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DMC 200/200A with non-parallel MultiPlus

For anyone not familiar with RV shore power (at least in the US/Canada), there are two options - 30 amp and 50 amp. 30 amp is entirely straightforward - 2 wires plus ground, 120V 30A across the two wires. 50 amp should really be called “100 amp” because it is three wires plus ground, so there are two “legs” with 120V 50A across each leg (100A total). You could run 240V appliances across the two hot wires, but there are no 240V appliances in my RV, so each leg originally attached to 1/2 of a split breaker panel, with half the appliances on each leg.

When I added the batteries/solar/inverters, etc, I installed two MultiPlus 24/3000/70 inverter/chargers, one attached to each shore power AC input leg. I then attached the AC output of each MultiPlus to 1/2 of the split breaker panel. So even though I have two Multiplus units, their outputs are not connected to each other. I.e., it is neither a split phase nor parallel installation. The only connection between them is the connection to the battery bank.

I now wish to add a DMC 200 control panel so I can quickly adjust the input power limit when I attach to a generator or 30 amp shore power. In both cases, a dogbone connector sends the single phase 30A power to both legs of the 50A shore power connector, so I need to set the MultiPlus input power limit to 15A each to avoid overloading the generator or popping the shore power breaker.

(finally) My question is: Can I connect the two MultiPlus units together (master/slave) via RJ45 and then attached a single DMC 200 to the master even though they are not connected in a parallel or split-phase configuration? Put another way, is it OK to connect the two MultiPluses with RJ45, even though their AC outputs are not connected together?


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programming DMC with a Multiplus 3000

Trying to configre the DMC to set a current level for my genset that is higher than my shorepower setting (V.E. Bus Multisystem+external transfer switch). I have initially used VEconnect to set up the Multiplus parameters. With the DMC and Multiplus on, when I push the button on the back of the DMC to start the programming nothing happens-no flashing LEDs. What am I missing?

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Digital multi control. GX or not?

My system will have a Multiplus, a CCGX & a ve bus Bms. The Multiplus will not be easily accessed. I want to be able to turn the inverter off/on remotely. Can I do this with a Digital Multi Controller plugged into the remote port in the ve bus Bms? If so, do I need the GX version or a standard Digital Multi Controller?

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Cerbo GX with Digital Multi Control - any benefit of having both?


I am installing a Multiplus II on my boat. I already have installed two MPPT solar chargers and a Smart Shunt. I have bought both a Cerbo GX with the 50 touch display and a Digital Multi Control for the Multiplus II. I realize that some of the Cerbo touch functions are disabled and controlled by the Digital Multi Control if both are connected per section 2.4.1 of the Cerbo manual.

My question is this: Do I need the Digital Multi Control if I have the Cerbo GX with the 50 touch display? Is there anything that the Digital Multi Control can do that the Cerbo GX with the 50 touch display can not do?

Thank you,


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Mains on aus wenn ein Netzteil eingesteckt wird

Moin, System besteht aus einem Trenntrafo (3600) und 2 Multiplus (Master-Slave 24/3000).
Wenn das System an Landstrom angeschlossen ist und die Batterien voll sind (float), passiert es immer wieder, dass die Victron von Mains On auf Inverter On umschaltet und nach 20-30 Sekunden wieder zurück. Das passiert bei irgendeinem Verbraucher der ins 230Volt Netz eingeschaltet wird. Kaffemaschine, Netzteil (Laptop) oder USB-Lader.
Leider kann ich nicht sagen, ob das schon immer so war oder erst seit einiger Zeit passiert. Es ist uns nur in letzter Zeit aufgefallen.

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Can I use a "Cerbo GX + GX Touch 50" instead of "Digital Multi Control 200 + BMV-700"

Hi, I am installing a new system with the core components being a Multiplus 12/3000 inverter/charger, 2 x LiFePO4 Smart Batteries (12V/200Ah) & a VE.Bus BMS. I have been recommended to include a "Digital Multi Control 200 + BMV-700", but I'm wondering if it would be better to replace those 2 items with a "Cerbo GX + GX Touch 50". I would like the ability to monitor/control things remotely, and I have read (in other posts here) that you cannot change any settings remotely (nor via the touch panel), that can be set via the physical switches on the DMC (which takes priority).

So my question is really, can you do everything via the Cerbo GX & Touch 50, thus doing away with the need for the DMC & BMV altogether?

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how to use the motion sensor

After reading this article :


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Flashing LEDs on multicontrol when in 'off' position
Hi all
Just finished setting up my Multiplus 12/3000/120 with the digital multicontrol remote.

When the unit is switched off via the multicontrol all the LEDs on the multicontrol flash rapidly. They are fairly dull however.. The multicontrol works as it should otherwise and the multiplus responds correctly (shutting off when this occurs). It is fine when turned on or 'charger only' and only the appropriate LEDs are lit..

I have tried different cables and updated the Multiplus firmware.

It functions completely normally when I tried unplugging the Multiplus from the Cerbo but then the above issue happens as soon as it plugged in again

Had anyone come across this before?

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Multiplus, Digital Multicontrol and Cerbo GX


When I connected the Digital Multicontrol AND the Cerbo at the same time to a Multiplus 3000 it stops working.

If I only connect one of the 2 it starts working again.

Is this normal? can I only connect one of the two? any tips.


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Digital Multi Control 200 GX Cutout Size

Looking for the actual cutout dimensions for this unit. Looking at the detailed drawings, I can not determine this. Apparently, the cutout template ships in the package. Many thanks for the actual cutout dimensions.

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Panel cut out dimensions for Digital Multi Control Panel GX

I am prefabricating a panel that will cover an existing hole. Planning to use this panel to mount the Digital Multi Control Panel GX that I have ordered. Have searched everywhere for the cut out dimensions but cant find them. Can only find the outer dimensions but not the needed cut out dimensions for the Digital Multi Control Panel GX.

Where can I find the panel cut out dimensions for the Digital Multi Control Panel GX?

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Multiplus 12-3000-120 über GX Touch und Cerbo steuern

Benötigt man für das Einschalten und Ausschalten des Multiplus immer noch ein Digital Multi Control?

Ich frage, weil ich ein Wohnmobil komplett ausstatte und gerne auf das altmodische Multicontrol verzichten würde.

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Welches Remote Panel brauche ich für das VE.Bus BMS?

Guten Abend,

Bin ganz neu hier da mein Victron Händler mir empfohlen hat hier zu fragen da er die Fragen nicht beantworten kann

Habe einen Easysolar 24/3000 mit GX Color control und die 24 V Lithium Batterie und das Ve Bus BMS. Stelle jetzt beim lesen der diversen Anleitungen fest, dass ich wohl noch eine Multi Digital Control brauche da das im Easysolar eingebaute Color control GX das BMS nicht steuert.

Kann mir jemand sagen was ich für ein 24V System noch alles brauche um die Lithium Batterie mit dem Easysolar in Betrieb zu nehmen. Mein Händler meinte die Multi control Gx scheidet aus da zwei GX "Leitstellen" sich nicht vertragen.

Bin für jeden Tipp dankbar.

Grüße aus dem Pot


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Interface 1140 / 3 AC Inputs on Quattro


we have a setup with three AC-Inputs on a Quattro: Shore, Genset, and an 230vAC Alternator (3.5kw). the Alternator and Shore Power are switched by a transfer switch on AC-In 2, the Genset is still on AC-In1. Now im using the Interface 1140 to control the Input-Current while using the Alternator. Is there any possibility to enable the associated Assistant "Input Current" (0142) only when the 230v Alternator is running? In the actual setup the Assistant also regulate the current on shore power.

Or its better to put the Genset and Shore on AC-In1 / transfer switch and the Alternator on AC-In 2? And then switching the input current by the DMC between Genset and Shore?

Maybe this is a very special problem...

Thank You!

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