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Consumption readings not accurate - AC coupled system

Hi there Guys

I have an off grid system.

With a Quatro 8 kW and MPPT on the shed.

and a AC coupled fronius inverter on a house sub board 20 meters from the shed.

It seems that the consumption monitoring on VRM is not showing the gross consumption of the loads. Just the net. (after the fronius inverter has fed the load at the house).

Do I have to install a meter at the house sub board where the fronius inverter is to get a more accurate reading?.

Thanks for your help in advance


Regards Alex

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Midpoint Connection

I have a SmartShunt 500 and in the manual it states "The Aux terminal can be used to monitor the midpoint voltage of a battery bank that consists of multiple batteries that are wired in series or series/parallel to create a 24V or 48V battery bank." I have two 6 volt batteries to create my 12V battery bank. Can I still use the mid point monitoring for my setup?

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Blue Solar Charge Controller MPPT 150/35, battery monitoring, how long until battery disconnect?

Hello, I have the Blue Solar MPPT 150/35, 2x12 volt AGM batteries, in an Airstream trailer. I just hooked up the Bluetooth Dongle, and I have the Victron Connect app up and running on my phone.

I see all the metrics, it is working as expected. But with this setup, can one ascertain how long the batteries will last until the battery disconnect kicks in? For example, I have the furnace on, the refrigerator on. I should be able to see the Amp Hours being sucked away from the batteries. But what I don't know is how long the batteries will continue to feed that load, before being shut down when it reaches the 50% threshold. Kind of like a reading that says "estimated time remaining".

Is that even possible?

Thank you

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US3000C RS485 Communication Cable for Monitoring


I am looking for the wiring schema of a cable to monitor US3000C pylontech?

Can anybody provide the schema and a link to the required software?

Thanks in advance

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Monitoring Fronius
Sur une propriété il y a deux annexes sur lesquels il y a deux installations Fronius Primo en autoconsommation, elles sont raccordées respectivement à un sous tableau dans chaque annexe qui alimente aussi quelques petits et gros consommables.
Ces deux annexes sont raccordées au tableau principal et tout va pour le mieux.
Le but est de passer en ESS, avec comme local technique l'endroit où est le tableau principal, les deux annexes seront raccordées en couplage AC-Out et le Multiplus pourra gérer tout ça.
Mon questionnement ce porte sur le monitoring, les annexes sont respectivement à 18m et 50m et quelques murs à traverser.
Es ce qu'une communication wifi entre les Fronius et un CERBO sera suffisant et fiable pour un monitoring juste, sachant que l'énergie arrivant en AC-out dans le Multiplus sera inférieure de celle produite et transmise par les Fronius ?
Ou ne faudrait-il pas plutôt utiliser deux ET112 mesurant directement les Fronius, avec les convertisseurs Zigbee USB et RS485 pour la communication avec le CERBO et donc le VRM.
D'avance merci, si vous avez une expérience sur ce sujet.
Bien cordialement, Jean luc

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Reading SMA tripower with the venus.

i have a offgrid system.

it consist of:

1x sma tripower 10000tl

3x quattro 10000 (3 phase installation)

2x smart solar charger 250/100.

Everything is going perfect .. i miss only the part for reading the SMA inverter.. i read and follow the post of sma inverters.. but still no luck..

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Monitor shore power with a Phoenix 24/3000 (USA)

I have a Phoenix inverter (24/3000) in an off grid set up although I do have grid power. My configuration looks like this:

  1. Phoenix 24/3000
  2. 250/60 SmartSolar SCC
  3. Lynx Distributor
  4. Lynx Power In
  5. 24V 400Ah LiFePO4 Battery Bank
  6. Cerbo GX
  7. AIMS 36/48V AC Converter/Battery Charger
  8. Kill Switch, Fuses and circuit breakers

The Phoneix does not have AC input nor does it have a charger. My AIMS battery charger only kicks on when solar cannot keep the batteries topped off daily, which is very seldom. Is there any way to see and monitor the power input of the AIMS in VRM when it kicks on and charging the batteries?

Thanks in advance!

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Lost external Battery Monitor after CCGX Firmware Update

I recently updated the CCGX Firmware on a boat with a non-victron batteries. They have 'Super B' batteries that have an External Monitoring system. It connects to the CCGX via a VE.CAN to NMEA2000 interface cable. Before the update the monitoring system was able to be seen on the CCGX. Now after the update it is no longer seen, or even recognised as a device in the VE. CAN connected devices. According to 'Super B' the protocol has to be set to Oceanvolt 250kb/s which it is.

I have tried to re-install a older firmware version and the monitoring did not come back.

Any ideas would be great thanks.

Adam Robb asked

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Multiplus configuration, VictronConnect App, and the Cerbo GX

Hello All,

I'm installing a Multiplus 3000 on my boat and want to integrate it with my Garmin Chartplotter.

The Cerbo GX does this nicely as I understand.


Will I be able to perform the same configuration of the Multiplus over the Cerbo bluetooth connection as I would with the VE Bus Smart Dongle?

Thanks in advance!

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Does Victron support API or FTP services.

I want to use a third part monitoring platform to monitor Victron inverters.The platform requires use of API or FTP for remote connectivity.

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Realtime Reporting has just stopped

I have been successfully monitoring my onboard solar system on my RV for months now using the VRM Portal and just a few days ago it just stopped. I was in my RV just yesterday and was able to monitor the system locally just fine and determined the network in the RV is functioning. The portal shows data from 8 months ago and has not updated since but then is then switches to realtime reporting and I then get updated to the second stats but that process has now stopped.

Is there a process to kickstart realtime reporting?

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Battery Monitor

Is there a way I can use the BMV702 to give me a SOC when I use a Pylontech battery with GX device?

Without spending money on a GX screen I would lie to be able to see SOC using equipment I already have

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Monitoring PV invertors wireless

Hello everyone,

I was wondering what the best option is to wireless monitor several pv inverters.

The victron installation has an Multiplus 3000 II GX and a Gerbo GX.

I use an ET340 , connected via USB to the Gerbo GX,for the grid and there is no possiblity to place cabling to the PV inverters. I was thinking the Zigbee antennas were an option but can multiple EM's connect to one antenna using a switch?

Thanks in advance.



davidvm asked

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Easy solar 5000 wired interface for configuring and monitoring

Is it possible with one wired interface to be able to monitor and configure both MPPT and inverter with

  1. EasySolar 48/5000/70 MPPT 150/100 Color Control
  2. EasySolar-II 48/5000/70-50 MPPT 250/100 GX

If so which is the interface to do so for the above two units?


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How can I monitor individual loads such as a refrigerator?

I have a Victron 702 with Bluetooth, victron 2000 W inverter and two Victron solar controllers. The 702 lets me monitor my batteries, and the solar controllers allow me to monitor solar output. What I would like to do is monitor individual loads such as my refrigerator so I can track power consumption over different days. Does the Victron have a product that will do this?

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