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Bluesmart IP22 LEDs flash every 3 secs

Hi All,

I just installed a Bluesmart IP22 charger that is networked with a BMV-712 and smart battery sense unit. The LEDs that show the charging state blink every 3 secs (not together - on the charging state it is on). All videos I saw show solid LED lights not blinking. App shows no errors and unit works well. Is this normal as the manual says nothing about LEDs flashing.

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What Size Charger do I need

I have just purchased 4 x 200ah Lithium Phosphate batteries that have a BMS that allows for parallel connection to four batteries. They are for a houseboat. I have two banks of solar that input to 28v (2 x 14) although they are facing opposite directions so never actually reach the full 28v (usually around 19v). With sunny days the previous AGM batteries (900ah) lasted 4 days before they needed to be charged (primarily running two 12v fridges). I just purchased a Victron battery charger Bluesmart IP22 12V/30A. I'm not sure if I purchased the right size charger or should have gone bigger. I am of course concerned for safety and charging too hard. What is your advice please. Did I buy the right size or should I send it back a get one bigger.

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Blue Smart IP22 Charger: No LEDs and power

Hello Community.

At my Blue Smart IP22 Charger no longer lights any LED and there is no Bluetooth connection. In addition, no power is generated to the battery. However, the charger consumes about 10 watts.

I have already tried to connect another Blue Smart IP22 Charger, which then worked without problems.

Does anyone have any ideas for me? I would be pleased.

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Any experience of MagCode PowerClip in boats?

Hi, is there anyone having experience on installing MagCode PowerClip and PowerPort on a boat? I'm most concerned about rust and corrosion on the connections. If it works, it would be a really nice product to install on small, open daycruisers.

Thanks in advance.

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Blue smart charger is heating much

Blue smart 12V/30 amp charger is getting very hot I'm afraid it will burn I use it to charge my 400 amp lifepo4 battery.Is it normal for it to get this hot, is my device broken on the way?

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Blue Smart 12/30 3 output monting

Hi. I have a Blue Smart 12/30 3 output charger on my boat. I am going to mount it soon. I should use it to charge 3 12 volts batteries mounted in series to give energy to a 36 volts trolling motor. Can I connect the each output to each battery without keeping the series line between batteries? Or I need to cut off the series before connecting the charger? My doubt comes from the fact that the charger has only one line for negatives.


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Blue Smart 12/30 (3) different settings per output

Basically the same question as

Blue Smart IP22 charger - multiple output to different battery types (EFB+ & AGM) by robot75


I want to charge EFB+, AGM and Lifepo4 at the same time in my camper van.

thx in advance,

best regards, bernsh

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Ip22 charger question “user defined”

Hi. I’ve read the charger manual. I understand most of it, but the manual is not clear on user defined settings (or at least how it “works“)

for example I have a lifepo4 12v battery that the stock ip22 will not work. so I have parameters to input into the charger, and I know how to connect to “Victron connect” and modify the settings.

my question is:

once I’ve set the user defined parameters does the charger use the settings once I connect to the battery? Or do I have to select one of the modes (high, normal, recondition, li on). Specifically does “normal” work with the new parameters?

and does the charger only remember the last usage for stock settings (normal, high, recondition, li on) or will it,remember my custom parameters?

the manual is clear how to enter the settings I need but I’m now sure how to get the charger to use the settings

hope this makes sense

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Blue Smart IP22 Charger and Global Link 520

Will the BlueSmart IP22 charger communicate with GlobalLink 520 over bluetooth?

I don't see it on the lists, but seems odd because it supports Bluetooth Instant the same as the rest.

Pre purchase qualifier in my case.


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Can you independently charge 2 LiFePO4 Batteries on a Blue Smart IP22 12V 30A 3 Output Charger?

I have 2 -12V LifePO4 batteries with the same amperage (270 amps each) but different charge levels. The Blue Smart IP22 says One or Three outputs. I want to charge these batteries independently but the charger only appears to charge the first output and the VictronConnect app only shows the status and history for that first output only. Does not look like you can charge using only 2 of the outputs.

I know you can do parallel charging off 1 port but my batteries have an internal voltage disconnect that is making it problematic. I bought this charger thinking it could charge up to 3 devices but it appears its 1 or 3 of the same chemistry. The manual has no mention of this.

Any confirmation of how the outlets work or suggestions on how to get 2 to charge and track status on individual outlets?

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Use of one output on Blue Smart IP22 12V 3 channel as a +12V signal

Can I use output 1 for charging and output 2 as a +12V signal output to my CBE distribution board to detect whether the charger (i.e. camper van) is connected to 230V or not? Will the Blue Smart give constant +12V on output 2, or cycle between outputs, which will turn on and off the +12V "signal" in my case?

The reason I need this is that my legacy CBE CB516 charger had a "S" net +12V signal output to inform the CBE distribution board about the 230V connected state. This is used both to turn on the "230V connected" led on the control panel, and to administrate the charger relay for starter battery charging.

The legacy "S" net +12V signal was rated 50mA. Will the Blue Smart "push" too much current which may blow my distribution board?

If this is possible, will somebody please guide me through any important config settings?

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Blue Smart IP22 12V 30A 3 Outputs

I'm hoping that someone knows, definitively, how this Blue Smart IP22 12V 30A 3 output charger (available as 1 and 3 output versions) handles the specific needs of each of the 3 outputs? Are they handled independently? For example each of the connected batteries are depleted to different extents, perhaps #1 only requires maintenance/float whereas #2 requires charging from a 30% state. I wouldn't be so concerned except that the VictronConnect app only shows single charging information (as though this was a single output instead of 3). It's a little difficult to envision a scenario when all 3 outputs should be handled as single..? Unfortunately Victron does NOT address this issue in ANY of their documentation. Also, is each output capable of 30A output (so for example the 3 outputs performs exactly the same as the 1 output version if only 1 output is being used)? Someone mentioned to me that they "thought" that the 3 output version was only capable of 10A per output channel, max, or perhaps 15A per output in the case where only 2 outputs were used.?

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Need Help with Smart Shunt and Battery Charger configurations

Hello Folks, I recently installed the LiFePo4 batteries (2x100Ah) in my offgrid trailer with Victron Smart Shunt (500A/50mV model) and Victron Battery Charger (Victron Energy Blue Smart IP22 12-Volt 30 amp).

The batteries do have built-in bluetooth as well and currently shows 27% SOC, checking individually since they are connected parallelly.

So my concern now is that when I have my shore power plugged in, it was in absorb state for few mins and then went to Storage.

Shunt does not show anything for SOC value and when I turn on the breaker it shows the -ve Amperage being consumed and nothing going in while its plugged into shore at the same time. When i have breaker turned off, it shows 0 draw being off, but shouldn't be +ve value be shown in shunt since its on shore right now.

I am attaching few pictures to show this as well and please see if someone can guide me through this config. I just want to charge them about 50-60% and then remove from shore as I am not taking my trailer out for now.




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Ip22 3 output charger --> 2 outputs on the same battery

I know this seems odd and unnecessary, but is is ok to connect 2 charger outputs on the same battery bank?

I have a portable setup with 2 independent 280ah batteries that will sometimes be connected in parallel for additionnal capacity. I want to be able to charge them independently when they are at different SOC and use a disconnect switch to join them together after. This would also connect the 2 charger outputs together when doing so.

Any problems with sharing 2 outputs on the same battery? I think it will only balance the amps between these 2 outputs. Anyone tried this setup?


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Blue Smart IP22 - Charging two batteries with separate stages?

Hi all,

I am considerding buying a Blue Smart IP22 charger with 3 outputs. I want to connect my starter battery and my consumer battery.

I am aware that the Blue Smart can only provide the same charge algorithm to both batteries, since it is only a single charger with three outputs. Therefore, the battery types must be the same.
However, I wonder how it works when the batteries have different states of charges. I.e. when the starter battery is almost full and should only receive float charge, while the consumer battery is empty and should be in the bulk phase.

=> Is the Blue Smart able to charge two batteries with different stages, or will it always apply the same stage to both? Or is it even connecting the batteries in parallel so they will equalize their SoC?

Thank you for your help!


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