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VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle

Will Globallink 520 read via BT from BMV-700 with dongle?

Will a Globallink 520 read data via Bluetooth from a BMV-700 equipped with a VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle?



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Advertisement vs Instant vs Broadcast

What are the differences between:

a) Live data advertising

b) Instant Readout

c) Broadcast data

Or are they just different terms for the same functionality?



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Blue Solar MPPT programming options (dongle vs GX vs ....)

Dear All

I am still new to the Victron equipment, so apologies if my questions were asked previously, but I did try to look at old posts for possible answers.

My Victron vendor sold me a 150/45 blue solar mppt, but I only "discovered" after the installation that I should have taken the SmartSolar unit as I need fine tuning for the (Lifepo) battery pack.

My question (s) :

  1. Can I adjust the MPPT through the GXCerbo (VE-Direct connection), or is programming only possible with the Dongle? (not sure if new software is available via VRM/Cerbo that allows this, and if so, direction how to do this would be highly appreciated).
  2. Also, if I have multiple Bluesolar MPPT's, will they change automatically if I activate DVCC or should they be individually programmed though the dongle (out the box) before accepting DVCC? (or is DVCC only possible via dongle)
  3. I prefer communication via VE-DIRECT, but would you say that the dongle is necessary all the time or is it only applicable when doing programming?
  4. Should I just return the MPPT and get a new SmartSolar to eliminate problems down the line.
  5. Or am I missing some setup steps i.e. create a network with Victron App and all (non Bluetooth) MPPTS can be adjusted? (please share any extra steps if you think it will benefit the equipment (i.e. MP2, MPPT, Shunt, cerbo, etc)

I think I would most probably fine-tune initially, but after I have found the "ideal setting", I wish to set and forget and let the MPPT do the work.

Thanks in advance

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Multiplus 12v 3K cuts out when connected to VE.BUS BT Dongle?

I have wired up a VE.BUS BT Dongle to my Multiplus 12v 3K. The dongle is wired up to the main bus bar, not in the inverter, I have updated the software on both to the latest using the VE.BUS to USB and I have even bought a Victron RJ45 cable and still have the exact same issue.

It will all boot up and work but will cut out about every 30 seconds and reboot. You can see in the app through the dongle that it is as soon as it has got all the information (going from unknown to then give the inverting/battery details) as soon as it is showing the details it cuts out about 3 seconds later and goes through the same process again.

Don't know what else to try, might it be a faulty dongle as the Multiplus works fine without it?

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Can I connect a VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle on a SmartSolar MPPT RS 450/100

I know that the MPPT RS 450/100 have built in bluetooth communication but my setup is in a shipping container and i would like to use the victronconnect outside the container. Is it possible to connect a bluetooth smart dongle to the port and run the cable outside so the communication with the app work inside and outside.

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Is data from other devices available from VE-direct on one device on the bluetooth "network"

I have a setup with a Smartshunt, a BueSolar mppt and a Phoenix Charger. I want to be able to connect all devices to a Raspberry pi, bu i also want the devices to be able to talk to each other using Bluetooth. If i add a BT dongle to the BlueSolar i will not be able to use the port.

The question is if the port on for example the SmartShunt will have information from the other devices connected via Bluetooth?

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Victron comms-best path forward, starting small

Smart shunt 500 and Phoenix 48/800 on order, 4xchins12/100 and a powmr (500v PV) 48/5000/120, will want to add Raspberry pi (if they don’t exceed Cerbo in price :-)

Seems that a cable will get data shared between Smart shunt and Phoenix, but smart shunt doesn’t pass frames across interfaces, right(?), so I can’t use phone to configure Phoenix with smart shunt alone.

it seems If I go for a Bluetooth dongle on the Phoenix, I can make a smart network, but then, can a raspberry-pi with Victron OS join smart network, or can solar-assistant join using Bluetooth?

Difficult to tell without hands-on.

Trying to weigh the benefits and liability of each interface… Bluetooth smart network,, Serial, Bluetooth.

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Phoenix 250VA inverter VE Direct PIN will not change


Hi, i connected to my new inverter Bluetooth via victron app. I changed the PIN. Every time i reconnect it prompts me with the default PIN warning. I have an MPPT which works ok from new no issues with that.

I forgot all VE Bluetooth connections

I restarted ios 16.1.1 phone

I restarted inverter power off disconnect

Then went round in circles doing the same thing over and over.

Please can someone help with this issue as i don't want anyone to connect to my inverter for safety reasons.


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Configure Multiplus without a PC

Is this possible yet? Id rather not buy a Windows PC just to change my Multiplus settings.

The system will have a Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50. Is there any other way to accomplish changing setting on the Multiplus without buying a PC? Bluetooth dongle?

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Can I extend the VE.Direct Smart Dongle cable length

I ordered a VE.Direct Bluetooth smart dongle to solve a bluetooth range problem with my battery monitor mounted in a Travel Trailer. The intention was to mount the dongle to a location closer to where I need access. Upon receiving it I was disappointed to see the cable length is not very long. If I were to go through the trouble of connecting the 10 meter VE.Direct cable to the dongle would that be OK?

In other words, I want to confirm this dongle, like other VE.Direct devices, will work for cable lengths less than 10M. If not what is the maximum length the dongle will work with?

Any suggestions on simpler ways to extend the dongles' cable lengh are appreciated. My plan was to buy the 10 meter VE.Direct cable and splice in a section to the existing dongle cable ensuring the length is less than 10m or as short as possible.

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VE.Direct Extension Cable?

My Victron 100/50 controller is mounted at the rear of my RV in an enclosed metal compartment. Hence the BT Signal won't make it much further than right above the compartment in the back of the RV. I want to get the signal at the front of the RV. Currently the only way that appears to be possible is to add a BT Dongle. But I need a longer cable than what they come with standard. (5feet, 1.5m) I need about a 5 meter or longer cable. My question is, does anyone make a VE.Direct extension cable? I am thinking it needs to have a female connector on the other side to allow the BT Dongle to plug in to it. I have seen male to male VE.Direct cables, and my assumption is they may be cross over cabling to swap the send and receive channels. If no one makes an extension, does anyone know what that connector is called so I can try to solder one up? Thanks, Bill

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Ve direct connection to Blue solar MPPT

I have a blue solar 100/30 mppt with a ve direct dongle to enable Bluetooth And smart networking with the BMV712. I just installed a raspberry pi with the Venus OS and it works great. Finally a complete picture. However, as the MPPT only has one VE direct port, I can no longer see the MPPT on the victron app, review settings or smart network without swapping cables. If I get a JST splitter that plugs into the MPPY and then connects both the dongle and the ve direct cable to the PI, will they both receive the correct information needed?

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How many Bluetooth Dongles?

I just bought a Smartsolar 100/30 and a 500amp Smartshunt and installed in my motorhome. They both of course have Bluetooth built in.

Problem is they are inside a metal compartment so inside the motorhome I have about a 2 foot range from the compartment. So I bought 1 of the VE.Direct Bluetooth dongles and have it plugged into the shunt and run outside the metal compartment to the inside the motorhome and it works great, for the shunt.

Do I need a 2nd dongle for the charge controller or is there a way to network them together locally (inside the same compartment) and be able to access them both from the 1 dongle?

Also, the cord on the dongle is short, is there an extension?

Thanks in advance

Rick from Ontario, Canada.

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Utilisation d’un d’ongle Bluetooth externe sur un mppt AVEC Bluetooth interne ?

Bonjour, mon MPPT 100/50 est équipé d’une connexion Bluetooth interne. Malheureusement, la connexion avec le contrôleur de batterie BMV712 ne se fait pas, très certainement à cause de la distance et/ou des obstacles entre les deux. Je tenterais bien un d’ongle Bluetooth externe qui m’éviterait de toucher au câblage existant. Ma question est donc : est-possible ?,dois je déconnecter le Bluetooth interne et si oui comment car pas trouvé dans les paramètres de config),


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Offline (no internet) full wireless advanced configuration of Victron inverters via smartphone

Hello VE community,

First post here, so please be kind if I'm asking questions that have already been discussed. I tried searching but still can't find a clear answer.

I'm potentially in the market for a second smaller inverter for my RV. I currently have have a 48V 3.8kWh Schneider Conext 4048 inverter which works very well (quiet). It's a tad awkward to configure wirelessly when totally off-grid/offline (uses wifi-direct) via my Android phone, but once you get the hang of it, it's not that bad, and it does provide access to every single advanced feature. I use that capability quite often, and for my specific situation, I consider that type of offline smartphone advanced programming a must-have feature. Any inverter without it is automatically off the list.

From what I can tell, there is only one Victron inverter, the Phoenix Smart 230V for European markets which offers similar Android smartphone advanced configuration when totally off-grid/offline. All other Victron inverters, even when paired with the smart dongle, appear to only offer basic monitoring and basic features. Is this correct?

If so, does anyone know why there is no Phoenix Smart inverter for the U.S. market? It would immediately be at the top of my list if there was. It seems odd not to have this available. Is this a niche feature most people don't want? It's hard to imagine that. Every other device in my van: the Conext inverter, Cerbo GX, Smart Battery Charger, Dometic CFX375DZ, and AC Infinity Cloudline T6 fans can all be programmed from my phone when totally offline. In fact that's the only way I configure/control all of them, which is very useful when at a stoplight, waiting for a train, in grid-lock traffic, or even sometimes (yes I know, not the safest) when on long stretches of straight interstate with no other vehicles around and lane keeping enabled.

Any advice or input is appreciated. Is there some kind of awkward and expensive but still workable solution to provide the functionality I'm after to existing (not so smart) Victron inverters sold for the U.S. market? Using a USB connection to the phone is highly undesirable, but if that's the only way (mk3-usb?) I'd at least vaguely consider it.


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