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VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle

Sharing temperature from MultiPlus Compact via Dongle to other devices with VE.Smart Network

I had MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/50-70 with old temperature battery sensor.
If I add Dongle I would like to share temperature between other devices like:
Orion-TR Smart and Solar MPPT Smart via VE.Smart Network. Is it possible?

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Configure Multiplus without a PC

Is this possible yet? Id rather not buy a Windows PC just to change my Multiplus settings.

The system will have a Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50. Is there any other way to accomplish changing setting on the Multiplus without buying a PC? Bluetooth dongle?

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Dongel use on 3 different c/controllers

Hi. So I have 3. 75/15 charge controllers. Can I use them at different times on the three at different times. And is the 30day history I will get off the individual controller. Or is the info stored in the dongel for the 30days.i was hoping that when I plug dongel in the charge controller I would get last 30day info from the c/controller it plugged into.

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Venus GX bluetooth conectivity

Is it or when will it be possible to use Bluetooth connectivity with the Venus GX range?

For example to connection to the Victron Connect Bluetooth app.

Currently the Venus GX range has Wi-Fi support for connection to VRM but is not Bluetooth.

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Multiplus wont turn on when using VictronConnect and bluetooth dongle

I have a 12V/3000W/120A Multiplus connected to a VE.Bus Smart dongle. I also have a BMV-712 and a 150/100 MPPT charge controller. I can interact with all of them via the Bluetooth app and have used them for several months without any problems. Recently, I returned to the location and when I went to turn on the Multiplus using the bluetooth app, it would crash when I selected any function (On/Inverter only/Charger only). Sometimes when I held the app 'button' it wouldn't crash as fast. It did this repeatedly. I was able to disconnect the Ethernet cable to the dongle, then use the manual switch on the front of the Multi, to turn it on, then plug the cable back in. When I switched off the Multi using bluetooth, the same problem repeated.

I was able to turn on and off the Multi using bluetooth previously without issues. Is there a setting I should be checking in the Multi's setup? I have a MK3-USB.

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Is VictronConnect VE Direct nothing more than a glorified voltmeter?

After sometime now, I have realized the VE direct is so completely wrong, I question its value. Yes, the ammeter on the Smartshunt shows load and recharge, yes the voltmeter shows Voltage but the SOC percentage is a joke

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VE.Direct Dongle with BlueSolar MPPT connects but fails at 95%

I have a new bluetooth dongle connected to an existing BlueSolar MPPT MPPT 150/35. It's visible in VictronConnect, and shows the correct solar controller. However, it always fails connecting at 95%. I've reproduced on Android, iOS, and Mac.

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Unable to connect Victron direct smart dongle to phoenix inverter

When I plug the smart dongle into my phoenix inverter (ve direct 24/800) blue and red lights both blink (slowly). Latest firmware installed on dongle. The dongle works fine on the MPPT charger but if I move it to the inverter it doesn’t connect. Any help would be appreciated. Tx!

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I have a MPPT charger and a raspberry pi running Vinus OS connected to the VRM portal. Is there a way to link the MPPT controller to the RPI using bluetooth instead of the USB/ cable ?

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Why does the red LED on my smart dongle flash briefly...

...when I connect or reconnect through Bluetooth. And why has the blue LED stopped working at all? (I have the latest firmware.)

Otherwise, the app is getting data from the controller.

But I would like the blue LED to work.

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Change Multiplus settings with Bluetooth?

I have 2 Multiplus inverter‘s operating in split phase. I have a Bluetooth dongle connected now, can I change the settings from split phase to parallel Via bluetooth / Victronconnect/ iPhone?

I can change this setting with a laptop, but it would be so much easier to do it on my phone.

if this isn’t possible, is there any future date it could be?



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Victron smart dongle constantly reconnects

I have a bluetooth dongle connected to a 50A/75V MPPT blue solar controller. The controller and dongle have both got the latest firmware installed. I am trying to perform a factory reset as my controller is now required to run a 12v system, having previously been used on a 24v system.

Every time I connect, within 5 to 10 seconds it disconnects from the app then automatically reconnects which leaves no time to adjust settings (I have time to scroll to the appropriate setting and press reset but it will not stay connected long enough to perform the reset) . I have tried using three different phones all with the latest version of the app installed. The app/dongle was able to update the firmware on startup so it seems as though it is capable of holding a connection in some regards.

bigben5 asked
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Blue solar MPPT: cannot connect to Cerbo GX and use VictronConnect?

I have a very simple setup on a boat:

  • Multiplus
  • Blue solar MPPT + bluetooth dongle on
  • BMV702 + to USB cable
  • Bluetooth remote voltage and temperature sensor

I just added a Cerbo GX: the ports of MPPT and BMV702 are now connected to Cerbo GX and I can no longer access those with VictronConnect (without physically switching cables - which is not an option as the MPPT is difficult to reach).

How do I view and adjust parameters of MPPT and BMV? I guess there must be a way... but I have not found it yet. Can someone point me in the right direction? (my expectation was to access MPPT and BMV settings with either VictronConnect through the Cerbo GX, or better directly on the remote console)

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how to split Multiplus 12 800 35 VE.bus port to use VE.Bus Smart dongle

Question : how to split Multiplus 12 800 35 VE.bus port to use VE.Bus Smart dongle

Product : Multiplus 12 800 35 connected to an External VE.Bus BMS through VE.Bus BMS Main Detector

Hello everybody.

Guys I have a Multiplus 12 800 35 Inverter/charger and I would like to connect a VE.Bus Smart dongle in order to have the possibility to use the App " Victron connect " to monitor most of the Inverter /charger parameters via Bluetooth

The problem is that - at present - the only VE.Bus port of the Multiplus is used by the VE.Bus MBS Mains detector , connected to the AC-IN port and to an External VE.Bus BMS that controls a 100 A Lithium battery .

How can we split the unique VE.Bus port of the Multiplus to have the possibility to connect also the VE.Bus Smart dongle ? I did not find this possibility on Victron’s schematics. Do you have it ?

Many thanks in advance for your help.


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Cable length 50 meters for BMV or VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle - it's possible?

Hello friends! I need to receive data from BMV (or SmartShunt) at a distance of 50 meters!

Suggest what options are there?

Includes UPT/RJ12 cable a 10 meters long. Can I take 50 meters away?

With port VE.Direct, can I use VE.Direct cable 50 meters? To connect VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle?

No internet, can't use Venus or Cerbo :(


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SmartShunt BT Strength + VE.Direct Cable Issue

First-time poster -

I just installed a SmartShunt monitor inside a waterproof box that I attached to the outside battery box of my new Airstream trailer. Horrendously poor BT signal. I have to be in direct line-of-sight if outside the trailer and literally within 3 feet of it if I'm inside the trailer to connect via the app. This problem is well document on the forum and I accept that the Airstream's aluminum frame presents some unique challenges. My solution is to add a BT dongle to the shunt with the dongle's head inside the trailer. I have another dongle connected to my 150/35 MPPT and it gives great BT reception both inside and outside of the Airstream so I'm hoping this is solve my problem with the Shunt.

However...... I just found out that the dongle cable is about six inches too short to reach the box if the dongle head is inside the trailer. Questions for this group:

1. I see that Victron sells various sizes of VE.Direct cables but all have female connectors on each end. Does Victron sell or recommend a male-to-male adapter that I could use to mate the dongle's cable to a short, 1 ft. VE.Direct cable?

2. I found a JST-PH 2.0mm 4 Pin Connector Kit, Male/Female with Pins online. Any thoughts if the male-to-male part would properly join these cables?

3. Thoughts on any other solution to this would be appreciated.



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VE.Direct Bluetooth adapter cycles from fault to unknown to working back to fault

There was a forced firmware update when I connected to my bluetooth ve.bus adapter this morning. I believe previous version was v428, but cannot recalled for sure. Current firmware on Multiplus 12/3000/120 is v430. Bluetooth adapter is firmware version v1.10, bootloader v1.04. All show latest in the app. When I connect with VictronConnect on Android, it cycles between FAULT, UNKNOWN, and proper system display. The Multiplus is working as expected. I have tried disconnecting the bluetooth adapter from multiplus, disconnecting power, waiting 30 seconds, reconnecting. I have tried power cycling multiplus, disconnecting power, wait 30seconds and repower. I have checked for updates on the app, it is at latest version. I have powered off then back on my phone. Issue remains. How can I get this working again?

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Bluetooth dongle with an older inverter

I have a 12/3000 120a Phoenix inverter I assume it was fitted to the boat when built in 2003.
can I fit the victron dongle to it to see the details on my phone like the BMV and MPPT or is it too old.
I can’t see anywhere physical to plug it in on the outside.


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No power or efficiency information in VictronConnect app for VE.Direct Phoenix 12/500 Inverter

So I finally got the bluetooth dongle for my 12/500 VE.Direct Phoenix Inverter and got it setup. All I see in the VictronConnect app other than the "speedometer" of load was voltage in and voltage out. I remember reading in the inverter manual that with the app you could view more detailed information like the load in watts, or load percentage, DC current in, and even current efficiency. I cannot find that anywhere. What am I doing wrong? I've attached a screenshot. I did the firmware update first thing when setting it up.


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BlueSolar MPPT with SmartDongle does not connect to bluetooth after each night.

On a sailboat, all my charge sources come thru an Victron ArgoFet Battery Isolator. That causes the solar controllers to not have any power at night. Once the sun comes up, the SmartSolar MPPTs do reconnect to a bluetooth network and get battery voltage as well as temp.

I have a SmartSense as well as a BMV-712-smart I can connect the solar controllers via bluetooth to. I keep the SmartSolar controllers on a separate bluetooth network, separate from the BlueSolar controllers.

The BlueSolar controllers with the SmartDongles will not, by themselves, reconnect after each night. I have to connect to each BlueSolar MPPT via the app (bluetooth connection), then the BlueSolar controllers 'wake up' and start showing a bluetooth network connection after a couple seconds.


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Dongle+App does NOT allow capture of BMV-700 history?

it's been fun to watch the BMV-700 monitor, but i wanted long term data to be collected. i thought the dongle and app would allow me to capture that data, but posts like this one now make me think that is not true? The trend data seems to reset every time i reconnect bluetooth, i see the app can download its own settings but not any data files. is this how it's supposed to work?! if so, i see little advantage from the dongle. please tell me i'm missing something.

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Mppt 100/30 with bluetooth dongle problem

Hallo, whenever i open the ve direct smart app to connect with my mppt 100/30 it only shows solar voltage (around 37V) and battery voltage. All other parameters such as solar energy just shows 0. If i change some settings and then go back to the original serrings everything works flawlesly. What can i do? Thanks for your answer.


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Problems Connecting after trying to Update PIN


Hi, First post here. I have a Smartsolar 100/15mppt controller on one LiFePo battery pack and recently added a Bluesolar 100/15 with bluetooth dongle to a second LiFePo battery pack.

Everything was fine until Victron Connect prompted me to change the PIN from the default 000000.

Now, when I select one of the units in Victron Connect I get the attached message. What number are they referring to on the unit? I am only given a numeric keypad to enter with and all numbers on the units are alphanumeric. 000000 doesn't work.

Have tried uninstalling the software from my iPhone, removing the PV and disconnecting from the battery.

Am at a complete loss...HELP!!! lol


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VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle

Can I use Ve.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle with Multiplus Inverter/Charger VN-MP-24 5000-120 wthout any shunts or other inerfaces connected.

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V.E Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle connection problem

I have had a V.E Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle connected to Victron MPPT 100/30 solar charger for many years without a problem through OnePlus 3 phone. Now all of a sudden, Bluetooth disconnects/reconnects in every 30 seconds on my phone using Victron app. Very annoying. Done pairing again with, restarted phone, disconnect and reconnected Bluetooth wire from the solar charger etc., but in vain. What to do?

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Bluetooth Dongle Firmware update not possible - does not show old Firmware version


I'm using the bluetooth dongle together with my mppt 75/15 in my RV. Worked fine until November last year.

Reactivating the RV last week, every Victron component asked for update (BMV, Battery etc.) Despite Blutooth dongle updates worked fine.

Was not able to update the bluetooth dongle. Bluetooth- connection looks good, update stops at 10 to 34%.

It's strange, that dongle does not show the former version number.

Tried all recommanded error handling methods - dongle does not work. Also clear button do not work.

Is there anything I can do?

Thanks for help


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Input current limit being exceeded - Multiplus


I have a 48/5000 Multiplus 2 with a BT Smart dongle.

I have set the Max Input Current Limit to 10a via the BT dongle but when I plug the gen set in to top up the batteries it charges at Maximum current which exceeds the generators 3,700w running capacity.


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Can the Bluetooth dongle be mounted outside in the environment?

I haven't seen any information regarding the recommended installation requirements for the dongle.

I had a SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 installed in a wooden shed about 35 feet from my house. 80% of the time, I could access the controller using the VictronConnect app from the couch in my living room. I could also see the SmartShunt but the bluetooth signal wasn't strong to connect. I also have a BatterySense but Victron Connect app cannot see it from my house.

Because I added additional solar panels to increase production during the winter months, I had to change charge controllers to a SmartSolar 100/50,

From inside my house, the VictronConnect app cannot even see any Victron bluetooth devices once I changed charge controllers.

I decided to buy the Bluetooth Dongle with should arrive in a few days. It was my intention to mount the dongle on the outside of the shed facing the house. I'm near Boston, Ma so it will be somewhat exposed to the elements including ice and snow. Is this a bad idea? Like I said, I didn't see any recommended mounting or installation instructions in the online manual.

If it can't be mounted in the elements, I plan on installing a small weatherproof enclosure on the shed and install the dongle inside of it.

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How can I use all three of these ways to monitor and control my MultiPlus 3000?

I have a MultiPlus 3000W inverter changer. Connected to this I have a Cerbo GX for Internet monitoring and a Digital Multi Control 200/200A.

Before I installed my new Cerbo GX (which I love) I had a Victron Energy VE.Bus Smart Dongle (Bluetooth) connected which allowed me to monitor the MultiPlus via the VoctonrConnect app which I really loved. I had to give that up when I installed the CerboGx as there are only two RJ45 ports on the MultPlus. Unfortunately, the MultiPlus doesn't include a VE.Direct port (ughh) which would have solved this problem. Even better, would have been if the MultiPlus had BlueTooth builtin!

So my question is: How can I wire things up so that I can continue to use my phone to monitor the MultiPlus via the Victron Energy VE.Bus Smart Dongle (Bluetooth) while still having it connected to my Cerbo GX and Digital Multi Control (I don't want to give that up either)?

I did try to split the CAT5 cable using this GizmoVine Ethernet Splitter but it didn't work.

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