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ESS Multiplus with EM24 slow response also on AC-Out?


i am planning for an installation with 3x5kVA Multiplus II with EM24 grid meter and loads on AC-in as well as on AC-out. Like this:


I came across these threads, where users notice quite slow response to loads, if the ET112 grid meter is installed:

I have some questions to this:

One suggested solution was to place the loads behind the Multiplus II at AC-out1 and AC-out2.

OK, thats not a problem. All my loads, that would require fast response would be connected to AC-out anyhow. So.... does it mean, with EM24 connected and set as grid-meter, the loads on AC-in will be handled slower, but the loads on AC-out STILL would be handled fast?

OR.... will all loads be handled slower, once a EM24 grid meter is installed? regardless if connected to AC-out or AC-in??

Some more detail questions:

1. Will the EM24 Ethernet or EM24 RS485 version work better for having faster response? Or is there no difference?

2. Is it better for faster response to have an external Cerbo GX or instead better use a Multiplus II with internal GX?

hope you can help to clarify!

many thanks!!


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Multiplus II - ARRET D'urgence

Il y a un shunt sur le multi, j'ai installé un coup de point d'urgence en NF à la place, Mais cela ne fonctionne pas ?

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Multi Plus II AC out 60-80W higher incorrect readings in VRM

Multiplus II AC out 60-80W higher incorrect readings

Having a strange thing happening recently.

The Multiplus II 48/3000 is showing abnormal AC readings approx. 50-80W higher than the actual power output on Critical loads when inverting.

When on passthrough the AC reading is correct.

You can see in the attached screenshot when inverting that the maths are wrong.

The pylontech is showing the correct load in W, the Multiplus II is reading over by 50W.

Is this a communication problem with pylontech causing the issue?

DVCC is set on and pylontech is controlling the charging.

Any ideas?


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Multiplus II - Transistor de puissance explosé

Bonjour, j'ai une installation avec un Multiplus II 48/10000/140 avec 5 batteries Pylontech US3000C, et un champ PV d'un peu moins de 3kWc. Toute la "maison" est alimentée via le Multi.

Installé fin décembre 2022, tout fonctionnait à merveille, même au delà de mes espérances c'était vraiment top. Je dis c'était car cette nuite à 5h coupure de courant, plus rien. Le multi était off avec uniquement le voyant "low battery" et les Pylontech en "fault". J'ai d'abord cru à une coupure EDF avec les batteries vides, mais l'arrivée EDF était bien ok. En enlevant le capot inférieur qui protège les connexions, j'ai vu un bout de composant éclaté indiqué dessus "072N10N" c'est un transistor de puissance donc ça craint. En regardant par en dessous dans le bloc de puissance à droite, je vois bien le transistor explosé.

Pour préciser le contexte, au moment de la coupure, le Multi était en charge programmée (limite à 80A de charge) car en heures creuses le week-end donc pas besoin de solliciter les batteries, et les batteries avaient été chargées de minuit à 1h00 environ pour atteindre le seuil de 65% que j'ai fixé. Donc seuil atteind il n'utilisait pas les batteries et il devait passer seulement 800W depuis EDF vers la maison. Donc pas possible que ça soit dû à un pic de charge.
J'ai éteint tout, débranché les Pylontech du Multi, connecté le Cerbo sur un transfo 12v pour retrouver de la visibilité. Puis rallumé les Pylontech qui sont de nouveau ok et vues par le Cerbo avec un SOC à 64%, heureusement qu'elles n'ont rien, enfin j'espère.
Sur le Multi, erreurs: Grid lost, low battery et high discharge curent et quand j'ai essayé de le rallumer j'ai vite coupé car une odeur pas top. J'ai essayé d'allumer en mode "charger only" idem, juste le voyant "main on" allumé.
Je pense que je suis bon pour faire jouer la garantie, mais vraiment galère.

Est ce que c'est déjà arrivé à quelqu'un ? Je pensais les produits Victron hyper fiables, donc je ne dois vraiment pas avoir de bol.

Merci par avance pour vos conseils et retours d'expérience.

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Multiplus II 48/5000 , Solar MD not reaching full state of charge


We have a Multiplus II 48/5000 working with 2 x Solar MD Lithium batteries SS4143 ( 2 x 14.3kwh) as a backup unit, with the intention of installing PV in the next few months. There is a Cerbo GX integrated into the system.

For whatever reason, the system is not charging the batteries to 100%. The "charged" SOC on the system has gradually been reducing over the past few weeks. At the moment, the system will not charge above approx 80%.

The BMS is working and set as the default battery monitor.

I have tried adding and removing the ESS assistant, thinking that selecting the "keep batteries charged" option in ESS will resolve the issue, but with no success.

Would appreciate some input on what I may not have configured properly?




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Multiplus UK G98 G99 non-compliance update

Dear Victron,

It seems very likely, from the email below (names and some details omitted) that the docs you submitted to ENA in early October will not be sufficient to gain compliance "due to important information being either incorrect or missing altogether".

Please could you provide some kind of timescale for when you will be able to provide updated documents? I note that NGED are, helpfully, willing to liaise with you in order to speed up the process.

Providing a response on this forum would, I'm sure, be very welcome by customers like myself.



Good afternoon,

I have been asked to contact you, to explain the current compliance status, with regard to ENA EREC G99/1-9, for the Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 and Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 GX (which share a common compliance report).

As you may already be aware, as of 1st September 2022, any device that is recognised as an Energy Storage System (ESS) had to meet the full technical requirements of ENA EREC G99/1-8 (and subsequent revisions), where they were previously exempt from some of the newer requirements, that were introduced by the European Network Code: Requirements for Generators (RfG). This requirement was communicated well prior to September 2022, and was published in EREC G98/1-5 and EREC G99/1-7 in August 2021.
Many manufacturers pre-empted this change, and made their ESS compliant before need. Others waited until the deadline to submit renewed compliance documentation.
Where an ESS device had not met the requirements on 1st September 2022, it was marked as ‘non-compliant for new installations’, by WSP, in the ENA’s Type Test Register, and manufacturers were pushed to renew their compliance documentation.

The ENA, WSP and DNOs have the authority to determine Generating Unit compliance under (to name just one document, to avoid confusion) ENA EREC G99, which is an Annex 1 document of The Distribution Code of Great Britain (DCode).
DNOs have a statutory obligation (and licence condition) to abide by the DCode and (in particular) its Annex 1 documents.

As the Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 (ENA Type Test Register reference: VICEN/02689/V2) Energy Storage Device’s current status is ‘awaiting assessment’, in the ENA’s Type Test Register, I have conducted an in-house assessment, in order to provide our customers with a response sooner than we would be able to if we were to wait for WSP’s assessment. My assessment is based directly upon the requirements within EREC G99/1-9 alongside prior assessments by WSP (what they will be looking for), and my own experience.

I have assessed the Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 and Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 GX as being ‘non-compliant’ with ENA EREC G99/1-9, as things currently stand, due to a number of shortfalls in the compliance form. As Victron have made their form publicly accessible, via the ENA’s Type Test Register (i.e. it’s not a restricted document), I believe that I can elaborate upon this:

Advisory and failure points:

[information which could be considered commercially sensitive omitted]

Hopefully, you will be able to see that this compliance status has not come about due to minor inaccuracies, which could be forgiven, but due to important information being either incorrect or missing altogether.

As a consequence of these findings, National Grid cannot accept the connection of the Victron Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 or Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 GX, in parallel with our Distribution Networks, until such a time that Victron have provided alternative or additional information that demonstrates compliance with the latest version of ENA EREC G99.

I am comfortable with you informing Victron of the above, either directly or indirectly (through your equipment supplier), so that they may complete and provide alternative or additional evidence of compliance. They should do so primarily to the ENA, but National Grid Electricity Distribution would also be willing to take an early look at any documentation, should Victron see this as desirable.

I am confident that, given time to complete the documents accurately, Victron will be able to make these devices compliant (perhaps with another firmware update) but, unfortunately, we will have to wait until they have demonstrated this before we may accept these on our networks.

Kind regards,

Engineering Policy

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MultiPlus 3000 Low Battery Light On When Battery is Fully Charged

We have a MultiPlus 3000 connected to 2x100amp hour batteries via 2/0 cabling. The DC Voltage at the battery terminal on the MultiPlus reads 13.6vDC (i.e, full battery), however when we turn the MultiPlus on, the Low Battery light turns on (static, not blinking). Why is this?

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Multiplus 2 Aux relay working off SOC

My Aux relay is only giving out 50v when the it is closed, it should be 230v as is the input. It’s there to control a central heating circulation pump which runs when the heat pump is running which runs when SOC is >15%. But today it’s not working, just giving out 50v which is not enough to run the 230v pump

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MultiPlus-II connection with Daly BMS / Daly Interface Board (WNT) via CAN?

Hello Together,

I'm trying since a week or so to connect my MultiPlus-II GX wthy my BMS, which is an Daly 16s 48V 250A BMS. It has communication interface (RS485/CAN) and I set it with the PC-Monitor Software to VICTRONENERGY/CAN. I have also the Daly Interface Board (WNT) that they set to Victron Protocol, as they said, before they send it to me.

This is how my Setup looks like:


I also created an customized RJ45 Cable for VE.CAN so they communicate together correctly:
Green/white GND 3 - 3 GND green/white
Brown CAN-L 8 - 4 CAN-L blue
Brown/white CAN-H 7 - 5 CAN-H blue/white

Then I set in the Remote Console the VE.CAN to Other BMS and 500 kbit/s, in the Network status the packets are counting up correctly:



But there is no BMS in the device list or the battery monitor list:


This is how I set up the BMS:


There is an video on youtube where they demonstrate that it is possible:

Has anyone managed to connect an Daly BMS to Victron via CAN? What do I need to do to get it work?

Here is the Datasheet of the Daly Interface Board (WNT):
DL-WNT-V1.0 datasheet of collection board.docx.pdf

Greetings Jack

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MultiPlus-II turns off when grid goes below 215V

Hey there,

today we had the issue that our MultiPlus-II 12/3000/120-32 turned off when the provided "grid" voltage dropped below about 215V. I'm not sure about the exact voltage, but its somewhere between 215 and 218V. The measurements were taken from by the MultiPlus and also a second external device, but both showed the same voltage (just that the MultiPlus is really slow in its reporting).

The "grid" is in this case a generator, an older model from the 80s or 90s, without inverter technology, so the voltage varies a bit. Specifically, the voltage goes up a bit under load and down when there is not much load (mechanical controls..). The upper limit is about 232V under load, the lower limit I saw today was about 205V with nearly no load, so this voltage range is the usual range that we get from this generator. As charging progressed and the charging power went down, the load on the generator also went down and with it the voltage. When we got to the aforementioned about 215V, the MultiPlus turned off (not completely, but switched to inverting as if there was no grid available at all - just that it still reported the about 215V provided to the Cerbo GX).

The reasons why I'm asking on this forum about something that sounds like a generator related problem are:

  1. camping places often provide similar voltages, as their wiring is usually not great and
  2. according to the datasheet, the charger in the MultiPlus accepts Voltages between 187 and 265V

Further, here in germany the grid's is allowed to go down as low as 180V, so this should not be a problem that turns off the charger.

In VE.Configure in the Grid tab, the lower barriers for voltages are set to 180V for disconnect and 187V for recovery. So that should also not be cause of the problem.

215V is a bit too early for my sense, as this has the risk of draining the battery without me noticing. Although the inverter turns off at a certain battery voltage, this doesn't make the situation any better, as this might lead for example to a not cooling fridge, which could be really bad on hot summer days.

How do I get the MultiPlus to not stop charging as long as the provided voltage is above 180V?

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one RS450/200 or better split to 2x RS450/100

Hello guys,

i have a questrion regarding the purchase of RS450 equipment. Is it better to use only one RS450/200 or better split to 2x 450/100?

I was told, that it is better to use the 450/200, when various directions of the panels are used (N, S, E, W), because the 450/200 limits the output of the power over all 4 mppt trackers to 200. If 2x 450/100 are used, it could be that 2 mppts of the first 450/100 produce 120A and will be reduced to max 100A and the second produces 80A... so i can load only with 180A. When I use the 450/200 in the same constellation i would charge with 200A.

Is that true?

which setup would you advice?

Best regards


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Victron ESS + ET112 = slow response


Recently I've installed ET112 grid meter on my system (which was using CT sensor previously) and I've noticed that the Multi is very slow on response to load. Currently my system looks like this:


The grid set point is set to -10W. The multi needs a good 15-18 seconds to stabilize after large load kicks in and another approx 15s to stabilize after load drops off. Check the video from VenusGX (the load is switched on at about 16s of the clip and switched of at 43s of the clip):

Is that how it should be? The difference in the load is just about 1.4kW, why is it taking so long to handle that?

Previously I was using CT Sensor extended with Cat5e cable to over 25m long, the system looked like this:


The response to load was pretty much instant. I've recorder video using the same load as on the previous one (load switched on at about 10s and switched off at 23s of the video):

The system need seconds to stabilize

Also you can see a clear difference on the Grid use graph from VRM portal:



As you can see, with CT sensor the system is very close to grid set point, with ET112 grid meter it is way off and hardly ever stay close to set point. The situation is even worst during cloudy day when PV power is fluctuating (you cen see it on my other youtube video).

Is it normal behavior? It looks like Multi can handle this load easily, the problem seems to be in the feedback from the grid meter (or algorithm when ET112 is in use). Is there anything I can do to improve this reaction time??? Please advice.

Kind Regards

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MultiPlus-II randomly starts inverting for less than a minute

I have installed the MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50 (v500 firmware) inverter with Pylontech US5000 battery and Cerbo GX (v2.92). While browsing data in Remote Console I noticed that for unknown reason MultiPlus sometimes starts inverting during up to 1 minute when the grid is up and has normal voltage.


Is it some sort of internal self-test that inverter periodically does or is it a sign of issue?

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Pylontech / Victron - extra us5000 added

Good moring all

Quick question on the vrm / remote console. I have just added a 2nd US5000 battery to my 48/3000 Multiplus 2

Is it correct the battery still shows as 1 module in the system or should it show as 2 modules and report readings such as the temp for 2 batteries or is the temperture now the average temp etc. of both units?



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Battery voltage limit

We have a couple of Multiplus v2 5k, a 5k AC coupled Fronius, 4 BYD b-box LV 48v batteries and a Cerbo to tie it all together.

Now I want to limit the charging voltage on the BYD batteries from 58.4 volt to 56.4 volt. According to Will Prowse this will greatly increase battery lifetime. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I have no idea how to do this. In Venus OS, the CVL option under the BYD parameters is not changeable. Do I need to do this in the BYD software somehow?

Thanks in advance,


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