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Inrush current Quattro 230V 48/10000VA for BMS dimensioning


I am currently looking to build or buy a battery pack for my old Quattro 230V 48/10000VA unit. Talking to some manufacturers they are a bit hesitant to recommend battery packs due to the fact that the Quattro apparently have a quite high inrush current due to the large inductor/capacitor inside the unit. They are a bit vague on it, but are recommending me mush larger battery packs than what i want at this point.

Are there any recommendations regarding what peak inrush currents I can expect with the Quattro 10000 VA unit ? I guess that I will need to find a BMS with sufficient inrush rating based on that.

Or is a precharge recommended/needed when using the Quattro 10000VA together with lithium packs with BMS ?

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Full solar Setup Advice

Hi Everyone

We're going completely offgrid due to the distance we are from power lines. I'm needing some guidance on a good offgrid setup and how to go about building it and programming it. Here's what I'm planning on using:

- Victron 48/500/70

- Victron Colour control GX

- Victron 85 amp controller

- JA Modue Solar 390W panels

- BYD 4.0kwh x4 with BMU and unit OR 4x Pylontech 3.55kwh

- Timber ground mount with flush mount system

I'm having a couple of electrician buddies coming around to give me a hand installing it all but they haven't every installed offgrid solar before.

My questions are:

1. Is installation a fairly straightforward process for your average electrician or even home handy man?

2. Is there anything I need to be aware of before we get to work?

3. Is the programming fairly straight forward?

4. Is there any issues with either of these setups or recommendations on a better setup?

5. Good bang for buck?

Thanks in advance!

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Off grid system - need guidance

Hi there.

Trying to size my system correctly with Victron products.

I am going to setup a 3 phase system using 3x multiplus II/3000/48V + 2x Smart Solar MPPT RS

I have a DIY 20 KWH battery with batrium BMS.

I will feed grid into the inverters.

- How will the multiplus act, if i pull more than 3000 watt from one phase? I see peak is 6000 watt, but there must be a limit for how long time it can deliver 6000w peak?

- What will happen if i install the system without a battery, for starters?

- Is it nessecary for the Victron to talk to my Batrium BMS - the unit should be able to measure the battery voltage by itself?

- Can i prioritize the system to deliver power from panels, before delivering from battery?

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