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cerbo analog input specification

I see in the manual that the Cerbo analog inputs are 12v resistive, and can be configured to use US, European or custom resistance ranges, all within 0Ω to 264Ω.

Does the Cerbo apply any sensing voltage to the inputs itself? ie., if I put a volt meter across the terminals for an analog input, will I read any input? Likewise, if I put a resistor, say, 180Ω across the terminals, will I read any voltage on the input?

If any voltage is applied by the Cerbo, what is the max current the Cerbo will allow to flow in the resistor example above?

Thanks for any help!

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Plus d'affichage d'entrée analogique


Depuis quelque temps, lorsque j'ai ajouté des capteurs de température RUUVI, j'ai perdu mon capteur de température filaire et le menu ANALOG I/O a disparu. Que dois-je faire?


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CerboGX - IO Menu - No Tanks Found (was working)

CerboGX suddenly shows "No Tanks Found" for 2 x water tanks
Was working yesterday
IO / Analog is an empty screen. The 4 analog inputs are not listed.

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No Analog inputs shown on cerbo gx.

Originally was showing temperature and tank options in menus. While installing resistive tank sensors the cerbo GX rebooted. now all analog options are blank. The tank over view page shows no tanks connected and no options for temperature sensors available. How can I get those items to show again? It seems like the cerbo GX hardware may have faulted out.

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