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iOS Victron Connect app. Stored trends no longer working


Had this working perfectly on my Smart Solar 150/100 right from when it was introduced on beta. After a shutdown of a couple weeks (battery taken out of service) it no longer displays any stored data on the trends tab.

Victron connect iOS app 5.90 beta, also tried reverting to non beta 5.80

Smart solar firmware versions shown in screengrabs

Are there any settings I should check?


squowse asked
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Mppt 3 blue leds no communication


I have the mppt 100/30 and it stopped working after disconnecting the battery's.

I got battery voltage 25v on the input.

9v solar input.

When i disconnect the solar panels the leds are all off.

I cannot acces trough ve direct. It foes not discover the mppt.

What should i do?

marc-heide asked

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Force solar to grid instead of charging batteries

I want to be able to force feed the excess solar to grid instead of charging the batteries.

What modbus parameter would to that? I cannot find a max charge current setting anywhere in the modbus register.

johnny asked

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Smartsolar RS UL?

Hi, I have noticed that the new Smartsolar RS do not have UL certification, however the Smartsolar 250V do have the certification.

Is there any plan to get UL certification for this model?


mark-montana asked

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Offgrid Solar System

Hello everyone, Please help me to select suitable Vectron products to fully off-grid solar solutions to achieve the following requirement. Peak power consumption 16kW. daily energy consumption is 145kWh. Day time -40kWh and night time 105kWh. waiting for your help.

sajeewa-lakmal asked

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mppt smart solar tr giving code 38

Ok I've already asked this question but again I have 2 mppt solar controllers that at dusk and only at dusk will give code 38. With out fail. I have only received one answer that did not solve problem I was hoping to get a victron support person to answer my question. They are 2 150/85's ties the the cerbo gx and unless I turn off the solar panel breakers every night they code out. What is causing this. Have installed many controllers and until the last 2 systems have never had this problem.

Stewart Hanford asked

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Prioritize MPPT Solar Energy over Shore

I've been trying to figure this out. Spent a lot of time researching and today tried for several hours, but came up with nothing. Even tried using a Self Consumption Hub, but ended up with: Using VECONFIG I set it up and then you select a policy. All but two are deprecated. I tried the two and I could not get any AC power, I received a Error 6 - Error in DDC Program.

Victron, here is the ideal solution, which might not exist in your firmware, but it is to dynamically limit the AC Input based on the solar and based on the AC Demand.

I.E. If the AC demand is 2000 watts and we have 500 watts of solar, limit the AC Input to 1500 watts. If the Solar is 1500 watts and demand is less than that, switch to Inverter. I'm hoping, if the AC Input limiter cannot handle frequent changes, then give us a threshold. The goal is to use direct solar and avoid tapping the batteries so we aren't charge/discharge.

Please point me in the right direction, or take this as a feature request.

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Adding a Quattro to a large diesel installation


I would like to add a Quattro system, 90kVA, with a solar array 81kWp Inverter to a large diesel generator array, ~500kVA. Off Grid. It will be inconvenient to separate part of the load to run off the Quattro. This will also reduce the possible renewable energy penetration provided by the equipment as some of the solar might be curtailed when the load is lesser and the batteries are full.

What I would like to do is connect the Quattro output to the existing grid, attach the Fronius to the quattro output. This way the quattro and solar can interact with the entire load. See mockup drawing. It would meter the load, generator output power, PV output power, balance the system, and curtail the PV power if needed.

Is this possible in the vitron programming if I implement the metering devices shown?

sureshcs asked

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PV input visualisation in VR

we have here a farm with 9KW peak solar distributed on several barns, it is 6 micro inverters from 4 different manufacturers, partly over 500 meters apart,

it is a 3 phase ESS built, to integrate the whole inverter into the VRM would be yes 6 individual ET112 and cable /zigbee connections Nötig.

Would it be possible, (the whole house incl inverters, hangs on ACout1 of the Multis)?

Would it be possible to connect an Em24/ET340 AFTER the multis and configure it as a solar inverter,

Would then only the "minus current" (from the house to the multi) be counted and visualized in the VRM? I know that this way would not take into account the current that is consumed directly in the house.

But any "economical" solution to visualize the PV surplus would not be bad.

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finalshare asked
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Setting up a new ESS system. I have couple of questions.

So I'm going to be setting up a new victron ess system and i have a couple of questions. Here are my system details and questions:


- MultiPlus-II 48/3000VA
- BlueSolar 100/20 (48v)
- SmartShunt 500A
- 50AH Li-ION battery (15S 45-63V)
- RPI3 as venus device

Here are my questions:

1- If i set "Limit inverter power" to 1000W what will happen when the grid is lost? Is this setting ignored or will the inverter shut down on overload?

2- If my ess mode is set to "Optimized (without BatteryLife)" and my "Minimum SOC (unless grid fails)" is set to 50% what will happen when my battery is 50% but i have 400W solar power on the mppt. Will the 400W go to inverter to assist my 1000W load (so 400w from solar and 600W from grid) or will it just charge the battery?

3- Just to confirm grid code for Slovakia should be "Europe: EN50549-1"? right?

xpatrik asked
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Multiplus-II Erroneous Low Battery LED Flashing

Just added some new panels to a small system running at home based on a Multiplus-II with a Smartsolar MPPT controller and the ESS assistant running. It's all been running fine with no errors...until I shut off the solar panel power feed to the MPPT to wire in the new panels.

Apparently, there is something in the ESS/Multiplus-II/Smartsolar that causes the Low Battery LED on the Multiplus to start flashing when the solar power is abruptly cut. I got out a meter and checked the actual voltage at the Multiplus input and it was a very stable 13.18 volts -- definitely not low. Bypassing and powering down the Multiplus extinguished the flashing light. There was no entry in the Notifications log for the ESS of anything being wrong.

I duplicated the error again today but was able to recover by just completely removing the load from the Multiplus for a few seconds. Not a significant problem, but it does give quite the start after weeks of good performance only to see a flashing red LED on the most expensive piece of the kit.



jm0278 asked

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Which inverter is best for island setup?

I am building a system for my RV while building a home so it will be moved to the off-grid him in about a year. So far I have 2 12V 100 AH Battleborn Batteries, 8 - 335 Watt Solar Panels from Rich Solar and a Victron MPPT Tr VE. Can 150V 100 amp Solar Charge Controller. My RV has a 50 AMP service with 2 AC units, however, I have a generator to run those when needed. The RV came with a basic inverter to run the fridge and the outless unless run when plugged into shore power or a generator. I am wanting to add an inverter to run these from the solar panels directly while also charging the 2 batteries that can be used when the sun goes down for small loads. Is this something the Multiplus II can handle and it can be programmed to only deliver the max charge rate of the batteries or do I need something else. I want to avoid spending a lot on additional batteries. I can provide more details if needed, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Does good PV current at controller eliminate PV wiring as the problem?

I'm not dealing with an ongoing problem but trying to learn from people with more experience so that I can be more efficient in the future.

If you disconnect the PV wires from the controller and measure amperage across the wires and get an appropriate reading for the PV array - does that completely eliminate the PV wiring and array from being a possible cause of whatever issue? I know that voltage can go through wiring that is not really capable of carrying substantial current - but unless there is something I don't know substantial current really can not - in my experience, it will arc and/or burn the bad/inadequate wire or connection and usually just make it completely inopperable.

Is there something about this I just don't know? If not, it seems like this one measurement would eliminate a lot of possible causes of a charging issue.

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Product advice: solar first with grid secondary (NOT grid-tied)

SETUP: Home system, US based. I'm thinking to split off critical loads into their own sub-panel. Victron gear [quattro?+autotransformer] would be supplied by IN power from a circuit off the main panels (grid) and solar/battery on the other IN. Some loads are US 240V (well pump), hence the autotransformer to get both 240 and 120 into the panel. Intent is to use solar-first on the crit loads panel, and supplement with grid as needed. No desire to feed back to the grid.

QUESTION: Is the Quattro the right product? Can it do this solar+grid balancing, or is something like Schneider's XW Pro a more appropriate fit?

Thanks for your input.

solarfamily asked
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Why does my system favour mains over battery - When Battery is at high SOC

I'm tearing my hair out - My Multiplus is connected to an MPPS and 300ah battery stack. In the past few months the system is still taking power from mains when there is up to 100% SOC and plenty of sunlight. I do have some AC ignore rules, but these haven't changed since I first set it up. If I reset the Multi everything returns to normal - The system resumes pulling from the batteries and/or the solar. After about 12 hours it reverts to pulling, unnecessarily from mains.

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