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Battery Fusing with DC DC Charger and MPPT

I've got a quick question regarding fusing when using both a DC DC charger and MPPT Controller I'm planning to set up a system in a camper to charge a LiFEPO4 battery from both a DC DC charger (Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-18 isolated) and a SmartSolar MPPT (100/20). The DC DC charger specifies 60A fuses on both batteries which I have purchased and installed (battery post mount style). But, the MPPT controller manual specifies a max fuse of 30A.... Am I good using just the 60A battery post fuse, or should I add an additional 30A inline fuse between the MPPT and battery? Planning to use 8AWG stranded copper everywhere.


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Orion DC-DC Converter Current Limiting

I'm looking at the 70 amp DC-DC converter (Victron Energy Orion IP20 24/12-Volt 70 amp DC-DC Converter). Does this unit do any sort of current limiting? I wanted to use it to charge a 12v 230Ah battery from a 24v 230Ah battery. The smaller battery can easily take more than 70a so I'm curious just how this limits current (if it does so at all).

Other question I had is on idle current consumption when 0 amps are passing to the 12V load side. Is this spec published anywhere? I see "Off Load Current" of < 20mA, is it wrong to assume that is the same thing?

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Victron Orion Smart 12/12 30 Orion DC Charger – Bulk charge phase fail

<Using Victron Orion 12/12 30 non-isolated DC Charger (purchased in Feb 2021 installed Nov 21)to charge two lifepo4 100Ah batteries (no solar).

After seemingly working well initially, after a two week trip in the summer (July 2022) I found myself with batteries down, no indication on the BMV-712. Later, using the charger I noticed (and paying attention) it was not staying in Bulk charge after initial switch on for more than a couple of minutes when it was obvious that it was required. I drove in absorption charge for many hours on the last two days of the trip so that I had some recovery in capacity and had no immediate problems. I thought it was a problem with the battery/BMS until I discovered on here with the charger that it was a common problem noted a year+ or so ago and apparently was corrected with a prior firmware update. I forget the reference numbers, but I was using #9 at the time, and have updated to #10. I have seen other mentions of people with problems post the apparent fix by the firmware update, for this circumstance and I believe some form of it continues

There was no indication of why that was occurring or the fix. Has the circumstance been evaluated further, because I have the same problem as described now, that has not been fixed. No matter the status of my battery state, the Bulk charge phase lasts no more than say 3 to 4 minutes when there is an obvious need.

Asking to see if there has been subsequent discovery/fix of this situation, or what the prior cause was.


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Solar direct to load (no battery) with Orion DC to DC converter?

I have an extra 300W 72 cell panel which I would like to use to drive a fan (summer) and heater (winter)

Assuming the 12V load is under 20A, can the Orion-Tr 48/12-20 (240W) DC-DC converter be connected directly to the panel like this:

Panel —- breaker —- Orion DC-DC — thermoswitch —- load?

Alternatives welcome, just trying to avoid the cost of adding yet another battery.

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DC/DC Converter to Charge Yeti GoalZero

I'm using a smart non-isolated 12/24 volt DC-DC converter (360W) in power supply mode to charge a Yeti GoalZero 1500x. The input of the GoalZero is an MPPT meant to have solar panels connected to it. It works okay but the DC-DC converter won't hold the output voltage I set. If I set the convertor output to 30V the actual output will be 16V, the power to the GoalZero is about 280W. The MPPT circuit in the GoalZero will be adjusting its impedance to find the "sweet spot" but why does this cause the converter to drop its output voltage?

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NEW DCDC's crazy hot. Low output.

Brand new out of box. 3196s. Software is up to date. Two DC dcs Orion tr smart 12 12 30 providing only 36 amps in bulk (combined) to lithium batteries at 20% soc. Batteries are fed by over 150 available amps from two alternators. Input voltage is 14.5 output is voltage is 13.3, Case temps are over 150*F easy and ambient temp is 73 degrees. All wiring is oversized. What needs to happen here to get the rated output I paid for?

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Orion DC-DC charger enhancement

I would like to see the Orion DC-DC chargers integrated with the GX device so it can show charging power from places like dumb alternators. Yes I know you can add a SmartShunt configured as a DC meter that can connect to the GX device but that nearly doubles the cost of the 12 | 12 - 18.

If this is already in the works, great.

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Orion-Tr DC-DC in Series

I am looking at using a DC-DC charger for 12V - 48V. However, there don't seem to be any products to do this. It has been suggested that I could use two Orion Tr DC-DC 12/24V in series. Is this a recommended setup?

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DC to DC Isolated Charger 12-30 Shows output voltage but no current flow.

I have a lithium battery, Victrom BMV and Victron Isolated DC to DC charger (12-30) on our truck camper. When the engine is running, the Victron App for the charger shows an input voltage that will trigger the charger to kick on. The output voltage from the charger reads 13.5-14v. I've confirmed these values with the Victron App and a multimeter. But there is no current flowing to the battery (which is not fully charged). The Victron BMV shows no current flowing into the battery, and I've confirmed that with a multimeter. So do I have a faulty DC to DC charger or am I missing something in the set up. The distributor (Dragonfly Energy in Reno) has been no help - they have not been answering their phones or returning voicemail messages. Any help appreciated.



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Control Orion with temperature sensor

Is it possible for a temperature sensor connected to engine alternator from cerbo GX to turn off Orion DC-DC charger when alternator reaches to high of temperature?

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Can I leave an Orion-Tr 48/12 connected to a start battery on all the time?

Hi. I have a 48V bank of LiFePO4 and I'd like to use it to keep my AGM starter battery topped off so I'm considering putting in an Orion-Tr 48/12 9A converter for this. My question is: can that stay on all the time - even when the generator is running and charging the AGM at 14.2V - 14.9V? i.e. what happens to the Orion when the battery voltage is higher than the 13.6V it provides? Is there any danger of feedback?

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Orion-Tr smart 12/24-15 low power output?

Hi everyone, I have a Victron Orion tr smart, 12 to 24v dc to dc charger fitted in my camper van, since fitting it I’ve never seen it output the rated power. I have a 360w output model, but the most I have seen is 310w (when stone cold), usually sits at around 280w after a few minutes of use. ( 20-30% below it’s rating )

I’ve heard it should output 400w untill it reaches 25 degrees, once there it should sit at 360w ? And only reduce power output once it starts getting too warm ?

Currently in Norway where there is minimal solar input so I’m really wanting the most out the dc-dc charger, can anyone advise?

For reference I have a 24v 200AH lifePo4 battery bank, 770w of solar and a MPP solar all in on inverter / MPPT charge controller.

The orion is fitted in a well ventilated cupboard with additional fans to help with air flow, the wire runs to and from the unit are under 1m so no issues with voltage drop etc…

The vehicle has a large alternator (180-220amp)

all help appreciated, thanks in advance

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Orion-Tr DC-DC 48/48 Converter as charging interface between small 48v turbine and BYD

Off grid site. Customer wanted a bit of background power to maintain the system voltage in winter. Sporadic windy location. BYD lithum battery system. MPPT, Multi 8000, CCGx

We have attempted to use a small 300w 48v turbine that is suplied with a Morningstar PWM charge controller - but this is ineffective, due to the generally higher maintained voltage of the BYD's - The turbine rarely if ever touches a voltage above the BYD... so charging doesnt occur.

I am considering using the Orion-Tr DC-DC 48/48 Converter - as an interface between the BYDs - and a small lead acid battery setup off the Morningstar. The lead acids would buffer output from the turbine, and keep this operating in its voltage sweet spot.

Setting the Orion output at circa 54v say....

One thing i am not sure about (the manual is a bit scant to say the least !) is any low voltage disconnect capability with the Orion. The Morningstar charge conttroller dosnt appear to have any sort of output control to switch a remote load (like the Victron MPPTs do)

Thoughts on pitfalls for this idea?



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Orion DC to DC charger position

Is it better to position a DC-to-DC charger close to the starter battery or the leisure battery, in regards to voltage drop. Or doesn't it matter?

It is under my van's passenger seat next to the starter at the moment, and my lithium leisure battery is in the back.

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Orion TR 24/48 2.5 not charging LiFePo

I have a 10Kwp PV with 12Kwh 48V LiFePo batteries. I added an Orion TR 24/48 2.5 on the 48V bus (output orion). Input of the Orion is a 24V 24AH lead battery charged by my wind generator.


The Orion is not pushing energy into the 48V bus. I've regulated the voltage anywhere from 51V to 56V, the moment I connect the output of the orion to the 48V Bus, output voltage drops to the same voltage of the bus but the power meter doesn't show any energy going into the bus.

Is the Orion simply to light for the task or is the idea just wrong? 2.5A is nothing I know, it's a proof of concept setup. The power meter is sensitive enough to register mA going one way, or the other, I expected to see 'something'. BTW, this is not a Smart TR.

Thanks for helping me understand,

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