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Incorrect voltage displayed - Blue Smart Charger IP22 24V 16A



Interesting fault...

Output voltage is measuring correctly (with a multimeter) and charges with appropriate current, however the app indicates it's charging at around 18V and 16A (which I know to be false). Latest firmware and app. I've tried cycling power, reinstalling app, reducing output current to 8A, Power supply mode at both amp settings, all of the modes - nothing changes the displayed output voltage from around 18V. Any solutions?


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What is the difference between these models of chargers


Could someone please let me know the difference between these 2 models of chargers.

bpc121542002 vs bpc121542022

The 2002 is around £30 cheaper online and I’ve no idea why and can’t seem to find more info myself they both appear to have the same specs at least from what I can find in retailers descriptions

Thanks in advance for any help


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Unable to connect IP22 12/30 Charger by Bluetooth

Hi all, I am running into a problem while trying to connect via bluetooth to my smart ip22 12/30charger. I have gone through the app promps as well as the trouble shooting guide with no success. I'm not sure what to do at this point.

So, this is what's going on..

After I click on device in the app list, it loads to 60 and drops down to 1, then 40, then 1, then 40, then 1 and then a screen prompt appears " unable to connect". Its not the same sequence of numbers every time, but always to either 40% or 60%.

One day I unplugged it (as I have done before) and when I plugged it in later that evening this connection problem started.

There were no changes to the device, my phone, the app, or anything that I can think that could contribute to the issue.

However, I also have a victron smart orion dc to dc changer and it connects without any issues whatsoever.

Here's some info and what I've tried:

The product is in range and reads 4 bars.
I have reset/restared my phone 3 times.
I have updated my phone (android version 9).
I have updated the victron app (ver 5.59).
There are no other phones connected to this device (I am the only person who has ever connected to it.)
I am trying to connect via bluetooth through the victron app, not through my phone.
As recommended in the guide I unpaired the charger with my phone via my phone bluetooth menu.
Both bluetooth and location is turned on. I have also turned them off and turned them back on.
I checked victron app permissions, it has permission to use location.
I tried to reset my pin on the victron app and get and error code that says "An error occured during pin reset. Remove the pairing information before trying again." As mentioned above, I have already done this.
I have unplugged and plugged the unit back in a few times already as well.
I uninstalled and reinstalled the victron app. It prompted me to allow location. I agreed (it is turned on on my phone). The again a window popped up that said it needed bluetooth to function, I clicked okay. My orion dc to dc charger connected without issue. Then I plugged in the IP charger and waited, it appeared on the list of my devices. I clicked on it, it loaded to 40 & went back to 0, loaded to 60 went back to 0, again to 40, back to 0 and same screen "unable to connect."
Out of curiosity I have tried to connect to the device from my phone menu and receive a pop up from my phone that says " couldn't pair, make sure device is ready to pair."
Lastly, I installed the victron app on someone elses phone and had the same result. Unable to connect to IP charger, but connect to orion just fine...

Also, I've only had the device a couple months and bought it brand new.

I'm stumped. Hoping someone can help. Thank you.

Edit: I was asked to upload a service log. For some reason it will not let me upload it. I saved it from the app the google drive, (I dont see an option to save it to my phone) then i download it to my phone and try to upload it here, it gets to 100 then says error, try again later... there is no option for me to share with victron or victron community as listed in the guide to creating a service report.. Here's a google drive link, although I dont see how anyone could read it lol.

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Victron blue smart charger 12/30A, is the humming normal?


Just installed a Victron Blue Smart 12/30A and was concerned about the humming noises coming from it. Never had a charger before that makes such noises and was mildly concerned considering Victron is supposed to be a premium brand? Anyone with similar experiences? Perhaps its normal?

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Blue Smart IP22 12|30(3) with wrong output voltage

I have an IP22 12|30(3) set as power supply. Running firmware 3.42. Serialnumber HQ2044Z29H8.

Using this to charge a LiFePo4 bank of 800+ Ah, using output 1. It is set for an output voltage of 13.90V while it only outputs 13,788V (measured at the IP22 terminals with Fluke 89 IV and confirmed by my BMS). The output current while measuring is < 1A.

I found that setting it to14V it really outputs 14V, while setting it back it gives an offset again. Offset is not linear!

As the LiFePo4 bank is sensitive to a correct output voltage this is really an issue.

Currently in a test-setup, but finally it will be two IP22' in parallel. Really afraid that sooner or later my bank will be destroyed due to an incorrect output voltage of the IP22' (or that the BMS is going to interfere of course).

Am I missing something or is there something wrong with the charger?

PS. Seems voltage is pretty accurate when there is some current floating (>2A) but drops with 100mV on the "loaded output" as soon as current drops. The "unloaded" outputs still output the correct voltage.



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IP22 skipping Bulk, straight to Absorption

I have 2x Victron Smart 100Ah LiFePO, managed by a 12/200 BMS & SmartBMV. I connected the IP22 today as they were at 50% (102Ah discharged). Usually the solar keeps everything topped off, but we've been somewhere shady for a week.

Bulk - 1m57s - 0.7Ah
Abs - 1h56m - 42.2Ah
Storage - 10m - 3Ah
at which point I pulled the plug.

I've checked the fuse. All the connections are good, straight on to the BMS. Voltages (currently 13.47 &13.48 with all cells balanced) are correct and agree on the different devices.

Reconnecting the charger again starts the process again; this time Bulk for 4s, then straight to Abs.

I think that this started when I installed firmware 3.40. It definitely didn't do it when I first purchased it in December. Looking at the History tab, it's only been the last 5 cycles where this has occurred. No changes have been made to the setup since December.

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Recharging Over-discharged LiFePo battery

I want to confirm my Blue Smart IP67 12/25 is properly trying to recharge my over discharged LiFePo battery. My volt meter shows the battery having 9.5 volts. With the charger connected app monitor shows it to be in Absorb mode and a voltage of 14.2v. This was the same setting/voltage of the previous battery connected to the charger, which is brand new. I understand that to recharge an over discharged battery it's with low amps for a long time.

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Li-ion Charge Settings

The battery manufacturer wants the storage voltage on the charger set to 13.6 volts. Under the Li-ion settings on the app for the blue smart charger does not allow the setting to be changed from 13.5V. Is it better to use user defined schedule and edit the storage voltage to 13.6 or use the LI-ion settings with the lower storage voltage?

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Bluesmart IP67 Charger 120V 25A Not Charging

I purchased the above charger for use with an Ampre Time 100 AH Lithium battery. Because the BlueSmart specifications did no match the AT requirements, I customized the settings to change the storage voltage to 13.6V. All other settings were ok per AT. The max charged Ah is 51.6 on a 100 AH battery. I've since changed back to Li-ion with no improvement. What needs to be done to get this to charge reliably to 100 AH?

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Bluesolar, Orion, IP22 together on 24V


I am building a Van to live in full time right now.

I do not need an alternator, as all my devices are DC anyway.

The plan is to have a "Victron Energy LiFePO4 Batterie 25,6V/100Ah Smart", for this I know I need a BMS (miniBMS) and a batteryprotect on the loads side, to ensure the battery is save from undervoltage.

For Solar, I have 3x 180Wp in series (totalling 147V) for which I would need a "SmartSolar MPPT 150/35".

For alternator charging, I am looking at a Orion-Tr Smart 12/24. (15a or 10a)

For 230V charging, I would like to use the Victron IP22 24/16. (maybe a smaller one to save some money and space)

The 3 charging methods would be connected to the plus of the battery, before the batteryprotect.

From what I understand, the Orion-Tr Smart can be remote controlled by the BMS.

Now I have 2 main questions:

Q1: The MPPT and the IP22, from what I can see, do not have remote functions for turning off, so I need a batteryprotect for those on the charging side, to cut them from the Battery? I would then look at buying one which both are connected to and that would cut both at the same time. (adding the orion -> one less cable, cut all charing options at once)

Q2: If I have two charging methods running (MPPT + either IP22 or Orion), how do they work together?
I think I can configure them so that one is always the main one (e.g. MPPT, as it's "free" would be the one that is prioritised, the others jumping in on lower voltages if need be by configuring float voltage)
I did not quite understand what the Cerbo GX is doing - would it help with managing several charging devices at once? Or is there any other way to make them work together better?

Q3: Do you have some feedback about the overall setup?

Thank you already for answering, I have an electrotechnics background but this specific topic with several chargers and an external BMS are strange to me, plus the very victron specific setups :)

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How to disable Storage mode in IP22 Bluesmart chargers?

Hi there,

I have a camper van that when we're parked for long period of time, each morning we turn on a generator to top off the batteries, and then turn the generator off the rest of the day and then repeat each day.

I am currently using three 120v-12v 30a IP22 BlueSmart chargers to push power into the battery bank, and they work great other than every couple days, the chargers go into storage mode far before the batteries are full. I then power-cycle the chargers, and they get out of storage mode, and everything is fine.

Is there a way to disable storage mode on these chargers? I looked through the advanced and expert settings on the app and it appears that there isn't, and quite honestly I'm not sure how to reconcile that with my system, aside from doing something really dumb like put a timer on the charger input lines to toggle power for 30 seconds every hour

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BlueSmart IP22 Charger 24V/8A peak in rush current on AC side

I am looking at installing an IP22 24V/8A charger within a system. The power cable reel I am using is rated to 8A wound with a 5 metre cable length. Power supply is 240V/13A, I need to know the PEAK in rush current on the AC side for this particular charger as it is not listed on the spec sheet,

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IP22 12/15 et Victron connect


Le chargeur IP22 12/15A est directement connecté à la batterie (12V - 100 Ah) .

Pendant 2 semaines tout à bien fonctionné, Victron connect parfait. Puis les leds du chargeur se sont mises à clignoter, et j'ai réinitialisé le chargeur, il a refonctionné normalement. Quelques jours plus tard, plus de leds allumés, et le chargeur n'apparaît plus sur Victron connect.

Auriez-vous une explication, le chargeur a l'air de fonctionné, il y a du 12V à la sortie.

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IP22 Charger gets really hot!

Recently hooked up an IP22/30 charger and it worked great but it got really HOT. Too hot to place one's hand on the case. Obviously the case is a huge heat sink but is this level of hot normal? I think I could faintly here a fan running but it was so quiet and moved so little air I can't be sure a fan really was running. So, it this normal?

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Orion DCDC working with IP22 AC SMart Chrager

Hi All,

Have a boat with a 120AH lithium House Battery (non-victron with internal BMS) and Lead Acid Starter battery.

Successfully wired up both the Orion DCDC charger and IP22 AC Smart Charger (with 3 outputs).

With the IP22 AC Charger wired to both the Lithium and Lead Acid, one on each output (lithium in this instance can handle this as its BMS is designed to manage power inputs for Lead Acid profiles - for plug n play use in other environments).

Tested both independently but having run the Orion Charger, I am now concerned of a potential issue running both wired up permanently together.

Based on the settings in the smart App and the manual for the Orion, it really seems to just basically activate and deactivate based on the Voltage reading from the Start Battery, higher voltage indicating the Alternator is running.

My concern:

If the IP22 charger is connected and running, won't the voltage then trigger the Orion Charger and as such then the Lithium will receive inputs from both Orion (via the Lead Acid from spike from the AC Charger) and also independently via the IP22 AC Charger? Thus either tripping each other out into a no Charge state or risk damaging the BMS?

Should I:

1) leave as is and the Victron devices will handle the input loads based on needs themselves?

2) simply disconnect the Lithium from the IP22 AC Charger? And it will receive charge from an AC outlet via the Lead Acid first after it reaches voltage and then through the Orion? Is the AC charger then likely to cut out at a higher voltage and the Lithium will never fully charge on an AC input?

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