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Orion DC-DC Converters not smart

Orion-Tr 48/12-9A Has the hardware or firmware changed?

I bought an Orion-Tr 48/12-9A (SN: HQ2113GTR6C) along with a Victron Multiplus, Cerbo etc to create an initial prototype prior to going into production with it all on a product we will produce using them. The DC to DC Orion is to supply power to a 12.8V 22AH LiFePO4 battery to act as a back up for the comms systems if the main batteries get low/shutdown. The main batteries are a 48 volt system on LiFePO4 and hence the Orion.

I've been testing the Orion to do this for the last 4 months and it has worked perfectly, it recovers the over discharged LiFePO4 if that ever happens and recharges it to my trimmed voltage limit set on the Orion, current tails off to nothing from a steady 9A and it supports the loads while their is available main batteries.

However I then bought six more units (SN: HQ2126K3QQ9) for pre production of our systems and they are not working the same, if you play with connecting and disconnecting then reconnecting the output it does work but the current shoots up from the 9A it should be limited to, to up to 15 amps sometimes. If I fit a diode in line the problem almost cures where it prevents the DC to DC seeing the battery as it were so current flows normally, however it is still putting out more than 9A according to my DC clamp meter.

How do I get stock of the right DC to DC converters that were working perfectly?

I note the instructions say not to be used as a battery charger but your web information here shows use doing exactly that:Booklet-Off-Grid-System-EN.pdf (victronenergy.com)


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Orion TR disable charge from VictronConnect

Is it fine to turn Orion TR 12/12 30 on/off in VictronConnect from disable charger toggle in settings? The app prompts a message stating it’s for workshop or system maintenance purpose only? Thanks

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Orion Dc to Dc Bluetooth to CCGX link?

When will Victron open up the Bluetooth so the CCGX can see the Orion Dc to Dc converters with built in Bluetooth and integrate them into the system?

As we have installed systems with CCGX and Orion Dc to Dc with Bluetooth and they cant be seen only by the app and not by the CCGX units?

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bidirectional charging with 2 buck-boost


the buck-boosts recently got a nice feature: Dual mode (Master/Slave) - see the configuration programm "TSConfig".

As far as I understand the short explanations given in the program, this feature should allow bidirectional charging between the starter battery and a service battery. One buck-boost has to be configured as Master and a second one as Slave.

When the Master is working, it forces the Slave to turn off by a HIGH signal on Pin1 (violet wire). When the Master is not active, Pin1 becomes LOW, thus the Slave is allowed to start working...

I tried to realize this: The Master is working fine (when it starts Pin1 becomes HIGH and when it stops working Pin1 becomes LOW).

But the Slave never starts working! (signal on Pin1 is LOW and delay time (setting 61) is set to 0.)

Has anyone of you already realized bidirectional charging with Dual Mode succesfully?

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Orion Smart 12/12 30A non-iso: basic help for novice



I am very new to this. I've had a renogy lithium leisure battery fitted and the orion charger into my 2015 Peugeot Boxer, however the mesure battery just barely seems to be charging. There is 14+ volts coming to the charger when the engine is on, but the output maxes out at 12v, and the retained power in the battery is barely enough for an evening if very light use (an led light, occasionally the pump for the tap, that's it!), and not enough to run the diesel heater for more than ten minutes. I think I may just have some settings wrong but I've no idea what I'm doing - I've literally only downloaded the app today and done a but if research but got no further. Most obvious thing seems to be switching the setting to charger from power supply - is this right? And are any other settings incorrect? Please help, I'm in France and it's freezing! See pics.

Thank you thank you!


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what is "DC POWER" on VRM Dashboard?

On the VRM Dashboard there is a "DC Power data" linked to the battery .

Presently -55W with PV charger at 46W, charging at 101W, load at 0W (multiplus off).

5 minutes later -49W, 46W, -4W, 67W (multiplus inverting)

How is thar value calculated and what does it mean?

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Current draw using Orion dc-dc non isolated converter To charge a battery

Hi all

I plan to use an Orion DC-DC high powered converter to charge my 12 V starter battery from my 24 V domestic batteries, how do i work out what current rating i should select?

The starter battery is 220AH at 12 V but how much current will it draw from a DC-DC converter?

Or is it the Orion converter is current limited to say 70 Amps and therefore my starter battery will recharge over a time period defined by the 70 Amps max current?

Thanks agin for your help


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My alternator seems to be too smart for the Orion DC to DC Charger

I have a Iveco Daily Euro5+ van with a smart alternator. I am using 2 x 30A Orion (non-isolated) to charge 2 x 200aH Victron lithium batteries… Or rather I am failing to charge the batteries.

The issue seems to be that the starter battery voltage goes very low for significant periods of time while the engine is running. Starter often sits at about 12v for several minutes and then occasionally goes up as far as 14v. End result is that the Orion seems to think that the engine is in shutdown mode the majority of the time and is completely useless for charging the batteries.

I used to have a Sterling 60A B2B charger that worked flawlessly (although it died due to the cooling fan getting dust in it and halting the fan) I had assumed that the Victron beasts would be at least as effective as the Sterling and not have the cooling fan issue.

I have already set Input lockout down to 11.8v off and 12.2v on….. makes little difference as the alternator is down at 12 v for longer than a minute and then the engine shutdown detection kicks in. If I change the engine shutdown too low then it simply won‘t detect a real shutdown.

Any suggestions? Is there a way to change the engine shutdown from a 1 minute timer to a 5 minute timer or some other solution?

At the moment I consider the Orions to be an expensive mistake.

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DC/DC converter on MPPT load output. not possible ?

Hello !

I have an orion 24/12 20 Amps DC/DC Conveter on the load output of an mppt 75/15 (victron) on a 24V system. Both devices are well functionning separetely but not together. Is that a normal thing ?

In the above mentionned setting i get an output voltage varying between 3 to 4 volts instead of 12.3V if i plug the Orion straight on the batteries.



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Orion-Tr 12/12-30 for lithium

Hello, i bought a Orion-Tr 12/12-30 by mistake, i should have gotten the smart version.

Well the non Bluetooth version work well with lithium or should i send it back and change it?

I have a lifepo4 300ah victron smart battery.


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How to setup multiple chargers connecting simultaneously.


I have purchased the following devices and I am starting to setup the system on my Boat, where I have a Starter Battery and a House Battery:

  • Blue Power Charger 12 30 3
  • Smart solar MPPT 100 30
  • Orion-TR Smart 12 12 - 30
  • Smart Battery Protect 12/24 100
  • BMV-712 Smart
  • 2 x Victron 12V 175W Mono Solar Panels

My question relates to situation in which these devices will all be working at the same time.

The AC/DC and DC/DC Charger, will rarely do that, as I will either be on Shore Power or on Engine Power, but there could be very rare instances of the engines being run while on the dock for a few minutes when also still connected on Shore power.

My main concern is the MPPT Solar Charger running at the same time as the DC/DC Charger when under way and in daylight. But technically, if I am in the situation described above at the dock, all three chargers could be working at the same time, for some short period of time.

Can this damage the devices or the Battery? At present the Battery is a AGM 100Ah Deep Cycle but I will soon be replacing it with a LiFePO4.

Can someone please recommend the best way to setup this system? Am I better off switching manually things on off based on the usage? Or can I setup the devices parameters in such a way that they will automatically stop working at the right time based on the voltage produced by other devices?

I would appreciate some guidance and help.

Thank you in advance,


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Orion DC-DC Converter Current Limiting

I'm looking at the 70 amp DC-DC converter (Victron Energy Orion IP20 24/12-Volt 70 amp DC-DC Converter). Does this unit do any sort of current limiting? I wanted to use it to charge a 12v 230Ah battery from a 24v 230Ah battery. The smaller battery can easily take more than 70a so I'm curious just how this limits current (if it does so at all).

Other question I had is on idle current consumption when 0 amps are passing to the 12V load side. Is this spec published anywhere? I see "Off Load Current" of < 20mA, is it wrong to assume that is the same thing?

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Orion-Tr DC-DC Converters Isolated Ignition Protected

Can anyone confirm that the Orion-Tr 24|12-9 DC-DC converter is NOT ignition protected?

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Safe to use Buck Boost 50A with a portable battery box in vehicle?

Is there any danger in using the victron buck Boost in a portable battery box setup in vehicle? The converter would sit in the box with the aux battery already wired up to it ( aux pos to output and aux neg to common stud)

So when the portable box is loaded into the back, the vehicle starter batt's input pos and neg make contact with the converter by Anderson plug.

In the manual it says "first connect all GND cables first, the battery and the chassis, and then only the positive cable."

It then warns of uncontrolled and unsecured currents.

Not sure if this is safe?

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Has the hardware changed in the Orio-Tr? Wont charge!

Made some more DCDC 24-12-24V Lithium boxes to a customer. The products are as usual, but now the newly purchased Orion-Tr 24/12-9 won't charge the 20ah Superpack...

Has the hardware or whatever changed? It works if a put a generic load on the output terminals of the Orion-Tr but if its connected to a battery (With or Without a load) its doing absolutely nothing.

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