touch 50 on my Easysolar 2 GX to display information?

REgards, Stig

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CANBus interface on GX
I have mainly a Victron system installed in a 5th Wheel RV; 1020W of Solar panels thru a 105V/100A MPPT solar controller, and a 12V/3000W/120A Inverter/Charger for shore side charging with a Bluetooth VE buss smart dongle. I installed it myself and used a MK2-USB to set up the Mulitiplus for the 500 Amps of AGM batteries I have. I also have a BMV-712 to monitor the system. I'm interested in upgrading to Lithium batteries and also adding one of the GX devices to be able to remotely monitor my system (I currently only use bluetooth locally).

I'm looking at Lithionics batteries, their internal BMS models have an output cable that supports RVIA RV-C and CANbus information, specifically it provides battery Voltage and Current data, battery Temperature and SOC data, remaining Ah capacity, desired charger state and charge specs, HVC and LVC status, total Ah capacity and current Power, accepts ON/OFF/Charge-ON commands and a few others. The link for the information specifications and protocols is here.

I've tried asking and looking around, but can't find anyone with answers. I would like to know if any of the Victron Venus GX or Color Control GX or Cerbo GX interfaces can accept this data from the Lithionics GTX12V315A batteries internal BMS using the CANBus data interface. And if all I would need is the Lithionics cable (75-H1FCR-CS2 Ampseal 8 Harness Kit), to plug into one of the GX's.

Also, is specific programming required for the GX?

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Webhooks on VRM API or GX - Alerting on Grid Loss

Given the ongoing local grid instability and perennial rolling blackouts in South Africa, we really need a better way than email alerts to signal a grid loss.

We're currently developing a small daemon to run on the GX device to catch a grid loss and trigger an event remotely but that will require us installing that custom code on every GX device we ship and that's going to be harder than it should be.

Two solutions come to mind:

1. Allow calling a custom webhook directly from the GX device on grid loss.

2. Allow calling a custom webhook from the VRM API (configured for the site inside VRM) on grid loss.

I would prefer the first solution because it would not be delayed by the reporting interval configured on the device.


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Uploading GX file from SD card


Where is this SQLite file uploaded TO???

At first instance VRM portal said it DID work.

I cannot find its destination. Where is it?

All subsequent attempts have failed?

Failing this, how do I view the data on my computer. This is all I want to do and surely it cannot be so difficult and clumsy


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