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4 x 144v 1,44kWh NMHi batteries worth a try? How would I do?


As Nilar is going bankrupt their support is no more and the other providers are no more supporting their products. I'm thinking of mounting the batteries to either make a couple of powerful ATVs for the kids or to store excess solar.

I'm no electrical engineer so I have a couple of questions

  1. What charger would be able to provide 144V output? Would I have to use a "conventional" charger and DC-DC alternate for example a 12V DC charger alternate with a 12->144V alternator?
  2. Would it be possible to use the same alternator bi-directional? As I think maybe 12-48V systems would be optimal for finding motors and other components.
  3. Would I need to monitor temperature and other things if the battery is sensitive or I could just charge it for a couple of ours and then turn of on timer?
  4. Would it require over voltage to charge? DCDC convertor support up to 150V? When do I know the battery is full?



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