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Digital multi control. GX or not?

My system will have a Multiplus, a CCGX & a ve bus Bms. The Multiplus will not be easily accessed. I want to be able to turn the inverter off/on remotely. Can I do this with a Digital Multi Controller plugged into the remote port in the ve bus Bms? If so, do I need the GX version or a standard Digital Multi Controller?

campdaily asked

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Flashing LEDs on multicontrol when in 'off' position
Hi all
Just finished setting up my Multiplus 12/3000/120 with the digital multicontrol remote.

When the unit is switched off via the multicontrol all the LEDs on the multicontrol flash rapidly. They are fairly dull however.. The multicontrol works as it should otherwise and the multiplus responds correctly (shutting off when this occurs). It is fine when turned on or 'charger only' and only the appropriate LEDs are lit..

I have tried different cables and updated the Multiplus firmware.

It functions completely normally when I tried unplugging the Multiplus from the Cerbo but then the above issue happens as soon as it plugged in again

Had anyone come across this before?

cmwood asked

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Multiplus, Digital Multicontrol and Cerbo GX


When I connected the Digital Multicontrol AND the Cerbo at the same time to a Multiplus 3000 it stops working.

If I only connect one of the 2 it starts working again.

Is this normal? can I only connect one of the two? any tips.


carloa asked
thiemen answered ·

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Digital Multi Control 200 GX Cutout Size

Looking for the actual cutout dimensions for this unit. Looking at the detailed drawings, I can not determine this. Apparently, the cutout template ships in the package. Many thanks for the actual cutout dimensions.

graham-perry asked
Alexandra answered ·

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Panel cut out dimensions for Digital Multi Control Panel GX

I am prefabricating a panel that will cover an existing hole. Planning to use this panel to mount the Digital Multi Control Panel GX that I have ordered. Have searched everywhere for the cut out dimensions but cant find them. Can only find the outer dimensions but not the needed cut out dimensions for the Digital Multi Control Panel GX.

Where can I find the panel cut out dimensions for the Digital Multi Control Panel GX?

djingis asked
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Multiplus 12-3000-120 über GX Touch und Cerbo steuern

Benötigt man für das Einschalten und Ausschalten des Multiplus immer noch ein Digital Multi Control?

Ich frage, weil ich ein Wohnmobil komplett ausstatte und gerne auf das altmodische Multicontrol verzichten würde.

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Welches Remote Panel brauche ich für das VE.Bus BMS?

Guten Abend,

Bin ganz neu hier da mein Victron Händler mir empfohlen hat hier zu fragen da er die Fragen nicht beantworten kann

Habe einen Easysolar 24/3000 mit GX Color control und die 24 V Lithium Batterie und das Ve Bus BMS. Stelle jetzt beim lesen der diversen Anleitungen fest, dass ich wohl noch eine Multi Digital Control brauche da das im Easysolar eingebaute Color control GX das BMS nicht steuert.

Kann mir jemand sagen was ich für ein 24V System noch alles brauche um die Lithium Batterie mit dem Easysolar in Betrieb zu nehmen. Mein Händler meinte die Multi control Gx scheidet aus da zwei GX "Leitstellen" sich nicht vertragen.

Bin für jeden Tipp dankbar.

Grüße aus dem Pot


ctombeil asked
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Interface 1140 / 3 AC Inputs on Quattro


we have a setup with three AC-Inputs on a Quattro: Shore, Genset, and an 230vAC Alternator (3.5kw). the Alternator and Shore Power are switched by a transfer switch on AC-In 2, the Genset is still on AC-In1. Now im using the Interface 1140 to control the Input-Current while using the Alternator. Is there any possibility to enable the associated Assistant "Input Current" (0142) only when the 230v Alternator is running? In the actual setup the Assistant also regulate the current on shore power.

Or its better to put the Genset and Shore on AC-In1 / transfer switch and the Alternator on AC-In 2? And then switching the input current by the DMC between Genset and Shore?

Maybe this is a very special problem...

Thank You!

valentinschmid asked

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DMC not controlling MultiPlus II 12/3000 with Cerbo GX, Gx Touch 50

My DMC will not switch the MultiPlus II into on or charger mode. I can get the DMC to function by disconnecting it, switching the MultiPlus II to on with the GX Touch 50, and then reconnecting the DMC while the switch is in the on position. But as soon as I switch it to off, it will not turn the system back on or go into charger mode. Any thoughts?

rv-masters asked
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Main Switch on Multiplus

Hi there,

I have two simple questions about the main switch on Multiplus 12|3000.

1.) If the switch is "OFF", will any externally connected AC-power go through to AC-out 1?

2.) If the switch is "ON", but on the Digital Control the switch is "OFF", will any externally connected AC-power go through to AC-out 1?

Would be pleased to receive a clarification

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Can I use a "Cerbo GX + GX Touch 50" instead of "Digital Multi Control 200 + BMV-700"

Hi, I am installing a new system with the core components being a Multiplus 12/3000 inverter/charger, 2 x LiFePO4 Smart Batteries (12V/200Ah) & a VE.Bus BMS. I have been recommended to include a "Digital Multi Control 200 + BMV-700", but I'm wondering if it would be better to replace those 2 items with a "Cerbo GX + GX Touch 50". I would like the ability to monitor/control things remotely, and I have read (in other posts here) that you cannot change any settings remotely (nor via the touch panel), that can be set via the physical switches on the DMC (which takes priority).

So my question is really, can you do everything via the Cerbo GX & Touch 50, thus doing away with the need for the DMC & BMV altogether?

solarboat asked
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I have a DMC, Cerbo, VE BMS, with a Multiplus 3KW 120v. Where does DMC connect?

My install is finished with all Victron components, as per the title, including 2 - 200ah Smart Lithium batteries. The system is working, but I have a question as to where the DMC should be connected. It is currently plugged into the Cerbo, but I have seen many conflicting ways to connect it. Maybe it should connect in the 'remote panel' port of the VE BMS. Any ideas? Thanks!

philip53 asked
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DMC disconnect

I have a DMC connected to a Multiplus inverter/charger.

I would like to turn the multi off/on via VRM but realize this is not possible with a DMC installed. As I am not on site, if I can get a neighbour to simply unplug the rj45 cable from the DMC, will this then allow me to immediately see the switch options in the VRM or will I need a reboot .

note, I have my modem connected separately with a small inverter Connected to the battery bank.

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Economical solution wanted: Solar, wind and diesel-generator, charge management.

Approx 1.5kW (theoretical) Solar, 2kW Wind, 3kW from diesel CHP (only when required), 17kWatt.hour battery.

I want to heat water with excess power, so wind-power should be harvested rather than stopped in high winds.

I will be using "ideal" diodes on both charge and discharge sides of each battery pair (24V) to prevent degraded batteries from killing their neighbours.



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