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VE.Bus Firmware v506: Prioritize other energy sources, assistants?

I signed up for the VictronConnect Beta and I recently saw the following:

VE.Bus Inverter/Charger:

  • Add firmware v506

  • Add support for “Solar and wind priority” settings and controls

I read on the demo that it does the following:

When you check this option the charger switches to float and starts charging with the dedicated votlage (typo in the text in VictronConnect for iOS) which can be specified below this check box.

This option is designed for mobile systems, such as boats and motorhomes that, besides an inverter/charger, also have solar installed. When enabled, the inverter/charger will charge the battery only up to the specified voltage; to leave the rest of the charging for the installed solar, or other installed renewable energy sources such as a wind generator.

This will last until the repeated absorption interval is elapsed. From then on the charger will behave normally.

in the controls on the user interface for day to day use, ie VictronConnect, GX, device, VRM Portal, there is an option to override this behavior, for moments where a full charge from shore power is needed.

Warning: This option is not to be used for ESS and/or Off-Grid systems! For further details, check the manual (

I think this is great feature set and I would love to see an assistant that can be used with one of the Aux inputs so I can wire up a manual switch when leaving the motorhome unattended for a period of time.

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