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Multiplus 12/3000/120 not inverting on battery power

Have scoured the forums but no solution found. I am in the process of mocking up the system for my camper and for a week or so, the Multiplus operated just fine. However a few days ago, nothing works when on DC. No inverter, no unit power on when connected to a fully charged (13.37V) battery via 4/0 cables and voltage checked at the studs on the Multiplus.

When connected to shore power, normal startup works fine, after a few moments the mains LED lights up and battery charging working fine.

Checked everything, started clean by updating the firmware via Victron Connect (current firmware is v494). Still no lights...nothing when AC is removed and cannot connect via VC when Multiplus is solely on DC power. There are no modifications in configuration other than selecting Lithium batteries, and yes the battery voltage for inverter shutdown is set at 11.4V. I am at a loss, all assistance greatly appreciated.

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Use smartsolar as a dc dc converter

Hi there

Here's the situation : I have an electric vehicle with 72v batteries inside. What would happen if I disconnect my solar panels from the 250 / 60 smartsolar and plug the 72v instead ?! I guess it's gonna work like a dc dc step down charger with my 56.8v lifepo4 battery !!!???!!!

And what would happen if this 72vdc battery is plugged IN PARRALLEL with 220vdc solar panels (6 trina vertex 400 in series) to the smartsolar's PV input ?

Even weirder : the fact is that my 72vdc vehicle can be directly charged by a 54vdc voltage. So how fried am I if I have PV + 72v battery on the smartsolar pv input... + my EV controller (not directly the 72v battery, this controller charges through the motor used as an induction) on the smartsolar's 48v battery output ?!?!?!?

Of course I see some diodes, fuses etc potentially added but let's discuss the questions above first, please.

I imagine a situation in winter when I don't move from home and would be happy to reduce daily manipulations on the system. The other huge advantage would be that my vehicle can be used to charge 10kWh outside of my offgrid facility and come back to feed my system in case of super bad weather. Big battery on wheels !

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Cerbo GX Current Consumption

Hi, I am looking for current consumption of Cerbo GX @ 12VDC. For comparison, the Venus GX is listed at 210mA at 12VDC in the manual. Cerbo does not list any power consumption in the manual.

I would like to install on a boat mainly to link my MPPT via Wifi to the VRM website, but am concerned that the current consumption will drain batteries too much. I will be using 2x 50W panels, but would like them to primarily charge the batteries.

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HowTo PV Charger priority over Quattro Charger

A non-ESS hybrid connected to the grid with Quattro mode "on" will throttle down the PV charger and charge the battery from grid...


when, by putting the Quattros into "inverter only" mode, the PV charger could actually deliver the charge. Or at least any charge so it would not be needed from grid:


Obviously, the question is how to achieve PV charger priority over Quattro charger priority, so one could leave the grid on, but not at the expense of PV chargers being turned down, which IMHO should have been the default in the limbic (non-assistant) system of Victron devices anyway.

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DC watts increase with increased PV watts

I have a RV with a MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 120V VE.Bus (UL) , Cerbo GX, SmartSolar MPPT 150/100-TR VE.CAN 12/24 volt, and a BMV-712 Smart Monitor.

Everything seems to be working more or less ok, but when my panels start going up in watts, so does the DC power. I have confirmed multiple times there is nothing in the RV pulling this load up, so my guess is somehow the system is reading the incoming PV charge as load. Any ideas on why this might be occurring?


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When BMS Switch DC off and grid is available, why Multiplus Switch off the Full House (AC)?

I still cannot understand, why Victron switch off the AC Output, if the Batterie has problem, but still the Grid is available?
My full house is connected to an 3-Phase system and the full house run over the 3 Multiplus. If the DC Bus has some Problem, the full House will switch off because of the Voltage Ripple or Voltage minimum. This can happen at the beginning of an system to see how it works with the batteries!

So maybe BMS will switch off the DC Voltage!
BUT if there is an AC Input available, why the Multiplus cannot switch to the AC-Mode and just switch to the passthrough mode?

So house is off in this situation and grid is available make no sense for me!

Thank you!

Best regards

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GX Touch 50 shutsdown/reboots when switching on/off a certain breaker

Hi all, i have a GX Touch 50 hooked up to a cerbo. The Cerb power leads are connected to the primary DC service switch - connected to the side from the batteries so the switch does NOT interrupt the power to the Cerbo.

It isn't 100% of the time, but it happens maybe 20-30% of the time when i switch the breaker on my DC panel for my USB outlets(the most common switch i switch on/off), my Touch 50 will shut down and reboot. I dont believe the cerbo is actually shutting down but being it is in a different location, i can't fully confirm this but i dont seem to get disconnected when connected via bluetooth. I"ve gone through all the connections and everything is tight as should be.

Anyone have an idea on whats going on? Just an annoying thing thats occurring at least 1-3 times a day

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DC/DC converter to battery

Hi, i'm developing a full electric propulsion plant for an e-boat (scheme in the image attached).

I have a doubt: i'm gonna use a 12V service battery to power on board hotels, feeding the service battery with current with voltage scaled by the DC/DC converter (the Victron Energy Orion Tr-48/12-9, as you can see in the scheme). The problem is that the DC/DC converter could continue to feed the battery even when the battery is fully charged, leading to overcharge and its dangerous consequences. How could i solve this problem?


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Low battery warning


so I have everything wired to this system, with the dc/dc hookup, mppt solar, 3000 multi plus. And 300ah of lithium battery. when I disconnect my batteries I’m still getting 12 throughout my system, yes the break in the line is to the batteries. Also the victron multi plus keeps showing low voltage. Even when we are in the sun with the solar system charging. What am I doing wrong and how can this be fixed?

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How to measure two DC Inputs On CCGX

I am looking to install a Victron system on my RV that will be using a third-party DC-DC charger to charge 48v house batteries from the vehicle's 12v alternator. If I were to connect this charger through a dedicated BMV battery monitor (with a second one for the system's DC loads), is there any way to have one show up as an "alternator" input on the CCGX display screen?

I know I could connect it through the BMV-700 and presumably just have the CCGX show it as power flowing from the "DC loads" box to the battery. My primary concern is ease-of-use for the end user, so I would greatly appreciate any way to configure thte CCGX for this display.

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Good afternoon, I'm in a difficult situation. I have a 24 volt solar panel, I want to connect the batteries in parallel to save 12 volts, since I already have a very good inverter for 12 - 220 volts.

Will the BlueSolar MPPT 100/50 controller (for example) work in such a system? And in general, is it possible that the panels are 24 volts, and the batteries are 12 volts?

And one more question, I have seen many controllers with the ability to connect a load, but the output voltage of the load is not indicated anywhere. Does it depend on the voltage of the panels, batteries or the controller itself?

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Buck Booster Lädt nicht

Buck Bosster DC-DC 100 eingebaut, Konfiguriert, Läuft. Jedoch nicht lange nach etwa zwei Monaten macht er nichts mehr. Versuche nun seit Stunden und Tagen Fehler zu finden.
Auto ist ein Vit Tourer 124 mit extra Generator bis 200 A Leistung Verdrahtet genau nach Schema wie in Anleitung Service Batterie seitig habe ich zwei Victron Lithium batterien mit je 160 Amp / 12V

habe nicht via Vibration angesteuert sondern via Pin Violet. nach langem Suchen habe ich in den Hilfs übermittlungen im TSConfig herausgefunden dasd dieser , wenn verwendet mit einem Wiederstand von 1k-10kOhm versehen sein sollte. Ist dies mein Problem?

Wechselrichter intern ist ein Multiplus 12/3000/16.
Via TS Config erhalte ich keine Fehlermeldung oder anderes .

Kann mir hier jemad helfen

Gruss Sonnensicht

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Just got our multiplus 24v 3000w 50amp inverter and are getting multiple issues

We live in a Skoolie… System is currently connected to shore power - our system has 110v fridge which pulls 400w per 24hours and 12v lights - couple plugs to charge our phones/iPads - we use way less currently than the system is set up for. But we plan to add a heat/ac in the future.

Inverter is in absorption mode - set to 8 hour time, is that appropriate?

We have 8 -270ah lifePo4 wired in series to create 24v battery

We got a dc ripple alert and the inverter shut off. We turned it back on then off and on again based on the basic troubleshooting.

Our whole system is the Bluetooth connection systems from victron -

It says charged to 100% - 26.6v -

We’ve only had the system up and running for 2 days.

Could really use some insight. Just really confused after two days of it working perfectly.

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Low battery & dc ripple warnings

Hi All,

First of all, its great that I can ask stuff like this overhere and people are spending time on other peoples problems. Thanks!

On my boat I get lots of dc ripple and low battery warnings.

It is definitely not under the load of the inverters but on dc loads (winches). I have 4 x 200 ah lithium and 3 x mutliplus 12 / 3000 paralel. (For airco's and ac net etc). It was a 12 volt setup with dc generator so when upgrading to lithium a swapped the batteries, cables, inverters etc I did not move to 24v because of the rest of the system).

My thought was that dc ripples are reported by the multiplus under load with maybe wiring issues (e.g. different lengths) but they happen when there is nothing going on on the ac side.

so in the reporting I can see dc amps drawn at about 120A / 200A, nothing happening with inverting, connected to the grid (happens while disconnected as well). Voltage does drop a little under high dc load. System overview voltage(?) drops to 12,7v while ve.bus voltage stays above 13.

Any suggestion or directions to look into?

Below is the tabel from vrm


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DC or AC Invertor


Quick question whether should go AC or DC Invertor.

I have Victron Setup with 2 x 250/85 mppt charging a large battery bank. and a multiplus 5000/24v connected to the grid doing a load share if the house loads gets too high (Over 4kw)

Also have an AC feed invertor on the roof suppling the house and using the excess solar to charge the battery's on a existing feed in tariff (25 per unit :-))

I have got a 7.2kw zappi car charger and would like to use solar to charge the car.

I now have an extra 20 x 250w solar panels that I would like to add to the system. Do I go AC or DC?

1. Buy additional Victron Mppt's and another Multiplus and charge the car

2. Do I buy an ac invertor and feed directly to the Zappi? - The Zappi is far more geared up to looking at excess ac solar than Dc (Currently cant handle DC excess). I guess I could still use the excess ac solar to charge the batteries thru the multi.?

Hope this makes sense?

Many thanks.

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