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VRM stats - Energy out per day from inverter

There is a ve bus system metric called "Inverter To AcOut" which is a cumulative total over all time. On one system I see a single arbitrary reset which is either manual or linked to something like an inverter reboot or inverter firmware update. Never the less - I can't find a place to get a daily KWh on the AC out similar to the daily KWh number that we can get from the Solar Charger called Yield today.

The idea is to be able to workout the solar generation shortfall of a system as the difference of Solar Yeild and KWh on AcOut would be from_grid+from_battery.

Ideally one would want the KWh the battery yeilded aswell so that one can work out how much too small the solar plant is.

At the moment I can use the cumulative total manually but that's only useful in a debug scenario.

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Monitor and alarm shore power kWh consumption

My shore power is via a prepay meter. I’d really like to set an alert to tell me when to top it up. Is there any way to do this? Using a Quattro and CCGX, considering upgrading to a Cerbo. Planning on adding solar soon too.

Adding a bit more info: cooking on induction and heating via heat pump (via original keel coolers!) so will be all-electric once I’ve upgraded the drive, and I’m aiming to be off-grid in the summer, but will need shore power in the winter. I’m loving the Victron gear, would just like to get a notification once I’ve used X kWh of shore, to remind me to top up.

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Downloaded installation data has changed, help needed.

I used to download weekly data from all my installations from VRM. In previous weeks, the downloaded sheet would have information on Generator run hours and average run hours for that whole week. However, recently the sheets no longer have the columns filled out. Now when I download, the sheet has no data on gen run hours or average run hours. Any help I can get on this would be appreciated.





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What is needed to monitor AC input/output on Multiplus II

Do I need a GX device, MK3-USB adapter or something else for monitoring wattage?

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Multiple battery monitor available - only selected affecting the system?


when multiple battery monitors are connected to the system and one battery monitor is selected what happen to the data provided of the other battery monitors?

Multiple users are using the dbus-serialbattery driver with more than one battery and a few reported, that then DCL and CCL is set, then the lowest value is applied by the MultiPlus II, even if this battery is not selected as battery monitor.

Is this a bug or a feature? :)

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Comparison of control and monitor features

I'm building off-grid system with Multiplus II, Victron MPPT, Battery Protect and non Victron lifepo battery. These devices have some monitoring and control capabilities and in addition there are the many dedicated devices for that. Is there by any chance a table which compares what functions can be controlled and monitored by different Victron devices? I have read the prochures and it just made me more confused...

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How best to monitor the current going to a specific device in VRM?

I have just fitted an immersion tank to my domestic system with MultiPlus-II 48/8000/110 and Cerbo GX. I have two temperature probes monitoring water temperature at the upper and lower heating element positions in the cylinder. Now I would like to be able to plot the current going specifically to the heating elements using the Advanced display in VRM. What is the best device to use to capture this data? Can the current transformer input on the MultiPlus-II be configured for this purpose? Or is there a device that might output a voltage to be read by one of the remaining "temperature" analog inputs? Many thanks for your suggestions and advice.

regards to all from Northumberland UK

Max Whitby

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Is it safe to have two Battery Monitors, should I remove one?


I am using a Victron Smart Shunt (aka Battery Monitor) feeding battery data to other components in my setup (e.g., MPPT charger). Please see my first two setup photos. I recently learned how to have my EG4-LL (version one) batteries to communicate with Cerbo GX (photos aren't showing the communication cables between batteries and Cerbo GX). As you can see from the other photos, I now have two Battery Monitors in my setup. Should I remove the Smart Shunt (it seems the battery communication has more data included, so I should keep that and remove the Smart Shunt)? I also like to know, if it is safe to have two Battery Monitors in my setup. It seems the Smart Shunt is reporting higher SOC value, however the reported charge current and voltage values are similar from both Battery Monitors (see photos, which are captured at different times). Thanks in advance for your reply...











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Generator Monitor Victron Energy Meter Et112

I want to monitor my Generator output. I am using the Venus OS on my Raspberry Pi. I found the Victron Energy Meter Et112 and have a few questions. 1. Which CT do I use to get amperage reading. 2. Does it read frequency?

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Grid Lost alarm not written to modbus register

Hi everyone!

I recently installed the following system:

3x MP2 5000
4x Pylontech US5000
1x Fronius Symo 15-3
1x Cerbo GX

I must say that I am really pleased with the quality of the Victron components and the documentation/knowledge available to do things in a DIY manner. However reading the modbus registers on my Cerbo I encountered an issue while testing.

I am pulling data from all modbus registers once a second. This data is written to InfluxDB and aggregated/downsampled to 3 minutes granularity. The 1s data is retained for 24h allowing me to do real time dashboarding e.g. to monitor alarm states.


Testing most alarms is difficult but the Grid-Lost alarm can be tested easily by pulling the main breaker on the Grid-Side aka AC-IN. The Cerbo reports a Grid-Lost Alarm about 15-30s after the grid was lost. The Modbus Register 64 (Unit: 227 or 100) should write a "2" for an alarm state but remains at "0".

Unfortunately this is not very confidence inspiring since I am building a whole alerting system that relies on these registers being accurate.

Does anyone have an Idea why the register remains at 0?


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Monitoring daily total AC output on Multiplus?

I just want to be able to look at the total power inverted by the Multiplus. I can make a widget on the CCGX which makes a nice graph so it is obviously storing that data but I just want to see the value in KW much like I can with the DC power consumed from the batteries as monitored with the smart shunt.

Is this possible?

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[Solved] EM24 for PV showing negative number for 1 phase

My new 3 phase ESS build is showing some odd numbers for the PV-inverter connected to a EM24. One of the phases is always negative 0-4W, while the other output numbers are as I see on the Solaredge (display/monitoring-site). I've noticed this, but I think I'm still missing the watts produced on the mentioned phase. In the picture below the PV-inverter was outputting 3x ~320 W.

Maybe I misunderstood. Can someone help me understand?


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Data log Multiplus


Is there a way to get a datafile from the Multiplus without connecting it to a GX device? When I troubleshoot and need to see peak power from the AC loads, as an example, can i get this info anyway with only the USB-MK3 or similar device? Or do i have to connect it to a GX device?

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Understanding idle battery status

I'm trying to understand what the shunt is saying by reporting the battery at "Idle 29w". Wouldn't idle necessitate it being 0 watts since a positive number would mean charging, and a negative number would mean discharging?


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Can I measure 3 single phase loads with a single ET340?

Hi there. Is it possible to measure the loads of 3 separate single phase loads with 1 ET340 meter? I want to measure:

- total load coming from grid

- total load from inverters to house

- total load supplied directly from grid to house

Obviously I wanted to prevent installing 3 separate ET112's so I purchased a ET340. Wiring is all connected and meter is present on CCGX but not seeing any numbers. Many thanks

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