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IP65 12V/15A blue smart charger with AGM battery bank

I have the IP65 12V/15A blue smart charger and would like to use it to charge a bank of two Optima D27 AGM batteries 66Ah each. (Wired in parallel)

Is it ok to use the single IP65 to charge both batteries by connecting it to positive of one battery and negative of the other.

Thank you

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IP65 Blue Smart Charger VE.Smart networking


Will VE.Smart networking ever be available for the IP65 Blue Smart Charger at some point?

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Blue Smart IP65 12v/15a only appears via Bluetooth when connected to shore power


Hello! I have the Blue Smart IP65 120v device in my teardrop trailer, installed by trusted and experienced dealer Vistabule. They tell me that it should appear and pair at all times, but I can only get it to appear in the Victron Connect app when I am plugged into shore power. Using an updated iPhone 14 Pro.

I don’t know if it matters, but my trailer has an AGM battery, not a Lithium Ion.

I have followed all troubleshooting steps, removed from Bluetooth devices, power cycled everything, attempted to add it fresh. It is immediately reproducible. I try to pair, nothing shows up, and as soon as I plug into shore power, it pops up.

I’m not too familiar with the electrical, but I know the trailer is charging properly from shore power, and I know it is set up to be charged from the tow vehicle, but I can’t be sure it is charging from there, as I don’t know how to read the graphs. (That’s my next question in another topic.)



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IP65 Blue 12v 5A - Relay Cycles constantly in Float Mode

I have a 12v/5A IP65 Charger which has been used to keep cars not driven often topped up.

Today noticed that it was making a relay click sound about every 10 or so seconds and when viewing the volt/amps on Connect App, it showed it the currrent was droppiing to zero every 15 seconds (approx) which then lasted about 5 seconds before the current would pick up to about 0.3A (during this clicl cycle the voltage seems to rise and fall about a range over 0.2v. It has been doing this today for about 2 hours so far today.. I've had the charger about 2 years and never heard it making noises so frequently as this. Should I make a warranty claim?? If so who do I need to return to in Australia? It otherwise seems to be charging somewhat normally.

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Skylla Ip65 in parallel. Cerbo doesn’t see both devices

I have two new Skylla IP65’s. When connected in parallel, VRM (and my Cerbo) don‘t always see both of them. Details below:

-on devices page in VRM the only one seen is the first of the two paralleled devices. If I change the cabling order it sees the ”new” first one but not the other

-on the firmware update screen in VRM it see both devices regardless of what order I have them cables in

-on the cerbo devices pages, the first device in the chain is seen, the other is shown as not connected

-I’m using all new Victron cables

-both cerbo and skyllas are running the latest firmware

Since the firmware update sees both devices all the time I assume (1) that cabling is not an issues , (2) the other screens have a bug, or (3) the expected behavior that only the first Skylla in the bus chain is shown?

can anyone shed some light?


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IP65 : reste en position "standby"

J'ai branché le chargeur sur les bornes de la batterie dénudées de ma voiture. J'ai respecté scrupuleusement les instructions indiquant l'ordre de branchement : borne rouge, borne noire, puis câble d'alimentation. J'ai appuyé une fois sur le bouton "mode", mais il m'est impossible de passer au mode 1.

Merci de votre aide

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Can I use a Blue Smart IP65 12/15 in an online UPS setup?

Hi. We're currently experiencing some hectic "loadshedding"/planned power outages (few times per day for 2-4 hours at a time) and I'm trying to make my backup power solution a bit more convenient.

Initially manually switching my workstation + internet devices over from grid power to my battery+inverter setup was fine, but having numerous loadshedding slots every day is annoying and I don't think it's the best for these devices to lose power and start up all the time.

I was thus wondering if I can use my Blue Smart IP65 12/15 charger as a power supply for my workstation permanently. So basically creating an online UPS solution (charger => battery => inverter => appliances).

Regarding the power supply function, yes I understand that it has a power supply function, but that's not my question. I want to only use the charger function and not manually switch between charge and power supply functions when needed. That's off topic but just in case someone wanted to mention it ;)

I'm more concerned about the longevity of the charger if it's supplying power 24/7 rather than simply charging the battery and then going into float.

I have also looked at more permanent solutions made for my exact problem (for ex. the multiplus range), but that's not an option right now as I'm in a rental place where I cannot make any permanent modifications, not to mention that it's way outside my budget :)

I also thought of the situation where once the power gets back on that some power from the charger will go into the battery and some to my devices, meaning the battery is not being charged as fast as it might have been. That's also a different problem.

I noticed it gets quite hot during the bulk stage, but I have a fan moving some air over it to help cool it down for what it's worth.

So is it okay for this charger to be spending a lot of time in high-current stages (will most likely spend majority of time in the float stage with about 5-10A current)?

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Skylla IP65 CAN syncronisatie: laadfase wijzigt niet syncroon.

We hebben een opstelling met 2x Skylla IP65 verbonden via de CAN bus.

De can interface lijkt te werken: via de cerbo GX zijn beide laders zichtbaar op hun eigen adres. Firmware update van beide laders ging probleemloos, idem voor settings etc.

Tijdens het laden wisselen de laders niet syncroon van laadfase. Dit zou net de bedoeling zijn. Volgens de handleiding zou het netwerkicoon knipperen elke 3 seconden. Maar ik vind in de handleding niet in terug wat het netwerk icoon is. Er is geen icoon dat elke 3 seconden knippert op het scherm.

De spanning en temperatuuroverwaking zijn op 1 lader aangesloten.

Ter info:

De blauwe busterminators zijn geplaatst.

Er hangen (3 x 2)=6 stuks 12V 230Ah AGM Supercell batterijen aan met 2 balancers parralell.

Totaal capaciteit: 690Ah @24VDC

Kan iemand aangeven wat de verwachte normale werking en hoe deze te verfieren valt?

alvast bedankt!

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Can I add a IP65 charger to a SmartSolar MPPT and Phoenix Inverter setup?


I want to build a little inverter system for home usage (mainly to run a TV and wifi during loadshedding - Yes, I am in South Africa). So I am looking at the SmartSolar MPPT 75/15, Phoenix Inverter 12/500, 160W solar panel and 102Ah deep cycle battery. I want to set it up as per the picture below but was wondering whether I can add the IP65 battery charger to the battery terminals as shown in the image. Will that cause any issues with the battery?


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IP65 - VictronConnect v5.8 : advanced settings unavailable


I bought an ip65 12/25 Blue Smart Charger.
It seem working well, but advanced settings are not available in VictronConnect
contrary to what is mentioned in the manual, and in this post
I can just use pre-prog settings, very disappointed.

Like petoro above, in January 2020, i checked it before buying.

my settings:

Testing conditions: various lead acid batteries ~50Ah
VictronConnect: v5.8 for Android 4.x
Firmware: v6.21
Bootloader: v3.15

Android: 4.4

Is that normal, any ideas? an upgrade? Do i have to return my charger?


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IP65 12/10 no amps while charging in bulk/absorption

Hi guys @Matthias Lange - DE

More or less new to this device, it works really well the last 9 charges on my aldi deep cycle 80Ah lead battery, however this time i'm getting no amps when trying to charge it. it stays a short period in bulk and goes to absorption before float quickly. (see history) A mutlimeter on the battery gives me no volts at all at 0.06V, I assume the battery is a beyond a charge?

I'm not certain if it's the charger that is not working.. even not connected to a battery it is in absorption mode with 14.4V and no amps. when I reset it to defaults, it goes back to to that phase. is that normal?



many thanks


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IP65 12/15

I am charging a 108ah lithium battery with the ip65 12/15 charger. It has now been on charge for 8 hours and still in absorption The absorption charge setting is 14.4v. It does not go to float. According to the smartshunt soc is 14.39v but it just stays there. No loads is connected. On the ip65 is shows a current of 0.2 amps. The only connections is this charger,the shunt and a victron mppt.

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IP65 problem

I have an IP 65 Blue Smart Charger.

It was maintaining my yellow top Optima truck battery.

Needed the extension cord and hooked the charger back up.

Bluetooth on phone showed 7 amps and I forget the voltage.

Stayed like that for hours. Charger and bettery warm.

Like 12 hours later I couldn't connect by Bluetooth. Went out and two flashing lights. Battery and charger warm.

Unplugged and cleared app cache. Cannot connect to phone and two lights still flashing on charger.

What should I do?

Thank you for your help


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IP65 not charging

I have a 100ah lit-ion battery that tests 3.5v with nothing attached (seems deeply discharged) and when I hook up the IP65 it immediately goes into absorption mode. Testing the voltage with the IP65 attached shows 14.4v, but no current being sent according to the Connect app. I've let it sit charging that way overnight, but as soon as I take the charger off and test the voltage of the battery, I'm back down to 3.5v. Any ideas why I can't push any current to this, or why it won't charge? Thanks!

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BSC IP65 12/10 charging problems


I have a BSC IP65 12/10 installed in my camper van (VW Transporter) which is connected to the extra battery and a power socket. The last few years everything worked fine and the voltage, when connected to power supply, went up to 14.4 without a problem.

Since a few weeks the charger is going into Absorbtion mode and only goes up to 13.1 (even goes down when our fridge is turned on). When I disconnect the power a few times en reconnect it it suddenly works fine again. I always have to try several times to find a good connection.

The battery was tested and is in perfect condition. The CEE connector for the power supply to the BSC is also brand new so shouldn't be the problem.

Any ideas what the problem could be?

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