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VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle

ve direct bluetooth on old BlueSolar MPPT 150/70

Hi guys..

I am thinking whether to get the USB cable or the Bluetooth adapter for CONFIGURING primarly the BlueSolar MPPT 150/70 (bought in 2013 but in box till now!!)

I wonder why the * in the compatibility list..


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VE.Smart Network between MultiPlus and SmartShunt?

Can the MultiPlus inverter-charger communicate with a SmartShunt over bluetooth, please?

My old inverter-charger has recently died, so over the last week I've been doing a lot of reading about replacements, and it's been a lot of information to take in.

I thought I watched a video which explained that, using the VE.Bus Smart Dongle, the MultiPlus inverter-charger can communicate with the SmartShunt over bluetooth but I can now no longer find it.

The cable between the inverter-charger and the batteries is a couple of meters in length, and there is apparently some voltage drop when the inverter was in use - my old inverter-charger (an Atlas Combi) gave some problems with its inverter refusing to operate because of a low voltage warning - so it would be good to have accurate battery voltage sensing for the new inverter.

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What is the range spectrum radio and transmission power for Cerbo in wifi and Bluetooth?

We are having issues in customs because the local regulator has non technical information of the Cerbo and Solar controllers with bluetooth and wifi functionality. As they consider that there isn't information in manual and datasheet they are denying the importation of these parts.

Please could you help us with the following information for the technical person in our Telecom and Transport ministry?

If the module transmits in the radio spectrum with a power equal to or less than 10 milliwatts (mW) on the antenna (effective radiated power), please confirm.

What is the frequency bands in which it operates, in order to determine if the module operates in bands allocated to public services?. (We read 2.4GHz and 13 channels in forum).

Please, do you have this information in a white paper of Victron products?



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Is a VE Direct Bluetooth dongle needed for every device?

If I have two devices with a VE port, do I then need two dongles or can they be interconnected?

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Trouble connecting the dongle to the android phone

Hi. Today i connected a Bluesolar charge controller to a VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle, but it does not appear on the screen of the phone App Victron connect. What is wrong? The Dongle is new an the charge controller too.

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VE Smartbus bluetooth dongle mounting?

My understanding is it is compatible with 48v system, correct?

Also, does temp sensor connections need to be mounted on battery or can I connect to bus bar. If battery, which one in a 4 bat bank?

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Do i need seperate Bluetooth dongles for MPPT CC and Multiplus II

I want to view both the SS MPPT CC and the Multiplus II in Victron Connect. Not using a GX device. Do I need to use two separate Bluetooth dongles for each device? I have one, it appears the smart shunt, and the CC have BT built in.. Limited range.

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VE.Direct Dongle connector not staying in charger

I have a BlueSolar MPPT 150/35 and have a problem getting a VE.Direct BT dongle to stay in the VE.Direct port on the charger. When it's plugged in it works fine but after driving a few miles it just falls out. It apparently is not snapping in place no matter how hard I push on the connector. Am I doing something wrong or is there anything I can try to get the connector to stay in place other than tape?

Thanks for any help

qurius asked

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Why won't MPPT connect via VE Direct

I have three MPPT's in my system. 2 are connected by VE Direct to VE Direct at Cerbo. The third VE direct port on the Cerbo is being used for the smart shunt, so i connected my third MPPT via VE Direct to USB adapter cable. This third MPPT does not display on my remote monitor or at the GX Touch display. I have done the following to troubleshoot:

- updated firmware on all devices

- checked cable connections, powered entire system down and restarted, rebooted cerbo gx via touch display (It is plugged into the middle USB port (not the first where the Cerbo power is connected)

- removed the ve direct to usb cable from MPPT #3 and connected it to #2, rebooted and #2 was visible via the usb cable (the usb cable and it's connection to the cerbo is not the issue).

- Replaced the MPPT with a new MPPT controller in case it was a bad VE Direct port on the unit. This was not the case, still not visible.

Sidebar - I have somehow now created a duplicate Array #2 MPPT (see attached) - how do I remove this?

Thru my Victron Connect App, i can see MPPT #3 in bluetooth devices, but not connected devices. In remote login screen, there is an addiitonal MPPT (MPPT - 289) - is this my missing MPPT, and if so, is it displaying based on blue tooth (and not connected devices) - and if so, why is it not carrying the name i assigned it (Array #3).

Another sidebar - confused on why the name assigned via bluetooth doesn't carry over to connected devices through VRM (but DOES display accurately on VRM portal)?

Why is Array 3 MPPT not showing up?




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Bluetooth: Built-in vs Dongle and then vs VE.Direct

Good day.

So I'm trying to absorb all the info, new to solar and not too tech-savvy. Could someone cast a little light on the following:

As far as I can tell the various devices have either Bluetooth built in or a dongle, both communicating to a device (ph, tablet, etc) with App, or the VE.Direct cable that'll connect directly to a device for monitoring, also with the App installed. Is that correct?

Next up, in the case of the dongle and VE cable, how often does one really need to attach these to access the info? I mean, it seems to me you'd use it for setting up the system and occasional monitoring, or troubleshooting. Unless you want to play, all the time. I'm trying to get a realistic picture here.

And how do people feel about the built in bluetooth vs the dongle, do the built in units suffer more damage from heat and lower performance?

Do I even ask about the Cerbo? This seems a central brain that one can connect all the other limbs to and control/monitor from there, correct?


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Multiplus 12v 3K cuts out when connected to VE.BUS BT Dongle?

I have wired up a VE.BUS BT Dongle to my Multiplus 12v 3K. The dongle is wired up to the main bus bar, not in the inverter, I have updated the software on both to the latest using the VE.BUS to USB and I have even bought a Victron RJ45 cable and still have the exact same issue.

It will all boot up and work but will cut out about every 30 seconds and reboot. You can see in the app through the dongle that it is as soon as it has got all the information (going from unknown to then give the inverting/battery details) as soon as it is showing the details it cuts out about 3 seconds later and goes through the same process again.

Don't know what else to try, might it be a faulty dongle as the Multiplus works fine without it?

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VE.Direct Smart Dongle: Cannot get past the info page

Hi, I haven't used the device for several months. When I connect to the Smart Dongle using the Android app, I get the info page that enables me to change the password and update the firmware. The firmware is apparently up to date. I cannot get to the battery info page. What am I doing wrong? It worked fine before. Thanks

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Batery / Temp. sensor - in VE.Bus Smart Dongle VS Multiplus Compact

I have 3 chargers working separatily:
Smart MPPT device, MultiPlus Compact + Dongle, Smart Orion-tr.
Each of them should to have temp. sensor. So for smart (MPPT and Orion) i bought bluetooth sensor. But also for MultiPlus nad Donge I have separate sensors.

Which one I should to use bought, never mind, or one of them.

BTW. Its stupid that VE.Bus Smart Dongle cant to get temp. using bluetooth/temp sensor.
Same with access to setting via Dongle VS VE.Bus to USB. I do not have exciuse for that except pricing Victron policy.

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Configure Multiplus without a PC

Is this possible yet? Id rather not buy a Windows PC just to change my Multiplus settings.

The system will have a Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50. Is there any other way to accomplish changing setting on the Multiplus without buying a PC? Bluetooth dongle?

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Multiplus 3000 smart dongle 0.6vdc to high in VictronConnect

I have a 8 month old multiplus 3000 12vdc with Victron solar and smartshunt. All the recent updates have been performed. I’ve noticed that my system has been in float/ storage mode at lower voltages than should and that the VictronConnect multiplus volts are always .6vdc to high. Verified with multimeter and all cables are perfect. I’ve been operating the multiplus with the app but now have to plug in a dmc 200 that I have yet to mount to get the charger to work properly. From all my test the smart dongle seems to be outputting the wrong sensed voltage. Any thoughts?

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