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Cerbo GX Monitoring the DC Panel

I have my boat's house batteries (1,400Ah) connected to the Lynx Shunt and then a Lynx Distributor. The distributor is connected to a solar array; the Victron MultiPlus II (120V/3000W); two DC-DC Orion chargers; and my DC panel. I just added a Victron SmartShunt 500 between my Lynx Distributor and my boat's DC load panel. I want to see the exact loads on my DC panel. I have configured the SmartShunt and connected it to the Cerbo GX via a VE Direct cable. I can see the shunt on my Cerbo GX device lists. I have the "Has DC System" clicked on. I can see the DC Circuits box in the control panel but I am not getting readings in the DC Circuits box. I must have missed something in the setup. Any help would be appreciated.

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