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Victron minimal setup


I have 2 eg4 batteries(48v, lifepower4). I plan on buying a multiplus2 48v. Do I need anything else to configure this setup? Assuming I can install the ve-configure sw on pc and connecti without any other adapters in-between?

Couple of other questions:

- I don't think the eg4 batteries can communicate with multiplus as per other threads. Is there any danger of it being overcharged or drained fully

- I plan to charge the batteries at night and discharge during the day. Assuming this is possible with ve-configure

- anything else I need to be aware of?

thank you

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Gx device doesn't show shore power.

Yesterday, I connected shore power to my campervan for the first time. I've been running my Multiplus II over summer with the MPPT 100/50 as my sole power source. With land power connected, the Multi charges the battery with >100A but the AC in current does not show, nor does powerassist work. Anyone can suggest a possible cause? With land current disconnected, the shown AC load power is correct, but with the relay closed all AC shows zero regardless of the actual load. In below screen shot I was drawing at least 1500W AC


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Décharge et Maintien des batteries en période Hivernale en mode ESS avec Multiplus 2

Bonjour à tous
J'utilise un multiplus 2 en ESS depuis Mars dernier et c'est mon premier Hiver qui arrive.
J'ai une installation photovoltaïque avec des MO et le multiplus ( avec cerbo gx et compteurs ) fonctionne en ESS pour charger les batteries avec le surplus de production et le soir ou en cas de besoin, injecte dans mon réseau à partir des batteries et ce jusqu'au SOC demandé.
J'ai également 2 MPPT Victron de reliés sur les batteries ( 2 petits strings de panneaux récupérés de ma première installation ).
Jusque fin Octobre c'était parfait.
N'ayant en ce moment aucun surplus de production, mes batteries ne se chargent plus chaque jour et ce malgré les 2 MPPT qui je pensais me ramèneraient qq kwh pour charger les batteries, du moins combler la consommation résiduelle du cerbo gx + multiplus.
J'ai un parc de 16,8kWh de batteries pylontech et je perds environ 1% toutes les 10H
Comme précisé dans la documentation du multiplus, dès que le SOC descend de 5% en dessous du SOC de consigne, le multiplus force une recharge pour retrouver le SOC de consigne.
La recharge se déclenche donc n'importe quand ( en heures pleines si je n'ai pas de bol ) et ce malgré des charges programmées actives sur toute la journée pour empêcher la charge ( avec un SOC bien plus bas juste pour que le multiplus ne tape jamais dans les batteries comme indiqué également dans la doc. C'est une petite astuce qui permet de charger avec le surplus et d'éviter que l'ess ne tape dans la batterie même si le SOC est au dessus du SOC de consigne )
J'ai donc le choix de forcer une chargée programmée en heure creuse pour palier à la décharge quotidienne mais j'aurais préféré l'autoriser à décharger plus que les 5% en me disant que dans quelques jours il y aura un peu de soleil et que la batterie se rechargera tranquillement à partir du soleil.
Je perds donc en moyenne 400wh par jour et je trouve que cela fait beaucoup jusque pour le cerbo GX ( qui consomme environ 300ma sous 12V soit et comme la doc le précise environ 5wh . j'en suis loin avec mes 400wh : jour ).
Je loupe peut perte quelque chose mais le maintient des batteries en hiver n'est pas anodin en prenant sur le réseau.
Quel est votre expérience sur le sujet ?
Merci par avance.

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48v battery charging

If I want to get more low cost electricity (00:30- 04:30 Octopus Go) energy into my battery pack (20kwh of PylonTech) should I parallel another Multiplus 2 48/5000/70 or should I just add another charger. The load is probably max 5kw.

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Multiplus UK G98 G99 non-compliance update

Dear Victron,

It seems very likely, from the email below (names and some details omitted) that the docs you submitted to ENA in early October will not be sufficient to gain compliance "due to important information being either incorrect or missing altogether".

Please could you provide some kind of timescale for when you will be able to provide updated documents? I note that NGED are, helpfully, willing to liaise with you in order to speed up the process.

Providing a response on this forum would, I'm sure, be very welcome by customers like myself.



Good afternoon,

I have been asked to contact you, to explain the current compliance status, with regard to ENA EREC G99/1-9, for the Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 and Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 GX (which share a common compliance report).

As you may already be aware, as of 1st September 2022, any device that is recognised as an Energy Storage System (ESS) had to meet the full technical requirements of ENA EREC G99/1-8 (and subsequent revisions), where they were previously exempt from some of the newer requirements, that were introduced by the European Network Code: Requirements for Generators (RfG). This requirement was communicated well prior to September 2022, and was published in EREC G98/1-5 and EREC G99/1-7 in August 2021.
Many manufacturers pre-empted this change, and made their ESS compliant before need. Others waited until the deadline to submit renewed compliance documentation.
Where an ESS device had not met the requirements on 1st September 2022, it was marked as ‘non-compliant for new installations’, by WSP, in the ENA’s Type Test Register, and manufacturers were pushed to renew their compliance documentation.

The ENA, WSP and DNOs have the authority to determine Generating Unit compliance under (to name just one document, to avoid confusion) ENA EREC G99, which is an Annex 1 document of The Distribution Code of Great Britain (DCode).
DNOs have a statutory obligation (and licence condition) to abide by the DCode and (in particular) its Annex 1 documents.

As the Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 (ENA Type Test Register reference: VICEN/02689/V2) Energy Storage Device’s current status is ‘awaiting assessment’, in the ENA’s Type Test Register, I have conducted an in-house assessment, in order to provide our customers with a response sooner than we would be able to if we were to wait for WSP’s assessment. My assessment is based directly upon the requirements within EREC G99/1-9 alongside prior assessments by WSP (what they will be looking for), and my own experience.

I have assessed the Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 and Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 GX as being ‘non-compliant’ with ENA EREC G99/1-9, as things currently stand, due to a number of shortfalls in the compliance form. As Victron have made their form publicly accessible, via the ENA’s Type Test Register (i.e. it’s not a restricted document), I believe that I can elaborate upon this:

Advisory and failure points:

[information which could be considered commercially sensitive omitted]

Hopefully, you will be able to see that this compliance status has not come about due to minor inaccuracies, which could be forgiven, but due to important information being either incorrect or missing altogether.

As a consequence of these findings, National Grid cannot accept the connection of the Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 or Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 GX, in parallel with our Distribution Networks, until such a time that Victron have provided alternative or additional information that demonstrates compliance with the latest version of ENA EREC G99.

I am comfortable with you informing Victron of the above, either directly or indirectly (through your equipment supplier), so that they may complete and provide alternative or additional evidence of compliance. They should do so primarily to the ENA, but National Grid Electricity Distribution would also be willing to take an early look at any documentation, should Victron see this as desirable.

I am confident that, given time to complete the documents accurately, Victron will be able to make these devices compliant (perhaps with another firmware update) but, unfortunately, we will have to wait until they have demonstrated this before we may accept these on our networks.

Kind regards,

Engineering Policy

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How does a Multiplus II behave if no assistant is installed ?

I have red many Victron documents, watched webinars and also searched through the Victron Community but was not able to clearly figure out how a Multiplus II behaves if no assistent is installed. Would be great if someone could provide some informations.

Scenario 1:
- ACin of the Multi connected to the grid, no feed back to the grid
- Critical loads connected to ACout1
- One Pylontech US2000C and a Cerbo GX
- no PV, no MPPT

a) Will the Multi keep the battery always 100% charged?
b) Will the load on ACout1 fed from ACin or from the inverter by discharging the battery?
c) In case of a grid loss, will the load on ACout1 fed by the inverter and battery?

Scenario 2:
- Same as scenario 1 but additionall with PV and MPPT

a) Will the battery primarily charged by the MPPT and in case there is not enough sun via ACin?
b) Will the load on ACout1 primarily fed by the inverter by discharging the battery and in case there is not enough sun via ACin?

Actually I would like to set up a self-consumption system with backup capability and the possibility to charge the battery with an generator in case of a long lasting loss of grid. For this an ESS seems to be the right choice. But Victron says, that an ESS should not be used in case of "Off-grid systems - either with or without generator". That surprises me because a long lasting grid loss leads to a kind of "Off-grid system".

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Multiplus II and Hoymiles Microinverters

The Multiplus II can control the output power of an inverter using the frequency: the higher the frequency the MP2 creates, the lower the output of the inverter. This works well with Fronius inverters.

Question: Does this also work with Hoymiles inverters? HM-1500 for example.

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Multiplus2 et problème de différentiel

J’ai installé un multiplus2 48/5000,le In est bien séparé du Out qui est connecté à un inverseur de source,mon probleme est que l’interdiff 63A 30mhA tombe au bout de quelques minutes lorsque le multiplus est allumé ,alors qu’il n’y a aucun problème en position enedis,après avoir separé tous les éléments,pour isoler le problème,j’en viens à la conclusion que le multiplus aurait un problème ou alors quelque chose m’échappe.

Si quelqu’un ici avait une idée ce serait bienvenu car cela fait un mois que je rame avec ce problème.

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Configuring a Three Phase

We have connected a three phase 5KVA multiplus-II system.

the inverters are updated, now we want to configure them, we doing so without wiring the AC in but with the 480V battery wired up.

when we switch on the first one its ok but when the second one is switched on it starts beeping and the "absorption LED" lights up same with the third inverter, and we get error code 3.

Any assistance will be appreciated.

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Grounding the Neutral of the Battery

We have a 3-phase ESS 5KVA multiplus-ll inverter installed it's using a Freedom Won 53V Battery.

The connection is battery to Bus-Bars. Bus-Bar to circuit breakers to inverters

My question is, must the neutral of the battery be grounded also?

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Grounding Battery's Neutral in ESS system

In Wiring Unlimited by Victron the ESS system's battery is grounded from the neutral (refer to image below)


Now I have a 3-phase ESS system using a Freedom Won 53V battery due to conflicting opinions, I'm not sure if I must ground the battery's neutral.

My connection is from Battery to Bus-Bars, Bus-Bar to circuit Breakers, Circuit Breakers to inverters.


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Multiplus 2 not discharging battery

Hi, I have a MP2 (Easysolar GX) which wont discharge batteries. My setup at the moment is MP2 and Pylontech Batteries. No Solar connected yet but trying to set system up to charge overnight on cheap rate and discharge during day. Scheduled charging is working and batteries are at 100%. Howvever it wont discharge. Its connected as a Bi-directional unit with AC from house DB connected to AC IN terminal. ESS installed and Grid code ect configured (UK G98)

Any Ideas?

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Multiplus-II GX and 230v AC with no neutral (still distributed in some part of Italy)

It Italy there still areas where distributor provide 230v AC without neutral (based on distribution of 3-phase 230v with no neutral)

In this situation, to connect the AC to a Multiplus-II GX in with no neutral it is enough to disable ground relay? (and connecting the ground to device chassis)

There is a specific procedure to do so?

Kind Regards,


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AC Cable sizing for Multiplus II 48/5000/230

Speccing out a home battery storage system using a multiplus II 48/5000 230v. Looking at the maximum AC in - this is rated at 50amps (11500va), so could be run in 10mm2 cabling, however if I've understood correctly the AC out side with powerassist could potentially deliver the grid feed in of 11500va plus a further 5000va from the inverter. So at 16500va (or 16.5kW) you would need 16mm2 cabling to feed back to the load side (consumer unit) - using online cable size calculator. Looking at the spec sheet the inverter only has 13mm2 terminals? So here in the UK, it's either 10mm or 16mm. 10mm is under-specced and 16mm won't fit in the inverters terminals. What am I missing?

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Faulty Multiplus II internal measurement sensor?


I'm running 3 Multiplus II 5000 parallel in an offgrid installation controlled by a Cerbo GX. All PV is DC coupled.

As the winter is coming I need from time to time assistance from a generator.

My problem is that the input current limit feature is not working anymore.

Please see attached pictures:


You can see drawing 4,4kW from the genset, but 0A. On top a weird -7.3A on the outside.


For testing I at the moment I started EV Charging with 3.6kW + 0.5kW house load. So this AC Loads value can't be right on top. Double checked with a AC Clamp meter.

What I now have done in first step is to reduce the Charger Amp limit in the Multiplus to 10A (in fact 30A as there are 3x Multiplus) through victron connect so that even localization of the failure is possible.

The input current limit doesn't take any effect. Even tried to re set this through victron connect and also disabled "can be overruled by remote" with no effect. Sure I set this on the master and both slaves. 6 A in each device which should end up in 18A (around 4,1kW).

This definitely had worked half a year ago.

For me it seems that at one of the multiplusses the internal measurement is not working anymore.

Any other thoughts?
Could it help to rearrange them with another being the master?

Firmware is 490 on the multis.

The Multiplusses are 11 month old and bought in germany. The problem is that I won't get any support from the (official) seller. I already hat a faulty battery from them where they already didn't do anything, so my lawyer is on this :(

Thanks in advance.

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