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Generator Monitor Victron Energy Meter Et112

I want to monitor my Generator output. I am using the Venus OS on my Raspberry Pi. I found the Victron Energy Meter Et112 and have a few questions. 1. Which CT do I use to get amperage reading. 2. Does it read frequency?

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Victron Blue Smart IP22 12/30 (1) - How to connect to Bluetooth Interface

hello to all,

I am using the Blue Smart IP22 12/30 (1) to load and recondition car batteries. It works well and I like that it communicates its state on Voltage and Current via Bluetooth.

At this point, using the Android VictronConnect app, I am missing the option to integrate with my building control infrastructure in order. The use case is to trigger notifications if any of the parameters reach a determined value. For example know when the battery is charged or look at the current and voltage curves to determine more detailed what the battery health really is.... etc...

Could someone make the protocol (used on Bluetooth) as well as the Victron BlueSmart APIs available so I can develop a (RasPi based) Monitor, similar to what the VictronConnect does.

Any pointers, help, suggestions are well received.

Kind regards,


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Monitoring a small lifepo bank including cell voltages.


I am building a 400ah isolated bank for my pilothouse electronics. Currently I have two 200ah 12v smart lithium batteries that will be charged by stacked (two) orion-tr smart 12v DC/DC chargers. The system will use a smart shunt as well. I have not decided on the bms system, it’s between the ve bms and the integrated smart bms.

The question I have is if there is a way to get the detailed monitoring info onto either n2k or internet accessible. The main house bank will be all lynx and have the GX devices but that seems like overkill and from searching this forum I don’t think I could connect this smaller bank into the main bank cerbo/gx. The Bluetooth is great and looking for the best way to get that level of info remotely accessible.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Temporarely monitoring my house with Cerbo GX plus EM24 without Multiplus

Hi everybody,

Good to see there are a lot of skilled people on this forum so I hope to get an answer on this queste.

In the middle of some changes in my battery system and placement of an ABB coil tripped breaker, I want to shut off my MPII 5000/70 plus batteries but leave monitoring of our household usage and Solar power logging (SMA STP5.0 over sunspec) in place.

Is there a way to keep logging with a Cerbo GX and two EM24 Carlo Gavazzi modbus meters (over ethernet) without needing the Multiplus to be active?

When the MP is off, no data of the L1-L2-L3 power and SMA solar power is available.

hanks in advance for your effort!

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Battery monitoring with smart battery sense and smart shunt

Is it possible to monitor mid point voltage, temperature and battery voltage using a smart battery sense and smart shunt on the same ve network?

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External fan connection

I have a Multiplus 24/5ooo/120. I would like to connect an external fan to draw air into the cabinet where it is fitted when the temperature goes up (fitted in a mobile home). Is there a connection inside the unit that will switch on 24V to operate the fan when it gets hot?

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GX Touch or Bmv 712

Completely replacing the charging system on our boat. 4 battery banks with 3 chargers. Will use Two Skylla IP65’s and 1 MultiPlus-II.

My question is as follows. I will use the GX Touch 70 display, will I still need to use the Bmv-712’s for each bank as well or will I just need the GX Touch for everything. Don’t want to double up on the monitors or cost if I don’t need to.

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BMV 712 and wifi: what do I need? I have wifi (hotspot) in the van.

Hi, I would like to monitor my battery remotely. Is the Global link 520 the cheapest solution? I have wifi in the van and a BMV 712. Thank you

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Volts zero to 12.99V upon vehicle charging

Any ideas as to what may have caused this:

Recently had my batteries go from 13.2 Volts to 0 Volts on the Magnum and Smart shunt over 2 days with no load. Batteries showed only 0.9 Volts after charging overnight with the Magnum.

Upon running the vehicle the system volts immeadiately jumped to 12.99 volts and systems worked and batteries will now charge.


Rig: 2016 Liesure travel Van MB

Battleborn (2) 100Ah LiFePO4 Heated batteries

Magnum MM1212 Inverter Charger

Victron BMV-712 Smart Shunt

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Reading SMA tripower with the venus.

i have a offgrid system.

it consist of:

1x sma tripower 10000tl

3x quattro 10000 (3 phase installation)

2x smart solar charger 250/100.

Everything is going perfect .. i miss only the part for reading the SMA inverter.. i read and follow the post of sma inverters.. but still no luck..

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SMA STP 8.0 to gx device ??

Is there a possibility to connect SMA STP 8.0 to gx device by speedwire connection to create monitoring of pv production instead installing smart meter et340 on pv ac output ??

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Monitoring Application for the MultiPlus

I have a Victron MutliPlus-II and was wondering if there is an app that I can run on my laptop that will either export logged data over time or the app will log it. Looking for Input and Output Volts, currents, Power,.... Would like to trend to see where my peaks and valleys are and what my mins and maxs are.


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Solar data record after switching to victronenergy products?


would like to understand in detail how to record all the data of my new smartsolar and smartshuunt over time. And how to use the VRM portal.

IN the switch between Epever to victronenergy system I have lost the ability to record data. I used to record up to 30,000 records every 10 minutes for 4 months with an Epever accessory costing $ 20. Epever E-log.

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Monitoring of non-PV DC generation through CCGX

This has been mooted as a possible new feature for some time. Is there any prospect soon? I have three systems that could do with this, or a better work around than the 'Has DC System' fudge.

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

@Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff)


@48V on 56North

@Chase Martin

@Sam Salwei

Any news gratefully received!

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Can you use an AC-Coupled Fronius Primo Light in an Off-grid installation?


If I would not use SolarWebApp monitoring, couId I use an AC-Coupled Fronius Primo Light version (without Datamanager) in an Off-grid installation? Only Victron inverter/charger would be monitored via VRM. The communication between Fronius and Victron would be possible via LAN?

Gracias por adelantado :)

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